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Ice Mage + Vampire 10 - Mage + Truth

Gray awoken in a hospital bed. He sat up and winced a little at the burn marks on his chest covered by bandages. It would recover quickly,but he didn't care as long as that dragon idiot didn't find out. He never hear the end of it.

He looked around. Tsukune was in the bed next to him. Compared to the others, Tsukune sustained the most damage. Yukari used most of her balm, but he was going to need a few days to fully recover.

He was a bit worried about Tsukune since the rumors were going to spread about all of them now. He wondered if Tsukune would be safe still.

He got out of bed and looked outside. The sun had arisen over the horizon and some of the early birds were getting ready for school. He then walked to the middle of the room.

I need to test something. He put his hands together and tried to use his magic, but nothing happened.

My magic is gone? It was working fine yesterday, but I felt it during the battle with Kuyo. My magic should have been able to stand up to his flame they were weaker than Natsu and afterwards…" He got up and dressed himself with a new shirt left for him. He headed for the door and out of the nurse's office.

"If anyone knows anything, it would be him." He said.

"Ahh, the young mage. It feels like only a couple of days since we last met."

Gray stood in headmasters office glaring at the person.

"Oh, it seems something has troubled you. May I ask what it is?" He raised his finger. "If it is about Kuyo and the Protection Committee, we have reorganized the group and Kuyo is on suspension with possible looks at expulsion along with the girl, Keito."

"That's not why I am here."

"Then is it about your friend, Aono Tsukune? Don't worry. Kuyo had no definite proof and his 'witness' has vanished. If anything, with his hatred for the Newspaper Club and abuse of power, we have been able to call his accusations of pure speculations and spite. Your friend is safe."

Gray angry stomped his foot. "That isn't it either." He sighed. "But I am glad Tsukune is okay." Wait, but does he know Tsukune's secret?

"I am curious why Kuyo thought your friend was a human, but I won't diverge into student's personal lives." He chuckled.

Gray looked at his eyes. He was hiding something, but he decided to worry about it later. His current problem was more important.

"Look, my problem is yesterday's situation. My problem is my magic."

"Ahh, I see so it finally happened. Though it seem to take a bit later than I imagine."

"Later?" Gray slammed his hands on the desk and shouted "What happen to me? Did you do this?"

"Now, now, Gray. Don't be so hasty." He wagged his finger. "I took no part in your magic lose. It is just your location." He stood up and looked out the window. "You see, this world is a bit different. In your world, there are magic particles in your atmosphere that help refill your magic if it becomes empty. He turned back to face Gray.

"In this world, there is no such thing."

"What?" Gray looked stunned. This is just like Edolas. Then he realized, "But by your logic, I should have ran out magic long ago."

"Like I said, I am surprise. If I were to guess, either you are better at preserving your magic or something was allowing you keep your magic even when a non-magic world."

"The X-Balls." Gray said before covering his mouth.

"X-Balls?"The headmaster tilted his head in confusion. Gray sighed. This is going to take a while.

"You see, about a week before I came here, I was in a place called Edolas…"

Mizore woke, quickly got dress and headed to the nurse's office. When she got there, the others were already there except Gray. Mizore kept herself hidden behind the screen and listen in.

"I'm so glad you are okay Tsukune." Kurumu hugging him and stuffing his head in between her breast.

"Still I wonder where Gray Onii went." Yukari looked nervous.

"He wasn't here when Kurumu and I got here." Moka said.

Tsukune freed himself from Kurumu. "Maybe he just wanted to clear his head. Still I guess it is time to explain myself."

"You don't need to do that, Tsukune." Kurumu said.

"No, I want to. You are my friends and you've all revealed your true nature to me, so it would probably be wrong not to at this point." He sat up showing his body covered in bandages. "I'm Aono Tsukune and I'm a human. I don't know how I came through the barrier, but I'm glad that I got to meet all of you." The girls responded to hugging him gently and all of them laughed. "Still I wish Gray, Mizore and Gin were here."

"Eh, who needs that pervert." Kurumu said.

"Honestly, I would have thought Mizore would be here to see Gray Onii by now." Yukari said while looking around.

"I'm right here." Everyone jumped as Mizore came out of hiding place.

"You could have let us known earlier, Stalker." Kurumu shouted at her.

"I wonder if Gray is really okay." Mizore said staring at his empty bed.

"Don't ignore me." Kurumu raised her arm to get her attention.

"Be quiet Bazooka Girl." Mizore responded brandishing her ice claws.

"Oh is that how it is going to be?" Kurumu revealed her wings and nails.

"Knock it off." A woman in wrapped in bandages, covering everything but her eyes and hair, appeared hitting both of them with a clipboard. "This a place for the sick to heal, not for the people to get more injured."

"Tsumugi-sensei." Moka said a little shocked.

