Peter, where are you?
Peter, where have you been?
Peter, where were you?
Peter, what have you seen?

A Glow, a light that shines
A Joy, a radiant joy!
A Knowing, between to minds
A Fear, to be fates toy

Peter, where's this land we near?
Peter, how come Neverland?
Peter, Is that bells I hear?
Peter, how can you bear to land?

A Flight, beyond compare
A Joy, a radiant joy!
A feeling, brief but rare
Ignorance = eternal boy

Peter, do you e're regret
Choices make that you beget?
Die is cast now – Life, or Death
Love will provide heigth, width and depth

A Glow, a Joy, a Knowing, a Fear,
A Flight, a Feeling, an Ignorance
Telling what will happen when
Telling what has happened since

Where are you?
Where do you fly?