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Cole whistled, impressed as he looked around. An emergency S.H.I.E.L.D. base for agents, buried in New York City under the guise of some abandoned buildings and overgrown lots. No one else was here, excepting himself and Steve Rogers, who was over at a large wall covered in various pieces of paper and pictures, several strings connecting various ones.

It had several rooms, including a few recreational places, a small gym, rooms for sleeping, and a command center with a large table and several computers. It had it's own power supply, the lights on above them. Cole shook his head, almost feeling the energy surge around the area, his mind going back to the hospital. He wondered what was going on

"So... Rogers..." Cole said, staring at the man now. He looked an awful lot like the pictures of Captain America, excepting the more modern clothes he was wearing. Perhaps he was some descendant, but Cole had never heard of Captain America having any kids, "Can I call Trish and Zeke now?"

"Certainly," Steve Rogers nodded, indicating a phone by a console, "I'd recommend using that. Secure line."

Cole nodded, stepping towards the phone. He reached to grab it then cried out, electricity sparking from the console, jumping into him. Cole stumbled backwards, shaking his head.

"What the hell was that?!" Cole yelled. He was unharmed, staring down at his hands. Steve Rogers frowned, but didn't seem alarmed.

"You're a meta-human," Steve answered after a moment, "The Ray Sphere... S.H.I.E.L.D. suspected that, I guess you're confirmation."

Cole shook his head, "I'm... a mutant?"

Steve frowned a little at the word, shaking his head, "Whatever you call it, you have powers now. You didn't before all this, right?"

Cole nodded, "Yah. Believe me, having lightning powers would have been really helpful in some situations."

Steve was quiet for a moment, "Alright then. It looks like you completely drained this console. Let's see what else you can do." Steve then turned, heading out of the command room. Cole paused for a moment then followed, Rogers stopping in a small shooting range within the S.H.I.E.L.D. base.

"This will work," Rogers said, flipping the power on to the room, pointing towards some of the targets on the range, "Why don't you try focusing your lightning at the targets?"

Cole raised an eyebrow, intrigued at the idea. He held up his hands, focusing, trying to feel his electricity. Sparks began to crackle around his hands, and Cole held it up, aiming towards one of the man sized targets.

A bolt of lightning shot from his hand... missing the target and hitting the wall, blackening it slightly.

"Looks like you need to practice," Steve said, "But we can worry about that later."

Cole nodded, then checked his phone in the pocket of his bag.

"I have a charge here... But no bars," Cole frowned, "Guess that makes sense, being underground."

Steve frowned, "From what I understand, those can be traced. I won't stop you from making a call, but you should be aware that someone might be listening in."

Cole paused. Rogers had a point, something Cole himself hadn't considered. Whoever this Kessler was... They had asked for him specifically. They had wanted him to deliver that package and be there at ground zero.

"I need to contact Trish and Zeke," Cole said, "But you're right... I could put them in danger."

Captain Steve Rogers paused for a moment, then snapped his fingers, "We can find them the old fashioned way. Any place you think you could find them?"

Cole was quiet, thinking. "Trish... she'd be at the hospital. Not the one we came from, the one she works at. In a situation like this, she'd be doing everything she could to help. It's pretty far from here though."

"And Zeke?" Rogers asked.

"Closer. Definitely. He'd be up on the roof of our apartment building," Cole answered, "I think just a few blocks from here."

"Then let's go," Steve said, "Though first, I need to suit up..."

"The trail leads this way," Iron Man, holding unto Jenny as they flew across New York City, "Heading towards the nearest hospital... Wait, what's that?"

Iron Man stopped, hovering the air as they saw what looked like a fight on the rooftops. Several figures clad in black, wielding swords, nunchucks, bos, and other various weapons were darting around. Two strange figures stood back to back between them, one looked like a large humanoid turtle, the other a young teenage boy in blue armor...

