Chapter 9

The great Cave offensive part 2

"My clothes...they're ruined..." Kimu said in almost a crying like voice.

"Just be happy we got away from that cat...I hate cats!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Where are we now..." Shippo asked.

"Well considering you two have the direction of lemmings we actually went lower due to that chase with the nightmare cat." Kimu said.

The three then looked around and noticed they were in a stone like area with markings on the walls.

"From the looks of it a civilization was here...maybe I will find some useful swords here." Kimu said.

"We don't have time for your useless collecting! Let's get that treasure so we can get the hell out of here!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Yeah yeah you don't have to remind me like I'm an idiot!" Kimu replied.

"Can you two stop bickering we need to get moving! At this rate we'll starve to death." Shippo said holding his stomach.

"Fine just stop whining!" Inuyasha replied.

The group then continued through the ruins as they noticed carvings and paintings, what was in these paintings were pictures of demons, not any demons though...

"These pictures...It's like something you would see in H.P. Lovecraft." Kimu said.

"...Love who?" Shippo asked.

Kimu rolled his eye's "For demons you sure know little about the culture...anyway he was an author cosmic horror story's."

"Cosmic horror?" Inuyasha replied.

"They're like demons from that's wrong more like somethings that shouldn't be to put it simply...remember that tentacle demon from school?" Kimu asked.

"Yeah pretty nice guy and or girl." Inuyasha said.

"Well image that but worse...much much worse, actually if we weren't demons we would go mad just by looking at it." Kimu stated.

"W-well th-these things are made up...right you said that an Arthur wrote a story so they're nothing but stories...right!" Shippo said shaking.

"Well actually they have been proven to exist, some are friendly...some aren't." Kimu replied.

"So you're saying the people who use to live down here worshiped this things?" Inuyasha asked.

" Inuyasha the things that lived down here weren't the people but the abominations themselves." Kimu said.

"So there still might some down here!" Shippo yelled.

"If they are I doubt they will be much of a problem." Inuyasha bragged.

"Don't be so sure...they might be stronger then you think...not as strong as me but stronger then you think." Kimu said.

"Gah whatever lets go!" Inuyasha replied.

The group once again walked through the ruins looking around in tell they came across a door.

"It looks like we need to solve a problem of the math kind..." Kimu said.

The door had a simple problem X+15=20 what does X equal.

"Simple X= 5!" Kimu yelled at the door.

"Why isn't opening?" Kimu yelled.

"I really don't know much about math but I know you don't use letters in it!" Shippo said.

"...Listen I know you don't have a proper education bu-" Kimu was stopped by the sound of a stone door opening...

"What!" Kimu said backing up.

"Ha I knew it was a trick question! You don't use letters in math idiot." Shippo said before walking through the door.

"Sheesh and you're suppose to be the smart one..." Inuyasha said following behind the fox demon.

"...This is going to be annoying." Kimu sighed.

The three continued in tell they encountered another door, this time it had a riddle.

My age determines my wealth but only in taste Dairy is what I'm made off but what kind am I?

"...This riddle sucks but since I'm so smart I will give it a whirl...You are yogurt!" Kimu yelled at the door.

"Why isn't working?" Kimu yelled once again

"Age...Dairy...It's rotten milk!" Inuyasha screamed.

"...That Is just-" Kimu was once again cut off by the sound of a door opening

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Kimu said in disbelief.

"Come on it's common sense." Inuyasha smiled.

"No! It's not! No one drinks rotten milk!" Kimu yelled.

"Keep trying to make yourself feel better." Shippo snickered as he and Inuyasha walked through the door.

"Goddammit these doors are making me look bad!" Kimu yelled.

The trio then continued in tell they came to the third and final door.

Well you made it this far but here is the final test, What 2 + 2=

"Well considering what the past answers been I might as well go with 5" Kimu said.

"Of course." Kimu sighed.

"It's four!" Shippo said.

The door opened.

"You know what let's just go!" Kimu said walking through the door.

They walked into a large room where a single girl in a blue summer's dress and black hair she looked about 15.

"Welcome de- Oh my god who's the Hot blond dude!" The girl screamed.

"Who the hell are you?" Inuyasha asked.

"Well I am all that is left of the creatures that lived here before..." She paused almost in tears.

"Before they all died out?" Shippo asked.

"No...before they all moved out!" She screamed.

" have to be kidding me..." Kimu sighed.

"No I am not...but I regress what are you guys doing here?" The girl asked.

"Well we are looking for a certain treasure... have you seen it?" Inuyasha asked.

"OH...that thing very well I guess I can show come with me." The blue dress girl said before she started to walk away, the boys the shrugged and followed her.

They walked in tell they saw a door with ten holes.

"Great how to we get by this door?" Shippo asked.

"No worriers!" The girl then grabbed her arm as it turned into a mass of tentacles that then entered the door and opened it.

"Am I the only one that found that disturbing..." Kimu said

What was in the door was a single Jewel colored red.

"So...this is the thing we were looking for." Inuyasha said.

Kimu then walked up and took the Jewel.

"Well we have what we're looking for now lets get out of here." Kimu said.

"That would be nice but I think you forgot about the part were we are trapped down here." Inuyasha replied.

"I guess we have to keep going down..." Shippo sighed.

"Tell me girl, how many floors are there in this cave?" Kimu asked.

"Six floors...and you're on floor number 2" The black haired girl replied.


"But don't worry every floor has an exit, I'll show it to you guys...on one condition." The girl smiled.

"What's the condition?" Inuyasha sighed.

"You must take me with you!" She smiled.

"...Fine whatever." Kimu sighed.

"That easy you aren't even going to ask for my name?" The girl almost looked disappointed.

"Listen we don't have time for this are you going to tell us the way out or not?" Inuyasha yelled.

"OK OK follow me and by the way my name is Kimi no warui Shūtai but that's a little long So just call me Shutai!" Shutai then lead the way to the groups freedom.

"Oh and before we leave if you ever need to go back to this floor or this dungeon just ask me I know all the short cut's." Shutai added.

"I doubt someone like me will ever come to this dump again." Kimu replied.

"You never know..." Shutai then chuckled and continued to walk.

Author notes

I wonder if anybody takes the time to translate the names I give the characters considering they actually have meaning behind them just look up Kimi no warui Shūtai.