Romp among the Roses.

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"Why did I agree to come to this tedious event again?"Mused Hermione politely clapping as the evenings guest speaker finally finished his speech on the importance of giving to worthy causes. She'd only agreed because Harry had blackmailed her with a limited edition of Potions Moste Potente that he'd found hidden in the library of Grimmauld place.

Hermione stifled a yawn as she listened to Angus Davidson go on about how important his work was at the ministry, the way he went on you'd think he was the minister of magic his self instead of a jumped up little desk jockey for the misuse of magical artefacts office. She looked over at Harry who flashed her wink and mouthed the word sorry at her as if he knew exactly what she was thinking.

She smirked if he really knew what was going on in her head he wouldn't be smiling, as she was currently sticking him and Draco through imaginary torture devices, "Ha!" she thought as she stretched Harry even further on the solid wooden rack she'd built in her mind.

A loud ear piercing burst of shrill laughter from across the table interrupted her mental torturing of Harry she looked over to see Annabelle Parkinson slap Lucius on his arm.

"Oh you naughty man." she giggled like a third year Hufflepuff, fluttering her fake eyelashes at the long haired blond man who gave her a polite smile.

Hermione watched the sickening performance across from her and felt sorry for Lucius for having been landed with atrocious dinner partner as well. Looking for a way to amuse herself, she had a naughty thought and hid a sly smile behind her napkin as she pretended to dab her mouth, she slipped a stocking clad foot out of her shoe and slowly she crept her toes over the plush carpet until she found her goal of a large soft leather shoe, bringing her toes gently upwards brushing them against his calf and then further upwards along his inner thigh enjoying the firmness of the muscles under her foot till she reached her desired goal.

A look of surprise flashed briefly across Lucius' face as she massaged his crotch with her foot only raising an eyebrow in playful question when his molten gaze captured hers in full force.

"Where did you say you worked Miss Granger?" The nasally voice of Angus cutting through her mind like an annoying fly.

Hermione forced her gaze from Lucius to the slightly balding man on her left "I teach transfiguration at Hogwarts as well as being the head of Gryfindor house, obviously it's not as important as your position but I enjoy it." She replied draining the dregs of wine in the bottom of her glass to stifle the gasp that threatened burst forth as Lucius had captured her wandering foot and was now rubbing it with masterful fingers.

"Don't worry not everyone can achieve the heady heights of the ministry, besides someone has to teach the next generation" Angus said patting her hand.

"Quite." Hermione had to grit her teeth to stop herself from hexing him and from moaning loudly as little sparks of pleasure were going straight to her core just from Lucius' manipulations of her toes.

"The band has started to play, would you care to dance Miss Granger? I've been told that my footwork has to be seen to be believed." He asked standing up and holding out his hand expecting her to take it.

"Actually I think I might jus-" she started to decline the invitation when Draco butted in gracefully, a sly wolfish grin tugging at his lips.

"Hermione loves to dance, she'll be a wonderful dance partner for you Gus." Draco said with a smile as he took Hermione's hand and gave it to Angus.

"I'm going to bloody kill Draco!" She chanted in her head as Angus stood on her toes for what felt like the millionth time that evening.

When the current song had finished Angus insisted on accompanying her to get a drink from the punch bowl, Hermione took a deep breath to keep her composure and plastered a fake smile on her face.

"Why Miss Granger how delightful to see you here, would you care to dance that is if your young man doesn't mind?" A silky voice said from behind her.

Angus bristled with indignation "Actually Sir, Miss Granger has agreed to dance the next with me."

Hermione thought quickly "I'm sorry Angus but Lord Malfoy IS the head of Directors for Hogwarts and I wouldn't want to upset any chance that my department has of a budget increase, I would much rather dance with you but I know that if anyone understands how important work is then it's you." She said handing him her empty punch glass.

"Well okay then..." Angus replied reluctantly "You will bring her back safe and sound won't you Lord Malfoy?"

"My dear Angus I can assure you that I shall protect Miss Granger like the treasure she is." Lucius turned to Hermione and held his elbow out for her to take "Shall we?"

