"Battle of Beast"

Chapter 3:

As Kutal and Sago continued to find they'er spot to train they stop at two path way.

"Great alright Kutal which way should we go?" Sago asked as he look around.

Well I think we'll go..." But Kutal stop as he scented something apporching.

"Kutal are you okay?" Sago wonder as he look at his friend, then sudden Sago was being push by Kutal who also jump aside as a big boulder came down and block the two path ways.

Back at the camp when thay heard the noise both Yakumo and Mushra turn to the path where they're friends took " Mushra did you hear that?" Yakumo asked looking ahead.

"Yeah come on let's find...WOW!" As Mushra try running to find his friends but got cut off after a sword stab to the ground.

When Mushra, Yakumo, and the kittens looked up to see what throw the sword at them, the three were surrounded by beast enterrans. "Yakumo grabbed the kittens and get to Hakuba!" Mushra shouted as he took out his staff. Yakumo did what she was told she quickly took the kittens and ran to Hakuba and watch as a cheetah came down grabbed his sword and shouted "ATTACK!" and at once the beast enterrans and animals charge at the others. Mushra quickly hop on his hover broad and hovered at them. "I hope Kutal and Sago are alright." it was Mushra last thought when he made the first moved

Back at the valley where the boulder block the two path way, on the boulder's right side Kutal slowly got up from the ground and quickly went to the boulder and hitting it while yelling for to make that he was alright.

"Sago can you hear me, are you alright?" Kutal kept yelling till a dagger nearly hit him, but it the boulder .

"You betrayed our kind now you must pay ." Kutal quickly turn with his mace and see who was talking than saw a werewolf beast like enterran with other behide him.

"Those who betrayed the kind means they'll pay for they're crimes, get him!" The werewolf shouted his gaurds as they all ran at Kutal, as the cat stood his ground and ready to fight all he could think of that Mushra, Yakumo, his kitteens, and Sago are alright.

Meanwhile on the left side of the bolder and a little further away, Sago is already taken out his attacker one by one with razor blade and his water powers. " Darn it, where did these beast enterran came from?" Sago thought himself trying to catch his breathe while looking around for more of his attacker.

Then suddenly from above Sago a tiger enterran came down with a ax in both hands, but Sago quickly moved out of his spot just in time when the ax hit the ground. As the smoke clear stood the tiger enterran glar at Sago and removed his ax from the ground.

"Heh you got moves water boy, but you're feline friend is not here to save you once I finish you." The tiger enterran mocked with that he charge as he was about to attack a red beam shot to the sky and startle the tiger enterran that was Sago chance to attack and took out his razor blade than threw it when Sago throw it became from a blade to a razor disc and went threw the distracted tiger and encard him.

As the card landed on the ground Sago look at the sky were the light was. "Mushra must went to hyper mode, he must be under attack by the beast enterrans as well, I hope Kutal is okay." he thought and was about to head back then heard foot steps coming to him. Sago thought quickly and use water blast at who ever was coming but then sudden a green came and hit the water blast and created smoke that cover the area.

Sago cough and tried to see in the smoke then saw a somesone hidden in the clearing and Sago was pretty sure it was more of the beast enterran and charge at the the figured. "Alright beast time for you to go!" and that Sago decide to go hyper mode so he after he beat his apoment he'll fly too find his other friends.

"HYDRO Po- uh." As Sago was about to transfromed till he received a punch to his stomac it was enough to get knock out, before he pass out he look to see who the enterran was and as look his half open faded eyes widen when seen the enterrans face.

"D..D..Diehanger." Sago said as he fell to the ground. As Diehanger watch Sago lying on ground one his guards came out and landed next to him, "My king the traitor is almost finish carden our men so far." the beast guard annouced and look at the knock out the water enterran.

"My king who is that do want me to card him for." The guard asked as drew his sword. "No, this is the one I came after." Diehanger said as he pick up Sago in his right arm.

"But King Diehanger are we supposed to go after the human?" Said the guard confused by his king.

"At first I was thinking about the human and the kittens, but this water enterran had a close bound with the traitor, so I have better plan." Diehanger said jump hill to hill and took Sago with him.

"TASTE THIS" Kutal yelled as the mace slam at his last attacker, after his enemy were defeated he collapsed to his knees breathing heavily.

As soon he thought it was over, A rock piller came out from the ground and went high in the sky that startle Kutal.

