Ok like I said in my last chapter this Chapter is all on the characters of my story so yes it will be short. I'll be explaining what they look like,there personalities,etc. since I havent in the first place. Besides people want to know what there character's look like right? OK so let's begin.

Angel Aiko: Age:17 Bithday(If you care) May 9th

Angel of course has a kind yet harsh personality,she can be funny and annoying when it comes to some things but she also has a sensitive side like most girls. She is very independent. She loves anime and manga,ever since her mother gave birth to her it's all she read. (Well not all but you know what I mean).Angel has butt lenghth slighthly-dark teal keeps it in two side ponytails with the rest of her hair hanging freely down her back. she's 5'6 with a light white skin tone and She has dark teal eyes. She has a very petite size.

Next up is Angel's mother,

Mikomara Aiko:Age: 34 Birthday: August 9th

Mikomara is a motherly fun type character. She's know's when times are to be serious and times to have fun. She's a bit over protective like normal mothers would be with their only child and sometimes hates to see Angel grown up so quickly. She loves to go to different places seeing you only have one life live it the fullest. she loves her husband dearly stating he's more than her husband he's her best friend. She now works for him at YenPress where she usally gets Angel all the newest manga's before they hit the shevels. Mikomara is 5'8 fairly tall inherited from her father. She has short mid-back teal hair length hair and short bangs that frame her face, it was long but after getting preganet she cut it. She's fairly skinny and has a nice set of curves.

Ryuu Tojamaki: Age:15 Birthday September 15th.

Every since fighting over a sandwhich,Ryuu has ben Angel's best friend since they were 6. Her and Angel have almost opposite yet the same personalities. Ryuu is a kind and sweet girl to almost everyone around her. She can be very helpful as well,but when it comes to Angel she can get very well hyper. Ryuu has crimson eyes,blood red hair with black and silver streaks.

Tokiharu Aiko: Age:37 Birthday: June 15

Tokiharu is Angel's dad and the vice president of YenPress. He is very passionate about his job and care's deeply for his family. He seems at first kinda of uptight but when you get to meet him he's really nice and caring. When first meeting Ichijou he noticed that he was odd as to be exspected since he know's Kain Crosses secret to the academy. He has always kept the secret of the Night class being vampire's from his wife afraid she's freak out over it. Tokiharu Is 6'0,he has soft teal-blue eyes and shaddy teal hair.

And there you have it people all my character's except Ryu she belongs to someone who was kind enough to let me borrow her , thanks oO0RyuuHeartsYou0Oo. My next story update will be 1/7/13 plz bear with me people.