"Pepper, what am I looking at?" Tony asked, talking to Pepper over his suit's private comm channel. "Those guys in black... they look like the guys Rhodey and I found trying to steal the Iron Man armor data at Stark Towers." *1

"Ummm... let me see..." Pepper said, "Okay! Yah, those are The Foot, some kind of weird ninja group, but those two in the middle... Is that a turtle?"

"We're going to find out," Tony said, then turned to Jenny, turning his outer speakers back on, "I'm going to set you down on another roof, then I'm going to help those two."

"I can help too..." Jenny said, frowning as Tony flew downwards, letting Jenny down on an opposite roof away from the fight.

"Sorry, I'm the one in armor," Tony said, then shot across the buildings, heading right for the fight!

Leonardo parried a sword with his own, knocking The Foot Ninja backwards as Mega Man fired a blast, sending another stumbling.

A repulsor blast fired from the sky, sending other Foot Ninja back, Iron Man landing on the rooftop as well.

"Alright, I think it's time you ninjas got out of here..." Iron Man said. The ninjas looked towards each other, then shot their hands out, sending out swathes of smoke, cutting down visibility.

"Computer, get rid of this smoke!" Tony ordered. His suit shifted slightly, and sent some blasts of air out, clearing the smoke from the rooftops. The ninja were gone, but Leonardo and Mega Man stood there, staring at Iron Man.

"You're Iron Man!" Mega Man shouted, running forward, "You're a hero... My father always said you were..."

"Heh... thanks kid," Iron Man said, then looked towards Leonardo, "Ummm... Turtle Titan? Aren't you working with Spider-Man?"

Leonardo looked confused for a moment, when understanding dawned on him, "Oh... that's my brother. My name is Leonardo."

Leonardo sheathed his swords now, "Have you encountered the Foot before?"

"Once before," Iron Man answered, "I've heard of them though, but they're usually not on my radar."

Leonardo nodded. He didn't like being out in the open like this, but he recognized the need for allies in a situation like this, and any help they could get would be appreciated, "I see. Thank you then. We can handle things now."

"I think we should stick together."

The three turned, Jenny grinning as she leaned against the entrance way to the building from the roof.

"How did you get over here?" Iron Man asked. Jenny just smiled as she stepped forward.

"Girl's gotta have some secrets," Jenny said.

"Ohhh, I like her," Pepper said over Iron Man's communications, Tony just frowning beneath his suit.

"We're tracking down someone," Jenny said, "Possibly the source of the blast that has this city under lock down. We could use some more help."

"Of course!" Mega Man said, nodding, "We'd be happy to help! We gotta set things right."

Leonardo was quiet, frowning still. Teaming up with others, with these heroes... it was more Mikey's thing. Leo wanted to help, do what he could for others, but whatever was going on...

He was a ninja. Stick to the shadows, to the darkness. But still... these three weren't instantly against him because he was different. The world was becoming different then how Master Splinter said it once was. Heroes of all kinds... Mikey, as Turtle Titan, had become known as a Teen Titan, a hero in Jump City, and now in New York City.

Certainly there were others that still thought them monsters, villains even. But others... that bike courier he had helped, when he had met Rock. The courier had expressed gratitude towards him, didn't seem to care about his appearance. Rock and his sister Roll didn't seem to be concerned about their appearances either...

"...Alright then," Leonardo finally said, "I will give what help that I can..."

"That was... strange..." Harry said as he stepped out from a doorway, Scott and Ramona right behind him. They were in a completely different alleyway now, and Harry turned to them, seeing the doorway had vanished. Normally this would bring a lot questions, but Harry just decided it was best not to ask for now.

"...Can that get you out of the city?" Harry asked after a moment, "Using those doorways?"

Scott and Ramona shared a glance, then shook their heads.

"Normally, yes, it could," Ramona answered, "But we've tried, whatever that red barrier is, it's stopping anyway to get out of the city."

