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Chapter 4

While Revan didn't hesitate to walk to her ship, Xander stood at the hangar door, speechless. Granted as a friend of the Slayer since high school and now as a Watcher, he had seen quite a lot and if he'd try to tell any of it to someone who didn't know about the supernatural, he'd be met with disbelief, but still seeing an actual star ship was quite a bit, even for him.

Even more surreal was the fact that it looked more or less like the Ebon Hawk he knew from the two KOTOR games he had played. There were some differences in the looks and all, but still it was astonishing how it measured up to what he knew.

Halfway to her ship Revan stopped and turned around when she didn't get an answer to a question she had asked only a moment before. She saw how Xander still stood at the entrance to the hangar and was gaping at her ship. She just smiled at the wonder she could see on Xander's face and asked, "You coming?"

Xander just grinned in reply and hurried to join up with her again. After he reached her she turned around again and went the rest of the way to her ship. They went up the ramp to the air lock of the ship and after entering another code the door opened and a bit of stale air rushed out of the ship. A bit surprised by this Revan staggered a bit and suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion and vertigo.

Xander saw how Revan suddenly started to lose her footing and quickly caught her before she could fall down. He put her down carefully inside the air lock and held out a bottle of water to her.

He saw the thankful smile on her face as she took the bottle and had to gulp a bit. Even if he would guess her age to be somewhere between 35 and 45, she was still unbelievable beautiful although suddenly looking quite tired. He returned her smile and waited while she drank a bit.

"Thank you," Revan said a moment after she put the bottle down again. She then took a deep breath and continued. "Looks like waking up from that long slumber has left me quite drained and then using the Force to clear that cavein wasn't one of my best ideas either."

"If I were a doctor, my prescription for you would be something to eat, a hot shower and then some sleep," Xander said with a grin.

"You would make a good doctor I'd say," Revan replied.

"Sadly we have a problem with this. I don't think that you have anything still edible on board after all this time. So I can only offer you some more of those oh so very tasty army rations," Xander said, to which Revan shuddered, having tasted them an hour before. He got them out of his backpack and handed some over to her. "While you eat those, take a shower and sleep a bit, I'll go up to the oasis and see if I can't find something better. After that you can show me this awesome ship."

Revan took the rations with a forced smile and replied, "Sounds like a plan and thank you."

Before Xander left she gave him the access codes to the hangar and the ship and then she started to eat the rations with some reluctance.


(Several hours later)

Revan woke up to a wonderful smell and before she had even opened her eyes her stomach yelled loudly "FOOD". She got up, stretched her muscles and felt quite a bit better than before. As she checked the time she saw that she spent nearly 12 hours in the mix of sleep and Jedi healing trance, but that was time well spent. She quickly went into the refresher and then put on one of her clean robes she found in storage. After that her nose and stomach led her to the lounge of the ship where she found Xander, who was cocking something using some primitive cooking tools.

As Xander saw her enter he smiled at her and said, "Sorry, but I have no clue how your small kitchen works and because I didn't want to accidently blow us to bits I had to use my camping utensils. I hope you like cooked meat with some dates I found at the oasis."

"It smells delicious," Revan said and quickly sat down at the table.

After a quiet and enjoyable meal Xander asked curiously, "So what now?"

"While you were out I made a quick systems check on the Hawk before I went to sleep. While her power reserves are quite low, she's still fully operational and the power will be easily recharged as soon as we get out of here. So I'd say first I show you around the ship and then we get HK on board and I'll fix him. After that I'll show you some mediation techniques with which you can attune yourself to the force and you can tell me more about how your world changed before we make any further plans."


A while later, after Revan had shown Xander most of the ship, she stopped in the small hangar/cargo space of the Hawk. She looked around a bit and the let out a small sigh, missing T4 who normally spent his time here tinkering with stuff they had stored here. She pulled herself quickly back together and went over to one of the small transport sleds that were used to transport wares from the ship to wherever and back. She checked the status of the sled just to be sure after all the years and then activated it.

With a quiet hum the sled powered up and then hovered two feet above the ground. "We can use this to transport HK back here," she said as she turned around to Xander who was a bit overwhelmed after the tour of the ship.

Xander nodded and replied, "Ok, let's get your friend and then see if we can fix him."

They quickly reached the point where HK and the sarcophagus were. Xander watched as Revan used the Force to direct the body of the droid and without thinking about it, he saw the energy stream of the Force Revan used. To him it was a beautiful lightshow in all the colors of a rainbow. As his gaze turned onto Revan he quickly had to look away because of the brightness of the Force that surrounded the former Sith. He turned his gaze back to the Force she used to transport HK and just as she started to lower him on the sled, Xander felt the irresistible urge to somehow touch the stream of light. Suddenly with a loud clatter the droid crashed the rest of the way down onto the sled.

Revan felt a small pain as something ripped her control of the bit of the Force she used to direct HK and saw how Xander looked first at the droid and then at her in shock. "Oops," she heard him mutter.

