* Just a little insight to Kevin in that scene when the truck flips over. READ AND REVIEW!

"Where are you going?"

Kevin realized in the moment it was a stupid question, but what else could he say? His fellow cast members were suddenly all diving out of the truck and- OH SHIT.

He turned around just in time to see a rocket collide with the barrells on the back of the truck and explode...

He felt the force of the explosion flip the truck over and was about to scream like a little girl but his head came into contact with the steering wheel, and all was black.

"Sandusky! ...Oh god... FOURLEAF! HELP ME OUT HERE!"

When his vision flickered back from the darkness he was in such pain he never could've imagined being in in his life, but even still he was glad to be staring up at the flaming vehicle entrapping him rather than into a white light and then going on to where ever the hell it is you go when you die.

He felt himself being wrenched from the overturned vehicle, quite violently, by Fourleaf and Kirk and was so tired he wanted to just drop his face into the mud and sleep forever, but Kirk didn't allow that. Kirk was cradling Kevin's upper body in his arms which was a little awkward feeling but considering how he'd almost just died Kevin didn't give a damn where he was right now.

Kevin looked over through his blurred vision and saw Tugg looking around, extremely confused and could hardly hear what Alpa Chino was saying to him but then Kevin was stirred from his semi-conscious state ever so slightly by what Tugg said.

"It's Sandusky. Kevin Sandusky."

"My name..." Kevin mumbled dazedly, "He remembered my name..."

Then there was alot of yelling of orders on Tugg's part and before he knew it, Kevin was being picked up and thrown over Jeff's shoulders and was being taken to the chopper.

As he lay there in that chopper, drifting in and out of consciousness, he thought about all that had occurred these past two or three days... He'd come in here, scared out of his mind of being part of a star studded cast and now he was... one of them. Not not a star actor necessarily, but he was their friend.

He'd seen the insecurities of each one of them, Jeff with his drug problems, Alpa trying to desperately mask his sexuality, Kirk not knowing who he really was, and Tugg wishing he was who he used to be. A star.

And now, he realized they truely cared for him. Three days ago they would've been running and screaming if he was trapped in a truck which had just exploded. Yes, they'd probably call someone else to get him. But as that wasn't an option, they knew they had to pull him out. And deep down, they wanted to, because they cared about him.

Like a brother.