"This, has to be Naraku castle it just has to be!" A familiar silver haired dog demon said.

"W-wait up Inuyasha!" A 15 year old girl yelled.

"It's no point in trying to talk to him Kagome we just have to follow him" Sango sighed.

"Why does that idiot always think about himself?" Shippo said.

"Well I don't sense Naraku but I do sense many strong demonic spirits" Miroku commented.

"Well we will find out soon enough" Sango said as they entered a clearing.

What they saw was probably the most terrifying as well as the most odd thing they had ever seen.

Demons, many many demons almost in the thousands large to small in this area, not only that but they were surrounding a building.

"I-is that a castle?" Inuyasha said trying to look past all the demon's.

" look's more like a school!" Kagome said

Just then a figure appeared on top of the building

"Wow I never expected to get so many students, ah hell I wonder if I have enough teachers?" The figure then jumped down reveling it's self as a girl, she looked about 16 she had red eye's brown hair and Fangs, she wasn't wearing normal feudal clothing, instead wearing clothing from more modern times.

When she showed herself the demon,s began talking amongst themselves.

"Is this really the feared demon queen Sara?" A giant scorpion whispered to a cyclopes."

"Fool! Don't let look's fool you just because demon look's human doesn't mean they are!" the cyclopes responded."

Before anymore conversations started the demon queen began to speak.

"I assume you are all here because of my numerous poster about wanting strong demons and gaining power and that is all true but be warned with the amount of training I'm going to put you through most of you won't survive..."

There was a long silence

"Just kidding! The weak will just be booted out but please note we are not responsible for what other students may do, so without further ado let's begin our tour!"

The front gates then opened and the demons flooded in, after a minute the only people left on the field was Inuyasha's group.

"What just happened?" Shippo said with a confused look.

"I have no ideal..." Miroku responded

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING WAITING OUTSIDE!" The Demon Queen yelled, as she ran towards them.

"Well we don't know exactly what's been happening." Sango replied as Kirara hanged on her shoulder.

"Well I guess I can make it easy for you... this is an academy for demons, and I'm it's principle Demon queen Sara!"

"Well that sounds dumb." Inuyasha responded.

"Well it would sound dumb to a weak demon." Sara smiled.

"What did you call me!" Inuyasha asked.

"Weak, Did I stutter?" Sara laughed

"Please I could beat you in ten seconds!" Inuyasha replied.

"Talk is cheap, there is only one way to prove how strong you are... and that's by joining this academy!

"I think your more interested with getting students then fighting..." Kagome sighed.

"So what do you say?" the principle asked, "I will even let that Fox demon kid in with you!"

"Hell no! Why would I want to join your dumbass school?" Inuyasha snapped.

"Did I hear a Hell yes!" The principle smiled.

"No-" Before Inuyasha could finish his sentence a two giant bolt's of electricity came from the sky and zapped Inuyasha and Shippo unconscious.

"Should we be concerned that you just attacked our friends?" Sango asked.

"Nah I'm not going to hurt them or anything just teach them... teach them in tell they die!" Principle Sara then laughed while she dragged the two towards the school.

"Wait what about us?" Miroku asked.

"Well I can't take the cat demon since she doesn't speak the human language plus the rest of you are humans and like I said this is a academy for demons!"

"So we're suppose to sit here and do nothing!" Kagome responded.

"Well you can go to the school ran by the other me..." Sara said.

"The other you?" Kagome said with confusion.

"Well I guess that would be to hard for humans to understand so let's just call her my sister."

"um so you're sister has a school as well?" Sango asked.

"I just said that! Anyway the school is for hunters, heroes priest and priestesses just about any job you can think of a human having she has at that place, actually it's not to far from here!"

"Why would you're sister build a school that close to yours?" Kagome asked.

"Because she is a bitch, who is all up tight, she calls herself a goddess and while that may be true she is far from nice, now if you excuse me I need to lock these two away before they wake up!"

The principle then dragged Inuyasha and Shippo through the gates and into the building.

"Well I guess we should head to that school she was talking about." Kagome sighed.

After a short trip and an hour of looking they finally found a white and gold building that looked like the direct opposite of the one they saw before.

"I guess this is the place she was talking about..." Kagome looking at the school.

"You fools are late!" An elegant voice said.

"Um...who are you?" Sango asked, the voice

At that moment a bright light blinded the party and a girl that appeared to be about 19 came into existence.

" My name is Karu, Kagayaku but human's like you will just call me principle!"

The principle was wearing a white dress that flowed far past her feet, she also gad blue eye's and long brown hair.

"So do you have a reason for being late! Or are you just lazy and useless." Karu frowned.

"Well we wasn't planning on even coming here but you're sister recommended us coming." Sango responded.

"So that whore Sara wanted you to come here, why? Do you have some kind of illness that will infect all the other students and kill them?" the principle asked

"I don't think we do." Miroku said.

"Well if my sister recommended you then I guess I can let you slide..." Principle glaze then shifted to Kirara.

"Sorry but we don't take demons..." the principle added.

"Well we just can't leave her any old were and plus she's one of our friend!" Sango defending Kirara.

"Well since I'm such an beautiful and amazing goddess I will let you keep your cat, so long as it doesn't transform on school grounds, now please let us hurry into the building,being out in this godforsaken air will ruin my skin!"

Author note

I wanted to try some new ideals for this story, things are going to get a lot more interesting in chapter 1