"I also don't like how you guys keep coming here. As a doctor, it is very discouraging to having to see your patients so often." The others looked down. "However, it is nice to see a group of friends who respect each other."

"Wait did you hear...?" Tsukune said. The others got nervous. Tsumugi looked at them before turning away.

"As a doctor, I'm not allow to speak about a patient's records. Also, just because we have people like Kuyo, some of us believe in Youkai's teaching." She turned back with a happy look on her face. "It is nice to see it is possible."

She headed for the door before stopping. "Oh right, about Fullbuster, he said he was going to ask someone about something as he was leaving. If any of you having any ideas that might be where he is." She then left the others alone.

"Him? Could she be referring to Gin?" Yukari asked.

"I doubt it. He didn't seem to have any business with him since we've cleared up everything about yesterday." Kurumu pointed out.

"Hmm…do you know anything Mi-?!" Tsukune asked before realizing Mizore had vanished.

"Where did Mizore go?" All the girls looked at the various exits, but found no traces of her.

Mizore was already at the main gate and heading to the headmaster's office.

If he had any questions that he couldn't ask us then he's probably asking him.

"That's certainly a long story, Fullbuster." The headmaster and Gray both were sitting now after Gray finished up returning home. "These X-Balls sound like they could be useful. You wouldn't happen to have any more?"

"Yes, I kept the bottle after giving some to the fire idiot and Wendy, but I just kind of left them at my house as a reminder of Mystogan and Edolas."

"Well, it seems you need to retrieve it. Otherwise, I will have to ask you to leave."

"Leave?" Gray asked slightly nervous.

"What use is a mage without magic?"

"Hey, I'm still a strong fighter."

"Whether that is true or not is irrelevant. I asked for a mage. If I wanted something else, I would have hired someone else."

Gray thought about it. "What if I have my friends bring them?" The headmaster's shiny eyes seem to gleam even brighter.

"Go on."

"I'll send a letter to my guild master asking for some people and have them bring the X-Balls. Beside, if I don't do this, you would not be able to get anymore mages since only I have X-Balls."

The headmaster chuckled. "Called my bluff. Impressive. Very well. Write a letter today and I can guarantee your friends will be here before the end of tomorrow. I would recommend about four to five of them. Also we don't want people suspecting anything so I would recommend bring people with abilities similar to Youkais. If you'd like a quick note, there's an encyclopedia in the library. For now, you are dismiss." The headmaster got up and left the room making one last comment.

"Also be sure to keep Shirayuki close to you."

Gray turned around, but the headmaster was gone.

What did he mean by that?

Gray walked out the doors of the building only to bump into Mizore.

"Oh, Mizore, what are you doing here?"

"You weren't in the nurse's office, so I came here. I tried sneaking in, but it seems they upgraded their security." She looked disappointed.

Isn't that a good thing? "Anyway, I need your guys help with something." He said.

"What is it?" She asked curious about his actions.

"I'll explain at lunch. Class is starting soon." The sun was a bit higher in the sky now.

"Oh right." Both of them took off for the school. Is he going to explain everything? She wonder watching the boy in front of her.

At lunch, everyone gathered in the nurse's office. Tsumugi got annoyed at this and decided to let Tsukune out later tonight, so they wouldn't crowd the place for the next couple of days.

"Glad to see your okay, Gray." Tsukune said after everyone got their lunch and sat down.

"Sorry about worrying you guys earlier, but now that we are all here. I want to tell you the truth."

"You don't-" Kurumu began, but Gray stopped her.

"No, I want to. You are my friends and-"

"You've trust me with your true forms and it wouldn't be right to return that trust." The others interrupted. Gray was speechless.

"How did you know what I was going to say?" He tilted his head.

"Tsukune said the same thing earlier when he told us he is human." Moka said.

"We just guess you would say something similar." Kurumu winked.

"Well, that makes things easier." Gray chuckled then took a deep breath. "I'm from another world…"

Meanwhile, in the former Protection Committee prison, three people stood in the meeting room.

"So what did you call us for, Deshiko?" Asked a boy with dark grayish green hair and glasses.

"Me? What makes you think I did, Rosu?" A girl with red hair pulled into a long ponytail and a staff.

"You were closer with Kuyo and Keito compared to the two of us unless you weren't good enough." Commented a tall boy with brown hair covering one of his eyes.

"I was up there with Keito, but I did not send the letter. I thought you sent it, Muregō." Deshiko angrily said pointing to the tall boy.

"Calm down. It seems someone else is pulling the strings here." Rosu sniffed the air. "In fact, I believe he is here now."

"I'm impressed." The three turned towards a boy sitting on a couch with a book in his hand. He wasn't looking at them. "No wonder you were once called the Four Kings: Deshiko Deshi, Rosu Beruke, Muregō and Kuyo. Though I do wonder why Keito was second in command."

