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I watched silently from my seat near the windows as Souichiro and Bob taunt him.

Over and over again.

You were the first person to notice me at Todoe... the first person to help me. You were the one I could turn to no matter what... you showed me how to be strong... so...

Why do you take this from them, Masataka?

That new comer is bragging now about his skills. How strong he is and how great he is.

Why are you just sitting there, Masataka?

When their 'fight' starts, Masataka's hits come in clean and precise as always.

You're perfect, just the way you are.

But then, that blonde boy shoves that boxed lunch in front of Masataka. The simplicity of pure devotion he has for my sister made him stop. Made him stop long enough to be hit by a cheap shot.

Why do nice guys always end last?

He looks up, eyes glowing red. Snarling.

Finally woke up, huh?

The first hit sends Souichiro flying clear across the room. And everyone can only watch with some sort of morbid fascination as their usually calm and collect sempai beats up the newcomer.

I hope they can finally see you for who you are, Masataka. They don't deserve you.

The final blow had the blonde vomiting, trembling in fear as he stood. And Masataka merely stood there, his breaths coming short and growling.

But I can feel it, you're still not done. I know, because I know you.

When he draws his hand back for a final punch I yell out his name, telling him to stop.

I know you'll regret it if you don't.

The final punch hit the wall right next to his target. Masataka intentionally missed. He heard me. He listened.

When he turns around, the room starts to clear around him, but I head up to meet him at the front.

I smile, wanting with all my heart to hug him, telling him that everything will be alright now. That I love him for who he is.

and.. I only wish... that you didn't just walk by me... leaving me standing there...

Before you leave the room, you glance back at Aya, your eyes showing your rejection, your pain. The pain that only I seemed to notice...

Because, I know they don't deserve you...

I drop the note in my hand to the floor.

And neither do I.

I feel invisible again.




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