Harry sighed, but nodded, "Right... Oh well, we can't leave yet anyways. Something is going on here, and people are in danger."

Scott grinned, "Exactly!"

Suddenly they heard a loud noise, brick and stone exploding outwards unto the street, and a voice laughing from it.

"Hahahaha! Man, this is too easy!" a large man in what looked to be a rhino costume laughed, holding up sacks of money, "With Spider-Man and those other heroes too busy helpin' others, I can really clean up."

"Ohhhh!" Scott said, his eyes alight, "This looks like fun!"

Ramona rolled her eyes, Harry just frowning as Scott charged towards the man.

"You Americans are strange," Harry commented to Ramona.

"He's actually Canadian," Ramona responded, producing a large mallet from her bag and joining Scott.

"Hey! Big... rhino... guy!" Scott yelled, clenching his fist as he stared up at The Rhino, who just looked downwards.

"Huh? Kid, get out of my way!" The Rhino yelled, "I ain't got time for you!"

The Rhino took a few thundering footsteps, when Scott had leaped into the air, bringing his foot around to roundhouse kick the villain.

The Rhino smirked, the foot hitting the side of his head, and not even moving him. Scott gulped as Rhino grabbed him, spinning him around and slamming him into a street lamp.

"Sorry kid, but you shouldn't try to be a hero!" Rhino laughed, "Anyone else?"

"How about me?" Ramona yelled, racing forward and bringing her mallet upwards, swinging it wide. The Rhino grabbed the end, stopping it completely, surprising Ramona.

Harry waved his wand, and The Rhino felt himself suddenly float up into the air, letting go of the mallet, scrambling for the ground.

"Hey, O'Hirn! What's wrong?" a new voice shouted. A man made of sand came out of the bank now, money, jewels, and other precious items sticking out of him.

"Great... another one..." Ramona frowned, "I heard New York City had a super villain problem..."

The Rhino then crashed back into the ground, grumbling as he picked himself back up, glancing towards his partner in crime. "Just some annoying brats!"

"But not Spider-Man, huh?" Sandman grinned, pounding a fist into a palm, "We'll knock them out and then get out of here! We already made our big score!"

Scott rushed forward again, catching Sandman by surprise as he unleashed a flurry of punches, sending sand flying around him. Sandman focused, forming behind Scott now, grabbing the young man and throwing him backwards towards Rhino, who swatted Scott to the ground.

Ramona glared, swinging her mallet around and looking between the two super villains. Harry held up his wand, trying to remember a spell that might work on the two.

"Can you keep the sand guy distracted for a moment? I think I have something that may work on the rhino one..." Harry said to Ramona. The girl nodded, then charged towards Sandman. She swung her mallet around, bringing it to bear on Sandman, who ducked and weaved, avoiding the blows.

"Gonna need more then that little stick if you think you can fight me!" Rhino laughed at Harry, and charged.

"Petrificus Totalus!" Harry declared, pointing his wand at The Rhino. The villain locked up, arms moving to his side, legs stopping as his entire body became rigid, and he fell forward with a thud.

"What the?! What did you do?" The Rhino yelled, trying to move but finding himself unable to.

"O'Hirn!" Sandman yelled, knocking Ramona away. He rushed towards Harry, taking the wizard by surprise and slamming him into a wall, Harry dropping his wand to the ground.

"Fix him! Right now!" Sandman yelled, "Or I'm gonna pound you!"

"I can't..." Harry muttered, finding himself unable to move. He glanced towards his fallen wand, which had rolled a few feet away. Sandman didn't seem to notice his eyes, instead bringing his fist back to pound Harry.

Something flew from above, and Harry felt himself released as an object slashed through Sandman's arm that was keeping him pinned. He dove for his wand, grabbing it and getting back up as Sandman reformed his hand.

"What was that?!" Sandman yelled, then paused as he looked down the sidewalk, where another figure stood.

