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A Decree for the Introduction of Minors, Squibs and Muggles into the Wizarding Society of Great Britain and Ireland (September 1st 1980)

From this day forwards the following laws apply to any member of the wizarding world when they are in the realm of the British Ministry of Magic as detailed in the Treaty of Magical Territories (c. 1666).

1) Concerning Minors:

(a) No minor (persons under the age of administration for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or other significant place of magical learning) is to step foot in Diagon Ally or a similar gathering point in the magical world without express permission of the Ministry of Magic.

(b) No student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or other significant place of magical learning, under the age of magical maturity is to be in said magical gathering points without a supervisor who themselves is over the age of magical maturity.

(c) At all times there must be at ratio of 5 minors to at least one adult in any gathering of those under the age of magical maturity including when they at an institution of magical learning. These adults must be within 100m of their charges at all times and two must be present in any room containing more than 3 charges (excluding private chambers, bathrooms and hallways).

(d) There are to be mandatory magical core tests on any child in the realm of the British ministry on the day that they turn two years old.

(i) Wizards and Witches travelling through the realm who have a child turning two during their time in the realm are exempt from this process however must carry proof at all times that they are traveling and are non-citizens.

(ii) When medical care is needed for a minor before the age of two, a magical core check MUST be part of the medical care they receive.

2) Concerning Squibs

(a) Any child of two magic users who is found to have no magical core or an inability to use their core is thereafter given the title of 'squib'.

(b) After the testing that came to this conclusion has been done, the child is to be taken away from their parents and given to their nearest muggle relatives. They are to be bought up with no knowledge of the magical world around them.

(c) The first time that the squib may come into contact with their parents is when they reach the age of magical maturity (17). This may be overturned if the close muggle relative dies and there is nobody else to take them in.

(d) At no point is the squib allowed into an area of magical gathering unless they have written permission from the British ministry of magic, which they must carry around with them whenever they are in that particular area of magical gathering.

3) Concerning Muggles

(a) Muggles who have a son or daughter at a magical place of education are permitted to know about the wizarding world.

(b) Muggles who have a brother or sister in attendance at a magical place of education are permitted to know about the wizarding world.

(c) No muggle is to step foot in a place of magical gathering such as Diagon Ally, Hogsmede or Platform 9 ¾ unless they have written permission from the ministry to do so (for a full list of places that are considered sites of magical gathering see Appendix 3).

(d) Muggleborn witches and wizards under the age of magical maturity must be chaperoned to get their school supplies by a member of the faculty of whichever establishment they are attending unless other arrangements can be arranged for their care.

This document and the arrangements that it contained has been seen by the Pureblood Council and has been passed by five members of the council who are known not to have had any affiliation or part in the heinous acts that have been committed by the individual known as 'Lord Voldemort', and who have not been persuaded or commanded to sign this document in any way, shape, or form. These members are:

Marcellus Parkinson

Violette Shafiq

Lucius Malfoy

Salvador Franks

Bartemius Crouch

Chapter One

"Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul."

Dave Pelzer, A Child Called "It"

"I thought we'd knocked all that rubbish out of you when you were younger, Boy." Uncle Vernon spat "There is no such thing as magic!"

Harry Potter was roughly shoved into his bedroom at number four Privet Drive, his emerald eyes slowly filling with angry tears as his uncle continued his tirade. "You're lucky that Petunia and I were happy to take you in after your parents left you to darken our doorstep."

Stumbling backwards as his Uncle lashed out to hit him again, Harry tripped and fell back onto the dusty floor trembling.

"We took you in and spared the most we could for you!" His uncle continued his rant, his face like a red balloon being blown up more with each intake of angry breath. Harry tried not to let the tears fall in front of his uncle, knowing that the beating would only get worse if he did.

He tried to go to a happier place than he was in – tried with all his might to think of something that would take his mind off of the relentless beating that he was getting from his uncle. Maths equations didn't work – he could never think of a new question quick enough. Focussing on dreams had a similar effect, as soon as he'd thought of a dream he'd had it would disappear out of his head. So instead Harry tried to think of nothing at all.

The eleven year old couldn't, even afterwards, think of what had triggered the attack. One minute he'd been serving his cousin, a rather obese child who went by the name of Dudley Dursley, bacon for his breakfast, when he'd somehow caused a collective intake of breath from his aunt and uncle before he'd been pushed to the floor and asked (rather impolitely) for an apology. For what he was to be apologising for though, Harry couldn't think of.

