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Brake me, heal me, love me, thrill me

Chapter 1: Through a looking Glass

Optimus had been separated from his men after a few minutes of the battle raging. Megatron had threw him off the cliff and followed him down, and he fought him off, beating the scrap out of him until he had to temporarily retreat. He tried to contact his men still fighting somewhere overhead above the cliff, but it was scrambled. Soundwave's work... He sighed and tried to find a way up. But what he stumbled upon shocked him a lot more than a bunch of Decepticons...

Optimus now found himself looking in awe at a huge, sculpted rock archway carved right in the side of the canyon. It was... beautiful, and somehow foreboding in some way. That archway was four of five times taller than he was, and he easily fit through the doors. This being a human construction, it was quite... odd. Slowly he made his way inside the human-carved cave, more like a Temple of sorts, and looked around with mounting awe and some apprehension. This looked a lot too big and complicated to have been made by primitive humans... and his sensors told him that the construction outdated even the oldest human civilizations. His sensors picked something else... An energy signature emanating from the middle of the huge room, and his optics fell on the strange, glowing object sitting there. it was some sort of Shrine, and on it a statue, made of a blue-white shining crystal. Energy seemed to radiate from it in waves. He could feel it...

Optimus felt drawn to it, and he closed the remaining distance between him and the strange artifact. It was... a very beautiful sculpture made of a pure block of blue-clear crystal. He lifted a hand, hesitated, looked around as if feeling someone was watching him, and in the meantime his hand brushed the object as he moved. There was a flash, and he felt like he was... pulled hard towards something. His was blinded by white light, shining from the statue, and he felt himself... like he was being pulled and torn apart and the reformed all at the same time.

And then he blacked out...

"Lord Prime, sector Omega has just received a sudden spike of energy!"

Nemesis Prime, a black and purple Autobot turned his red optics to his body guard, a dark colored Autobot named Ironhide.

Nemesis narrowed his optics for a moment. "The Decepticons no doubt are up to something again. Ironhide, contact Prowl and Jazz, the three of you will accompany me to Sector Omega." Ironhide lightly pounded his fist on his chest before leaving to get Jazz and Prowl.

After Ironhide leaves, Nemesis strokes his chin thoughtfully, he had a feeling that there was more than meets the eye with this sudden energy serge. He headed for the entrance of the base and he didn't have to wait long for Ironhide, Jazz, and Prowl to meet him there.

"Roll out!" He ordered then transformed into his alt mode, the other followed suit and followed him out of the base.

Whatever had caused this serge might tip the war in his favor, a small slowly appeared on his face, once he won this war he would show that fool Megatron his place several times and he would enjoy every minute of it.

Optimus rebooted to a world of pain. His processor ached, his body ached and he felt like he was going to purge. It took his several minutes to just reboot his optics and online then.

"Frag..." He muttered and slowly pushed himself up to get a look around. "What the frag?..." He repeated, staring at his surroundings.

He wasn't in the stone Temple anymore... He was in a dry, dark and thunderous cavern of natural built, and there was no light coming from the entrance that he could see from his point. He frowned. Anything here looked like it should... Like he'd been teleported to a completely different location. Slowly he made his way to the entrance and stepped outside. And froze again...

The sky... It was dark red and black, thick with smokes and fumes and other chemicals and everything around him looked dead. Not a sound, not a speck of life, anywhere... Wait! he turned his head audio sharpening. Sounds of engines, coming his way! His Autobots had found him? But... he had a sickening feeling that this wasn't /his/ world at all. SO... Something was telling him to hide from whatever was coming his way.

He turned around and found a down in terrain where he crouched and concealed himself, ready for... anything really.

Nemesis and his body guards drove down the road toward sector Omega, they transformed into their robot forms when they reached their destination.

"Spread out! I shouldn't have to remind you what do should you come across a Con." Nemesis said with a small smirk.

Ironhide chuckled and took out his blaster and walked down the slope, scanning the area, hoping to find a wayward Decepticon.

