Disclaimer: Star Trek and its characters do not belong to me. Though I wish I could have Spock! ;)

Author's Note: Ah, yes. A new fandom. I've been watching Star Trek (the 2009 movie as well as the original episodes) and absolutely adore Spock/Uhura. Plus I might have a tiny crush on Spock (Zachary Quinto simply radiated sexuality in the movie!). I must have a thing for non-humans (Beast Boy, anyone? Yum!).

A is for Air

"Lieutenant!" A tall Vulcan man pulled his face away from the face of the woman who he held in his arms. His almost-black eyes flew open as gasps escaped his mouth.

The woman smiled up at him. Her brown eyes glittered, and her dark skin shifted as her mouth stretched into a mischievous grin. She spoke. "Yes, Spock?"

Spock's breathing was heavy. "I...I need air. I need to catch my breath." The corners of his mouth turned up slightly when he was able to inhale and exhale properly.

Nyota Uhura rested her head on Spock's chest and listened to his breathing. "Sorry." She mumbled as she pressed her forehead against his cheek.

Reaching under her face, Spock hooked a finger under Nyota's chin. He raised her face so he could look into her eyes. "It is not logical for you to apologize. My lack of breath is an indirect result of my primal urge to kiss you." He pressed his lips together before continuing. "And, I assume, your urge to kiss me."

Grasping the back of Spock's neck with her slender hands, Nyota pulled the Vulcan's face close to hers. "How could I not want to kiss you?"

"I could think of several logical reasons. Primarily, most humans do not find Vulcans attractive. Secondly..."

Spock was cut off when Nyota's mouth was pressed against his own. He moved his arms so they were wrapped tightly around her body. He felt her move against him, and it sparked something like a fire in his unusually colored blood. As he kissed her, he knew that only she could do this to him.

Why a human? His Vulcan, logical subconscious asked.

Because she is Nyota Uhura. His human half replied blissfully.