As his uncle hit him one more time there was a ring at the doorbell. Vaguely, Harry could hear his aunt talking to someone at the bottom of the stairs. Uncle Vernon glared at Harry, putting one large, meaty finger to his lips in warning. Aunt Petunia called from the bottom of the stairs "Vernon, has Dudley got his telly on too loud up there – they can hear it next door!"

Vernon exited the room and closed the door behind him, Harry could hear him move down the corridor to his cousin's room. Harry took the opportunity to assess his injuries in the mirror in the corner of his room, limping over to the corner of the room Harry wasn't overly concerned by the image before him – his ribs were probably going to be bruised, as were his legs and the upper parts of his back. There was a cut on his lip and another one on his left side. He'd had worse before.

Done with inspecting his injuries he scrutinised his appearance. His black hair, although usually messy, looked as if he were a mad scientist from a comic book, who had just given himself an almighty electric shock, his clothes were ripped in several different places and his lightning bolt scar was an agitated red colour.

"The little tyke was watching some awful murder mystery thing, I told him to turn it down," Harry could hear Uncle Vernon explaining to the person from next door "I don't know what he sees in the things really, but I suppose he must be putting all his knowledge to work in figuring out who the killer is before the detective does."

This was the beginning of a rather lengthy discussion between the person from next door and Uncle Vernon. Harry took his time to get back to where his uncle had left him. The front door slammed and a second later Uncle Vernon's heavy footsteps came up the stairs and towards Harry's room.

When Uncle Vernon came into the room, his face had returned to a normal, pale colour "You're lucky the neighbours are throwing a party next door and could hear me teaching you a lesson. Rest assured that you will not leave this room until Christmas." He growled.

With that Harry was left alone, not quite believing his luck at the beating being cut short. He edged over to the bookshelf on the far side of the room, continuously looking at the door in case his uncle changed his mind. He pulled out a couple of old textbooks from the bottom shelf – mementoes of Aunt Petunia's college years – and reached into the gap to get the medical supplies he'd scavenged off the Dursleys when they weren't looking.

Sitting on the floor, Harry got started on patching himself up – sanitising the cuts and putting plasters of the appropriate size on them. There wasn't anything that he could do for the bruising. With a sigh, he switched t-shirts and jeans before sitting down at his desk and looking out of the window.

He had lived with the Dursleys for as long as he could remember, they were the only family he knew. Sometimes though, in the middle of the night, he would dream about a woman with red hair and a swelling stomach, and a black haired man with glasses and a kindly expression. He imagined they would be what his parents looked like, but he didn't know.

The Dursley family disliked it when he asked them any questions about his mother and father, though he knew their names were James and Lily Potter – the Dursleys would talk about them all the time when he did something wrong ("I always knew that the spawn of James Potter would go onto be a puny, wicked little thing like you. The apple doesn't fall very far at all from that tree.")

Dudley, the Dursley's son, always liked to taunt Harry when it came to parentage. He would always comment when Parent Teacher Meeting slips were given out ("Oh Miss, don't give Harry one – he doesn't have a parent to go."). He also liked to join in with the way that Uncle Vernon would physically punish Harry – taking extra care to jab him in the ribs with a podgy elbow just out of sight of his parents.

If Harry had ever thought that the school holidays would prove any easier than the school days with the Dursleys then he'd been fooling himself. While it was true that in the holidays there was the opportunity for Harry to go to the local park without the Dursleys really noticing that he'd left – he was also handed a list of chores two pages long with all the things that he needed to do on it.

Woe betide him if that list wasn't completed by the end of the day.

Harry woke from the dose he had sunk into when the room started to get dark. Looking at his alarm clock on his bedside table, Harry was surprised to see that it was nearly eight o'clock in the evening. Deciding against brushing his teeth – he didn't want to accidentally run into one of the Dursleys – and ignoring the loud rumbles that his stomach was giving out, Harry got ready for bed, settling in carefully so as not to lie on any of his injuries.

'One day,' Harry thought 'I'll leave here and there will be nothing in the world that could ever convince me to come back to Privet Drive, or the Dursleys, ever again.' But even in his mind, this thought sounded weak – a far off hope that would never and could never be realized.

And with that, he drifted off to sleep.

The wind blew in the trees around him, and he could tell that the promised storm drew closer to the village. It was the dead of night – not a soul moved in the town centre – the only light came from the full moon, which shone down on the village like a silver sickle on stormy seas.

The streets were layered in a slight sweat of rain from earlier on in the day, which reflected the moon and gave an eerie quality to the scene. There was a hissing sound from beside him, and he turned his head to see a giant snake glistening in the silver light from the moon.

