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Chapter Ten: Where Pete has a bright idea...

Pete was at the edge of the Warehouse before the water caught up with him. He stared blankly at it for a few moments- why was there water on the Warehouse floor?

'PETE!' It was an angry voice, turning he saw Artie rushing towards him, Claudia in his wake.

'What?' Pete said gently stomping his feet up and down in the water splashing his pant legs.

'What do you mean what? Look at the floor; we're not at the seaside here. What did you do!'

'Me? I didn't do anything!'

'Pete?' Claudia gave the agent her best Myka look.

'Well... I may have thrown something.'

'Thrown what?' Artie's voice was a growl.

'The Garaja Snow Globe.'

'Guys...' Claudia stared at the water and then off in the direction Pete had come.

'For the love of-! You threw an artefact? She really was right. It's a win if you don't go around licking things isn't it!'

'Guys...' There was a new urgency in her voice now but still both men ignored her.

'Who said that?' Pete asked petulantly.

'Myka!' Artie yelled. As the echo faded both Pete and Artie seemed to realise something.

'Guys!' Finally they turned to look at the girl. She waved her hands at them. 'How have you not worked this out? What in this warehouse has this amount of water in it and could be affected by the Snow Globe?'

'Myka!' Pete turned and slipping in the water ran back towards the life size Globe.

Which was broken. The Garaja Snow Globe lay unbroken on its side surrounded by shards of glass. As Claudia approached she saw Pete kneeling in the spreading water puddles and looking up at Myka. She was still a statue.

'Hmm... I wonder why that happened...' Artie mused nudging the broken glass with the toe of his shoe. Claudia glared at him.

'How do we fix her?' She asked. Both Pete and Artie gaped at her. 'Seriously. Again? She's out of the bubble dudes. Now all we need to do is get her out of being all Easter Island...'

There was a silence as both Artie and Pete thought this over.

'The Glove things...' Pete jumped to his feet suddenly looking younger, colour filling his previously grey face.

'Yes, Yes, Yes!' Claudia gripped his arm jumping up and down. 'The ones that turned those little gold frogs out all over the place...'

'And those weird crystal butterflies Myka had in her room.' Pete agreed. Artie groaned at the memory.

Both the butterflies and frogs had been ornaments at Leena's. Pete using the ancient gloves of Pygmalion and had given them life... It had taken them weeks to find all eight tiny frogs and they had never caught all of the butterflies...

'Pygmalion's gloves. That might work... Ovid recorded how the Goddess Venus blessed Pygmalion by turning his statue to flesh but not how he always wore gloves to touch her...'

'Artie!' Claudia and Pete called together bringing the man out of his reverie.

'We don't for certain that Myka is a statue.' Artie said in a cautionary tone. But he didn't sound convinced.

'So?' Claudia said gesturing towards the aisles of the Warehouse. Artie looked at her face and at the trapped woman. He made a decision.

'Oh! Yes- go! Go!' Artie allowed himself a quick smile as Claudia and Pete raced away. 'Okay then Myka. We're gonna try something here...'


There had been a crack and a rushing of water. Then yelling. Myka had no idea what was going on, Pete and Claudia were jabbering and she couldn't understand them. It was Artie's voice which finally made things clear.

'Myka. We're gonna try something here...'

Then Pete and Claudia were back and wheezing. There was a mumbled discussion and then there was a hand on her shoulder.

She could feel a hand on her shoulder. She could feel. Suddenly pins and needles rushed through ever limb in her body, there were stabbing pains in her muscles and she felt herself fall forward. Instinctively she put her arms out to catch herself and they moved.

Pete had put on the glove and gently touched the statue-Myka's shoulder. Nothing had happened for a few moments and then shuddering the statue had breathed in. By the time she'd fallen forward she was Myka again. Soft and human. Pete caught her as she fell.

'Myka?' He couldn't make his voice louder than a whisper this was too much like a dream...

'Pete?' Myka opened her eyes.

And immediately shut them against the light. Blinking she managed to look at her partner, there were tears on his face.

'Pete!' She was pulled roughly into a rib crushing hug. She took a deep breath and breathed in the smell of him. 'Pete...'

Before Myka could say anything else she was dragged away by an ecstatic Claudia. She met Pete's eyes over the girls shoulder, he seemed to colour under her gaze.


The shower felt amazing. Myka couldn't believe how glad she was to be able to wash and stretch. Being stuck in a glass ball for 11 days had not done her personal hygiene any good. There was no way of explaining how glad she felt at being able to move and see again. Spinning under the hot water Myka thought over the last few days of freedom.

Pete. He was avoiding being alone with her. It hadn't taken her long to work that out; he'd dashed off to get Leena moments after she'd gotten out of the Globe and then stolidly stuck with either her or Steve since. Even last night, at a long celebratory meal he'd kept his distance. Myka's mind kept coming back to the flush on his face as their eyes had met moments after her escape. He was embarrassed.

She was also remembering what Pete had said to her. Doing that made her heart race.

Back in her room, Myka pulled on sweat pants and a vest top. As she did so she realised how grateful she was not to have to wear her suit for any longer. It would take her a while to want to wear it again. Brushing her hair she tried to make sense of the muddle of emotions she'd had since hearing Pete say he loved her.

She was in love with him.

That was true. There was no way round that. She'd realised it the first time they'd nearly lost him. The idea of not having Pete in her life was unpalatable.

But Myka was good at ignoring things and the emotion had stayed shoved back in her mind. Somehow intangibly linked to it was the idea that Pete saw her as a sister. Now she knew that wasn't true. But like Pete, losing their friendship, had always been too scary to risk saying anything.

And yet. Even not acting on their emotions seemed to be driving them apart.
It was still early and Myka decided to try and fix it.

She knocked on Pete's door. There was no answer so she knocked again. Inside she heard a mumbled response. Swinging her arms and taking a couple of quick lungs full of air she pushed his door open.

He was in bed. Face down and apparently half naked. Time to be brave, Myka thought and jumped on the empty half of the bed. She sat with her back against the headboard legs under here.

Roused by the gloing-gloing sound of the springs and the bouncing of the bed Pete looked up.



Pete sat up yanking the sheet around him as he for the first he could ever remember was embarrassed to be topless.