Derek closed one eye and lined his arrow up with his target; a hand drawn, crude drawing of an ugly Odette. The preteen boy had drawn it in a fit of frustration about his mother's unrelenting attempts to get him and Odette together, and in a sudden burst of inspiration, Derek had decided to use it for target practice.

Twang! His arrow flew and with a stroke of luck, his arrow flew straight and true, hitting cartoon Odette squarely between the eyes. The boy smirked, and got up from his position on the bed so he could retrieve his ammunition and continue his game. As he gripped the arrow shafts and pulled them out of the wood and paper they were stuck in, Derek felt a pang of guilt. It really was rude of him to be doing this to his- Derek's stomach clenched and he made a disgusted face as he thought the word- betrothed.

As the prince padded back to his bed for round two, he began notching one of the arrows into place on his bow, thinking. Why did he hate Odette so much? His normal response, if anybody else asked, would be that it's because she's annoying, ugly, no fun, a stupid girl and that he doesn't like her because "he just doesn't!" as he told Uberta a few years ago.

Twang! The arrow flew and missed Odette entirely, landing in the blank spot by her arm. It had barely left the bow when Derek was already preparing another shot, still in thought.

If he was being completely honest with himself about why he hated Odette, it was because… well… he liked her like her. The prince blushed heavily at the mere thought of liking her, and he released the other arrow just as his mother opened the door in time to see it hit the picture.

"Good gracious, Derek!" the queen exclaimed, eyes widening as her son prepared another arrow. "She soon will be arriving. Is that respect you're showing?"

"Nope," Derek replied carelessly, popping the "p". Deep in his gut, he felt another twinge of guilt at his rudeness. He brushed it off, reminding himself that he didn't like the princess. "And if you make me kiss her hand again, I swear I'm gonna be sick!" he added, and his mother gasped, launching into a rant and lecture about his behaviour and blah blah blah, on and on. Derek tuned out.

Maybe his mother was right. Maybe it was time to grow up a bit, and be civil to Odette- wait, what was he thinking? He still had to punish the girl for making him develop a crush on her! She deserved every mean word he threw at her, every injury he gave her… right?

The archery prodigy nodded on cue as the queen finished her lecture and turned to leave, throwing a quick, "We have to go meet them, so take down that horrid drawing!" over her shoulder.

"Yes mother," the boy growled sullenly, and let of one last arrow.

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