Elwood Jackson: The Enemy in the Dark

Hello there folks, here is Lord Shockwave with a new story. This will be my first story featuring my OC Elwood Jackson, the weird but extremely smart private detective. Plot: After a teacher is mysteriously murdered at Bennet High, private detective Elwood Jackson is put on the case. He asks a few students to help him, and finds out that this case leads to someone very special from Elwood's past.

A plane was hovering a few miles away from Bennet High.

Inside where the pilot and two men. One was a tall and muscled man. He has spiky dark blond hair, blue eyes and wore blue pants and a black t-shirt.

The other person was dressed a little different. He was a little bit shorter than the other man. He wears a black jacket with underneath a white t-shirt. He also wears a black hat, black sunglasses, black tie and his hair was a little dark. But most was covered by his hat.

'Euh may I ask what where doing here Elwood?' the muscled man asked. The man named Elwood looked at him 'you find out soon enough' was the only thing he said.

A few hours before…

Jane Casey and Carl Montclaire walked with their classmates to their next class. Carl tried not to look at Jane, but her beauty was just to much for him.

His staring was however interrupted by a screaming girl walking past them. She came from Mr. Dolby's class.

Quickly they all went to his classroom and found Mr. Dolby lying dead on the ground with blood surrounding.

Everyone began to scream. Serge screamed like a girl and ran away, with many people following him.

Jane screamed and embraced Carl for safety. Carl was terrified by the turn of events. Still smiled because he had Jane in his arms.

'Everyone be quit and stay calm' principal Malone came by and told everyone. 'Go to the cafeteria and stay there, I will see what I can do.'

Everyone walked away and principal Malone became very stressed about this. He didn't know what to do.

Present Time…

The man named Elwood walked with the muscled man towards the school.

'Jackson, I came here because you said you needed my help. Was that only so I can carry your suitcases?' the man asked.

Elwood Jackson turned around and looked at his companion. He made weird movements with his hands and said 'James, I need you with me on this case. I have the brains and you have the muscles, this makes us the perfect combination.'

James sighed and walked with Jackson trough the school. Almost directly they went to the principals office. Where principal Malone was freaking out.

'Oh man what am I supposed to do. A teacher is murdered. Must I call the police, the FBI or the secret agency. WHAT MUST I DO' he cried to the heavens.

'Principal Malone' Elwood said and Malone turned around. 'Yes what can I do for you…and who are you. I can't remember I know you' he said.

He walked into the office to Malone and held out his hand. 'I'm Elwood R. Jackson, private detective' he said and principal Malone shook his hand.

'Private detective?' he asked. 'Yes. I'm the man who investigates, sues, defends and is everything but gullible' he tells. 'And why are you dressed like a Blues Brother?' asks principal Malone.

'I'm always dressed like that' he says. Principal Malone looked at him with an awkward expression. Elwood's companion came into the office. 'Oh yeah. This is my good friend and assistant James A. Verger' he says.

Principal Malone shook Verger's hand. 'So I suppose you come for the murder on Mr. Dolby?' he asked. Jackson and Verger nodded.

'I also suppose you want a payment for this?' Elwood shook his head 'I don't need any payment. But…if we solve the case then you have to give my assistant here ten thousand dollars' he said.

Malone was shocked, he wanted to say something but Elwood silenced him 'do you want us to investigate or not?' he asked.

Malone agreed and nodded.

A Little Later…

Carl, Jane, Porter and Alex had escaped the cafeteria and stood in the hallway.

'Who would murder Mr. Dolby?' Jane asked herself. 'Angry student, former girlfriend, who knows' Porter said.

They where thinking about several options. Then Jane cried something out in happiness.

'Is there something wrong Jane?' Carl asked concerned. She pointed to behind them. When all the guys looked around they saw a mysteriously dressed man and a muscled man walking towards them.

'Oh my gosh your Elwood Jackson' she exclaimed. Elwood and the other man stopped dead in its tracks. 'Why yes I am, you heard of me young lady?' he asked.

'Yes. You're the man who investigates, sues, defends and is everything but gullible' she said. She looked at Elwood with sparkling eyes.

'Yes that's me. Elwood Richard Jackson. And this is my assistant James Alistair Verger' he told them and introduced his best friend.

'Great I'm Jane, and these are my friends Carl, Porter and Alex' she introduced the gang. 'All nice to meet you' Verger said.

'So I suppose you're here to investigate Mr. Dolby's murder?' Porter asked. 'Yes I am good friend. After all I got bored having to attend dinner with Verger's fiancé' he said 'hey I would go to dinner with you if you had a girl' Verger said.

'Yes but I don't have a girl Mr. Verger, so that doesn't happen' he tells. Jane looked happily at him. Carl found a sting of jealousy in him. It was clear that Jane had a little crush on Mr. Jackson, but he was a great detective. He was like her perfect match. Something Carl didn't like.

'Say. How would you like to help us in the investigation?' he asked. Jane quickly told him everyone would help. Much to the dismay of the guys. 'Good now first me and Mr. Verger need a place to stay. Anyone.'

Than moment Serge and Brittany came by 'I overheard everything and you,' Serge pointed at Verger 'you can stay with me, athletes are there for each other' he said. Verger smiled 'finally someone who agrees with me' he said.

Brittany said nothing and walked towards Elwood. 'Brittany good to see you again' he said. He smiled at her and Brittany slapped him.

Everyone looked shocked as Brittany walked away 'not sure I deserved that' Elwood said while rubbing his face.

He began to walk away with the rest following him. 'Say Elwood you can stay in my home' Jane told him. 'Thanks Jane I appreciate it. now lets investigate.'

While everyone walked away a shadow quickly ran out of the school and into the rain.

'So you're back. This will be fun' the voice said and disappeared.

The first chapter of my first Elwood Jackson story. What do you all think. Next chapter: Elwood, Verger and the rest are going to investigate the scene of the crime. There Jane tries to impress Elwood, much to Carl's dismay. They find a clue, but Elwood is shocked and goes away. What is he hiding. Btw the pairings in this story will be CarlxJane, JanexElwood and maybe PorterxDenise. Guess you have to read further to find out.