A/N: This is very short, I know, but I thought of this earlier and I just had to share it with you.

They were at Kurt's house, hanging out in his room, with the house all to themselves. They weren't really doing anything though as Blaine had abruptly stopped during a very heated make-out session, apparently afraid someone would walk in on one of his more undapper moments.

So Kurt was just lying on his bed, flipping through the latest issue of Vogue while Blaine perused some of Kurt's older pictures on his laptop. He didn't think he really had anything to worry about until…

"Kurt…" Blaine said in an odd tone of voice. "What's this?"

Kurt glanced over at the computer sitting in Blaine's lap then did a double take and groaned as he saw what it was.

"Ugh… No no no no!" he exclaimed, shutting the laptop and snatching it away from Blaine before hiding his face in his pillows. "You weren't supposed to see that."

Blaine laughed. "Why not? I thought you looked quite sexy."

Kurt lifted his head slightly and turned to face Blaine. "Really?" he asked in a small voice. "You're not just saying that?"

Blaine smiled. "Would I do such a thing?"

"Well," Kurt contemplated as he sat up, "I guess not."

Blaine leaned forward and kissed Kurt on the forehead, rubbing his back.

Then his thoughts seemed to shift slightly. "So," Blaine said, his voice a notch lower, "you were a Cheerio, huh?"

Looking up, Kurt saw Blaine's lust-filled eyes and an idea came to mind.

"Yeah," he said as he inched closer. "And I've come to be quite flexible."

"Interesting…" Blaine said as Kurt climbed into his lap.

Kurt leaned down to Blaine's ear and whispered. "Would you like me to show you?"

Blaine growled, fucking growled, before he flipped the two of them over and started ravishing Kurt's neck, making Kurt laugh before he was cut off by his own moans of pleasure.

Again, sorry it's so short, but I thought that ending was just adorable; I couldn't bring myself to mar it with my horrid excuses for smut.