"Is the boy there?" He asked.

"He is my Lord," replied the snake "Both brothers are there, though their parents are elsewhere on this night."

"Where did they go?" He hissed sharper than before, almost with a hint of worry in his voice "I wanted to kill the whole family, not just the two devil spawns."

"I know not where they went my Lord, they didn't say anything once they were outside of the house." The two of them moved into the shadow of a side street and continued along their pathway.

"And the secret keeper?" He asked "Has he let on that he has any other allegiances?"

"No my Lord, he's set the blame for the information leakage on that werewolf friend of theirs," the snake's hissing sounded almost delighted at the prospect "Now even the blood traitor slut he sleeps with thinks that he's behind all the foiled attacks on Death Eater strong points."

"Good, good," her companion muttered as they drew level with their destination "Here Nagini, come with me to defeat the supposed creator of our downfall." They had arrived outside a cottage on the far side of the town. The moon lit their way up the neatly trimmed pathway to the door of the house, light came from all of the downstairs windows.

After making himself invisible to the human eye, the man looked into the window and smirked at what he could see. While his original quarry may have escaped him, there was little doubt in his mind that his current quarry may have an even greater value than the one he'd let free.

Anthony Goldstein – one of the ministry's top aurors – and his wife – a mudblood witch of some renown in the Order of the Phoenix, were sitting in the living room in the cottage, with an identical toddler on each of their laps. The Goldsteins had a reputation in the ministry of being the people you went to if you wanted something looked after. It had been a cause of great challenge to the Death Eaters to find certain artefacts, with the Goldsteins in their way. Unfortunately for them that had put them at numbers six and seven of the people he wanted dead.

Nagini hissed on his shoulder "We should just kill them from here my Lord. There is little point in going in there when we could easily kill them all here and now."

"No Nagini," he replied, already unlocking the door to the house "I want to see the light going from their eyes, I want to see the terror that I inflict on them as they realise that they are not going to make it out of this one alive."

Anthony realised his entry first, looking up from the toddler (who was giggling uncontrollably from something he'd done), he made eye contact with the man and exclaimed "Mary, get the boys and run," Goldstein passed his wife the boy he was holding and she ran away the man and out of sight "I'll hold him off."

It was pitiful how easy it was to overpower the auror – it took only minutes to leave the other man on the floor, eyes glassy, dead. Only another minute later he stood at the top of the stairs while frantic noises came from inside the room furthest from the stairs.

Wand outstretched, he edged open the door only to be greeted by a stunning spell which he quickly blocked. The woman was standing in the centre of the room, behind her he could see the two boys looking at him with equally scared expressions.

He disarmed her faster than she could shield herself, but still she refused to move from her position. "Step aside woman," he sneered "And I won't give you to my Death Eaters to play with."

"Never," she said, pushing her blonde hair from her face with the hand she had previously used for her wand "I will not let you take these boys while I am still alive." She pulled out a second wand from her sleeve and sent a killing curse towards him.

They fought, she with quick disarming charms that, and he with killing curses that were placed where he thought that she would be. Neither one was willing to give up.

"I will let you live if you step aside from the boys," he said coldly as he fired another killing curse at her. "You obviously don't love them much if you're only trying to stun me."

"I love these boys enough not to be throwing killing curses around all the time," a bead of sweat made its way down her forehead. There was a noise from below.

"Anthony, Mary, we're back," Mary's eyes widened in shock, she hesitated, and in that moment he sent at her a killing curse that hit home. She fell to the ground instantly, like a puppet that that had its strings cut suddenly, mid movement.

He advanced to the crib, vaguely hearing an exclamation from below "Anthony! Merlin! Lily stay back!"

There was no time to think about which boy he was going to kill first, if the Potter's discovered him here there wouldn't be time to kill both of them before the rest of the Order turned up. He raised his wand.

The two boys looked at him, scared. One pair of brown eyes, and one pair of green.

"Avada Kedavra!" he shouted. A bright green light came out of his wand and sped towards the boys.

He didn't see which one it hit for, at the moment of contact, an explosion rocked the room.

Briefly he saw the window smashing, the ceiling and walls starting to cave in, the moon briefly shining silver off a piece of broken glass. Nagini was thrown off his shoulders and he could see her falling into the rubble around him.

But most of all he saw his killing curse rebounding on him, getting closer and closer to him till he could almost feel the electricity the green light held.

And then there was nothing.

The Dark Lord had been defeated.