Hermione gave him a grateful smile as he led her out on to the dance floor "You're my knight in shining armour Lucius, how can I ever repay you for saving both my feet and my sanity?"

"Your company is reward enough, I've been waiting all night for a chance to steal you way from your interesting dinner partner." Lucius said as he guided her smoothly round the dance floor.

Hermione laughed "If it'd gotten me away from Angus sooner you could have thrown me over your shoulder and simply carried me off, I wouldn't of complained you know."

"Is that so?" His voice was low and seductive as he pulled her body closer. "Would you rather that I behaved more like a pirate than a gentleman Hermione? For me to take what I desire most?"

Hermione felt like her whole body was on fire as Lucius' intense gaze drifted down from her face to the low cut neck line on her little black dress.

"You seem to be a little warm Hermione, perhaps a walk through the rose garden would be beneficial?"

"That sounds lovely." Hermione managed to say despite the naughty images running through her head.

As they passed through the rose garden, Hermione was acutely aware of the very masculine man beside her, knowing that there was a hidden summer house nearby she stopped on purpose to admire a perfectly in bloom rose.

She bowed her head to fully inhale the flowers sweet scent "So what do you desire most Lucius?" she asked in a whisper, her tongue darting out to moisten her bottom lip.

Lucius spun her round and captured her lips "You my lovely, it's always been you" he said between kisses.

"Sweet Merlin the Man could kiss" Hermione thought as he plundered her mouth, she could feel his erection tenting and she shifted her hips to accommodate it.

"I need to taste you" his voice husky with desire as he freed her breasts from the confines of her dress, his hot lips greedily latched onto her one of her erect nipples sucking and licking it while he rolled and tweaked the other with long nimble fingers.

Hermione's knickers grew damper and she could smell her own arousal "Oh Gods" she groaned in pleasure as Lucius' talented fingers that had massaged her toes so expertly earlier that evening slipped under the moist material and started rubbing her clit in little circles. She grasped his broad shoulders clenching the expensive material of his evening jacket in her hands as her body tightened in search of release, his lips engulfed hers in a scorching kiss as he held her tightly to him as she fell over the edge in ecstasy.

When she had recovered enough to be able to trust her legs to actually hold her she slipped to her knees on the soft dry grass and began to unbuckle his soft leather belt.

"You don't have to do this" Lucius said, his normally steel grey eyes looking like molten silver in the moonlight.

"I know, but I need to taste you" Hermione replied echoing his words from earlier as she discovered to her delight that Lucius had chosen to go commando that evening, she raked her short but neat nails up his muscled thigh marvelling at the way his body quivered with anticipation.

His large thick penis which was nestled in a thatch of darker blonde hair stood proud and erect before her weeping for attention, bending her head ever so slightly Hermione licked the pearly bead of pre cum off the tip, savouring it's slightly salty but not unpleasant taste on her tongue, she looked up and gave him a sultry smile not breaking eye contact as she engulfed him whole with her hot mouth.

"Gods girl, where did you learn that?" Lucius rasped as Hermione's wicked tongue slowly swirled round the head of his penis lightly flicking the tiny slit, before quickening her pace as her head bobbed up and down bringing him closer and closer to his release.

Lucius feeling himself ready to peak pulled himself out of her mouth with a slight pop, smirking at the sullen pout on her now puffy lips. "My dearest girl, I have no desire to sullen those wicked lips with my seed when there is a place where it would rather be." Lucius whispered as he knelt down on the grass running a surprisingly calloused thumb over her bottom lip.

Hermione growled in frustration and pushed him firmly on his chest till he laying flat on the ground, he sat up supporting his weight on his forearms "Sweet Merlin" he moaned loudly as Hermione hitched her dress up, swung a leg over his and in one swift movement impaled herself on him, hissing in pleasure as he filled her completely.

Lucius leaned forward and undid her still perfect chignon with one hand, with her curls now flowing around her face he captured her lips with a searing kiss their tongues battling for dominance, Lucius gained the upper hand as he jerked his hips upwards and muttered against her mouth "Ride me now Witch! Ride me hard."