Nemesis headed toward the strange cave, he had come by it several times in the past but it never caught his interest… until today. Out of the corner of his optic he watched Jazz stay close to his bond mate, he couldn't help but smirk Jazz was rather protective of his bond mate, not that he blamed him Prowl was quite the catch.

He had a different taste when it came to bond mates or berth mates for that matter, they had to be someone like Ironhide, strong and a beast in the berth. It was different when he wanted to dominate someone, they had to submit to him whether they were willing to share his berth or not, it didn't matter to him.

"Lord Prime, over here!"

Nemesis Prime, Jazz, and Prowl ran over to where Ironhide was located and much to Nemesis' surprise his body guard had his gun pointed at a bot that looked exactly like him.


Optimus did his best to avoid the bots that were looking for him throughout the area. When he saw them, his spark dropped and felt like he had swollen a brick of ice. They were Autobots... But they weren't. He saw a black and grey mech that looked like Prowl, with door wings and a head crest, but his red optics looked... dead, so cold that it was chilling. And there was Jazz, but the... there was something terribly off with this Jazz, like he was at the brink of insanity. That was in his visored optics, red like the others. And there was Ironhide, or so he thought he was ironhide... he looked more bulky, more aggressive and a lot better armed than his Ironhide.

He shuddered at the sight of them spreading through the area. He wasn't on his Earth anymore... But where he was... that was the good question. His optics finally fell on the last mech of the group, and his optics widened in shock. That was... a purple and black version of himself. He had a very bad feeling about this mech... He held his blaster up and ready for anything, slowly edging towards the other end of the canyon he was in.

He hadn't gone quite far when he was spotted and a gun was aimed at his head. He froze. Soon he was surrounded, and he knew when he was outnumbered and outgunned.

'Drop the gun." Ironhide said fiercely.

Optimus didn't complied immediately, his had tightly gripping the handle of his gun, but a shot at his pedes made him jump backward, and he gritted his dental together, optics narrowing. Slowly, he threw the gun away, and asked, tense, and very worried, his look locked on the dark Prime.

"Who are you?... Where in the Matrix am I?..."

"I am Nemesis Prime. And you are on Earth. Who are you?" The dark Autobot growled.

"My name is Optimus Prime. And how is this Earth everything looks… dead."

Nemesis narrowed his optics slightly, then starts to circle Optimus. "It tends to happen when human try to kill us by killing themselves with their biological weapons. It killed them, but not us."

Optimus' optics widened in shock. "Why would the humans try to kill the Autobots? Where I came from, we are the humans allies."

The other three Autobots looked at each other curious at what this Optimus Prime had just said.

The dark Prime's interest in his counterpart grew. "Really? Well… here the humans are our enemies and the weak Decepticons are their allies… well, not anymore."

Ironhide chuckled darkly at his Lords comment.

Optimus slowly started to back away from Nemesis unaware of Prowl coming up behind him. "I have to get back to my realm."

"I'm sorry, but I can't allow that." His dark counterpart replied.

Before Optimus could ask why, a sudden and swift pain exploded in the back of his head as Prowl pistol whipped him. He fell to his knees then fell forward, completely knocked out cold.

"Put him in my trailer, we're taking him back to the base."

"Yes, sir." Ironhide said.

The convoy drove back to the Autobot's fortress, and once there, the Dark Prime let his men took Optimus out of his trailer before transforming. He watched the still, unconscious form for a moment, and a smirk crept on his lipplates under his battlemask.

"Bring him to a cell and chain him up. I'll want to talk to our guest when he wakes up."

"As you Command Lord Prime!" Ironhide said and with Jazz's help, he took the other Prime's arm flung it over his shoulder, Jazz doing the same on the other side.

Prowl followed Nemesis back to the Throne Room where the dark Prime sat on his Throne and looked at his SIC with a thoughtful, darkly gleeful look in his red optics.