Clad in red, white, and blue, the figure idly caught the round shield that came back to him, slipping it on over his arm. The figure smirked a little.

"With powers like that, you could be doing a lot of good for the people of this city," Captain America said, shaking his head sadly, "Ever think about becoming a hero?"

"Woah! It's Captain America!" Sandman said, stepping backwards, "Waaaaiiit... I wasn't the best in school, but you were suppose to have died!"

"There were a lot of things I was suppose to have done..." Captain America said idly, "Now will you surrender peacefully?"

"No way!" The Rhino yelled now from the ground. He grunted, and managed to break free of his Body Binding Curse with an immense amount of effort, standing back up.

"Thanks for the help," Harry said towards Captain America, who nodded.

"Of course, it's the least I could do," Captain America said, lifting his shield up now. "You any good with that stick?"

"Not bad..." Harry answered, not quite sure he was having this conversation. Captain America was known in Britain as well, having taken down the H.Y.D.R.A. unit of the Nazis back during World War II, and essentially being the first super hero.

"Good... Let's take them down then," Captain America said, then charged forward.

From a roof, Cole watched them fight, frowning. He wanted to help, but he wasn't sure how he'd do against super villains. Even with his new powers, he just didn't know enough about them yet.

The Rhino charged at Captain America, who slid under the brute as they came close, slapping something unto the villain's chest as he slid by.

"What? Some kind of explosive?" The Rhino laughed, reaching for the device, "Like that's going to stop me!"

He grabbed for the device, when a powerful electric shock went through him, the device going off! The Rhino stumbled backwards, then shook his head, clearing it. He roared in anger, then charged Captain America!

Harry focused, waving his wand around as Sandman charged as well. As Sandman created weapons from his sand, Harry blasted them, sending sand flying around the street.

"Going to have to try harder then that!" Sandman laughed, "I can do this all day!"

Harry jumped suddenly, waving his wand and pointing it right at Sandman.

"Expulso!" Harry declared, and Sandman exploded, sending sand flying everywhere. Harry landed on the ground, rolling and getting to Scott and Ramona, who were picking themselves up now.

"Awww, man, I'm gonna have sand everywhere," Scott whined, shaking his head.

Slowly, Sandman was beginning to reform, muttering to himself.

The Rhino scowled, then brought his fist down towards Captain America, who brought his shield up. The blow hit the shield, sending Captain America down some, but he stayed upright, as several more blows rained down.

Cole frowned, watching as The Rhino continued to pound Captain America, and came to a decision.

He leaped from the building, letting his energy build as he hit the ground, sending out a small shock wave, causing the others to pause, including The Rhino.

"Hey, Rhino! Try this!" Cole yelled, focusing. Lightning sparked from his hands, shooting at The Rhino, who stumbled back as the lightning hit him. Cole kept firing, and The Rhino shook his head.

"Now!" Scott yelled, dashing forward. Cole let up as Scott leaped over The Rhino, grabbing the brute's horn, still going and using his strength and momentum to flip The Rhino over and unto his back, slamming him into the ground.

"Thanks for the save," Captain America said, "You did god."

Rhino groaned from the ground, not getting up, Sandman still slowly reforming.

"So then!" Captain America said, turning to the others, "I'm Captain Steve Rogers. You may know me better as Captain America."

"I'm... ummm... Harry Potter," Harry said, waving his hand idly.

"Scott Pilgrim!" Scott grinned, "Canada's number one fighter!... if you don't count that Wolverine guy..."

"Ramona Flowers," Ramona answered simply, nodding her head.

"...Cole McGrath..." Cole said, introducing himself.

"You can shoot lightning from your hands?" Scott asked, suddenly appearing next to Cole, wide eyed, "That is... sooooooo cool!"

"Ummm... thanks..." Cole said, rubbing the back of his head, "So what do we do about these two?"

"We'll have to leave them for proper authorities," Steve Rogers said, then paused as he heard sirens, two cop cars coming towards them.

