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Chapter Eleven: Where there are things to talk about...

'What are you doing in here?' Pete pulled a face at the crossed legged Myka.

'There are things we need to talk about.'

'I'm sure we could do that when we're both awake and... you know- not naked.'

'No Pete. I know you and right now it's either talk about this or...' She shifted so she was kneeling on the bed facing him. Damp hair clinging to her face. 'Or we stop talking at all. You switch partners... and that's it. Game over.'

'Hey no! Not gonna happen...' Pete had dropped the sheet to grip Myka's arms as he spoke. But as the moment he finished he seemed to realise what was happening and pulled away.

'Then let's talk about it. Please.'

'Myka...' He swung his legs off of the bed and jumped to his feet. He was wearing boxers and nothing else. Myka very deliberately looked at his face.


'Can we forget about it? I was upset. I thought you were gone.' His voice was pleading.

'So you didn't mean it?' She was still kneeling on the bed and Pete had to catch his breath just looking at her. He'd imagined her in his bed a lot of times and his imagination had never done her justice. Hair damp, face free of make-up and her brown eyes shining she was totally beautiful.

'No... I mean yes. I meant it Myka. But it'll be better if we forget about it. Yes it'll be awkward but we push through it, we're good at pushing through... I'm not gonna switch partners. Steve's okay but that thing with the lying...'

'This is so typical of you Pete Lattimer. Tell a girl you love her and don't give her the opportunity to say it back.' There Myka thought. I've said it now.

'... it's really annoying.' Pete froze one hand above his head in mid flow. 'Wait. What? Say what back?'

'I love you...' It was a whisper. Myka froze as she said it. Now was where they found out. Make or break time.

'Myka?' She looked up from the sheets. Pete wrinkled his forehead in the expression she knew was a question. She nodded. Heart thundering so hard she could feel it in her toes she waited.

Then he smiled. It was the grin she had fallen for to begin with, the one usually only six year olds have.

Pete punched the air in triumph. He did a little dance and then punched the air again.

Myka who had slid off the bed and walked round to face him watched the victory display for a moment before saying.

'Hey remember me?'

'Of course!' Pete picked her up and spun her in a wide circle. She was both laughing and dizzy when he put her down and so Myka couldn't help but staggering into his arms. Meeting his eyes she instinctively tilted her face up to his. Their lips met and the hammering in Myka's toes turned to butterflies.

'Wow.' She said as they pulled apart.

'Definitely.' Pete responded. For the first time in weeks, his mind was quiet. It had been full of a continual stream of thoughts ever since he'd read Myka's goodbye note... Now all he could think was that he'd just kissed Myka. Myka!

'No I mean, seriously wow! You're a good kisser.'

'Better than you expected?' Pete asked pulling a face.

'Much... Ow!' Myka swatted at Pete as he pinched her side. But instead of letting her go Pete pulled her to him. She responded by sliding her arms around his neck and kissing him again. This time the kiss deepened and as they pulled away both agents were breathless.

'Erm... Pete?'


'Y'think...' Myka paused blushing slightly.

'Put some pants on?' Pete said pulling away nodding.

'And a shirt. Yeah.'

'Too intense?' He said grimacing.

'Really.' As Pete grabbed some jeans and a t-shirt Myka sat back on the bed.

'We can do this right?' He said as he turned back to face her, now dressed.

'Do what?' Myka said grinning as he settled down next to her.

'This...' He gestured between the two of them.

'You mean work together and have a relationship... I mean not that this... is it? A relationship right? Not just...'She trailed off and gazed at Pete.

'Calm down Carrie Bradshaw. I'm not just after your body. I'm not that guy.'

'I know that.' Myka said managing to make a sentence at last. 'It's just a lot... And you said it, when I was in the globe. Our friendship, our partnership it works. We're good together. It's too special to risk.'

'Again- Calm! Wasn't I the one freaking out a minute ago?'

'I seem to have caught it.' Myka said biting her lip.

'Did I really say all that?'

'I re-phrased a bit.'

Pete laughed and brushed a damp curl of hair out of Myka's face. They spent a long moment watching each other.

'Do you still find me annoying?' He asked and as she opened her mouth to object he clamped a hand over it. 'Yes or No.'

After a moment Myka nodded. 'Do you still think and I quote 'it's a win if I don't lick an artefact'?' Again a nod. 'Good. Because I still think you're uptight and a book worm kiss ass.' Pete winced as Myka hit him. Although as he removed his hand from her mouth he continued: 'Which is what makes us work I think.'

Myka took a moment to take all of that in. 'I guess if we don't start acting all... mushy around one another.'

'Mushy? Me?' Pete said smiling.

'And we're honest about letting it affect our work... and our friendship.'

'We're not the first agents to do this Myks.'

'Then it'll work.'

'Panic over?' Pete asked he slid a hand into Myka's squeezing it gently.

'Yeah. You?'

'Pretty much. So, can I kiss you again now?'

Smiling Myka nodded.


'Are you sure you were okay to go out?' Artie asked Myka. It was two weeks since she'd been rescued from the Globe. Three days ago Claudia and Steve had headed out on the case of an invisibility cloak... however ridiculous that sounded. So Artie had needed Myka and Pete to go find out what was starting fires all over Salt Lake City.

'I'm fine.' Myka smiled. Pete was stood behind her and he nodded, without her seeing, too.

Claudia had told Artie that something was going on between them before she'd left. He wasn't surprised. Anyone who had seen Pete after Myka had left would have known how he felt about her. And it was obvious, they stood slightly too close together and over those first few days they'd vanished off into the South Dakota badlands for 'hikes' several times.

'Hey Artie.' Pete said in a teasing tone of voice, jerking the older man out of his train of thought. 'Claudia told me Dr. Vanessa has been visiting... a lot.'

'I wouldn't, if I were you...' Artie gave them both a slow look. 'Tease me about my love life. People in glass houses and all that.'

The two agents exchanged a look and Myka flushed.

'We were going to talk to you about it.' She stammered.

'I know. But don't worry. I'm glad. Just don't let it... Well. Be careful.' Artie gave them another long look which said a lot more than his words did. They both nodded.

As they left for Leena's he smiled. In fact he wasn't worried. If this case had gone badly then he would have been bothered. But it hadn't. In fact it was the same as ever before. Pete touching things he shouldn't and with Myka yelling at him for it. He'd even heard several terse conversations over the Farnsworth while they'd been away.

Whilst they weren't flaunting the new relationship it was obviously working. Whatever had changed between them it, thankfully, hadn't been the dynamic. As if to prove it, Artie heard them start bickering in the umbilical and smiled again.

They were still Pete and Myka.