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"The probability of a second Kira is at ninety-four percent." L stated matter-of-factly.

"A second Kira?" The young Matsuda blurted out.

"Yes...seems that way. This new Kira is obviously different. I don't particuarly like this new guys style." L thought for a moment. "Still though...this one appears to be a lot less intelligent than the original."

"And that means that he or she could lead us to the other Kira!" Matsuda exclaimed excitedly, holding up his fist for Aizawa to bump it with his own.

Aizawa ignored him and turned his attention to L. "What about Light?"

"Hm? What about him?"

"What do we tell him about this new information?" He furrowed his eyebrows and continued to eye the detective.

"We tell him nothing. He is not to find out about this until he figures it out himself. I want to see how he comes to his conclusion." The raven smirked. How will you fair, Kira? Will you make it or will your hunger for power be your downfall?

"Ryuuzaki!" An angry voice filled the room, disrupting the detectives thoughts.

"Yes, Mr. Yagami, what is it?" L yawned.

Soichiro had his hands balled into fists and he continued yelling. "You still think my son is this Kira criminal? Well, let me tell you, as his father I-!" He was cut off by L's voice.

"As his father your judgement is clouded by your emotions. I understand this case is hard for you, but you have to accept that we have no other leads...right now he is our primary suspect - our only one, in fact."

"Fine, Ryuuzaki." Chief Yagami grunted and started to walk towards the door when L's next words stopped him.

"Oh, and please bare in mind that he's not the same as he used to be." L murmered softly, not looking up from his over-caffinated coffee.

The only response was an angry slam of the hotel's door.


"Oh, Light!" Sayu's voice echoed up the stairs.

"What is it? I'm kinda busy right now." He called back.

"There's a girl at the door for you!" She giggled.

Light sighed, heaving himself to his feet and to the front door.

"Hel-!" He began but was cut off when she launched herself at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck posessively and hugged him rather tight. "Oh, Light-kun, I missed you!"

What the Hell? I don't even know this girl and yet she acts like we're lovers. Be the gentleman here, Light... He pushed her off lightly. "I'm sorry, but do I know you?" He gave her one of his cute and confused smiles, tilting his head slightly to add effect.

"How could you not recognize your own girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" He blinked in confusion. "But we just met...I don't even know your name..."

"But we have met! My soul recognizes you Light-kun." She pursed her lips. "And my name is Misa...Misa Amane."

The young man gazed up at the ceiling and ran his hand through his hair. "Okay then...and I'm - well, it's obvious you already know my name. And I'm not going to ask how you found out without my telling you, because I don't think I want to know." Light mentally frowned. "Well, if that's all, then I bid you goodnight." He turned and started to walk up the stairs.

"Light-kun wait!" Misa practically screamed.

Freak. Light inwardly groaned and leaned over the lower half of the railing so that he could hear what she had to say...in a normal tone. Sheesh.

She clutched at his arm and looked deep into his eyes. "I want to show you my Shinigami..." She whispered.

A smirk slowly caressed the man's lips. "Shinigami, huh? Alright then, you can come upstairs."

"Yay!" Misa cheered, throwing her arms around Light's neck and practically pulling him over the railing.


"So, Misa Amane is the second killer, eh? Interesting indeed." L rubbed his chin and sat staring at the computer screen.

"Yes, that seems to be the case. She's been hanging out with Light a lot here recently...so it's only natural to suspect her seeing as how he's our prime suspect for the original Kira." Watari explained casually. "We should take them both in for further questioning, L."

The detective waved him off. "No need for that."

"But, L-!" The old man interjected.

"No, I think I'll pay our little 'friends' a visit." L pushed off from the desk and swiveled his chair around to face his old friend. "This should be fun...very fun indeed."

"L they could kill you."

The raven's eyes flashed. "I know that." He got up and walked towards the door. Before going outside he turned and looked over his shoulder at Watari. "Remember...I said I'd solve this case no matter what. That includes the cost of my life."

And before Watari could say another word the raven haired detective had already vanished out the door.


Meh, that test wasn't so bad-oh sweet God of death it's L. Light thought as he neared the crouching detective. L waved him over excitedly and he had no choice but to comply.

"Hello Light-kun. Wonderful day today, isn'tit?" The cheeriness in his voice was so fake it was disgusting.

"Nevermind that..what are YOU doing here, L?"

L fienged being offended. "What? You told me to come back any time I felt like playing tennis with you again. That deal no longer stands?"

Light exhaled, clearly annoyed. "Drop the act L. What do you REALLY want?"

L opened his mouth to speak but before he could answer the man, a high pitched voice called out. "Light-kun!"

Both of the men turned and saw Misa running towards them grinning like an idiot. Light groaned outwardly and L smirked at the other male's obvious annoyance. Well, I hadn't planned this, but...at least I don't have to go looking for you now. L chuckled to himself, receiving a glare from Light. Believe it or not, you've actually just made my job a whole lot easier.

Misa bounded to Light's side like an obedient puppy. "Light-kun I came here to see you! Well, snuck out really."

Gosh...girls like her honestly would make me turn gay. Both boys thought at the same time. "Misa you really shouldn't do that." Light said more out of selfishness than concern for her.

The blonde slumped her shoulders. "Sorry, Light-kun."

"Oh my God! It's Misa-Misa!"



"Over there!" And suddenly the three were surrounded by a group of college kids; Misa forgetting her sadness instantly.

"Misa-Misa I love you!" A fan squealed.

"Why, thank yo-." Misa started which was followed by a yelp as scarlet tinged her cheeks. "Someone just grabbed my butt!"

Everyone turned to stare at L, who was smiling sheepishly. "Whaaa? Who did this? I will catch them immediately!"

The crowd burst into giggles...all except for Light. Come on Misa! Remember what we talked about! Find out his name already!

Almost immediately Misa gasped. Yes! Light mentally cheered.

"Misa, where have you been?" A stern looking lady pushed herself through the crowd and grabbed a hold of the model's hand.

"I...uh...-" Misa began babbling nonsense.

"I don't want to hear your excuses, Now come on!" The lady snapped and pulled Misa out of sight.

Damn it all! Light gritted his teeth but soon relaxed. I know! I'll just call her on her cell phone!

A small familiar ringtone made Light turn around just in time to see L answer the phone.


"L...why do you have my girlfriend's phone?"

"Ohhh...so this is who's phone it was. It got dropped in all of the cammotion and I just so happened to pick it up."

Damn L. Light thought, flipping his phone shut to end the call before trying her other phone.

Again, the same ringtone came a few feet away. Light gritted his teeth again as L dug through his pockets and fished out a small pink phone.

The detective looked at the caller ID and smiled. "Oh, Light-kun! It's goo to see you like me so much, calling like this."


"Communication devices in confinement are forbidden Light-kun. As you are about to find out."

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