He watched in pleasure as the sexy young witch bounced up and down on him, her head thrown back in abandonment, those long curls of hers grazing against his legs, those pert, pale delicious breasts with the exquisite tasting skin were just simply memorising as they jiggled in the pale moonlight. A warm summer breeze wafted the scent of the roses that surrounded them, the scent would always remind Lucius of this amazing witch and in a flash of inspiration and with an impressive display of wandless magic he whispered a spell which caused the petals on the surrounding flowers to detach and to gently float around the pair of them.

Hermione gasped in sheer delight as the red and pink petals danced on the air "Oh Lucius" she moaned as she neared her completion, Lucius' firm strong hands gripped her waist urging her on harder and faster.

"Come for me my beautiful girl, I want to watch as you come undone around me and with me" Lucius' silky voice triggered Hermione's orgasm, she clenched her internal muscles around him as he thrust hard into her a final time his hot seed filling her as she collapsed tiredly on to his chest.

After a couple of minutes of silence while they both allowed their breathing to return to normal Hermione eventually climbed off the firm body that had served as a most comfy cushion, standing up she said a useful little spell which returned her dishevelled appearance to it's normal guise, looking down she saw Lucius still laying there watching her with a lazy heavy lidded gaze, surrounded by the petals of Harry's beloved but now decimated prize roses.

With a raised eyebrow and a slight quirk to her lips Hermione offered him her hand and helped pull him to his feet "You do realise, my dear Lucius that Harry will kill us both if he finds out that it was us who have mercilessly destroyed his babies".

Using the same spell Lucius rearranged his suit getting rid of the tell tale grass stains that covered his back. "I think that this is suitable punishment for seating me next to the most atrocious dinner partner" he said as he offered her his arm.

"Just think that it was because our dinner partners were so bad, that allowed me to focus the person who was sat opposite me I thought we both could do with some decent in dinner entertainment" Hermione replied as they walked back towards the house.

As they reached the open doors of the ballroom they were met by an anxious Angus "Miss Granger I'm so glad I found you, I could not find you after the dance you promised Lord Malfoy" the short man told them.

"Miss Granger felt a little dizzy so we took a turn of Mr Potters delightful rose garden, there's no need to worry here she is safe and sound." Lucius smoothly told him patting Hermione's hand that was still tucked into the crook of his arm.

Hermione turned and gave Lucius a warm smile "My thanks to you Lord Malfoy for taking care of my needs" she said enjoying the flutter of butterflies in her stomach as he brought her hand to his lips and placed a small kiss on her knuckles.

"Mr Davidson I trust I can leave Miss Granger in your capable hands as I'm afraid I have other matters not as pleasant to attend to still this evening, Miss Granger as we have still not resolved the matter if your budget perhaps I may be permitted to call on you tomorrow?" he asked his eyes locking with hers.

"Of course, I look forward to hearing from you" she answered a little breathlessly.

Lucius gave them both a polite nod and then turned sharply on his heel walking away from them allowing Hermione a chance to gaze on the fine figure that was Lucius Malfoy.

Hermione stifled a giggle, she couldn't believe she'd just fucked Draco's dad, only in her wildest fantasies had she ever contemplated doing something as completely mental as that.

"Miss Granger are you okay? Because you look rather flushed" said Angus looking quite concerned "Would you like me to escort you to the floo?"

"I...Thank you Mr Davidson, that would be appreciated" Hermione said gratefully as she fanned herself.

Harry and Draco had been watching the group since Hermione and Lucius had returned.

"Harry, I do believe that our innocent little girl was deflowered in the garden by my rogue of a father no less" Draco commented, the amusement evident in his voice.

"Draco my sexy little dragon, I do believe that our feisty independent bookworm has successfully seduced your charming father in our garden." replied Harry.

"A wager to find put who is correct?" Asked Draco nonchalantly as he nodded his greetings to one of the guests.

"Dinner and movie of the winners choice paid for by the loser" Said Harry as he discretely ran his hand over Draco's thigh.

"Of course, now hurry up and go and catch our girl before she floos home" demanded Draco as he gave Harry's shoulder a gentle shove.

Harry stuck his tongue out at his blonde lover and went off in search of Hermione leaving Draco to wonder how in the hell had the thing he thought most impossible actually happened.

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