"What do you think about this... Optimus Prime? A interesting specimen..." Nemesis commented, and Prowl tilted his head. He had always valued his SIC's opinion and his advices.

"He is intriguing, my Lord. He may prove useful, even, or..." A dark smirk graced his gray faceplates. "Maybe he may prove a good pet, if he's well tamed. But... I'd advice you to learn more about where he come from."

The dark Lord seemed to ponder his Lieutenant's words for a moment, and then he slowly nodded, rising again.

"Your devious intellect always serves me well, Prowl. I will keep in mind your advice."


Optimus slowly returned to consciousness with the worst processor ache in millennia. He grunted and tried to move but he soon realized that he was bound and unable to move much.

"What..." He whispered, and looked at himself, seeing the chains binding his wrists and ankles to the wall behind him. "Where am I?"

He looks around the room he's in, and see that it is undoubtedly a cell. Energy bars open one of the walls and he can see a dark, dank hallway on the other side. The cell itself is bland and dark, and moist too, as droplets of waters are falling from one of the corners making a puddle on the floor. His optics darkens and a dreadful feeling fills his spark.

Where ever he ended up, it wasn't going to be a nice stay. He had to return to his own realm soon...

As Nemesis headed down to the brig he thought more about what his SIC had said about Optimus, he planned to do a lot more than just learn where this strange Autobot had come from, a lot more. A small smile appeared on his face plates the more he thought about it, his mouth even watered a bit, this was going to be a fun day, for Nemesis at least.

He walked past Sunstreaker on his way to the brig, the yellow bot avoided his gaze as he was still on his list of bots to the beat the snot out of. He knew that his twin had planned on defecting to Decepticons but didn't say anything to him or Prowl, Ironhide had beaten the truth out of him shortly after Sideswipe left the Autobots to join the soft sparked cons

I'll ravage him later, I have other another bot to deal with.

He entered the brig and smiled when he saw that Prime was awake and looking around as best he could, seeing how he was chained to the wall and couldn't see much. With a small smile he deactivates the energy bars and steps into his counter parts cell.

"Comfortable? No? Shame… because you're going to be here a while." Nemesis said with a small smile.

"You have to let me go, I have to get back to my men!" Optimus pleaded.

Nemesis ran an almost tenderly claw up his chest plates before replying. "No, you see you're stuck here with no way back to your realm. So you might as well get use to it."

He lightly taps Optimus' battle mask then slowly pulls it off, like himself Optimus was handsome and he was sure that his counter was like him in every way possible. Well personality wise, he craved power and obedience, while Optimus, no doubt was soft sparked and only wanted peace, pathetic. The only way there was going to be peace was when Megatron bowed at his feet and became his slave for him to pleasure to the end of time.

"You-You can't do this!"

Nemesis simply chuckled. "You're in my world now, Optimus. And I can do whatever I want."

With that he claimed Optimus' lips in a heated and dominating kiss.

Optimus let out a muffled sounds of protest when he was forcefully kissed and tried to break away, but Nemesis had a iron grip on his chin and moving his head was impossible. He felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment, and his optics widened slightly in shock. His mind was spinning, trying to make sense of this crazy world he stumbled into.

Finally he was let go of and Nemesis's twisted, leering gaze was locked on him, looking disgustingly pleased with his new... toy? Pet? Optimus shuddered at the thought of what this dark, cruel Prime had in stock for him. This time he managed to wrench his head back and glared hardly at the dark mech.

"You can't do this! Let me return to my realm!"

Nemesis smirked and shook his head slowly, gently tracing the seam in Optimus's chest.

"Didn't you heard what I just said? You are trapped her, Optimus, and you're at my mercy." He leaned closer and whispered in his audio, his voice heated, gleeful and deadly serious. "You're mine to do with as I please... There's nothing you can do to stop me, now, little Optimus."

Optimus tried to move away again but he was chained to the fragging wall and couldn't budge a micron. He shuddered again when he felt a hand trace down his abdomen and towards his crotch panel, the intentions obvious. He twisted his body slightly and snapped, his voice slightly tainted with fear now.

