A/N: This story is broken into little parts and switches between POV's between L Lawliet and Light Yagami. This story sticks as close to the plotline as possible (at least until later chapters) I tried to make it different from the series by adding in their own personal thoughts and a few extra scenes I made up.

L X Light

"Young man, sit correctly, please." the test proctor said with an exhasperated sigh. The young, pale man with wild black hair gazed up at him blankly. "I have to sit like this. It helps me think."

An even younger man with light brown hair, about the age of eighteen, scoffed. Sit like that? Whatever, he's a freak.

The two men continued to argue in hushed whispers. After a few minutes of this the proctor walked back to his desk, mumbling incoherantly. The young man frowned, running his thumb along his lower lip in thought. Hmmm, If 3/5X + 5 = -40 is the problem...then I subtract here, add here and the answer would be X = -75. Yes, that's correct. First question down...fifty-four to go...


"And this year we have two students who are tied for first place...Mr. Light Yagami and Mr. Hideki Ryuuga. Please come forward; the both of you." The younger man with light brown hair stood up and walked toward the stage proudly, his head held high. The other man with wild hair gazed up from his hunched position. He ran his thumb along his lower lip before standing up and shuffling after the younger man. 'It's showtime...Kira...' He thought, narrowing his eyes at the man named Light. 'We'll just have to see how this all plays out...'


The raven haired man held up the paper he was reading by the tips, almost as if it had some sort of disease. "I would like to thank you all for coming," He said, sounding utterly bored. "And I don't think I could have done it without you people standing beside me." He stared unblinkingly at the crowd.

"Stand by him? Do we even know this guy?" A voice drifted across the room and to the stage as the others began to join in.

"Who is he? He looks like a slacker."

"He must have come from a poor family..."

"Look at them! They're polar opposites!"

The ravens bangs shifted into his eyes and he smirked at that last remark. Exactly. I'm justice. He's a murderer...Kira.

Hideki heard a cough and turned his attention to the other man on th stage. "Yes? Ah, go ahead Light-kun." He purred, his eyes flashed knowingly.

Light swallowed back the panic that rose in his throat and started his speech. He could feel those Onyx eyes watching him the entire time and he had to keep from sighing in relief out loud when the proctor told them to sit down in the crowd. The brunette kept his eyes fixated on the man talking onstage, trying hard not to get up and run out of the auditorium to get away from the mysterious man beside him.

"Why so panicky Light-kun?" said mysterious man asked in a calm manner.

Light almost jumped at the tone in his voice...he knew! Shit. No, you've done nothing wrong. Get calm. He exhaled slowly and looked over at Hideki. "No, just a little nervous."

Hideki did that thing with his lip. God he was so unsanitary! Light mentally barfed and frowned at the ravens next words. "Hmmm...'nervous.' That couldn't be because you're Kira, could it?" He said it so calmly that had the choice of words been different, you'd think thay were talking about going to the movies. Hideki rubbed his feet together and waited patiently for Light's response.

Light felt very vulnerable around this man so he chose his next words carefully. "No, I am not Kira. I'm just your typical everyday high school graduate about to head to the college of his dreams." He mentally patted himself on the back. Good job, Light.

Hideki turned his gaze fully on Light and placed his hands on his knees, (honestly, Light was surprised the man didn't topple over) leaning so close that their faces were inches apart. "That's reassuring because I'm L, Light-kun. It's good to know I'm safe around you." Then the newly discovered "L" pulled Light close and he whispered low so that even Light had to strain to hear him. "I'm onto you Light Yagami. I'm not letting this go so easily. As of now your chances of being Kira are at a high fifteen percent."

Light froze and his eyes slid warily over to L. He's L? As in THE L that's currently trying to catch Kira? Oh, shit. This is just my luck.

L's smirk broadened as he felt the younger stiffen slightly. Gotcha.

"And that concludes the Graduation Ceremony. Study and study hard for your new life is about to begin."

L backed away from Light and smiled at him nonchalantely. "Yes, Yagami-kun. It's only the beginning."


"Oh, Light-kun, you're so awesome!"

"Truely amazing!"

"And handsome too!"

The young man was flocked by a group of gushing high school girls, all of whom wanted his attention. He smiled at them when they complimented him and answered their questions to the best of his ability but he was really distracted looking for a certain mysterious detective.

"'Ey Light-kun, I need a moment with y'uh." L suddenly appeared and rested his elbow on Light's shoulder. Light frowned at L's poor social skills and said his apologies to the young ladies. L waited patiently, taking the lollipop out of his mouth and examining its odd color. Hmm.

"Could you please remove your weenus from my shoulder blade? It's rather annoying, if you don't mind." Light frowned and began walking. L shrugged his shoulders and began walking backwards by Light. "Weenus, really? Such a perverted term Yagami-kun. I thought you were above the use of such vulgar language."

Light had to resist an eyeroll. "Yeah, well, I'm just in a really foul mood today."

"And why is that, Kira?" L sang the name tauntingly and began walking in front of him.

