Well this story came to me when I was watching Kim Possible "Emotion Sickness". It's so cool it's like "Fanning the flames" but with technology no ghost powers. The girls - wait wait watch it. It's worth the wait if you haven't seen it. I'm typing because it was stuck on my mind!

So most of this is from Kim Possible which I don't own and nor do I own Danny Phantom.

oh Kim and Ron know about Danny's ghost powers. It's Dannyx SAM not Star really who thought of that? We need to get your brain check! :p

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Sam Candance Manson and Kim Ann Possible stood up and walk calmly to Daniel Fenton and Ronald Stoppable. Danny held a scowld while Ron was smiling hand on his hips, showing off this costume. Ron was in a pickle. No lie, it was a light green pickle outfit while Danny was in Nasty Net outfit with the face cut out to see Danny's face.

"Be the Nasty Burger mascot he says. You'll be cool he says. You'll met cheerleaders he says."Danny said as Sam and Kim walk up to him. Ron smiled.

"Hey this is what ladies adore. I get so many girls my nickname is shoe sale. Why? 'Cause I was the mascot." Tucker Foley said patting the guys on their backs.

"Dude it's an honor to wear this!" Ron stated with a fist to his heart eyes close. Tucker chuckle walking away.

"Hey Ron, in a pickle?" Kim snickered.

"Awwwww KP!" Ron groan.

"Atleast you don't need an oil change, huh ghostboy?" Sam chuckle.

"Sam, really?" Danny cross the top two of his six arms. "I'm not a robot. It's just a messed up six-legged bug."

"Sorry but I couldn't resist." Both girls laugh. Sam notice something and open her arms wide.

"I'm sorry Danny. Hug?" Danny raised an eyebrow but hugged her nevertheless. Sam turn them around in the gentle embrace rocking him slightly.

"Aww KP KP KP! There's something in my eye!" Ron cried out Kim rushed to check on Ron. She was trying to remove his hand and when she finally did, she found his finger.

"It's your finger. Ron, what's up?" Kim asked arms crossed.

"Yeah Sam, you're gothic, you don't do hugs." Danny agreed.

"Josh Mankey is dating Rose." Ron frown.

"And Valerie's with Jake." Sam sighed wrapping her arm around Danny's semi-warm body after taking off the nasty net.

"Ron," Kim giggled, "Mankey is so last semester."

"Its so sweet that you care, Sam. But it doesn't matter, I don't like her anymore." he hook an arm around her shoulders smiling.

"Kim don't hide the Mankey pain. I'm here for ya KP and," Ron reached over hooking a friendly arm around Sam's waist,"So is Sam, right Sam?" Sam nodded.

"I'm surprized you're not upset Ron." Sam thought outloud.

"Why would I be upset?" Ron asked.

"'Cause Rose had a major crush on you. Don't tell me you never notice?" Kim asked skeptically with an eyerow raised.

"No, KP! Why didn't you tell me!" Ron whine loudy.

The four heard some beeping and Sam looked down at her watch.

"Hey Wade." Sam smiled. "What up?"

"Woah, woah woah. When did she get a watch ?" Kim asked a bit jealous.

"Cuz she and Danny aren't always around you so this is an easy access. So Mankey and Rose are going out know. How Ron doing, Rose really liked him?" He asked.

"Oh he's taking it-" Sam words were cut off by Ron screaming 'Wade too? Aw man, why didn't someone tell me!"

"Sorry to put you in a pickle! I had to say that." Wade laughed at Ron scowlding face and the two heros behind them feeling ingored,"But anyway Drakken and Shego are on the run again. They're at the cave in Mayor Masters manison."

"On it!" Sam smiled. Ron hugged her before she and Danny ran off to the parking lot. Ron started struggling to take off pickle suit. Kim grabbed the suit dragging him into her car were Sam was in the back waitingfor Ron. Kim growled silently sitting beside the also anger halfa.