"No! You can't! I'm not... your plaything!" He wouldn't let himself be reduced to such a shameful state...

Nemesis just laughed and traced the seams of his crotch panel slowly, not really intent on opening him right about now but edging towards it. He was delighted to see Optimus shy away and try to avoid his touches.

"Ho, really, little Optimus? But I think you're wrong, you see... You're all mine."

Nemesis pressed himself against Optimus, he planned to dominate and humiliate Optimus in every way possible and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. He smiled when he heard his counterpart hiss in discomfort when he groped his panel, he removed his hand from Optimus' panel, just as he expected he relaxed… fool.

He leaned forward and went for his neck and kisses his neck with mocking gentleness, he felt Optimus stiffen against him. Smiling he kissed his way down to his chest, again with mocking tenderness he licks and nips at his chest plates.

Optimus had to fight back moans of pleasure as Nemesis nipped and licked at his chest plates, to add to his humiliation, he could feel his cable hardened behind his warming panel. He let out a gasp as Nemesis kissed his sensitive panel, much to his disgrace he even arched into his lips; his own body was betraying him.

Nemesis' own arousal peaked when he heard Optimus' gasp, he then slowly stood up to be at optic level with his counterpart. He then smiles to see how flushed Prime was, this was only the beginning, he wanted Optimus screaming in both pain and pleasure and he was going to get it one way or another.

He then removes Optimus' lower plating, then made his captive thrash in his restraints, with a snarl he grasped him by the throat but didn't squeeze, but it got his attention. With his other hand he grasped hold of Optimus' cable, causing the bot the bare his teeth to fight back a moan, he simply smiled, he loved it when his captives resisted made it quest for domination even better.

"Your eyes say no, but your body says yes." He whispered into Optimus' audio before giving it a long slow lick, making the bot shudder most likely in disgust.

Optimus shuddered, disgusted and ashamed by his own reactions to the touches to his hardened cable. He fought to avoid reacting to the dark Prime's touches but his body betrayed him, and he found himself moaning and arching like a two-credit slut from Kaon. His cheeks were heated with arousal, anger and shame as he glared at Nemesis, teeth bared and hissing wildly.

This wasn't happening... His body was his! This wasn't happening, he was the Prime, this couldn't... Shouldn't... be happening! Another hard rub to his cable made him moan again and buck his hips in the hand holding him instinctively. He was fearing that those touches were going to turn awfully painful, soon...

"You're being so quiet... I can correct that!" Nemesis purred in his audio and nipped it again, and his other hand went to yank hard at his chestplates, almost dislodging one of the panel, while his hand squeezed and rubbed his cable harder. "I want your screams... I want your cries... I want your begging and I want to hear you scream my name as I overload you, little Optimus..."

His own arousal was high, but he didn't wanted to rush things here. they had all day to have fun together, and he was going to break this Prime, and turn him into an obedient pet... Maybe even have him carry a sparkling, that would be an interesting sight. His twisted, sadistic grin widened and he yanked hard at the chestplates again, finally opening them all the way and exposing Optimus's internals. The Matrix and his spark casing under it...

The bright blue light drowned the cell and made Nemesis lean closer to examine the relic, fascinated by it. His own Matrix was... completely different. Made of dark energy and pulsing dark red. He wondered what it would do to wrench it out of Optimus's chest...

"Ahh, so you have your own Matrix." He smiles then reaches into Optimus' chest and lightly strokes the rim of it.

Optimus shivered involuntarily as Nemesis stroked the Matrix, he had no idea what the dark Prime was going to do with it. He got his answer when he heard Nemesis chuckle darkly, then look at him with sick gleam in his eyes.

"There is only room for one Prime and that will be me." With that he reached in with both hand and pulled the Matrix out of his chest.

