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Chapter 6: Playing a Player

Lola sat down in front of the vampire working the bar with a huff and dug out her wallet from her purse. The vampire smirked when she pulled out her license and handed it over to him.

"Looks like someone knows the routine, how refreshing." He says nodding before handing it back to her.

"Yeah well I've"

"Never seen such a cool place? Hey sugar, names Joey." A tan clean-cut southern boy plopped down next to Lola and offered a hand. The bartender rolled his eyes, unfortunately familiar with this 'player'. Noticing his reaction Lola decided to play along. 'What the hell, if this guy gives me grief I can always get Pam.' She smiles and shakes his hand.

"Lola, pleasure to meet ya." She says and turns back to the bartender.

"So what's a fine young thing like you doing all alone in a fang bar?" Joey leans over and asks in her ear. She raises an eyebrow and smirks.

"What makes ya think I'm alone?" She asks and towards the bartender she asks; "can I get four shots a whiskey and a shot a spicy Morgan in one glass?" The vampire smirks and starts mixing the drink.

"Oh come on sugah, ya ain't gotta poison yerself on my account. Give'er a shot a brandy that autta be enough fer ya." Joey says and puts a hand on Lola's hand. Lola shook her head and the vampire ignored his order. She slid her hand out from under Joey's and sighs.

"Listen, I was gonna humor your lil' game fer a bit but don't think you got a chance after trying to mess with my drink." She gives the bartender fifteen dollars when hands her the drink she ordered. Joey was unfortunately a bit slow, and wrapped his arm around Lola pulling her towards him.

"Now just a minute there baby,"

"I believe the young lady said she is not interested." 'Oh lovely,' Lola thought recognizing the voice. Joey however didn't want to give up his latest 'catch' so easily. He turned around and faced Eric with a set jaw.

"I don't think this concerns you, sir. Ya got plenty of women in here so why don't you go bother someone else." Joey says making Eric smirk in amusement at the man's bravery.

"Allow me to rephrase; your not her type, human." He looks pointedly towards Lola, making her frown.

"And I suppose you are then?"

"Hardly, I have a dick." 'He did not just, that fuckin asshole!'

"Oh, huh well ya don't say? Sorry sir but I don't see how,"

"Pam, baby." 'I can't believe this ass.'

"You called,"

'I can't believe I'm gonna do this.' Lola thought before planting a wet one on a confused Pam's lips. With a smirk the vampiress reached over and squeezed the little Texan's ass making her squeek. Lola broke the kiss and glared at Joey, who shrugged.

"Well if ya wanna try something different let me know, see ya." After he was gone Lola turned to Eric and smacked his arm. He smirked in response.

"Is this how you show gratitude?"

"I coulda handled tha' by muh self, ya'll did'n need ta make me a lez!"

"Oh look, she's blushing." Pam said then threw an arm around Lola's waist. "Before any more snake charmers show up, I'm gonna take my 'lover' back home." Pam says to Eric with a wink making the poor girl blush crimson. She grabbed her drink order and downed the whole thing in one swig.

"Impressive." Eric said when she didn't show any signs of discomfort. Lola rolled her eyes at him and threw her own arm around Pam's waist.

"C'mon Pam."

As both girls left Eric couldn't help but think 'this girl might be just as much fun as Sookie.' He walked back over to his throne and sat down, motioning for one of his fans to come over.

Back at Lola's

"So how we gonna do this? There some spell we gotta say to bind eachother?"

"Not really, just exchange blood. I myself like to feed while I fuck, it tastes better."

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