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In an alternate life of America, there is a small town called Springfield on the East Coast in Connecticut. Many strange characters live there. It's almost like a town out of a popular sitcom or cartoon. But the strangeness of the citizens balances with the normality in their personalities. And on one side of town, there lives a family of six.

Homer Simpson met the perfect girl in his senior year of high school. Marjorie Bouvier accepted a different date to the prom, but realized the same night that she should have gone with Homer.

On one date, life turned different. Marge was 20 years old when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. It was the early 80s, and it was expected of couples to have their children in wedlock. Neither family had much money, but the wedding was still a very pretty occasion.

However, when discussing names for the first child, found to be a girl, Homer objected to most of the names Marge suggested. Finally, she sighed and said "Fine, what names have you thought of?"

"Well, none." Homer admitted.

"Well, what about Jessica?"

"Marge, it sounds like she can't be tied down." Homer complained. "What if she can?"

"Stephanie, then." Marge snapped, annoyed.

Homer thought it over. Finally he said "OK."

Stephanie Taylor Simpson joined the world five months after her name was chosen, on July the 5th, in early morning, while a few fireworks still lit up the darkened sky.

By the time Stephanie was one year old she had short brown hair in a halo around her head, the same colour hair as Homer. Her eyes had changed from their baby blue when she was born to a dark green. Her first word was "America", soon followed by "Momma."

She was the only child of Homer and Marge, and she made the most of it during her young years. They weren't the best parents in the world, but they weren't too bad. Marge was a fair and strict mom to Stephanie, and the young girl knew her limits well. However, Homer was a lot easier to persuade.

One day, when Stephanie was home from preschool when she was two, she said to Marge, "Momma, Rachel from preschool has the best board game ever, called Candyland. Can we get it today?"

"Not today, Stephanie." Marge said. "Maybe another time."

"But Mom-" Stephanie whined.

"Maybe another time." Marge said firmly. However, Stephanie had a back-up.

She found Homer watching TV. "Hey, Dad." she said sweetly, joining him on the couch.

Homer didn't take his eyes of the TV. "Hey, Steph." His daughter switched off the TV.

"Dad," she said sweetly. "Can you buy me the game Candyland today?"

"Mmmm...Candyland." Homer murmured. "It sounds so sweet! We'll get it right now!" And with that, Stephanie got exactly what she wanted, just by asking both parents.

However, that all changed when she turned three. She had known Marge was going to have another child. "You're going to have a new brother or sister to play with!" Marge had told Stephanie. However, unlike most children, Stephanie knew that it meant she'd have divided attention from her family and immediately refused to talk about the baby.

The parents went through the same process of naming after they found out the child would be a boy. Marge thought of plenty of names, but it was only when she suggested Bart when Homer decided there was nothing wrong with that name.

On December 19th, at 8pm, Bartholomew J Simpson joined the family. Homer called him 'Daddy's little he- angel' before the 20-minute-old Bart somehow got hold of a lighter and set Homer's tie on fire, making the young Stephanie giggle and her feelings about her baby brother were straightaway happier.

Bart's first words were "Ay carumba!" but soon were followed by "Mom", "Homer", and "Steph." He proved to be much more trouble than the young Stephanie had been, and Homer often lost patience with him. He had a misleading innocent face with spiky blonde hair and big blue eyes. He was always scribbling over Stephanie's pictures from preschool, and then, later, her pictures from kindergarten.

It was when Stephanie reached kindergarten when Marge not only got pregnant again, but they moved house.

"Can I help name the baby?" five-year-old Stephanie begged her mom. "Please?"

"You can choose your new sister's middle name." Marge compromised.

Stephanie thought for a moment. "OK. Her middle name can be Marie."

Bart was less enthusiastic about the idea of having a little sister. He liked being the youngest and getting the most attention. He wanted to keep the crib himself.

"Bart, from now on, the baby sleeps in the crib." Marge tried to explain when Stephanie was still in kindergarten.

"I'm a baby!" Bart whined.

"Come on, Marge." Homer said, trying to use reverse psychology. "Let's leave the baby with his little crib." But Homer's patience waned, and he again tried to pull the two-year-old off the crib. Bart grimly hung on.