Kim Possible lyrics Danny Phantom lyrics

he's a phantom
danny Phan- Danny phan- danny phantom

Ooohh yeahh yeah
I'm your basic average girl
And I'm here to save the world
You can't stop me
Cause I'm Kim Pos-si-ble
There is nothin I can't do
When danger calls
Just know that I am on my way
It doesn't matter where or
When there's trouble
If ya just call my name
Kim Possible

Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very
strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen
(he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom )
When it didnt quite work his
folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it
there was a great big flash
every thing just changed
his molecules got all rearranged

Call me, beep me if ya
Wanna reach me
When ya wanna page me it's okay
Doesn't matter if it's day or night
Everything's gonna be alright
Whenever you need me baby
Call me, beep me if ya
wanna reach me

(phantom phantom)
When he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair
and glowin green eyes
he could walk through walls
dissappear and fly
he was much more unique then the other guys
and it was then danny knew what he had to do
he had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through
he's here to fight for me and you

Doesn't matter where
Doesn't matter when
I will be there for ya til the very end
Danger or trouble
I'm there on the double
You know that you always can call
Kim Possible
Call me, beep me if ya
wanna reach me

(he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all
cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's)
He's Danny Phantom

When ya wanna page me it's okay
whenever you need me baby
Call me, beep me if ya
wanna reach me

Soon as they arrived to Vlad's manison, Sam finally gotten Ron out the pickle. Sam and Ron was helping the main heros. Danny smiled sweetly at Sam, and Sam took it as a friendly guester. When Ron help Kim out she snatched her wrist out his gentle touch. Sam and Ron was walking side-by-side and she was lightly giggling at something he said. That was enough to make both heros blood boil. Ron wrapped an arm aroud Sam's shoulder as she slowly whispter something to Ron's ear. He smiled before telling her something and look back at Danny and Kim.

"Ready?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, whatever." Kim growled clearly enviously.

"Something wrong guys?" Sam asked a bit clueless.

"Peachy Sam. Just peachy." Danny sighed hosptile.

"Kay then." Sam beam then she and Ron talked in a union, "Let's go!"

Once into the mansion Danny grabbed Sam's hand, who grabs Ron then Kim held on his other hand tightly. Danny fazed them into Vlad's lair to be greeted by Shego and .

"Shego!" Kim snarled coming visible.

"Hey Kimmie."Shego smirked.

"Well we should've known." Sam said becoming visible.

"Ooooh I love you're outfit." Shego smiled. Sam wore a dark purple tank top that stip was slighted to show some of her tummy in a triangle and fitting black jeans with lacy combat boots. Her long hair in a pony tail taping at her hip. Her clipped eyebrow raised as Shego smiled. "Hook me up, later?"

"Sure. Love to." Sam smile. "When?"

"In like half an hour? Mall?" Shego asked.

"Kay but first," Sam frown at Drakken, "YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!"

"So like I got to fight you Kimmie or Drakken won't pay me."Shego said hands blazing green.

"Woah you were never that nice to me." Kim pout.

"Sorry but I like her. She seems cool." Shego attempt to punch Kim in the chest but Kim swiftly duck and caught her arm flipping shego over her shoulder.

"Ugnnn she's gotten a lot of attention today, huh? Is Kimmie jealous because the pretty goth is spending so much time with your pant-losing-boyfriend?" Shego teased.

"He's not my boyfriend." Kim yelled kicking her in the chest sending her flying. She grabbed Kim by the shoulders and smash her into a wall. Shego watched a small device fall onto Kim's neck. Soon Shego was blasted to the other side of the room. She blasted Danny as another fell into Danny's neck. Shego grabbed the kimmicator and the knocked out Drakken.

"The ghostBoy and cheerleader will get what they need. Ghostboy with the goth chick and the mascot with Kimmie. This will be fun." Shego smiled.

"Oh time to meet the goth girl." Shego stood up and walk over to the mall. Sam stood there with a smiled.

"First are you going to do anything bad this week?" Sam asked.

"I promise if you buy the clothes." Shego said.

"Deal!" She and Shego shook hands. They walk to Hot Topic and glance around. They talked about past experinces and other girl things. (A/N if you tell I guy what girl things are then they'll read you like a book never tell a guy about girl things!)

"The one in Amity is better. I can't find anything good in here!" Sam sighed angerily.

