Okay, so this came to my head so quickly and so randomly, that I had to make a drabble of it. It made me happy, and I could totally see it happening.

Robin is such a stubborn-ass.

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Anyway, enjoy!

"Say it." Starfire stood near Robin, grinning, humor twinkling in her eyes.

Robin kept his face blank, his arms crossed. "No."

She rolled her eyes and walked closer to him, the smile still on her face. "Say it."

His eyes narrowed. "No."

She sighed dramatically, laughing slightly. "Robin! You and I both know of the feelings you hold for me, so now all you have to do is say it. It is not as if the news shall be surprising!" She laughed again.

"Hey! That's not true!" He flung his arms out.

Starfire snorted, the grin still in place. "Robin, it is not the secret. You and I are both aware of that. All you must do is say it!" She gave out another humor-filled laugh. Sometimes the boy wonder could just be so…stubborn. Though quite hilarious. She had to admit, she was somewhat enjoying this game, especially when Robin became flustered.

"No!" He pouted, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed again.

Starfire's grin turned devious as she stepped up to him, her hands on her hips. "Say it."


"Say it."


"Say it. Say it out aloud."

"Now you're just ripping off Twilight!" He pointed at her accusingly, his cheeks red.

Starfire laughed loudly, the sweet bell-like laugh he cherished. She rolled her eyes, the grin never faltering. In fact, it hadn't faltered since the beginning of the debate. "Robin! All you must do is say it! Say, 'Starfire, I have the feelings for you as well'."

He opened his mouth to retort, but nothing came. "Yeah…well...you already know it, so why do I have to say it!"

She walked all the way over to him, her chest almost touching his as the playful smirk played on her face. "Because it is not the tangible until you do!"

"But you already know!"

"It does not count until you say it!"

"Ugh!" He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her lips to his, kissing her roughly. After a few moments of heated lip-lock, he pushed her back gently. "How's that?"

She looked up in thought. "That was an action, not words. Say it."

He banged his head on the wall.


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