"Well, she was better at spying compared to us." Deshiko said.

"Interesting. Anyway, as I noted, I gather you three here for a proposal." He smiled. "To get revenge for your beloved leader."

"I believe you have interested us." Rosu said as his two companions giggled in the background.

"Good. Now let me introduce you to your other companions."

"…And that's why I'm here." Gray finished. All of them had looks of amazement.

"Your world sounds amazing." Yukari said thinking of all the magic she could do.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but another world seems a bit crazy and while I have a mission to do, you are still my friends." Gray sighed as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, you trust us enough to tell us. Besides, you and Moka kept my secret since the first day." Tsukune said.

"Wait you guys knew Tsukune was human?" Kurumu said.

"It's a long story." Moka said who laughed nervously.

Mizore was silent. She was unsure what to say. "You don't have a girl back home do you?" She pulled out her ice claws.

"Well…" Gray thought nervously about Juvia and how she'd reacts. "Oh right, speaking of people, I need your guys help."

"You are avoiding the question." Mizore said glaring.

"I do have friends waiting for me at home, some girls, but I am not in a relationship with them." He quickly said leaning back to avoid the claws.

Mizore stared for a while before turning her hands back to normal. "I'll accept your answer for now." Gray sighed.

"Anyway, the headmaster has asked me to gather some of my friends to help out around here." He put his hand to his forehead. "But he says they need their powers act like real Youkais so it won't arouse suspicion when four more mages that I know come out of nowhere." He sat himself up. "So I was wondering if you guys could help me look them up different Youkais and see if my friends abilities match any of them."

All of them looked at each other before turning back. "Of course." Gray grinned.

"Okay after school, let's go to the library."

"Yeah." All of them cheered.

"Okay, lunch is over. Get out of here." Tsumugi said as she opened the door. The other quickly grabbed their lunches and finished them while running back to class.

After class the group headed to the library and found the Youkai encyclopedia. They ran through them all from common ones to ones they have seen for themselves to ones even they considered legends. One that caught Gray's interest was dragons.

I wonder what Wendy and those idiot would do if they saw one here.

After about an hour, Gray manage to list all his friends and allies that could fit the various Youkais.

"Thanks everyone. I'll introduce them to you when they get here." Gray said. The sky was turning twilight as the group went by the club room to find Gin lying around. He looked up at them.

"Nice to see you all." Gin said. "Even you, Stripper Mage."

Gray sighed. This guy annoys me just as much as that flame idiot.

"Okay so since we don't have to worry about the Protection Committee, let's start work on our next weekly issue."

"Weekly?" Everyone said.

"Yes, I kept to a monthly originally to avoid them, but now we can do it every week." Everyone gave out a killing aura. Gin nervously backed up. "Okay, how about bimonthly. Have plenty of room for stories and they'll still be fresh enough for people." They continue glaring before they thought about.

"Actually, that's not a bad idea." Moka said.

"Who knew that perverted wolf could get a good idea." Yukari said.

"Good job you pervert." Kurumu said.

"Congratulation." Mizore said giving a thumbs up. Gray just snickered.

"Hey, I take offense to that. As punishment," He ran past all the girls except Yukari. "I get to see under your skirts."

Kurumu and Moka screamed while Mizore looked unfazed. Yukari and Gray got slight nosebleed and Gray looked away while Yukari looked at Moka. Gin took out his camera, but Gray quickly punched him before he could continue.

"Knock it off."

"I could get you 'special' pictures of the Yuki-onna." Gin whispered causing Gray to freeze.

"Gray…" He felt a killing force coming from the others.

"I'm going to deliver my letter see you guys tomorrow." He ran off.

"Besides, he can just ask." Mizore whispered while red. Everyone even Gin gave her an odd look.

"So this is the list of people?"


"Very well. I'll have this taken care of."

"Right." Gray left and headed back to the dorms. It was a long day and he wanted to sleep in his own bed again. At least things can't get much worse.

"He's an interesting boy, isn't he?" The headmaster said looking out the window. The bus driver appeared from the shadows.

"Very much so. Though I say both of them are interesting boys." The bus driver remarked as he lit his cigar.

"Do you know how much time has passed?" The headmaster said changing the subject.

"This time appears to have been a month. I can't guarantee how long the next time will be, so I hope you know what you are doing." He said as he put out the match and grabbed the letter and a map.

"You of all people should know just that." The headmaster turned to the bus driver and they had a brief staring contest.

"Heheheh. I hope we are not mistaken." The bus driver turned to leave. "By the way, it seems they are making an early move. I doubt they will be directly involve, but if you aren't careful you may lose a few piece, Dark Lord."

"Just be sure to check those spots in the human world after the drop off." The headmaster said. The bus driver just chuckled and vanished.

Next Time: The Youkai Fairy Team arrives and the new threat of the former Protection Committee.

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