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~Kim and Ron~

Ron was being drag by Kim. Her red hair over her green orbs, but a love sick smile stuck on her beautifully round face. Ron frowned; Kim is beautiful without a doubt but their friendship? Better than the most expensive jewel in the world. Kim pulled him to the water-shooting contest; since she knows her way around a gun she easily won.

"The prize goes to the pretty little lady." The man said as Kim clapped her hands. Kim point to a stuff pickle with a hat, two goggle eyes and a large grin. The man handed her prize as she pass it over to Ron.

"This is where you say 'booya!'." Kim said giggling.

"Mmhm booya," Ron said annoyed as he threw away the toy, "Kimberly we need to talk."

"Okay what do you wanna talk about?" Kim asked her fingers dancing on his palm.

"Kim," Ron said pulling his hand way, "we're best friends since like ever."

"Mhm." Kim said, her eyes half open and her mouth in a sneaky smile.

"We're a great team and all...but now I feel," Ron switch his hips in the which turn on the device in his pocket to joy.

"Heheh you said team! Haha team." Kim said wiping a tear from her eye.

"Earth to KP team isn't funny," Ron said slightly glaring this mad Kim quiet. Ron shifted again now the emotions are joy went to anger.

"I think dating would complaint things..." Ron trailed off. Kim frowns and leans forward, growling.

"Nothing should be complained."

"That's what I been saying!" Ron said smiling before sitting in a comfortable position as the clock struck ten.

"I love you." Kim said leaning forward, her lips met Ron's in a sweet kiss.

"KP," Ron stressed, "No we can't." The control set to anger.

"Why not Ronald?" Kim asked growling before her eyes flashed blue, sadness, "Ron I love you!"

"We're best friends and maybe we should just… you know stay friends." Ron said looking down.

"Are you- are you breaking up with me?" Kim asked tears rolled down her face, "why?"

"Kim I'm going to get Sam. Maybe a girl to-" Ron was cut off by a crying Kim, she was now balling out crying.

"I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" Kim said stomping her foot. Her sadness turned to anger.

"It's because of Sam isn't it? She a dead woman!" Kim yelled out on a hot pursuit of Sam.

*=whisper *he's a phantom *danny Phan- Danny phan- danny phantom
Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen

(he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom )

Ooohh yeahh yeah
I'm your basic average girl
And I'm here to save the world
You can't stop me
Cause I'm Kim Pos-si-ble
There is nothin I can't do
When danger calls
Just know that I am on my way
It doesn't matter where or
When there's trouble
If ya just call my name
Kim Possible

Call me, beep me if ya
Wanna reach me

When it didnt quite work his folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it there was a great big flash every thing just changed his molecules got all rearranged
(phantom phantom)

When ya wanna page me it's okay
Doesn't matter if it's day or night
Everything's gonna be alright
Whenever you need me baby
Call me, beep me if ya
wanna reach me

When he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair and glowin green eyes he could walk through walls dissappear and fly he was much more unique then the other guys and it was then danny knew what he had to do he had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through he's here to fight for me and you

Doesn't matter where
Doesn't matter when
I will be there for ya til the very end
Danger or trouble
I'm there on the double
You know that you always can call
Kim Possible
Call me, beep me if ya
wanna reach me

(he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's)
* He's Danny Phantom

When ya wanna page me it's okay
whenever you need me baby
Call me, beep me if ya
wanna reach me

~Danny and Sam~

"Danny no!" Sam scream and grabbed his hand.

"Sam I'd love to stay here and kiss you senseless," Danny said before leaning down and kissing her lips passionately, "I need to remove Ron so we can be together."

"Danny you don't understand! Ron and I are s-" Sam was cut off my Danny's tears as he ran off.

~Jimmie and James~

"Ready?" James asked, his arm out. Jimmie looped her arm with his.

"Yeah," Jimmie said before kissing his cheek. Jimmie said as James turn away blushing.

"Wait! Something isn't right!" Jimmie said, "sir, may I borrow you're binoculars?"

"Sure Ms. Nasty Net." Jimmie said gratefully as she held the binoculars to her eyes. She saw Kim running with tears in her eyes and anger dressed her features, same with Danny. Jimmie watched as they met. Danny ran to Ron and started throwing punches as Kim aimed her kick for Sam, who dodged it successfully.

"I have to go!" Jimmie gasp as she handed the man belongings back. She ran off stage with James right behind her.

~Devon and Jake~

Devon kissed Jake softly as he rubbed her side gently, caressing the soft skin. Devon suddenly shook, fret filled her senses as her eyes widen.

Something isn't right.

Jake felt her discomfort and looked at her lovingly. He hugged her and rock them side-to-side, being a supportive boyfriend and protecting her.

"Devon," Jake asked, "what's wrong?"

"I dunno' I'm happy but something's wrong." Devon answered cuddling into her boyfriend.

"Devon go to your friends." Jake said after she replied.

"What? Jake I-" Devon tried to protest and he only kissed her lips once more.

"Just save me a dance at midnight." Jake said smiling sweetly at her.

"I promise!" Devon said before sharing on final kiss with her before she took off. Running as fast as she could in heels.

~Center of the Feasible~

"You just had to show up!" Both Heros screamed to the opposite sidekick.

"I've waited 13 years for Sam and you show up and take her with a snap of you're fingers?" Danny asked growling punching Ron in the chest. Sam raced to Ron and helped him up. Danny and Kim growled like animals.

"I been through everything with Ron and you got him wrap around your finger?" Kim asked pulling Sam off Ron.

Jimmie and Devon made in there and held back the teens. Jimmie tighten her hold on Danny as he tried to phase out her arms. Devon was trying to calm down the flexible teenage girl. In other words, it isn't holding back a natural born hero.

