Hi, Nobody here. A while back I took this challenge from Grimlock the King of Stories and finally after writers block and various other distractions, got around to finishing the first chapter. The story takes place sometime after the Edolas Arc, but before the S-Class trials. If you are wondering about my other stories, see the A/N at the end of the chapter.

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Ice Mage plus Vampire

Youkai Academy, a school built and designed by the Youkai to teach the new generations how to coexist with humans. It is at this fine establishment where our story takes place. However, this is not where it begins.

Nope, we start our story deep in the woods in-between Youkai Academy and the Bus Stop to the Human World.

In the woods, a boy laid unconscious. This boy had short spiky black hair and wore dark green pants, a black shirt and a white coat with blue edges. A silver cross hung around his neck. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes showing them to be black with white pupils. After sitting up and rubbing his head, he looked around to see he was in some kind of creepy forest.

"Where am I?" He asked himself as he quickly got up.

This boy name was Gray and soon, his destiny will unfold.

"Hmm…What was I doing before getting here?" He crossed his arms and began to think. A huge sound distracted him from his thoughts.

"What was that?" He ran over to the sound and saw a boy with brown hair and a girl with bright pink hair on the ground. They wore similar uniforms.

"Hmm, I wonder if they are from a guild?" Gray thought as he stared at the two from a distance.

The boy nose bleed as he raised his hand and seem to be apologizing for accidentally touching the girl's thigh.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" The boy said. Gray watched as the girl seemed to be…intoxicated by something and drew closer to the boy.

"Sorry." She said as she reached his neck. "But, I am a vampire." She bit into the boy's neck as he yelled out in pain. Gray saw this and jump out from his hiding place.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing?" He shouted.

Both the boy and girl stopped what they were doing and turned to see the new person standing before them. The girl began to blush and cover her eyes while the boy said, "What about you? Where are your clothes?"

"Hmm?" Gray looked down to see he was in his black boxers. "Not again!" He said as he jumped into the bushes again to put on his clothes. He came back out in an instant and resumed his questioning. "Still what about you two?" The other boy turned as well then began to panic as he realized his blood had been sucked by a vampire.

After a few moments of explanation, the three of them introduce themselves. The boy was named Tsukune Aono while the girl was named Moka Akashiya.

"I'm Gray Fullbuster." Gray said. "By the way, where am I?"

"Where are you?" Moka said. "You're at Youkai Academy. Aren't you a student?"

"Youkai?" Gray said. "Where have I heard that before?" He thought. "I am not sure, but I guess I better talk to someone."

"Well, I guess you better check with the headmaster." Tsukune said. "If you do become a student, maybe we'll see you around?"

"Yeah, that sounds fine." Gray said. They saw some buildings. "Well, I'm off. See you guys." Gray was about to head towards what he guess was the office building when Tsukune and Moka shouted him to stop. He turned to have his shirt and jacket thrown at his face.

After getting dressed again and asking for directions, Gray was sent to the headmaster's office. Outside the big door, a voice came from behind it. "Enter."

Gray entered into an enormous room where a man in white stood behind a giant desk.

"Ahh, a mage has finally arrived." He said.

"You know I am a mage?" Gray asked.

"Yes, I have been sending request for some mages recently and I am glad one answered my call."

"Where am I?"

"This is Youkai Academy, a school for monsters and demons."

"W-What?" Gray said.

"It is here that we wish for humans and monster to learn to coexist together. However I sense trouble and so I issued help from your world."

"My world?" Gray looked more confused than normal then shock and pain overtaken him as memories filled in.


"Hey what's this?" Gray said as he took a flyer for a new job.

"Looking for mages to protect a school. Prefer elemental or summoning magic."

"This sounds good." Gray said. "Master Marco, can I take this?" Gray turned towards a short man with white sitting at the bar with a pipe.

He looked over the flyer and nodded. "Yes, it sounds like a good mission for you, but if you need any help I'll send some over to you."

"Thanks Master." Gray said.

Gray was just about to leave when he heard a voice behind him.

"Gray-sama." He turned to see a pale girl with blue hair in a warm blue coat.

"Oh! Juvia."

