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Chapter One: Club Aurora

The room was dim with red and blue bulbs and a strobe light flashed here and there. The music was a mix of Alternative Rock and Club Mix.

Jane and Lisbon were seated at a small, round, wooden table. It was up against the far left wall away from the dance floor. There was a bar made out of black granite that opened out in a direction so that which ever direction you went you had to pass it.

"I can't believe that Esme' thought I'd like this place," Lisbon yelled over the music.

Jane shined his nails on his shirt before replying. "This place gives me a strange feeling, like I've seen it before."

"Maybe they stole the theme from a movie or something." She stood up. "I'm going to the restroom."

"Thanks for sharing." He slowly looked around trying to figure out what had him on edge. Nothing seemed out of place as far as he could tell for a themed let's-try-and-look-spooky-to-be-cool club. He still couldn't shake the feeling. As he began to get up, feeling antsy, a clear, transparent tray was sat down in front of him.

On it was two silver shot glasses. Smiling down at him was a blonde haired waitress. She had blue eyes and was wearing glitter on her lids and cheeks. "It's on the house," she said smiling wider. "For all new customers." She leaned forward. "Bosses orders, cutie."

Jane saw Lisbon on her way back over.

"And for your friend two, of course." She smiled politely and walked away.

Lisbon sat down. "What did she want?" She was surprised that she could hear her own voice. The music appeared to have dropped a few decimals since she had left. Her body sighed with relief.

He picked up a shot glass and sniffed the inside of it. "Free drinks from 'The Boss'." He tossed it back and swallowed.

She made a face. "I'm not drinking that."

"Tomorrows your day off."

"It's not that. I just don't trust that they didn't put something in it."

He 'hmphed', quirking an eyebrow and drank hers. "Suit yourself."

She shook her head. "Well, I've seen enough. Want to go somewhere else?"

He leaned forward and cleared his throat. "Actually, I'm not feeling so hot.

"Come on," she said, figuring that he was just making an excuse to stay longer.

"No, really." He stood up holding his stomach. "Can you take me home?

She stood up. "Yeah, come on."

When he got inside his apartment he went to the medicine cabinet and drank half a bottle of Pepto Bismal.

Lisbon took the bottle away from him. "We don't need to add overdose to upset stomach," she said putting the bottle back in the medicine cabinet.

He took a deep breath and headed to his bed.

She grabbed a chair out of the living room and put it at the end of Jane's bed so she could watch him, sure that he was just feeling the effects of the two shots he had taken, but not willing to take the chance.

After about ten minutes she sighed and leaned back, letting her arms drop down beside the chair. She eyed a thick yellow and black book and got up to look at it. It was laying on Jane's left bedside table on top of a thick stack of envelopes. She brought it back to her chair. "Writer's Guide To Getting Published," she read aloud as she flipped through the pages. She planned on asking him about this later.

Hours later Lisbon was sprawled in her chair as the first rays of sunlight peeked through the curtains, making her blink and cover her eyes. She yawned and got up and stretched. Sighing she leaned over Jane to check his pulse. It was steady and healthy. What a waste of a night.

She padded into the living room not caring if she was noisy. Jane owed her one. It was six a.m. And she was dead tired. There was a large, black, pleather couch in the middle of the room beside a thickly carved wooden coffee table. It had two ultra cushioned pillows that she sank into happily. She curled up on her side and was asleep immediately.

Jane opened his eyes. The sun was so bright that they snapped back shut. He rolled over and groaned. He felt confused. When he thought about the night before it was hazy and he could only recall small details. Like the eeriness of the bar and the waitress's smile. "Something about her smile," he mumbled. His thoughts were shattered when Lisbon opened the door and yelled his name.

He groaned and put a hand to his forehead. "Do you have to be so loud?"

"I told you not to drink," she said simply. "Now, get up. I made coffee and..." She helled up a tiny, white bottle and shook it. It made a loud rattling noise that he cringed at. "I have Tylenol." She left the room making sure to keep the door open.

He wanted to go back to sleep, but the open door kept distracting him. He kept opening his eyes and staring at it. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore and got up. His first few steps sere unsuccessful, he stumbled sideways and bumped the right bedside table. Balancing himself he was sure that he had only drank two shots. He hadn't gotten drunk and it didn't make sense for him to feel like this.

"Man, you have bed head," Lisbon said over the rim of her coffee cup when he came into the kitchen.

He faked a smile. "Thanks." There was a glass of water and two Tylenol tablets beside it on the breakfast bar. He took the pills quickly and drained the glass of water.

That bad, huh?" she asked.

The bar stool squeaked when he scooted it back to sit down. "Lisbon," he said massaging his temples. "Did I drink anything besides those two shots last night?"

"No," she said. "Why, don't you remember?"

He started to nod, but thought better of it. "Yeah, I remember the shots and the waitress, but everything else is a blur."

They were both silent for a moment.

"You don't think you might have been drugged, do you?" She asked.

He frowned.

"I was only being paranoid last night not drinking those shots," she continued, "but I didn't actually think that we would get drugged.

"I want to be tested," he said firmly, then he sighed. "It's already been twelve hours. They wouldn't find anything anyway."

She gave him a tight lipped smile. "Getting tested is worth a shot." She looked at her watch and rolled here eyes. After pouring the rest of her coffee down the sink drain she stopped beside him to grab her coat. "Just talk to Cho. He's friends with the nurse on shift. He can get you in the clinic for free." She turned to leave.

"Where are you going?" He called.

She groaned. "Home," she called back feeling miserable. "I need a bath and some descent sleep."

He shrugged as she disappeared around the corner. "Free at last," he whispered. He got up and turned the coffee pot off, then headed for his bed. He fell asleep immediately.