Xander and the former Dark Lady of the Sith

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Summary: While doing his duty as a Watcher in Africa Xander finds something out of this world.

Chapter 1

(Africa, somewhere in the Egyptian desert)

Xander looked up at the bright and hot sun and then stopped his walk for a moment to take a sip out of his water skin. Grimacing a bit at the stale taste of the water he gulped it down. Being a native born California boy he always thought he was acclimated to hot weather, but after he reached Africa he was proven more than wrong. Luckily now, after he spent around six months on this continent, he had learned to live with it much better, but sadly the water turned stale quite fast in the desert. Still, stale water was better than nothing at all, so he just shrugged and took another small sip before he put the skin back on his belt again.

He took a deep breath and looked at the native who was traveling with him. The young man was the apprentice to the shaman of the village Xander had reached two days ago. He had traveled there to talk with them about training the young village girl who received the call of the Slayer, but sadly he reached the village a day late. The girl in question and her sister were taken the day before by a small horde of demons after she killed two of them to protect the village.

This lead to the trip through the desert Xander and the young man currently were on. Looking at the young man again he asked, "Ahmose, how long do you think we have to walk to the oasis where the demons have their nest? Our water is running low and we have to hurry if we want to save Sacmis and Bestia."

Ahmose looked up to the sun and then closed his eyes for a few moments before he answered, "The spirits tell me that we have to walk for another hour and then we are near enough to see the oasis."

Xander just nodded in acceptance to the strange answer and then both silently continued their traveling. As promised, nearly an hour later the two could see not too far of the tops of several palm trees. Xander stopped as he sighted them and nodded to a nearby sand dune. "We should rest for a bit and then go and see what we can do."

Ahmose, who wanted nothing more to rush in and save the two women of this tribe, just nodded and followed Xander to the small dune, knowing that as tired as they were, their chances of doing anything for the girls would be small. They settled down for a while to drink and eat bit. After that Xander used the time to clean his weapons as well as possible with this much sand around them. After he was finished, he nodded at Ahmose and said, "Ok enough rest, let's go."

Both got up again and slowly sneaked into the direction of the oasis. They weren't much farther away from the oasis than 1500 feet when Ahmose raised his hand to stop Xander and pointed at a big rock in the middle of the sand halfway to the oasis. He mouthed 'Guards' and raised 2 fingers.

Xander nodded and both changed their approach to reach the rock. A few minutes later they were there and lying not far from it in the sand they could see the two guards Ahmose had indicated before. Xander looked at them and recognized them as a lower demon species which he had just the right thing for. He sent a silent thank you to Willow as he pulled an ammo clip with a yellow mark out of his backpack. He quickly loaded his tranquilizer rifle with it and two small 'plops' later the demons fell to the ground.

Ahmose looked at him with astonishment for a second, but then just grinned and crawled of to where the demons lay. He pulled out a long knife and decapitated them, just to make sure of course.

Xander grinned at that and then they quickly reached the oasis, which to their surprise was totally empty. Xander looked around a bit clueless and then said, "No tracks nothing, as if nobody was here for a long time. What now?"

Ahmose just shrugged his shoulders reply.

They quickly refilled their water skins, after Xander had tested the water, and then went back to the rock where they had killed the two demon guards. They looked around the rock for quite a while until Xander noted a small asperity in the rock near where the dead demons stood before. Pulling his favorite gun, a nice silver Desert Eagle, he pressed on the asperity and a part of rock in the rough shape of a door just vanished. "Got it, call me Indiana X," Xander smirked at his companion, who just sent him a confused look. Grumbling Xander said, "That's what I don't like about Africa, no one has any Pop Culture."

With that said he pulled out a flashlight, but before he could turn it on Ahmose put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head. "That will betray our presence to anyone seeing the light."

"Yeah I know, but we need to see something. It's pitch black down there," Xander said in a resigned tone.

Now Ahmose sent him a smirk. He rumbled around in one of the pouches on his belt and then pulled out a small feather and a little wooden bottle. "This will help us, if you let me write the calling on you."

"Calling?" Xander asked curiously.

"A calling to sister owl, which will help us see in the dark," the young shaman to be replied.

After Xander agreed the young man dunked the tip of the feather into the bottle and quickly wrote a few symbols on Xander's forehead. After he finished those he mumbled something in the dialect of his tribe, which Xander didn't understood.