"Can Juvia come with Gray-sama?" Her eyes sparkled with hope and happiness…

"No, I can handle it." …which turned to dread and sadness in an instant. "But, if I am in trouble, I hope to have you as back up." Juvia's heart skipped a beat when she heard that.

After a long train ride, Gray ended up at the place where the flyer said to go.

" 'Wait at the entrance of the forest for further instructions.' Well I am here, now wha-?"

In the next instant, he saw a pair of bright lights coming towards him at a fast speed before being engulfed into darkness.

*End Flashback*

"I got hit by something and now I am here."

"Correct, an associate of mine brought you here and he said that you just happen to be in the wrong place when he got you."

"Great." Gray said, partially ticked off, but calmed down and asked, "So what is this job I need you to do."

"I want you to enroll into this academy and help protect the students from certain threats."

"Like?" Gray asked curiously.

"You'll see." The headmaster said with a devilish grin. "Now, let's discuss your payment."

"I'll worry about that after the job."

"Very well, here is your uniform and keys to your room. The dormitory is nearby the school, you can't miss it. Change and get to class and here are your papers."

The headmaster gave Gray his things and after changing his clothes headed for his classroom.

"Let's see." Gray said looking at the classrooms. "This looks like to be the right one." He knocked then open the door. He saw a bunch of students staring at him as well as the teacher.

"Umm…Can I help you?" The teacher asked.

"Yes, my name is Gray Fullbuster and I was just recently enrolled." He handed her the papers.

"I see. I am Nekonome-sensei." She said continuously staring at him.

"Is there a problem?" Gray asked.

"Well, you see…" The teacher began.

"WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES, YOU PERVERT?" One of the students shouted.

Gray looked down and saw he was in his boxers. "Not again." He said as he gathered his clothes and dressed himself. Most of the students laughed, but some of the girls thought he looked manly while others thought he looked tough.

As he headed toward his seat, Gray noticed Tsukune and Moka. He waved at them and they waved back. Moka seem to be very bright while Tsukune looked like he had seen death. He ignored the dark glares he was getting.

As he took his seat behind Moka, he felt a chill overcame him. He looked to see where it was coming from. He turned to his left and saw a girl with purple hair and what appeared to be a lollipop in her mouth. She wore a white sweater, a skirt, and striped stockings. Her hair was purple and long while her eyes shined like bright crystals.

"I wonder who she is?" Gray thought.

"Fullbuster-kun, can you answer the question?" Nekonome asked. Gray turned and stood up to answer, but before he could, Nekonome said, "Fullbuster-kun, where are your clothes?" He looked down to see he was in his boxers…again.

After class, he joined Tsukune and Moka as they looked around the academy. Tsukune seemed to be in a daze as he was being dragged by Moka while Gray walked behind them.

"Moka seems to be excited about being here." He thought. Then he noticed the menacing aura most of the male students were giving Tsukune. "What is their deal?" He thought.

"What a pretty girl." A voice said. All three of them turned to see another student. He was slightly taller than the three of them and had very unruly hair.

"Who is this guy?" Gray thought.

"Saizou…" Tsukune said fearfully. Behind them, the students who were giving death glares were cowering in fear because of Saizou.

"What are you doing hanging with this wimp and stripper? How about you hang with a real man?"

"Stripper!" Gray thought

He was about to attack him when Moka grabbed him and Tsukune and ran off saying, "Sorry but I want to hangout with them."

"Whoa, wait a minute Moka." Gray said as he was being dragged away.

Saizou just looked at Moka with lust and hunger. "You will be mine Akashiya Moka."

After a while, the three of them stopped to catch their breathes.

"Sorry," Moka said, "I got a little scared. Are you two okay?"

Gray sighed and nodded. He didn't feel like arguing with Moka.

Tsukune turned to Moka. "Why are you so nice to us? I just a normal guy and Gray…well…" Gray blushed, turned his head and coughed.

"Don't be like that, you guys are great." Both were a little shocked, but smiled. "Besides…with you Tsukune…" Both of them looked at Moka as she blushed brightly. "I got to suck on your blood." Both fell to the ground. "…and…" They looked up at Moka.

"You were my first Tsukune, my first person, and I will never forget the feeling."