"Let's go in Club Banana, there's a lot of cute things in there and they got a shippment of gothic clothing!" Shego smiled grabbing her wrist, "Let's go."

"Okay then." Sam agreed finally reaching the clothing store. Sam held up a tight little black dress, it was strapless with a red belt around the waist. Sam imagine Kim in it and smiled turning to Shego.

"Sexy but I don't think that's your style." Shego shrugged.

"I was planinng on buying it for Kim." Sam laughed.

"Don'tcha think Kimmie is too, umm I don't know good to wear that?" Shego asked.

"I have a feeling she's going to need it! And me too." Sam sighed.

"Anything for me?" Shego asked.

"Yep!" Sam held up classic black dress with green bowties along the chest area. It crossed like an 'X' halter and a big split on the right side,

"That's for classy here's sexy!" She held up a dark green dress with pure black belt. The dress was a couple inches above Sam's kness (so on Shego it'll be mid-thigh).

"I like it. Let's- meaning you pay for this and we go with our lives." Shego asked shaking Sam hand.

"Okay but I need to find a dress... Oh the Middleton pickle parade is tommorow! And Kim said she was dressing up in something new." Sam stated.

"Well lets go." Shego said pulling her to the cash register. After Sam paid she went to find Danny. Soon she and Danny rode back home in Danny's sport car.

"We're still going to the Nasty Net slash pickle festible?" Sam asked "With Kim and Ron."

"Yeah, Sam." Danny sigh hand on 12 o' clock other hand on the stick gently place her hand on top of his and Danny arch an eyebrow.

"I just want to tell you, I think you're really sweet." Sam lean forward kissing his cheek before heading into her house. Danny was smiling and blushing his head off.

Danny was sitting at the table eating some breakfast. Tucker was eating a pound of becon and Sam sat infornt of danny.

"Then Valerie said she don't like you nor me." Tucker concluded. Sam didn't notice the small flash of ice blue in Danny's eyes.

"She never love me." Danny sob uncontrolablly. "Why am I such a freak of nature. Am I that ugly? Is that why I can't get a girl?"

Sam and Tucker glance at one another before directing their attention back on the halfa.

"Danny, you're not ugly." Sam started but Danny eyes lit a green before growled.

"Who asked you Sam! You don't care 'bout me. You're always giving me mixed signs I can't read you! And you lost your kimmunicator! You're so in for it!" Danny reached forward grabbing her by the waist and Tucker by the wrist.

Jimmie and Devon was talking when they saw the trio. Both girls frown seeing the stress Sam. They walk the three.

"What happen here?"Devon asked hands on her hips.

"Danny you look beyond mad and a bit sad." Jimmie used one arm to hug her textbooks to her chest as the other was connected to her hip.

"Sam tell them." Danny growled.

"Well," Sam explain what happen. Danny eyes flash a light pink before smiling gently.

"Er and I guess it's my fault and really sorry."

"What? No no Sammy." Danny ran his fingers up and down her back. "It can happen to anyone, can't it? I'm sure Wade has another one to give us."

"Er yeah." Sam raised an eyebrow and then felt Danny arm circling her waist.

"Oh c'mon you. Lets go to class." Danny walked Sam to class. When they were in class Danny blew kisses to her, and soon a note was on her desk and it was address to her. Mr. Lance notice this and call her up.

"Read it." He said as the whole class watching as Sam blushed not knowing whats inside.

"Dear Samantha,

I love your hair,

I love your eyes,

especially your smile.

You're the only one who make my heart pound.

And after school I have something specail to ask you.

x's and o's but mainly kisses. Your GB." Sam read the poem before the girls giggled and guys chuckle but Danny was smiling like a love sick puppy.

Danny's been following Sam around all day and she started running from him. Though she was the fastest runner in school Danny seem to be around every she took off running away from school and run atleast two miles into Middleton High. Once she was in the school she ran for Ron classes, since she knew them by heart. When she reached him he seem to be as out of breath as she was.

"Danny/Kim acting so strange you gotta help!" both begged before laughing, when it died down Sam's and Ron's breathing were back in check.

"Its so werid," Sam started, " Danny's been... PMSing all day!"