"Listen to me!" Ron and Sam yelled at the same time, "We're second cousins!"

"What?" Kim and Danny stop dead in their tracks.

"Since when?" Kim asked.

"Ron's dad and my dad's first cousin. Come on the blonde hair, dad wear contacts over his brown eyes, both our dads are allergic to fur. Ron and I love animals, so naturally we get along he's one of my family I can actually stand." Sam said, "This is the first time Ron and I really meet up because the last time we were together was when we were six."

"Sam I'm sorry," Kim said her eyes on Sam's, "I just really love Ron and he shown you more affection I guess I got jealous."

"Same here Ron. I mean, Sam is such a wonderful girl and I didn't want to lose her. She's actually my obsession." Jimmie smiled at Danny's confession. Jimmie's fingers yanked off the chip implanted in his neck and walked over to Kim and did the same. The chips were black, meaning fried without anyway to retrieve them.

"Uh sorry interrupt this touching loving moment but I need my queen!" James said pulling Jimmie toward him and walked off.

"OK HELLO MIDDLETON AND AMITY PARK!" Jimmie screamed into the microphone she was either too nervous or overly excited.

"Eh maybe she's both." Devon said answer as if reading everyone's mind. Jake grinned as he walked up Devon and held her hand. Following his footstep: Danny held Sam's hand and Kim grabbed Ron's.

"Okay now I have to say something. Sam, Danny, Kim, Ron you are going to hate me," Jimmie started biting her lower lip.

"I've made this device call 'Moodiers' and had Shego to help get them on Danny's and Kim's neck. This helped cause the weird behavior all week."

Danny and Kim blushed looking away as Ron and Sam frowned.

"I'm so so sorry. Danny and Kim are clueless idiots! They hurt you both by going out with other people and I can't stand just sitting here and watching this. I mean Sam is going to be Samantha Fenton and Kim is going to be Kimberly Ann Stoppable. So I just stepped in to help. I didn't think it would lead to Kim trying to kill Sam nor Danny trying to destroy Ron. LOVEBIRDS!" Jimmie yelled.

"So please kiss and date!" James said after grabbing the microphone and grabbing Jimmie then kissed her. This led to Danny and Sam kissing then Devon and Jake then lastly Ron and Kim.

"Now that's settled let's start the parade!" Jimmie said as the two towns screamed in excitement.

"To start we'll have a slow song play. Danny Fenton, Samantha Manson, Kimberly Possible, Ron Stoppable please dance to officially start the event." James said.

"You too Devy and Jake." Jimmie said in an afterthought. The three couple got into to the slowdance position as the song 'Sure Thing' by Miguel.

"Everyone grab a partner and dance!" Jimmie said as she and James walked down and dance.

You could bet that, never gotta sweat that

You could bet that, never gotta sweat that

You could bet that, never gotta sweat that

You could bet that, never gotta sweat that

If you be the cash, I be the rubber band
You be the match, I would be a fuse,


I'm the painter baby, You can be the nude
Im the reporter baby, you can be the news
Cuz you're the cigarette, and I'm the smoker
We raise a bet, Cuz you're the joker
You are the charm...
And I could be the blackboard, you can be the tar
And I could be the wall

Even when the sky comes falling
And even when the sun don't shine,
I got faith in you and I
Put your pretty little hand in mine

Even when we're down to the wire baby
Even when its do or die
We could do it baby, simple and plain,
Cuz this love is a sure thing

You could bet that, never gotta sweat that

You could bet that, never gotta sweat that

You could bet that, never gotta sweat that

You could bet that, never gotta sweat that

You could be the lover, I'll be the fighter baby
If I'm the blunt, I'll be the lighter babe
Fire it up,

I can be the writer baby, you could be the quote...
If I'm the lyric baby, you could be the note, Record that
Saint, I'm a sinner
[Rise], I'm a winner, and its you, what can I do to deserve that
You could be paper baby, I'll be the pen,
Say that I'm the one 'cause you're a 10

Even when the sky comes falling
And even when the sun don't shine,
I got faith in you and I
Put your pretty little hand in mine

Even when we're down to the wire baby
Even when its do or die
We could do it baby, simple and plain,
Cuz this love is a sure thing

~After The Feasible~

"This has to be the perfect day." Devon said cuddling to Jake as all four couples walked home. Danny and Sam: Danny arm around her shoulder. Kim and Ron: Kim laying her head on his shoulder. Devon and Jake: Devon cuddling in Jake's neck and his arm loosely around her waist. Jimmie and James: holding hand surprisingly the shyest two in the group.

"Perfect night we got the love birds together!" Jimmie squealed as James chuckled at her. Jimmie looked down embarrassed but James slyly pulling her to his chest.

"Yeah it is. I'm dating the ghostboy, I love to rub this in Paullina's face." Sam said with an evil snicker.

"KP and the Ron-ster are together. I knew she always wanted me." Ron said smiling. Kim rolled her eyes and simply cuddle into him.

"I'm worried." Jimmie said suddenly. This caused all seven head turning to her with a questioning look.

"I made three Moodiers. Kim had the first, Danny had the second but who has the third? I went back to get the third one but it was gone."

"I'm sure you're worrying about nothing Jim," Kim said, "I mean who would use the Mo-"

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME!" Dr. Drakken screamed. A green blast flew past his ear. The eight eyes watched Shego running behind him her eyes dark with anger. Her hair flying high in the wind as she chase her boss. The eight stop moving, their jaws drop. On her neck was just a little light blue device, the last Moodier.

"I wanted KISSY FACE!" Shego screamed and sped up to catch him.

The couples looked at one another. And then laughed.

The end!

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