Both got up and felt a bit awkward. "Moka." Tsukune said.

"Oh, this is embarrassing…" She extended her arm and accidentally hit Tsukune knocking him into the wall. Gray sweat dropped at this. "Let's continue to explore." She said with a bright smile.

Gray, Moka, and Tsukune looked at the many sights of the academy with awe. They slowly learned how to get around and eventually got to the dorms.

"Wow, this place certainly is interesting." Gray commented.

"It looks so cool. So full of charm and grace." Moka said. Tsukune was in shock at how normal their comments were to this very grim and haunting looking place.

"Oh!" Moka said. "By the way, what kind of monsters are you guys?" Tsukune was shocked while Gray wasn't sure how to answer. "Oh wait, we aren't suppose to reveal ourselves. Sorry for asking." Tsukune sighed while Gray though it over some more.

"What should I call myself?" He thought. Moka then explained about her special Rosario which interested Gray.

"Is that a special type of magic?"

Gray then notice the sun setting in the distances. "Well, I think I will go to bed. Later."

Before Gray reached the door, Moka called out to him.


Gray turned to see Moka and Tsukune holding his clothes.

"Not again."

Gray found his room and opened to a plain looking room. It had basic things like a bed, table, bookshelves, closet, drawers and a little kitchen in the other part of the room.

"I guess this isn't to bad." He looked to see his bag he brought with him on the bed. He opened it to find a note.

"Good Luck, Gray-sama!"


Gray smiled at this as he set up his room. He finally removed all of his clothes and fell asleep on the bed. He dreamed of Fairy Tail, but every now and then he saw a flash of purple hair.

The next morning Gray woke-up and preformed his normal tasks and got ready for school. As he got outside, he noticed Tsukune with his bags.

"Hey, Tsukune. What are you doing?"

Tsukune turned to see Gray. He looked extremely nervous. "Oh, Gray-san. I'm think of leaving Youkai."

"Huh?" Both Gray and Tsukune turned to see Moka. She seemed mixed between shocked and upset. "What do you mean leaving?"

"I think it would be better to go to a human school for me."

"NO!" Moka shouted grabbing Tsukune. "Humans aren't great. They are mean and hurtful. They either hate monsters or don't believe in them. I hate them. I hate humans." Gray took some steps back. If there was one thing he learned about women at all, it was to never be near them when they were angry.

She smiled and said, "I was glad to have met both of you. You've accepted me even when you found out I was a vampire." Gray noticed Tsukune wasn't looking at Moka.

"And what if…" Tsukune said suddenly making the other two turn. "What if I was one of those humans you hate so much."

Moka was stunned. "Wh-What?" Gray seemed a little surprised, but after thinking it through made sense except…

"But that's impossible the barrier…"

"I don't get it either, but…" Tsukune looked towards Moka who flinched in response. "I thought so." He then turned and ran towards the bus stop. Moka didn't run from being in shock.

"Moka." She turned to Gray. "It looks like you have a lot to think about right now." He walked forward. "I am going to get Tsukune when I return with him, I hope you make the right choice." He ran after Tsukune while Moka began to think. After a few seconds, she got up and slowly walked after them.

Gray caught up to Tsukune as they reached a clearing with a tunnel nearby.

"Tsukune." Tsukune turned to see Gray. Gray grabbed him and said, "Why did you do that? Why did you hurt Moka?"

"This place…" Tsukune started, "If a human enters this place, they would be killed and even if I try to fake it, there are monsters here who are stronger that hate and eat humans. I shouldn't be here."

"What about Moka? She may be a vampire, but both of us accepted her." He put Tsukune down. "What makes you think she won't accept you? And don't even think that either of us will let you get hurt."

"I…I…" Tsukune stuttered when a bus appeared out of nowhere. The doors opened and a mysterious bus driver looked towards them.

"So, this academy scary? Do you want to go home? Once you leave, there is nothing that can be done. No regrets or anything?" He gave off a familiar devious smile.

"Regrets…" Tsukune thought. Then in a flash, he heard a scream, one that sounded like…

"MOKA!" He dropped his bag and ran deep into the woods. Gray stood there shocked at first then smiled.