"SM! I thought only girls could do that!" Ron said but Sam knew something was troubling him.

"He even wrote me the most sweetest poem, crap you Fenton! He making me all girlie!" Sam sighed.

"I know we lost the kimmuntior and she started crying, Then she got all angry at me, then made me tell Wade what I did and then she became all flirty. Look what she passed me in class look at it. Look AT IT!" He handed Sam the paper pink highlighted hearts and Ron Stoppable with a light pink color pencil.

"Danny was crying too, then he got angry and then all love dovy." Sam said,

"Must be a hero thing..." Ron stated, Sam slowly nodded her head.

"Ron, you may wanna run, Kim's behind the corner." After she said 'behind' Ron was in the parking lot, half away across the school.

Sam arrived back at school around lunch time she sat on the of the chair and pull Tucker close by her. Danny came in and pushed Tucker onto the ground taking the warm seat next to the Sam. He prop his elbow on the table with his hand under his chin and dazzling smiled at Sam before kiss the palm of her hand.

"Yeah Danny I gotta go bye." and like a gun she shot off. Danny chuckled before looking at Tucker who was still on the ground.

"Thats my goth girl! OH SAMMY COME BACK!"Danny took off in her direction.

"OhMyGosh, Danny's acting werider than usual! He like all up on me!" Sam said runing her fingers through her hair.

"So Danny's hitting on you and that's bad? You don't want to end up together?" Jimmie asked smoothing out the silver and gold dress. She was Ms. Nasty Net the Burger queen and she would ride a float with Mr. Pickle.

"I dunno. Maybe..." Sam sighed. "Just don't tell him you saw me and talk to me."

"What if Danny saw me talking to you and looking at me 'cuz I'm looking at you?" Jimmie asked as Devon came and gently combed her hair.

"Ohh no." Sam turn to see Danny. He rubbed her fore-arm gently.

"Sam, I have to something important ask you."

Sam, being a goth that she is. She ran away without speaking. Jimmie and Devon held knowing smiles and Danny grin in Sam's direction. Placing hands on his heart.

"So beautiful yet she's so shy. She always make my heart soar yet she afriad of saying she feels the same. Seeya two later!" Danny ran after her. Devon and Jimmie fell onto the ground with giggles.

Sam was runing as fast as she could. Danny ended up flying after her exposing his ghost powers. Danny went invisible and quietly sneak behind Sam with her leaning on the lockers. Her back press against the lockers and soon felt somthing cold press against her body. Soon two hands squezzed her wrists, directly on both side of her head. Danny became visual but as Phantom, Emerald met Periwinkle. Phantom press his body closer to hers.

"Now about that question," He smiled smiling connecting their foreheads, "I would be honor is you were my date to the Nasty Net slash Pickle festible. So will you be my date," Danny asked Sam face shocked, "Please?"

"I guess so, we are friends." Sam shrugged.

"Not a friend date but a date date." Danny smiled, before capturing her in a heated kiss. So the kiss became unbelievably passionate. He started nibbling on her lower lip and she became red in shock and mainly blushing.

"Um what 'bout Ron-"Sam was kissed by him again. This was a more angry kiss as if he took all his anger out on the kiss. Sam was breathless after it and then he nipped at her lower lip.

"Look," His eye blazing green,"You're mine! Ron can't have you, I know you like him."

"Danny," Sam laugh,"Ron and I are totally c-" She was cutted off by his lips again this time he put his hands around her waist kissing her senseless in the hallway.

"Pick me up at 7. I'll be at Kim's." Sam sighed dreamily before getting up and Tucker was standing there wide eyed. Sam rubbed noses with Danny before grinning deviliously.

"See you tonight, ghost boy."Sam backed up.

"Were you two kissing!"Tucker demanded and Danny only grinned nodding before walking away. Saam grabbed Devon and Jimmie's hands dragging them outside.

"Devy isn't this a dream? Being dragged by demented gothic teen. What'd tedious nightmare." Jimmie stated rolling her dark brown eyes and Devon started laughing.

"Oh then why should I be dragged too?" Devon asked,"Is this because I ate your chocolate cupcake in the nineth grade?"

