I'm Not Jealous!
Chapter 1: New Warrior in Town

These are Kim's thoughts.

Kim enters the Bobby Wasabi dojo.

"Hey Kim," The Three boys chorus. "Hey. Where's Jack?" She asks casually, putting her bag into her locker.

"You mean your boyfriend?" Jerry asks and smirks. Eddie makes kissing sounds and Milton gives her a knowing look. "First of all, I don't like Jack! Second, don't you think the kissing sounds are way childish?"

Jerry glances at Eddie. "You're right; that was childish. You and Jack make out, not kiss, right?"

Kim rolls her eyes before taking Jerry's arm and flipping him over.

"And I wasn't even warmed up."

Kim shut her locker and slides on her gi. Rudy walks in with a huge grin on his face. "Okay, everyone! I have very important news—Where's Jack?" Everyone shrugs. "Okay, I'll fill him in later. Anyways, we have a new warrior joining us—" Rudy is interrupted when Jack runs in. "Sorry I'm late!" "It's ok, Jack. As I was saying, we're getting—"

"Sorry I'm late!" A girl with blonde hair runs in. "Oh, come on! Can I finish what I've been trying to say for five minutes?" Rudy whines like a child. "Sorry," Everyone mumbles. "Anyways, as you can see, we have a new warrior joining us: Meet Kristen Cosgrove." The girl with blonde hair wearing a gi with a black belt waves. "Hi, I'm Kristen, Kris for short, and I'm a black belt." Rudy's eyes widen so wide, you could see the back of his eyeballs.

"YES! I'll finally have another black belt!"

He grabs Kristen and jumps up and down. Kristen pulls away.

"Ok, I'm going to pretend that was normal…."

"I'm going to celebrate by watching a marathon of Special Agent Oso!" Rudy starts off to the back of the dojo when Jerry points something out.

"Wait a minute, how do we know this girl is real?"

"She is, Jerry. No one can't just get a black belt at any store," Jack answers.

Kristen smiles gracefully at him. Kim feels a wave of nausea sweep over her.

"I bet this girl can't even beat Kim!" Jerry boasts. Kristen adjusts her gi before saying:

"Want a bet?"

Kim and Kristen face each other before Kim charges. Kim tries to punch Kristen but Kristen ducks out of the punch. Kristen foot sweeps Kim and Kim falls to the ground. Kim jumps up using a handstand. You see, Kim's been incorporating some of her cheerleading moves into her fighting. Kim grabs Kristen's arm and pulls her to the floor. Kristen, with one hand, back hand springs off and frees her other hand. Kristen back flips and charges forward. Kristen ducks and slides under Kim as Kim swings her arm but hits the air. Kristen foot sweeps Kim and holds her arm behind her back and pushes her to the ground.

"I win."

"Whoa. She beat Kim!" Jerry says in awe.

"Nah, really?" Kim grumbles as she gets to get feet and glares at Kristen.

"That was awesome, Kristen!" Jack exclaims. "Call me Kris, remember silly!" Kristen exclaims in her fake high-pitched voice like Imogen on Degrassi. "Jack, right?"

Jack nods. "Nice to meet you!" She shakes his hand and pulls away.

"Where's our hand shakes?" Eddie and Jerry ask.

Kristen snorts, "You don't get one; you're not hot like Jack is!"

Shut up Kristen before I slap you!

"You think I'm hot?" Jack asks.

Oh, you stop talking Jack! And yes, you are hot.

"Of course you are!" Kristen giggles.

Oh how I want to choke her!

Milton notices Kim's falling face and decides to do something about it. "Hey everyone; the mall's about to close so do you want to come back to my house?"

Everyone mumbles a 'no.' Milton's house is as fun as the nutrition side of a cereal box. "I have the newest Saw movie!"

30 minutes later, everyone is huddled in Milton's living room where the previews start. The seating arrangement is very strange: Jerry, Eddie, Milton, Kim, Jack, and Kristen.

"If I get scared, will you hold me?"

I want to tear her head off and throw it in the woods behind Milton's house…

"Uh, sure," Jack says. Kim rolls her eyes as the movies starts. At every semi-scary part, Kristen squeals and holds Jack. Jack, being the nice guy he is, holds her until the 'scary' part is over. Jack looks over to Kim and mouths: "Help me!" Kim smiles and mouths back, "Sorry; you'll need the Jaws of Life to get her off of you!"

Truth to told, Kim would walk all the way to Africa or wherever the Jaws of Life is, walk back and get Kristen the hell off of her man.

Her man? Where did that come from? Oh shut up you!

It takes a minute to sink in. Kim screams in her mind.

Holy shit, I'm in love with Jack!

Kim is mentally sorting out her thoughts instead of watching the movie and before it, the movie is over and Milton is kicking them out.


Kim looks up and sees Kristen standing above her. "Yes, Kris?" She asks.

"Stay away from Jack."

"And you want me to stay away from Jill too?"

"I didn't know you swing that way!"

"Shut up; and I don't."

"Whatever! Just stay away from Jack….or else!"

Kristen walks away slowly. Kim's mouth drops open.

I just got threatened! Oh hell no!