Light stopped and balled his hands into fists. He stared down at the ground angrily, afraid if he looked at the detective that he'd be tempted to hit him and later be tagged with federal charges. "I'M. NOT. KIRA." He said in one angered breath.

"Really, Light-kun? Because you denying it seems all the more likely that you are, indeed, Kira." L's eyes never left Light's face as a few people stopped to gawk at the scene the two were making.

Angry tears spilled from the brunnette's eyes and he shook with controlled fury. He clenched and unclenched his teeth. I swear I'll kill him...as soon as I get hom I will... Irrational thought overrode the sane, intelligent ones.

L shuffled his feet forward until he was right beside Light again. He whispered low so that only Light could hear him, but not as low as before. "Oh, and by the by Yagami-kun if you even so much as TRY to kill me, I'll have reinforcements come and haul you out of here. So think wisely...Kira." His warm breath tickled the inside of Light's ear and his words seemed to sink in. A threat. So he's threatening me now, huh? Smart move, L. Now I have no choice but to keep you alive. He narrowed his eyes as L's retreating figure vanished. You're lucky, but it's a given as to who'll win. Kira can't lose.


"Oh boy, you really fucked up big time, Light." The strange Shinigami known as Ryuk hovered above Light's bed while eating an apple. "Not to mention that spy that's outside." He said between bites. "Seems he'll be a problem."

Light sighed and stared up at the ceiling. "Yeah, I KNOW that Ryuk."

Ryuk grinned, revealing a pair of sharp and jagged teeth. "Well, there's always the Death Note." To proove his point he pulled out his own Death Note and waved it around suggestively.

Light frowned up at him. "Baka, not right now."

Ryuk scowled right back. "Fine, but you're getting boring Light."

Like I give a damn. He thought sourly and sat up. He rubbed his temples and groaned. "Fuck it. I'm going for a walk." He picked up his jacket and headed out the door, Ryuk reluctantly following.


Heh, following me like some dog. Light smirked as he caught sight of the Investigator who'd been following him for a week now. The detective wavered before pulling out a small notepad and scribbling something down.

The brunette's eyes flashed dangerously. All in the clear. Then he turned and smiled at something his date had said. "Yeah, I can't believe it either." He said cheerily, putting an extra dose of enthusiasm in his voice. "A date with the prettiest girl. Boy, am I lucky."

Her face tinged a shade of red and she giggled, turning her head to the other direction. "Oh Light-kun..."

He smiled at her again and held her hand,checking his watch once the city bus loomed into veiw. 3:45, just on time. The bus stopped a few feet away from them and Light let Aya get on first, glancing over his shoulder to see the detective running towards them with his hands in his pockets. Light leveled his eyes. That's right, run. Run to your fate, you sorry bastard. Then he walked up the small stair and took the spot beside Aya. She wrapped her arm with his and rested her head on his shoulder. He tried hard not to flinch at her touch, remember that, not too long ago, L was leaning on his shoulder. Stupid,stupid! He's your enemy, you're supposed to to loathe him. And he did. Absolutely. One-Hundred percent pure hatred...and besides, Light was straight...as far as he was concerned.

Light was pulled out of his obscene thoughts and glanced up to see the detective walk by and take the seat behind them. Excellent...it's all going according to plan.


"So, all fourteen Investigators,including their boss, died of sudden heart attacks. Allof the evidence seems to point to Kira." L tossed the folder he had been looking at onto the table and glanced quickly over at Light.

Light seriously wanted to strangle this man. Don't let him get to you Light, no matter how much he irks you...don't fall into his trap. You are Kira; you can't be fooled that easily.

"Yeah, it seems to be Kira at work here. There's no way this could have been mere coincidence."

L pondered that thought. "Yes." His voice was muffled due to the thumb in his mouth. "Watari, get me some sweets please."

Watari bowed formally. "Yes, of course, L."

L pointed at Matsuda and then at a nearby box. "Bring that here if you don't mind."

"Y-Yes! Right away, sir Ryuuzaki, sir.!" The young detective stammered and went to retrieve the box L had pointed to. "Here you go sir."

L took the box from him and opened it delicately. He lightly ran his fingers over its contents, soon pulling out five tapes and handing them to Aizawa before taking the ice cream that Watari had prepared for him.

Aizawa gave him a confused look and L swallowed the bite of ice cream he had in his mouth. "Put those in please." He said dully, flicking his long slender fingers at the VCR.

The detective nodded and put in the first tape then turned around and handed L the remote. "Here, Ryuuzaki."

"Thank you." He said in the same refined tone, placing the remote beside him, His eyes were glued to the screen as he took another bite of his ice cream and nearly missed. The rest of the task force sighed and settled themselves down in the surrounding chairs.

"Sorry, but this will definately take a while." L murmered from where he sat hunched in his chair.

Take all the time you need, L. You'll never catch me, I made sure of that. Light thought smuggly.

The detective narrowed his eyes slightly as he caught the small smirk Light flashed out of the corner of his eyes. Light...I WILL prove that you are Kira...even if it's the last thing I do.