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Two Hearts

Chapter 10

Your hair on my fingertips,

Your lips on mine,

Ah, the feeling of bliss.

She didn't know how far she ran or where the heck she is currently situated – all she knew was she needed to get away from him, fast.

So this is how it feels to get your heart broken the second time around. It was like going through hell over and over again until you've had enough and would only want to just lie down and sleep it all off.

Lucy thought she could handle the pain because you can never break anything that was already broken, right?


She was all wrong. If her heart was broken before, right now, it felt like her heart was crushed into nothingness - into tiny bit of dust – never to be whole again.

Lucy lifted her arm and covered her eyes as she tried to block away the flow of tears. Her legs were still and unmoving as she sat on a swing under the big oak tree.

She wanted to scream so badly and tear her heart out but she couldn't do so – this was the price she paid for falling for someone like Natsu. She's the one who imposed this on herself so she couldn't blame anyone except herself.

She hated her life.

She hated everything.

She hated being this pathetic.

As she tried to compose herself, she brought her hands down and gripped the metal chains of the swing so tightly that it made her knuckles white.

Just this once, she'll let herself cry one last time.


Her body stiffened at the sound.


His voice was closer now, yet she made no move to acknowledge him.

Right there, as Natsu saw Lucy's slumped form on the swing – with her back facing him – he wanted to kill himself for doing this to her.

He was such an idiot.

Natsu willed his legs to move behind Lucy – close enough so that they were only inches apart. Then, he placed his hands on the chains and started to rock the swing back and forth.

Only the creaking sounds of old metal could be heard.

He did this for a few more minutes while he silently played inside his head the things he wanted to say to her.

Finally, when he was confident enough, Natsu cleared his throat and stopped his movements.

"Lucy, I'm sorry."

No reply.

"I know you're angry from what happened, but I truly am sorry. I was overcome by anger and jealousy that I wasn't thinking right when I started screaming and forcing myself on you."

He took a deep breath before continuing.

"Please forgive me. I didn't mean any of it. I was a jerk. I was an outright and total idiot to do those things to you and I..."

Natsu paused for a bit. Suddenly, he was unsure of himself. He couldn't even see her expressions from where he stood and that nerved him to no end.

What if she was too angry to forgive him?

What if he messed up too badly this time that nothing could mend the mess he made?

Should he give her to Loki?

Would she be happy with him?

"Lucy, if you can't forgive me, just please, know this one thing –" With a sigh, Natsu stared directly in her direction, as if his eyes could see through her very soul. "- I love you."

She let out a small cry upon hearing his words.

"I love you so damn much."

This is it and he hoped his feeling got across through his words.

"You know, I would even let myself be beaten up by Loki or Gray or even Erza if that could mean you'll forgive me."

He gave out a slight chuckle – his only way of relaxing his nerves.

"I wouldn't even mind riding a train for the rest of my life. I would even have Elfman teach me how to become like a Man, just please... forgive me."

He sounded so desperate now that he wanted to cry because of it.

And then, his ears picked up the faintest laughter from her lips.

Lucy turned her head to look at him and gave him a smile.

"You know, for a desperate man, you sure topped the list."

And just like that, his hope flared up at the sight.

"Let's try it all over again."

"And have my heart broken the third time?"

His face darkened with guilt.

"Natsu, I don't think we can redo everything that's happened. What I do know is that we can always change what's up ahead."

And as Lucy reached out to cover his hand with hers, Natsu finally gave out a smile that at least, things would be alright.

"Thank you Lucy." And he kissed her hand in return with all the tenderness he could muster. "That is all I need."

And after all the tears, finally, Lucy allowed herself to be consumed with a new hope of falling in love the second time around.

Let us love each other, forever.

Let us kiss each other, forever.

Let us seal forever - together.




"Loki, can you tell me how Mom and Dad got together?"

The Lion spirit gave out a chuckle as he ruffled the little girl's pink locks.

"Then this will be our little secret okay?"

The little girl nodded her head in return.

"Your father might roast me if he finds out me and Happy spied on him and your mother when he confessed on a swing."

She looked at him with bright chocolate eyes. "I have every right to know any secret of yours because when I grow up, I'll let you have the honour to be my prince."

She gave him her toothy smile and he grinned in return.

"Very well then my little princess. I would wait patiently until that time comes."

"Of course, I'll burn you if you don't."

"You sure are like your mother."

And together, they watched the setting sun to kiss the day goodbye.




Love is me plus you.

Let two hearts beat as one

And live the perfect fairy tale story.



"I love you."

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