Optimus screamed in agony as his matrix was forcibly removed from his chest, the pain seemed forever as he was separated from it Nemesis placed the matrix on the table and turned back to Optimus who was leaning forward against the restraints, panting heavily.

"With that, you are no longer a Prime. You are just Optimus," Nemesis taking an object from the table and shoving it into Optimus' port, making him cry out in both pain and pleasure. "And you ...are mine."

It felt like a part of his spark had been wrenched away from him, and he let out an anguished, raw scream of pain and loss. The Matrix was part of him, what made me a Prime and the Leader of the Autobots, and to lose it in such a fashion... It was like a limb had been tore off him. He couldn't help the sob that escaped him, and the ache in his spark from the unprepared separation. He seemed to shrink a bit when it was pulled away from him, and he lost a fair bit of his presence, but not everything. He was still the same mech...

Optimus's dimmed optics flared back up wildly and he twisted in the restraints when he was so carelessly penetrated, his port now flaring up with intense pain, and pleasure, as the object shoved in it pulsed, stimulating him.

"I am... Prime..." He bit out through clenched teeth and his fists were tightened in the restraints. "You cant... take my pride away..."

Nemesis seemed really amused by this statement and he shoved the object that he was holding into his port harder, savoring the mech's agonized expression as pain/pleasure erupted through him again. He panted and twisted again as the movements goes harder and harder inside of his bleeding, lubricating port. The dark Prime leaned closer and said in an almost cooing tune.

"Ho but I will take your Pride, Optimus. I will take everything from you and left nothing but a shell. A pet ready to serve my every wishes." He chuckled, his movements slowing to a slower, more sensuous speed. "And you will even beg me to be graced with my coding, and bear a sparkling for me."

The horrified expression in Optimus's faceplates was enough to make the mech's arousal almost unbearable, and he chuckled darkly, thinking of a million's other ways to torture and pleasure his new slave.

Lubricant and blood spurted from Optimus' port as he overloaded, with a pained cry, he wanted this to be over but he knew Nemesis was far from finished.

Nemesis chuckled and removed the object from his captives port, then forced it into Optimus' mouth. "Lick it clean, now."

Optimus nearly gagged when the object was shoved into his mouth, he bit back a whimper as he cleaned the lube and blood off the object, which turned out to be a baton that police used to beat the crap at out of some one. The baton was removed from his mouth and he watched as Nemesis inspected it.

"Hmm, very nice." Tosses the baton behind him before turning his attention back to Optimus. "But we're not finished."

Without so much as a warning, Nemesis shoved two clawed fingers into Optimus' port, thrusting hard and deep. Loving the pained and pleasured sounds that his captive made as he mercilessly pounded into him with his fingers.

"You will beg, Optimus! Sooner or later you will beg and I will enjoy your cries!"

Optimus felt like purging his tanks. The foul taste on his mouth, and the obscene gaping of his torn chestplates, had send his mind into a heated, desperate frenzy to escape. But there was no escape from this Nightmare. This was his personal Hell, and he had ended up in the Pit for some reason... There would be no ends to this torture...

He forced his mind to clear and push back the dark thoughts. He was strong... He wasn't going to beg for this slagger! Never... He arched his back and cried out painfully when clawed fingers were roughly pushed in his torn port, making more blood and lube drip from it and cost his tormentor's fingers. He clenched his teeth and said in a pained hiss, pleasure warring into his features with agony.

"Never... I'll never beg you..."

The dark Prime smirked wider and his red optics shone ominously with sadistic glee and dark resolve. He would love to break this mech completely... His pride was so deep, his strength so tempting and enticing to break, he could almost taste it... He scrapped his claws on the inside of the already abused port and felt Optimus tense and wriggle, the port walls spasming around the invading claws.

"We shall see, my slave... we shall see. I don't care how long it'll take, but I'm going to break you utterly and completely until you are totally mine, body and spark."

And to prove his point, he used his other clawed hand to stroke over the exposed spark chamber, feeling the fluttering of the spark below, now weakened from the absence of the Matrix.

