"The Battle of Beast"

Chapter 1;

The group are on the road after defeated Rusphine and using her encard to from a portal as a shortcut to find shinzo.

"Hakuba where are headen now?" Yakumo asked the dragon robot. "We are headen to roacky area." Hakuba answers.

"Alright we carded Daku, Ryuma, and Rusphine so far all we need now is Diehanger, Franken, and Kimylas then off to shinzo we go!" Mushra said as he hover next to Hakuba.

"Mushra we know already, you keep on saying it over and over is started making me go nuts." Sago complained.

"But you knew he is right, I'm more consider about Diehanger and Franken they from you're and Kutal kind, so which mean you two have to get stronger in order too defeat them." Hakuba spoke.

"Well Sago and I know that Hakuba, that is why me and him are going to find somewhere to train and do what we can too get stronger." Kutal said with the kittens nodded when they came by Sago.

As Kutal thought about it he know that he and Sago must defeat they're own kings and he know it won't be easy, but Kutal won't let it get ahead of him.

Then sudden at the end of the portal was the rocky area. " We are here everyone." Hakuba announce to the group as went threw. As they look around there was rocky hills, rocky spaces, but a little north of the was a forest.

"Well I guess were going camp here, I'll make lunch and Sago after we eat how about you and I find somewhere to train. Kutal announce with a pot in his arms.

"Alright that sound like a plan." Sago answered as he help his cat friend. As Yakumo watch Kutal and Sago agreeing with each other she was so glad that they were getting along.

While the group made camp, up from below them on the edge of a cliff was a cheetah like enterran watch over the group and was not please what he have seen and jump into the forest and ran to report it for his king.