Doors have a habit of springing up on you when you least expect them. They are swift, strong, and, over all, somewhat ridiculous to be hit by.

"Stupid door!" a little boy yelled, kicking it with all his might.

Sadly for said boy, he forgot how hard doors were as well. "Double ouch!"

Hopping on one foot, while holding onto his foot, the boy glared at the one of the most useful inventions humanity had to offer, and proceeded to rub his sore foot. It was easy to do, considering his attire. The boy wore sandals of navy blue, fashioned opened, with Velcro straps. Above that, he wore a pair of blue shorts, with no adornments whatsoever.

It was above his shorts that things became a bit more interesting, as his shirt had a large orange spiral on the centre, with a white background.

Not surprising, it was not the boy's clothes that drew attention to the boy, but his streak of spiky blond hair and whisker marks. It looked almost like tattoos, if tattoos blended into the skin perfectly. Skin which was as tanned as the hardwood floor he was standing on.

"And I forgot my supplies too," he mumbled, cursing his luck. He was in such a rush to get to class that he didn't bring paper, pen, pencil, or his lunch. Everything was inside his bag, which he unfortunately left at home.

Had he still had his parents he might have found a way to contact them, but he did not. His parents were a mystery to him altogether. Dead or alive, he didn't know.

"Well, I guess I gotta go in there with nothing," he sighed, closing his eyes for a big upset.

He would probably be yelled at for his tardiness, as well as his lack of supplies. It wasn't anything new. He was used to people being angry at him; sometimes for no particular reason. Closing his eyes, while taking a deep breath, Uzumaki Naruto, first year Academy Student of Konoha, pushed open his classroom door and waited for an unfriendly response.

...only he didn't get one.

"That's very nice, Uzumaki-kun, but can you please take a seat?" a tired voice said from the front of the class.

"B-but I'm serous!" a girlish voice whined. "I really am going to be the first female Hokage!"

"And that's a commendable dream, but don't you think your other classmates should get a turn to say their dreams for the future?" the gentle voice asked.

"I...I suppose so," the girl mumbled, sounded somewhat annoyed.

"Great! Please take a seat in the back, while the rest of the class introduces themselves."

Naruto blinked at the display and opened his mouth, but closed it a second later. The girl in the front of the class had everyone's attention, and was taking her time getting back to her seat. If he hurried, he might be able to get a seat before the teacher noticed he was...

"You're late Mr...who are you?"

Naruto jumped a little. He was halfway to his seat when the teacher caught him. "Um, Naruto?" Naruto said.

"Naruto...huh, don't see your name on the sheet, but maybe this hasn't been updated yet?"

"Maybe," Naruto replied sheepishly, as he sat on a seat a few rows from the front.

"Anyway, let's proceed with the introductions. Please refrain from shouting your dreams and aspirations." Some snickers were tossed around, and one or two boys pointed at the girl who just said she would be the first female Hokage. "So let's proceed."

The teacher pointed a finger to a blond haired boy, who looked surprisingly like Uzumaki Naruto, but wasn't, and asked, "Name and dreams for the future?"

The boy smiled and said...