"Oh and you, the Mage." Gray turned towards the man. "Sorry about the headache." He chuckled to himself as he closed the door and sped off.

"Headache?" Gray then realized what he meant. "YOU…" Before he could continue his rant. An explosion appeared behind him. He ran towards the explosion to see a weakened Tsukune protecting Moka from some weird monster.

"Moka! Tsukune!" Gray called out. Both of them and the monster turned towards him.

"Ahh, the stripper is here too."

"Stripper?" Gray thought…then he put it together. "You're Saizou."

"That's correct." He then tried to punch Gray who dodged out of the way.

"Oh no you don't." He place his arms outwards and had his right make a fist and slammed it onto the palm on his left.

"Ice-Make Lance."

In an instant, multiple lances made of ice appeared before him and shot at Saizou.

"What the-" Some hit Saizou, but it didn't pierce him. "What kind of monster are you?" He charged to attack.

"Ice-Make Shield." A wall of ice shot upwards and not only blocked Saizou, but froze his arm into the ice.

Gray turned to Saizou and said, "I am a Mage." His shirt was on the ground. "A Fairy Tail Mage." His tattoo was seen on his chest.

Saizou broke free which caught Gray off guard and sent him into a tree. "Gray got up and rubbed the spot. "Geez, this guy is strong like Elfman."

Saizou was set to strike again when all of a sudden the air became thicker and a powerful aura started to come from Moka. The two boys turned to see that Tsukune removed the Rosario somehow and all three watched as Moka's hair turn white and eyes turned red.

"Now, now, didn't you want me? Come and get me." She said and a very tempting manner.

"Yah, I will kill you, bitch." Saizou shouted as he charged towards her.

The white hair Moka smirked and when he was within reach, she kicked him straight in the jaw.

"Know your place."

Saizou went flying and was knocked out. Gray and Tsukune looked at Moka in shock and, in Gray case, excitement.

"I wonder if she'd make a great mage."

Moka walked towards Gray and Tsukune. Both flinched in response.

"What's the matter? Are you scared?" She walked over to Tsukune and took her Rosario back. "Don't worry, I don't plan on hurting you. I am still very tired. Besides," She grabbed Tsukune's face, "You're blood is very delicious." She turned towards Gray. "And you are a very interesting individual for one who strips a lot." Gray turned red from that comment, but didn't say anything.

"Well, I must rest. Take care of the other Moka." The silver hair Moka placed the Rosario back on her chain and fell over. Tsukune caught her as the color of her hair went back to pink.

Gray helped carry Moka back to her dorm for rest as he took Tsukune and himself to the Nurse's Office to recover. They missed parts of their class, but Gray collected some notes from Nekonome afterwards.

"Make sure this doesn't happen again." She said. Gray had a strange feeling about that statement.

The next day, after Gray had everything, he met up with Moka as they exited the dorms.

"How are you, Moka?"

"Better today, though I feel a little light headed." She replied. Gray took a step back just to be safe. "I hope my other self didn't hurt you."

"Nah, she reminded me of one of my friends." Gray said as a certain red head entered his mind.

"Still, you weren't scared?" Moka asked.

"A little," Moka began to tear up a little. "But you are still my friend like Tsukune, right?" Moka blinked then smile and nodded in agreement. Gray also gave a smile. "Speaking of which, look over there." Tsukune was in front of them with something in his hands. Moka ran up to him and hugged him from behind. Whatever was in Tsukune's hand ripped apart, but it made him smile.

"Sorry about that Tsukune." Moka said.

"It is okay, Moka." He smiled.

"Oh being around you, it makes me…" Her fangs began to show.

"Run for it, Tsukune!" Gray shouted. Tsukune who was distracted by Moka looked to see her fangs. He turned and ran for the school.

"Wait, I just want a little bit." Moka said running after him.

Gray laughed at this and went to go catch up with them. What he didn't notice were a pair of eyes watching him and that he forgot his clothes again.

"PERVERT!" Many people called him as he ran back for clothes.

"Not again." He sighed.

Next time: A certain Succubus sets her eyes on Tsukune and Gray, but another set of eyes are already on Gray.

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