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"It's been chaotic in the streets...With Goblin and Shredder gone, the gangs are disintegrating...going into chaos..." a large man with white skin said, standing by an older man with a right arm made of metal, looking a figure in a large tube in front of them.

"And?" the older man asked, seemingly unconcerned.

"I give you a lot of money for what you do," the white skinned man said, "And I expect results."

"And you get them. Have I ever lead you wrong, Lincoln?" the older man said, adjusting a lever. The figure inside the tube spasmed, screaming, but no sound coming out towards the two.

"I suppose you haven't, Kessler..." Lincoln sighed, "But need something I can use, to make sure people remember who The Big Man is here. If I can strike quickly enough, then I can control this city."

"Isn't this something you normally go to Osborn for?" Kessler asked, "He provides you with those 'super soldiers.' I'm still developing the Ray Sphere device."

"Osborn's disappeared. I can't find him..." Lincoln scowled, "Disappeared off the map...Same time Goblin disappeared."

"They're one and the same," Kessler said idly, "And he'll be back."

"I figured out that much," Lincoln said, the scowl still on his face, "I can't believe he was under my nose this entire time..."

"And now you want a new super soldier...someone who can lead your minions into taking over the underground of the city?" Kessler asked, "In exchange for what?"

"More funding for the First Sons, of course," Lincoln answered, "Along with more support against this...Beast, you speak of."

Kessler moved another lever, focusing on the controls, another spasm of energy into the person in the tube.

"There is only one person who can stop The Beast when he comes..." Kessler said, "...But more funding will help speed up the process. It is a deal then. You will have him."

Kessler waved his real hand towards the man in the tube, "His name is Malik. A very powerful Conduit, if my tests are any indication. He will work for you."

Lincoln smiled darkly, looking at the man in the tube, "Excellent then..."

Deep within the sewers of New York City, four brothers of an unusual origin congregated in their home.

"You really expect us to believe you're a Teen Titan now?" Raphael asked, looking skeptical at his brother Michelangelo.

"Yah, I even fought Robin! I beat him too! Though he was mind controlled so that doesn't really count, but still!" Mikey said with a grin, producing his Titans Communicator, "And see, I have proof."

"Looks like some cheap toy," Raphael smirked.

"Well, what about the news?" Mikey said, "It was all over the place! Five other heroes saved the Teen Titans!"

"Turtle Titan was one the heroes they said helped..." Donatello pointed out, "Though they didn't get a photograph..."

"Oh, there were photos!" Mikey said, "Starfire said she wanted one of all of us."

"As it is, it's good to know we have allies," Leonardo finally spoke up, "The gangs in New York are going crazy, with Green Goblin gone and the Foot pulling out..."

"Oh, that reminds me, I'm going out tonight!" Mikey said suddenly, turning from his brothers and rifling through his bag, beginning to pull out his Turtle Titan costume, "Spider-Man and I are going patrolling! Cool, huh?"

"I don't know Mikey...that sounds dangerous," Leonardo said, frowning.

"I don't trust that spider guy," Raphael muttered, "Seems fishy to me."

"You read too much Bugle," Donatello spoke up, "He's never been accused by anyone else of wrong doing."

"Besides, gangs will be easy to deal with after fighting demons!" Mikey said, then paused as his three brothers turned to him.

"What? Didn't I tell you about the Winchesters? Man, Casey and Dean would get along great," Mikey chuckled.

Night, and a red and blue figure swung through the air, coming to a stop on a water tower.

"So, are you my sidekick then?" Spider-Man grinned, looking down at Turtle Titan, who was swinging his grappling hook idly, "Friendly Neighborhood Spider and Turtle."

"No way, you're my sidekick," Mikey chuckled, "Though, I haven't really done much patrolling before...so I'll let you take the lead."

"Of course," Spider-Man said, dropping down and landing by Mikey, "And thanks for helping out. I'm usually doing these sorts of things solo. Good to have back up."

"Anytime!" Mikey said, "Let's go!"

The two swung off into the night, moving through the streets, determined to try and keep the gang fights to a minimum.

They came to a stop over a large warehouse, glancing inside, seeing several figures gathered within the dusty confines.

"Looks like we found a party," Spider-Man said, peering inside, listening closely.

There were two groups. One of them looked like regular street punks, several of them with purple tattoos of a dragon. In front of them was a very large man with blond hair, pulled into a ponytail, wearing a black coat with torn off sleeves.

One the other side were men in strange yellow suits, almost looking like beekeepers.

"What's with these guys?" Michelangelo wondered, "Collecting honey?"

