Hi there, shelly here! This is my third fan fiction, I hope it's better than the other two. And it's the first one that I have actually taken interest in!

Chapter 1:

It had always happened this way, ever since Tsuna was a kid. Everyone always wants to bully him. No matter what he does or how nice he is, things don't change. Even with his best friend, he didn't tell him about the bullying. He didn't want him to be involved ever again, that would just lead to more. His best friend, the one who always appeared so cold and heartless. Kyoya Hibari, he and Tsuna had been best friend since they were children, even though no one else knew. Hibari was a few years older that Tsuna, but a few years ago, when Tsuna was about four, and Hibari and his parents moved in a few houses down, the boys grew close.

At first, when Hibari and Tsuna meet, no words were exchanged. Tsuna had accidentally bumped into Hibari when he was walking around his neighborhood. He had quickly gotten up to apologize but he was found lost in the eyes of the other boy. He had a strange aura around him, a dangerous one that made Tsuna feel both intrigued and very frightened. Hibari had felt Tsuna run into him, though, mind you, it was not something that could be felt very easily. It was so light, like the wind, but yet it knocked the kid down. Hibari was about to bite the kid to death, but the older boy thought better of it when he looked at the innocent Tsuna. He looked so fragile and Hibari really didn't want to kill him, which he probably could with just one blow of his legendary tonfas, despite him being barely older than a toddler.

After a few moments, Hibari looked away. With "Hn" he walked away, towards his house. Tsuna had stared after him, then stood up and followed, due to the fact that his house was in the same direction. After a few blocks of walking, Tsuna was startled to hear Hibari's voice. "Ne, herbivore, why are you following me?" He said and stopped walking, not turning around. Tsuna almost bumped into him again, but managed to stop himself, instead tripping over his feet in his haste to retreat and once again falling. "A-ano, m-my h-house is that way a-also" Tsuna said, almost on the verge of tears, with his hands covering his delicate face. He was hoping that this person wouldn't be like all the other people in daycare and kindergarten.

Hibari noticed how frightened he was and decided not to scare the poor boy anymore. He looked like a frightened animal, a cute and fluffy one at that, with his bushy hair, chubby cheeks, and petite body. "Hn, herbivore, what's your name?" the older boy asked, curious about this boy, he hadn't seen him in the neighborhood before and he had been living here a whole month. Yet the toddler insisted that he lived right near him.

"My n-name? It's T-Tsuna. T-tsunayoshi. What's y-your name?" he asked adding quickly "If you want t-to tell me, y-you don't h-have t-yeep!" he yelped when the boy stepped closer, but instead of hitting him, Hibari held out his hand, "My names Hibari, stupid herbivore, now show me where your house is." Hibari surprised himself. Why was he being so nice? This boy just moved something inside of him, like a little brother. Hibari felt protective over him. He was so cute and helpless.

As they walked towards the boy's house, they were stopped by a group of kids about Hibari's age. They stopped on a circle around the boys. One stepped up, apparently the leader and asked "Hey Dame-Tsuna, who is your new friend here?" he asked as his friends advanced in on the boys. In a second Hibari had his tonfas out, focusing on the leader. He didn't notice how all of the other boys were focusing on the smaller, cowering boy behind him. "Get out of my way, you have three seconds before I bite you to death." Hibari said in a deadly tone. The bot was not scared however, and picked up a stick off the ground. "I would like to see you try"

A few moments later, Hibari was standing over one very bitten boy. He had been so focused on his fight, he had forgotten about Tsuna until he heard a strangled cry from the boy behind him. Hibari spun around and was horrified to see the group of kids gathered around Tsuna, taking turns bullying the poor kid.

Tsuna, in the middle of the circle, on the ground, had his arms covering his head, but he was slowly losing his grip. With one final blow, the boys ran away and Hibari made his way to the boy. When he got close, he saw the bruising on the delicate skin. It was getting dark out, but Hibari could still see some crimson red liquid on the ground and on Tsuna's lips. He knelt down to the boy, who was now crying silently to himself. Hibari lifted up his head, checking for damage. All he could see in this condition were the bruises. Hibari picked Tsuna up and carried him the rest of the way to his house.

Hibari's parents weren't home, they almost never were. Tsuna was clinging to the older boy as if his life depended on it and he was crying so hard, his small body racked, making Hibari almost drop him. He set Tsuna down on his bed but the boy would not let go. Hibari sighed and pried the boy's hands off his shirt, turning on the light. He gasped when he saw the state of the four year old. There were scratched all over his face and a cut on his cheek.

Hibari went to get a rag, gently wiping off the boys wounds after removing his shirt. He knew the boy's parents must be worried, so he hastened to get Tsuna to tell him his phone number. After he called the boys mom, she was glad to let Tsuna stay at Hibari's house, glad that Tsuna had found a friend, and thanking Hibari for finding him.

Hibari was glad too, though he would never admit it, he felt something special for this boy. Maybe it was how strong he tried to be, even though he was probably the weakest person on the planet. Hibari also liked the herbivores clumsiness. It made him… cute, in a way. Hibari thought about teaching the boy self-defense, but wasn't sure about it.

After Hibari hung up, he proceeded to walk back to his room, only to find that the boy had already bandaged himself with the first aid kit Hibari had left, and that made Hibari wonder just how many times this had happened before. When he asked, the kid only replied with a bright smile and watery eyes, he got up from the bed and walked over to Hibari. He looked like he could still be about three, because of his small figure.

He looked up at Hibari and pulled on the end of his coat, before stretching his arms upwards. Hibari did not miss the wince he had when he did this, but reached down and picked the boy up, holding him tightly against his side. With a slight smile tugging on his lips, he made a silent promise to protect the boy.

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