Optimus cried out when he felt the dark primes clawed hand stroke his spark chamber, much to his displeasure and humiliation he overloaded again. He went limp when Nemesis removed his fingers from his port then licked his fingers clean in front of him with a sick smile on his face.

"Hmm, you taste like the sweet energon." Then forces a kiss on him so the dethroned Prime could taste himself in the kiss.

Optimus nearly gagged when Nemesis slid his glossa deep into his mouth, he had to resist the urge to bite down on the appendage, knowing that it would only fuel the dark Prime's lust and possibility his temper.

Nemesis broke the kiss and smiled before leaning forward and whispering into his audio. "Come now, Optimus. I know you're enjoying this as much as I am, admit it and I'll stop."

"I am no fool, Nemesis. You'll never stop and I'll admit anything to you." Optimus growled in reply sentence.

Nemesis pulled back with an amused gleam in his optics then placed his hands on either side of Optimus' head as he edged closer. "Oh you will, Optimus. You will." He then shoved his large member into Optimus' bleeding port and started to thrust deeply into his port, making his captive scream with more pain then pleasure with every deep and hard thrust into his port.

It felt like his port was going to split as it was stretched too wide. His port was already raw from the previous treatments, and he felt, to his great shame, bitter tears tickle the corners of his optics. He trashed as much as he could trying to push the dark prime off him, but he was too weak... He'd never felt so weak, not since he'd been made a Prime...

He tried to turn away, to protect his spark, he wouldn't let himself be soiled and used further... His spark was still his and he feared that this wouldn't stay that way for too long... As if to answer his desperate fear, Nemesis stroke his spark casing again with a claw, sending another sickening wave of pleasure through his systems. He tried to keep it clamped shut despite the stimulation.

"Show me your spark, Optimus..." he purred and gave a few more hard thrusts impaling his cable deeper inside his bleeding port, and giving his spark casing another slow stroke to coax it to open. "You can't hide from me."

Optimus moaned and keened in anguish, his mind reeling as his body responded to the touches of his captors. A small cracked appeared in the spark casing and started to split wider and wider with every thrusts and touches., nemesis grinned ever wider and locked optics with his captive, knowing by his look that he was going to win. Sooner or later...

The spark casing finally opened completely showing a bright, quickly pulsing blue spark nestled inside. The light bathed Nemesis's harsh features and he lowered his optics to look at it, very pleased.

Nemesis continued to thrust into Optimus' port, he planned to take the former Prime both in body and soul.

"You will learn to love my touch, Optimus. You'll even beg for it," He whispered lustfully. "They always do."

"N-never… I'll never beg for it." Optimus panted.

"Keep telling yourself that." He grunted between each word.

After a few more hard thrusts, the dark Prime climaxed with a roar, but he continued to thrust into Optimus until he reached his own climax which wasn't that far off. The former Prime let out a pained scream as he came and by the sound of the scream it came hard, his scream was swallowed up by the dominating kiss that Nemesis forced upon him as he thrust a few more times into his abused port.

"I deeply enjoy your screams, Optimus." Nemesis cooed as he pulled out of his captives port.

Lubricant and blood dripped from his port as Optimus panted heavily, he just wanted this to be over. He seemed to catch when Nemesis closed his chest plates, but the look in the dark Prime's optics caused a shiver to go up his spine.

"No need to worry, Optimus. I will claim your spark," Nemesis put his hand on Optimus' chest plates for a moment before heading toward the door of his cell, taking his captives Matrix with him. Then stopped to look at him again. "And I will enjoy every minute of it."

With that the Dark prime left, turning the energy bars back on and leaving the brig all together.

Finally alone in the first time in hours, Optimus finally let his bravado slide and he broke down into quiet pained sobs. He had no idea how in the hell he was going to get out of this, he just hoped that he would get out of this soon, because he did not want to bare Nemesis' sparkling. He'd rather die than bare that monsters spawn.