"Interesting," Revan said. "I never have seen or felt something like what you just did. It felt like you took over the Force I used to direct HK and then lost control because you didn't know what to do after. We have to look into that once I showed you a few things, but first let's bring HK back onto the Hawk. And before we leave we should take this thing on board as well. I have a feeling we shouldn't let it remain here to be found," she said while pointing at the sarcophagus.

"Sounds great," Xander replied, still a bit shocked about what just happened. They quickly made their way back to the Hawk.

Back onboard Revan brought HK to one of her workbenches where she planned to repair him. She placed him carefully on it and then turned back to Xander. "OK, I think it's best I show you a few exercises you will have to do to get in contact with the force and how to direct it and while you are at it, I can look into repairing HK."

Xander just nodded and so Revan showed him a few things and then she went to work on HK.


A few hours later Revan finally finished her work on HK and let out a tired sigh. The only thing left to do now was to recharge the power coil and then she could reactivate her old friend. In the meantime she would see how her new companion was doing on the mediation techniques she showed him. Making a detour to the mess hall to get something to drink she reached the training room where she left Xander. As she entered the room and looked at the young man a slight chuckle escaped her lips as she heard his snoring. Quieting her footsteps she sneaked behind him and then yelled out a loud "Boo".

Xander jumped up with a loud yelp and reacting on pure instinct, which surprised Revan, he had her down on the floor, him sitting on top of her and made a motion as if to ram something into her heart. Before he could hit her with the strike he became fully aware and pulled his arm back quickly. "What…happened?" he asked confused, still sitting on Revan.

"You fell asleep and don't you think we should date a bit before you have me in such a position?" she replied with a smirk.

Xander looked a bit confused at first until he noted their positions. "Ahh…dates are totally overrated," he mumbled while feeling the nice female form under him.

Revan smiled and her only reply was to carefully use the force to lift Xander up. After she had gotten up herself she asked, "So how did your meditation go, besides falling asleep?"

Xander blushed a bit at the last part of her question. "I centered myself like you showed me and after a while I could feel the Force around me, but it felt like it was quite far away. I couldn't grasp it at all."

"Hmm," Revan mumbled. "After what you did outside I guessed you shouldn't have a problem with it at all, but it seems like you need more training to use the Force on purpose."

Before she could say anything more Xander's stomach grumbled a bit and to her surprise her own agreed with that statement as well. "Looks like we should eat a bit before we continue with your training," she said.

"Good idea, by the way how did your work on HK go?" Xander asked.

"He is fully repaired and now he just needs to be recharged. That should take a few hours and then we can activate him," Revan replied on the way to the mess hall.


After a short meal they returned to the training area and spent the next hour on meditating so that Xander could get a grasp of the force. Finally Revan spoke, "Hmm… This is really strange. I can feel how you connect to the force, but that's all. Let's try something else." With that she levitated a small dagger that hung at the wall to her. "Did you feel what I did?" she asked Xander and at his nod she continued. "OK, then replicate that feeling and get us one of the other daggers from the wall."

Xander concentrated on what he had felt as Revan pulled the dagger to her and tried to do the same, but to his frustration nothing happened. He tried several times more, with much the same result as before.

"Ok, let me show you again," Revan finally said. She concentrated shortly and one of the daggers on the wall started to fly in her direction.

Xander concentrated on what he felt as Revan directed the dagger to her and without much effort he used the feeling of the force and pulled at it. With a rush the dagger rushed into his direction and missed hitting him in the head only by an inch. "Whooaaa," he said in surprise.

"Very interesting indeed. I've never seen something like that before. It looks like you aren't able to connect to the force directly, at least not yet, but you seem to be able to manipulate an active force flow. Let me think about it for a while and then I'll come up with a way to train this ability of yours. Hopefully we'll find a way for you to really connect to the force somewhere in between," Revan said with a small smile at her new apprentice. She really had missed the challenge of teaching someone the ways of the force and Alexander proved to become quite an enjoyable challenge it seemed.

"Ah, a break sounds fine by now," Xander agreed. "Let's grab something to eat and then we can see if we can't wake up your sleeping beauty."

After they both enjoyed a small bit of the water Xander had brought down from the oasis they went back to Revan's workshop where she had left HK to be recharged. Revan quickly checked some readings on one of the screens. "Looks like he is recharged enough, so let's try to wake him up." She pushed a button inside of HK, closed the panel and then took a step back.

Only a moment later the eyes of the droid started to glow. "Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, master," the droid said as he recognized Revan. Before Revan could say anything he continued. "Observation: There is an unknown meatbag on the ship that seems to exhibit a number of abnormalities. Shall I blast him for you or is he your new lover, Master?" the droid asked after he saw Xander a step behind his master.

Xander's eyes widened in alarm as the insane kill mad droid spoke, making Revan smile as she saw another opportunity to indulge in her new favorite pastime of teasing Xander.