"Don't know...never tangled with anyone like them..." Spider-Man answered, shaking his head, pulling out a camera, taking pictures now.

"Do you have what we asked for?" one of the beekeepers asked.

The large blond man smirked, nodding his head, turning and pointing towards a very large crate, which was surrounded by several of his goons.

"Yah...right here...You got what we want?" the man asked, a large grin on his face.

The beekeeper nodded, turning and waving his hand. Several others stepped forward, opening a smaller crate, showing several unusual looking guns.

"Whatever those are, we shouldn't let the Purple Dragons get their hands on them!" Turtle Titan said, turning to Spider-Man, who nodded.

"Let's take them down," Spider-Man said, sticking his camera to the glass ceiling, to take pictures

They jumped down, Spider-Man going right, towards the beekeepers, as Turtle Titan swung left towards the Purple Dragons.

"Sorry, but is this a private function?" Spider-Man wondered, swinging forward and knocking back one of the beekeepers with a swinging kick.

"Geez Hun, you really know how to throw a party!" Michelangelo laughed, knocking down a Purple Dragon with a swing of his shield, the large blond man growing angry.

"It's one of those turtles! Purple Dragons, destroy it!" Hun yelled, running forward and grabbing a gun from the crate the beekeepers had produced, aiming it at Turtle Titan.

"Nuh-uh-uh!" Spider-Man said, webbing the gun and pulling it out of Hun's hands, throwing it at a beekeeper, "You're not responsible enough to play with these toys!"

"AIM, get what we came for, and let's leave!" one of the beekeepers yelled, the others nodding, several running towards the large crate the Purple Dragons had brought.

"Not so fast!" Turtle Titan shouted, jumping forward and pulling out his nunchucks, swinging them around.

There was a blast of energy, one of the AIM members firing a laser blast from their guns, sending Michelangelo flying backwards, landing in a heap on the ground.

"Owwww..." Mikey muttered, struggling to get up.

"Got you now, turtle scum!" Hun yelled, slamming his foot down on Mikey's shell, trying to grind the turtle into the ground.

"Let go of him!" Spider-Man yelled, swinging at Hun, only for another laser blast to hit him, sending him flying into a crumbled heap on the ground.

"Ugh...looks like...we crashed the wrong party..." Mikey muttered, the two unable to move now, as several AIM members began to gather towards Spider-Man.

"Check the cargo!" the head AIM member yelled, and several of them produced crowbars, to open up the crate.

Wood splintered, and it opened with a loud bang, revealing a strange pod. It had a glass-like window on it, frosted over.

One of the AIM members held up a device, pointing it at the window. The ice began to defrost, and everyone looked as they saw a blonde haired woman in the pod, either dead or unconscious.

She had a green shirt on, burned and ripped in various places, along with camouflage pants, and like her shirt, was burned and ripped here and there. The rest of her seemed fine, however.

"Who is that?" Spider-Man wondered, as the AIM member began to scan the ship and the woman inside.

"Is it...?" one of them asked, in a hushed whisper.

"Yes...it is..." the one who scanned her said, barely contained glee in his voice, "This is exactly what we need!"

"Then let's move her out!" an AIM member yelled.

As they scrambled, leaving Turtle Titan and Spider-Man for the Purple Dragons, the ceiling suddenly crashed open, a red and yellow figure slamming into the ground, looking up at the villains assembled here.

"So it was AIM I tracked here. Along with some punks," the robotic looking figure said, "And...a giant turtle? And Spider-Man? That's...odd..."

"Iron Man!" an AIM member yelled, "We weren't expecting you!"

"Always expect the unexpected!" Iron Man declared, firing his repulser beams, knocking back AIM members left and right, turning and attacking the Purple Dragons as well.

"At least I'll still have the fun of killing one turtle!" Hun yelled, picking up Michelangelo, growling at the turtle.

"Iron Man, help Turtle Titan!" Spider-Man yelled, struggling to get up. Iron Man paused, then nodded, flying at Hun, knocking Michelangelo out of the Purple Dragon leader's grip, slamming him into a wall.

"Grrr...Purple Dragons, retreat!" Hun yelled, as he got up. The Purple Dragons turned, staring at Iron Man.

"No, stay and fight!" an AIM member yelled, "We can defeat these heroes, together!"

Iron Man chuckled, shaking his head, "Yah...about that..."

Another crash from the ceiling, and a larger metallic being landed in the warehouse, silver in color, with weapons all about it's design.

"Now you have to deal with War Machine as well!" the silver figure declared, shoulder rockets activating, preparing to fire.