As Xander looked into the eyes of Ahmose he saw them suddenly open wide in surprise, but before he could ask anything, a burning pain erupted where the sigils where painted. He let out a scream full of pain before all went completely dark for him.


As he opened his eyes again he still felt a lingering pain in his head, but it wasn't as numbing as before. He looked around and saw his companion sitting only a few feet away from him, snoring a bit. "Ahmose," he whispered and got no reaction. "AHMOSE," he said louder, and this time the young man opened his eyes and looked at him a bit warily. After he blinked away the after effects of sleep, he replied, "Xander, you are awake again, good."

"What happened and who turned this into a black and white movie?" Xander asked, a bit confused.

"Uhmm..I...I...," the young man hedged around a bit. "I think I used a bit to much power in the calling, because suddenly the sigil I painted on you started to glow and a moment after you blacked out, it disappeared. And seeing everything in black and white would be the result of the calling. You're using the eyesight of sister owl."

"Ok, the glowing is not normal then? Figures...Magic and I always had a bad track record. Can I turn it off?" Xander said. "Yes, just concentrate on you human eyesight again and to switch back, on that of sister owl," Ahmose replied.

Xander concentrated for a second and then moaned, "Great...now I don't see anything at all."

"Good, then it worked. You can't see anything because it's dark outside. Try to switch back now," Ahmose told to Xander.

Xander was quiet again for a second and then said, "Ok, all black & white again. How long does it last?"

"Normally around two to three hours, but we have to see now," the young shaman replied.

"Ok, not that important at the moment. We were lucky no other demons came up here yet, so let's hurry," Xander said as he stood up and gathered the things he had dropped.

With that they followed the dark path down in silence and as they reached level ground a few minutes later, Xander saw a few strange things lying about. He would have bet that it looked like scrap metal, but for now he ignored it to sneak near the fire and the chanting that could be seen and heard from a bit deeper in the huge cavern. As they got near to the fire, they saw five demons like the ones above. One of them was dressed like an Egyptian priest out of old times, while the other four stood near a stone tablet, on which the two missing girls lay. The priest knelt before a huge golden sarcophagus and chanted, "Oh goddess of the flaming skies, hear our call and come to us!" again and again and then after a while he changed the chant to, "Oh goddess, hear us and come back to us. For you to feast on, we bound a slayer and her sister, come and feast on them." He continued this for a while until suddenly a loud 'BANG!' was heard in the cavern and the head of the priest exploded into bloody pieces.

While the four other demons looked in shock on the remains of their priest, Ahmose glanced strangely at Xander, who shrugged his shoulders and said, "What? I got bored and he was annoying."

Ahmose just shook his head and with a smirk Xander added, "Ok let's get the others as well."

Meanwhile the demons had come out of their shock and three of them were storming the young men. Xander quickly pulled the trigger of his Desert Eagle again twice and two of the demon went down. Before they even reached the ground, their bodies went up in flames. "Note to self. Have to thank Whistler for the awesome ammo," Xander said and aimed at the third demon, whose claws were nearly at striking distance, but before he could pull the trigger again, his companion suddenly jumped forward with his long knife in hand and decapitated the third demon with one swing. Xander looked at Ahmose in surprise and then in alarm as the young man fell to the ground, coughing up some blood. Before Xander could run to him, the young man shook his head and still coughing, pointed at the last demon, who still stood by the girls, and said in a quite tone. "I'm fine. Brother Lion gave me his speed and strength, but it has its price. Go get the last one and save the girls. I'll be fine in a few moments."

Xander nodded and turned to the last remaining demon. He walked a bit near to the huge stone tablet to get a better shot and just as he went to aim at the demon, it spoke, "Lower your gun human or I'll rip thissss onessss throat out."

Slowly Xander lowered the gun.

"Now drop it or she diesssss," the demon hissed. Before Xander could follow this order he saw a hand come out of the darkness beside the sarcophagus. It grabbed the demon by the neck and suddenly a loud 'SNAP' ended the life of the last demon.

"Amused Statement: Killing a meatbag again feels good. Human, please help my mistress an...," a voice said out of the darkness and suddenly stopped with a short mechanical whine.

"HK-47? You have to be kidding me," Xander said in astonishment as he stepped closer.

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