"You are a strong warrior, but are you strong enough to defeat The King of Beast!" the voice made Kutal went to shocked and look up and saw Diehanger landed on top of the rocky piller, but what was shock Kutal the most when saw Sago knock out in Diehanger arm.

"SAGO!" Kutal shouted hoping his that Sago heard him, but Diehanger just stared at the house cat. "Don't worry about it I just stunned him, but if you want him back you'll have to fight me." Diehanger monked.

Then Kutal from being shocked truning to anger and glowing in a yellow arua. "You want a fight than you got a fight, EYE OF THE LION!" Kutal shouted and the yellow beam shooted up at the sky.

Back at the camp stood Hyper Mushra agiast the cheetah captain when they were about to fight the yellow starled them when it beam to the sky .

"Mushra it might be Kutal!" Yakumo shouted from Hakuba while holding the kittens as they watch light faded.

"My king is going to fight the traitor." The captain thought and quickly ran to where the light was.

"Yakumo come on we got to see what's going on!" Hyper Mushra said and flew where the light was at and look back to make sure Hakuba was behide. "I see Kutal oaky, but I don't see a sign from Sago, I hope nothing bad happen to him." Yakumo thought as she hold the kittens in her arms tightly, but not to tight.

As the yellow light faded Kutal became from a house cat to a Hyper Lion, he spread his green wings and flew and land on another piller and face Diehanger.

"You hyper change to a real real beast warrior." Diehanger said when looked at Kutal and continued. "You really care about this boy do you?" he added while looking down on Sago.

"In just what do want with him, Sago is not involed in this just put him down!" Hyper Kutal shouted.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, you just have to prove himself in order to save him." Diehanger said.

All Kutal could do is watch as his friend was in danger, and Diehanger won't be easy to defeat, but he willing to do what he to save Sago.

Suddely Sago stirred and open his eyes, and the first thing he seen was Kutal standed and he was under Diehanger gripped and tried to get loose.

"HEY PUT ME DOWN!" Sago shouted as he free his left arm and strated punching Diehanger but the beat king just stand there and felt nothing hit.

"Sago!" the shouted got Sago's attaching and look a Kutal.

"Kutal." Sago said as he watch his hyper enterran friend standed in front of him.

"It's going to be alright, Diehanger get ready." Hyper Kutal shouted and with that he charge direactly at Diehanger, But sudden Diehanger lift his left hand and a green blasted at Kutal and hit him with one blow, but Kutal didn't give up and hover back up and drew his sword and charge at Diehanger again.

Diehanger grab his weapon and cletch angaist Kutal's blade, as they face eachother all Sago could do is watch helpless, When Diehanger and Kutal back spilt up Sago look at Diehanger and relieze was the beast king smirk, but before Sago can figured out what was going on Kutal clatch his sword to Diehanger's weapon.

As the hyper tried to focused on Diehanger, Sago saw one of the beast legs started to come up and he knew what was going to happen, but it was too late Diehanger kick Kutal above the chin that Hyper Kutal let go of his sword, than end it when use his weapon and stab Kutal but not all the way.

As Kutal felt the pian he immedely cough up blood and with uneasy eyes he look at Sago who was widen in fear.

"K...Kutal?" Sago asked in a shcking voice as he reach for Kutal's hand and Kutal reaching hand, but Diehanger release his weapon that made Hyper Kutal past Sago and falling from the sky.

"KUTAL NO!" Sago yelled as he watch his cat friend falling, as Diehanger watch the fallen warrior then turned around and saw his captian standed on the cliff next to them.

"Captian is the fire enterran and the human are on they're way?" Diehanger asked.

"Yes, sir what are going to do him?" The Captain asked as saw Sago who looking down. "His coming with us, let go." Deihanger answer.

Without a thought Diehanger and his captain diseaper along with Sago.

From below was Hyper Mushra and the others came to the piller.

"Yakumo I'm going to fly up to the piller and see I can get a better view." Said Mushra flexing his wings. "Alright be careful." Yakumo replied.

As Mushra flew to sky he thinks of speeding up knowing how high it and as he was about to go up at top speed, but caught Mushra attaching when he saw Kutal falling. ''Kutal!'' Mushra yelled with that he glide down and catch his friend and relieze his friend was injured and all Kutal said.

"S..A..G..O." Those were Kutal's final words before loses consciouness.