"No I need to go dress shopping, then I want Devon to do my hair while Jimmie gets my makeup. Mind doing two faces instead of one?" Sam asked

"Sure! I got your back girl!" Sam smiled and hugged Jimmie for a millisecond.

"Devon I need you for hair please," Sam begged and Devon nodded silently.

"Devy take Jim to Kim's kk?" Sam asked as the two nodded and jumpped into Devon's car.

"So Miss. Nasty Net did you chose the song all the lovebird will dance to tonight?"Devon asked.

"Yeah but it's a surprised."Jimmie giggled.

"Artist? Atleast tell me that!" Devon begged.

"Miguel." Jimmie answer as they pullup into Kim's yard. They knock on the door to see a depressed Kim.

"How may I help you?" Kim asked.

"We're getting you and Sam ready for the group date." Jimmie said sliding into the house.

"Thank Goddness! I need help." Kim breathe.

"Sam got outfits and on her way," Jimmie stated.

"I'm doing your hair while Jim got makeup." Devon explain as the doorbell rung again. Kim open the door seeing Sam with four hangers and an large shopping bag.

"Let's get to it." Sam smiled and after 4 hours all the girls were done.

Sam was wearing a purple dress that sparkle and the straps hung on her upper forearms. It had a low 'V' neck with fishnet and matching purple shoes. Her hair was and flipped out iin a flirty way. Her bangs covering her right eye and flicked out at the end. She had an ice crystle that Danny made her on her neck as a necklace with a pair of dangling diamond earrings. Her eyeshadow was a regular purple with purple crystles, thick but light black eyeliner, a light pink blush on her cheeks, and cheerybloosom lipgloss on her natural red lips.

Kim was in the dress Sam brought her with Shego. She also put on red bracelets and small black heels. Her hair was pretty much the same just a bit flatter so it hung infornt of her left green eye. She wore bronzer on her eyelids, darker pink blush with red hot lipstick.

Devon wearing a dark purple dress that fell to her knees. The dress was strapless and fitting until it reached her waist flairing out. She was wearing pumps and Devon curled her hair as she do daily because her boyfriend loves it. She let Jimmie put sparkly purple eyeshadow and dark purple eyeliner on her with Sam's pulm color lipstick.

Jimmie was in a silver dress wrist sleeve and poof over her hands, there were golden sea waves one the bottom. A gold tiar sat happily on her head. She wore black heels and a gold necklace. Her eyeshadow was gold and thick black eyeliner and she used a liquid silver eyeliner writing NN on both eyes with fake eyelashes and red lipstick. Devon gave Jimmie a bump and long shirly temptle curls, one perched on each shoulder and the rest tapping her upper back.

"Yall look great!" Jimmie giggled then Devon heard the door bell. A guy probably 6'1 stood over her with a content smile. He hair fell over his hazel eyes wearing a tux that matched his skin complexion.

"Well," he grabbed her hand spinning her around, "Aren't we beautiful?"

"Oh you,"She giggled,"You look hot too."

"Kim? Kim? KP? Are you in here?" Ron asked, walking into the house.

"Hello baby." Kim walked slowly down the stairs.

"Wow. Kim, you look great."Ron breath was lost in his thoart, he wore his school outfit."And Devon I like your outfit too."

"I decided to dress up you don't mind do you?" Kim asked.

"No not at all." Ron smiled. Danny walked into the house with a black gift in his hands with purple ribbion.

"Sam?" Danny asked. "By the way you guys look fantastic."

"Right here."Sam walked down stairs. Danny kissed her hand and handed her the gasped, Danny made her a bracelet of ice crystles! On one shape like a heart-the center piece- was Danny F + Sam M = Love.

"Danny it's do beautiful. What's this for?" Danny smiled and slip it on her wrist.

"Because I love you." He answer, "Just something I could do for you."

Soon they kissed, which start Kim kissing Ron and Devon boyfriend, Jake, dipped her down kissing her. Jimmie stompped down stairs makeing the three couple stop kissing.

"Can we atleast leave so I don't have to watch because I'm alone!" She stomped. "And no one said anything about me! Dirty!"

The six broke down in laughter before heading to the festible.

-Jaded Jimmie