Four police officers got out of the squad cars, three of them drawing their guns as one advanced, holding his badge up. Steve waved cheerfully at them, which made them pause.

"Hello officers," Steve said, stepping forward, "We've apprehended these villains. Do you need help getting them moved?"

"Errr... no..." the lead officer said, then looked towards Cole McGrath, "We're here for him."

He stepped towards Cole, who frowned, holding his hands up.

"Cole McGrath, you are under arrest for terrorist actions on United States soil, and for the death and destruction of countless citizens..." the officer said, gulping slightly, "You have the right to remain silent..."

The Reapers lay in piles, all of them dead. One in particular was sprawled against the wall, blood having congealed against it, originating from the white clad Reaper. The top of his head was missing, and flies buzzed around the corpse. Written on the wall in blood was three words...

"Forensic has done what they can, sir..." an officer of the NYPD said to Captain George Stacey, who was surveying the grisly scene, "But we're still undermanned with everything going on..."

"I know..." Captain Stacey sighed, "But this is still important..."

"Errr... is it, sir? I mean, if someone's going around killing these bastards, isn't that a good thing?" the officer asked, frowning slightly.

"The cure might be worse then the disease," Stacey answered, shaking his head, "Is the one in white the only one who had the top of their head removed?"

"Yah. Weirdest thing. We can't figure out what did it. There's all kinds of slices and bruises on some of the other ones we checked too," the officer said, frowning, "Have you seen anything like this before?"

"No... I haven't, thankfully," Stacey said, frowning at the wall.

"Perp left his name at least," the officer said, following the captain's gaze, "We're checking it out, but I doubt it'll get any matches... The bad guys call themselves all sorts of crazy things today. Think Spider-Man will get this guy for us too?"

"I think..." Stacey said carefully, staring at the wall, "I wouldn't want to find out."

Dried to the wall were three simple words, declaring to the world who had done this deplorable act.

I am Sylar


1 – Honor Among Rogues, Chapter III: "Showdowns"

- Iron Man and War Machine showed up when a fight between Red X and Black Cat against Karai and her Foot Ninjas set off an alarm in Stark Tower, where both factions were attempting to steal the Iron Man blueprints from said Tower.

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Obviously that's childish of me, and shouldn't be a reason for an iconic character such as Thor to not show up. One other reason, I feel slightly more legitimate, is that I'm hesitant to include "gods" in Earth 42. Obviously they don't have to be actual gods, but I wonder where I draw the line. Wonder Woman will eventually show up in Earth 42 as well, and her mythos is steeped heavily in Greek myth, so I need to figure out how to balance that with everything else as well.

On the other hand, I have things like the Demon King Piccolo, or Aku, who are part of Earth 42. There's the Spirit World, the Ghost Realm, the Null Void, all these other dimensions and what not that are part of all this. Heck, I plan on Death himself to show up at some point. Tall chap, wears black, talks in all caps.

But Thor is not going to appear in this story. I have never wanted Earth 42 to be about established teams (except in certain cases) interacting with other established teams. I wanted them to be mixed around. Heck, even in the one case I have so far of a full team taken full cloth (the Teen Titans, from the cartoon), I introduced five brand new members from five other places in the story.

I want Earth 42 to be a true crossover. Characters from different places forming a team, or groups, or things like that. Characters make allies and enemies, there are overlaps in many places. I want to retell old stories in completely different ways, or tell entirely new stories. I take inspiration from pretty much anything I enjoy, and try to work in references to various things. I have ideas for random one off lines or for stories I'll probably never write (like a Venture Bros/Archer/S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover) that I'd like to be able to set in this universe.

Yes, these are The Avengers. But they're not Marvel's Avengers. They're Earth 42's Avengers. There's a difference, there has to be, or I'd just be retelling the same story that's already been done, with the same characters. And I don't want to do that.

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