"...Retreat!" the AIM member yelled, as the villains began to run.

"Are we going after them?" War Machine asked Iron Man, turning to his friend.

"No, we have to help these guys...and turtle...whatever," Iron Man said, then walked over to Spider-Man, helping him up, "Spider-Man huh? I've heard about you..."

"If it's from the Daily Bugle, don't believe a word they said," Spider-Man chuckled, rubbing his head, "Man...what hit me, a train?"

"Biometric neutralizer," Iron Man answered, "And...is that cloth, your suit? And you survived a direct hit?"

"Spiders are tough," Spider-Man shrugged, "And I think it's a cotton polyester blend, actually..."

Iron Man just shook his head, amazed, as War Machine approached Turtle Titan.

"That is one...interesting costume..." he commented, helping Michelangelo up.

"Thanks!" Mikey said, grinning, "A friend of mine helped me pick it out."

"I...see..." War Machine paused, "Why the turtle gimmick though? Or the turtle suit?"

Mikey paused, then laughed, shaking his head, "What? No, I'm a teenage mutant ninja turtle! Who's also a superhero!"

"Come on, we need to see if whoever's in that ship thing is okay..." Spider-Man mentioned, hobbling over to the opened crate, the window beginning to frost over again.

"I'm picking up a heartbeat...it's faint, but...wait..." Iron Man said, checking his scanners, "No...It's...two heartbeats. Yah...two sets of beats. Two heartbeats."

"Two? Is there someone else in there?" War Machine asked.

"Not that my scanner can tell," Iron Man said, shaking his head, "I think I can get her out though. Computer, can you access...whatever this is thing?"

There was a pause, and Iron Man nodded, "Good. Okay, can we release whoever this is safely?...Good, do it."

There was a hiss, and the ship began to open slowly, warming as the ship opened up, steam issuing from the contents.

After a few moments the steam dissipated, and the young woman's eyes fluttered, groaning slightly as she revived.

"Where am I...?" she muttered, "Who are all of you?"

"Is she British?" Spider-Man wondered, scratching his head, "Or what?"

"Hmmmm?" the woman muttered, then got up slowly, taking a few shaking steps forward, "Is this Earth...?"

"Uhhh...yah...New York City, to be specific..." War Machine answered, "Where...where are you from?"

"New York City...?" the woman said, rubbing her head, "Seems like my navigation did get wonky...I wanted London..."

She paused, then shook her head again, still getting her bearings, "And I'm from...well, I'm from the stars, let's just say that. I'm looking for something...and for someone."

"And what's that?" Iron Man wondered, scanning the woman. She looked human, but his scanners were telling him otherwise. She had two hearts, for one.

"A man called The Doctor," the woman answered, "I've been chasing after him, trying to find him...But in the meantime I look for adventure...New things to find, to explore...and to run very fast from."

The young woman grinned, then shook, nearly falling before she righted herself, "I guess I need to sit down a bit...Oh...and my name...you can call me Jenny."

"Well...I guess we should get you to someplace safe, Jenny," Iron Man suggested, "We'd like to help you..."

"Oh, thank you!" Jenny smiled, "I would appreciate that."

"Oh, I know where we can take her!" Michelangelo grinned, thinking of the perfect place.

He just hoped April wouldn't mind the unexpected house guests...

"So I called the others," April sighed, sitting down in a chair, staring at the two in her living room. There was Michelangelo, who April was use to, but stuck to the wall was Spider-Man. Earlier Iron Man and War Machine had been there, dropping off the strange woman, but then left, having other things to deal with.

A shower was running in April's bathroom, Jenny cleaning herself up, April lending her some clean clothes as well.

"Any clue on who this Doctor is?" Spider-Man wondered, as April walked over to a computer in the living room, sitting down at it.

"Jenny didn't tell me much...Said he was a wanderer...and her father," April answered, typing at the computer, "I get a few conspiracy websites looking around about him, but it'll take me some time to sort through everything..."

"I can have Donny do some checking too when we get back to the Lair!" Michelangelo suggested, sitting on the couch, munching some pizza April had in her fridge.

"Well, keep me posted," Spider-Man said, landing on the floor, heading for the window, "I gotta get going."

"Gotcha!" Mikey grinned, giving Spider-Man a thumbs up, "I'll give you a call on the Titans communicator! Oh, April, did you know? I'm a Teen Titan!"

"I know Mikey. You've only told me every time we've seen each other since you got back..." April sighed, shaking her head, as Spider-Man left via window, webbing away.

Michelangelo just grinned, leaning back in his couch, now just waiting for his brothers and Sensei.

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