That evening, Stephanie came home with a picture. "Look, Mom!" she said. Marge found her picture was a realistic picture of Bart holding a baby. But in the picture, Stephanie had tried to show that Bart actually liked the little sister that was coming. He loved her as an older brother should.

"Oh, Stephanie, it's lovely." Marge said, her eyes misting over as she gave her daughter a hug.

However, finding a house was harder than it seemed. Whenever Homer and Marge went to talk to the realtors, they left Stephanie and Bart with Marge's older sisters, twins Patty and Selma. Whenever this happened, Stephanie liked to lock herself in her room. Bart didn't really have a room in the flat, and just had the living room, so he just tried to make the most of it. Needless to say, the two kids didn't like their aunts much. However, they would sometimes give Bart a dollar to sing.

But however, they found a brilliant house. They had to borrow some money from Abe, Homer's father, but they got a four-bedroom house with an open downstairs.

"Homer, this house sucks." Bart complained the second they moved in. He persisted in calling his dad by his first name.

"Bart, I told you not to use that word. Call me 'Daddy'." Homer said sternly. "Stephanie, set an example."

"But Dad, I already do." Stephanie complained truthfully.

Life went by in this type of pattern during the time leading up to the birth of the new baby. But on November 3rd, 7am, Lisa Marie Simpson was born. Her anxious brother and sister waited outside the room until Homer invited him in. They found Marge in a rocking chair, holding a young baby, who yawned and opened her eyes.

"Well, kids, what do you think of little Lisa?" asked Marge.

Stephanie planted a tiny kiss on Lisa's cheek.

Bart didn't sugarcoat his reaction. "I hate you." he told Lisa flatly.


It took a lot of time for Bart to get used to the young Lisa. Although Stephanie loved her sister, she, too, found that it was hard for her to get used to not having even the attention she had at the time of Bart's birth. She couldn't bring herself to tell on Bart when he tried to post Lisa through the mailbox, and then pushed her through their neighbour's doggy door. She didn't admit to herself that she was just as jealous as Bart. But unlike her brother, she tried to stick it out.

However, Bart packed up a hobo stick, and told Lisa "I liked it when it was me, Mom, Homer and Steph. You wrecked everything. I'm leaving. Goodbye."

But as Bart began to walk away, Lisa said her first word. "Bart."

Her brother turned around. "What did you say?"


Stephanie, walking across the landing, heard the unfamilar young voice, and went into the room. "Huh?"

"Steph, she can talk!" Bart exclaimed. "Lisa, can you say Stephanie?"

"Steph-a-nie." Lisa pronounced, pointing at her sister.

"And I'm her first word!" Bart said proudly.

"Let's go tell Mom and Dad!" Stephanie said excitedly.

When they showed Homer and Marge, Lisa was able to also say 'mommy' and 'David Hasselhoff'.

"Can you say 'daddy'?" Homer asked.

Lisa pointed at him. "Homer."

"No, sweetie, 'Daddy'."

Lisa looked blank, then repeated "Homer.", making Bart laugh.


Stephanie was now in sixth grade in her first year of middle school, at twelve years old. Bart was nine years old, in third grade. Lisa was in first grade at seven years old. Life was very different. Stephanie had recently turned goth and had dyed her brown hair black. She wore net gloves and a diamante headband everywhere, with black clothes. She was an average student, getting Cs and Bs mostly. Bart had turned out to be even more of a troublemaker as the middle child. Lisa, though the youngest, was very talented in most subjects, getting straight As in every subject. When she was three, Homer had encouraged her talent by getting her a saxophone, and Lisa was now very gifted in music, and adored jazz music especially.

But the life of the family changed again after Homer found a job where he was happier, compared to his old one at the nuclear power plant across town. But soon after, Marge was pregnant again. The family knew that Homer would have to go back to his old job to feed the fourth child, who they found out was another girl.

When Patty and Selma found out, they hoped to wreck it for Homer, having disapproved of Marge's choice in husband. But when Marge made them promise not to tell Homer, they didn't, only telling the two biggest gossips in Springfield. Before long it was all over town, and Homer didn't suspect a thing until a surprise baby shower. As Homer walked up the stairs of his home, one of the women congratulated him on his new job, and it suddenly hit him.

"Marge's pregnant?" he cried. "AAHHHH!" He tore all but three hairs of his hair out and sped up to his and Marge's room.

"So unfair!" Stephanie complained. Marge had just told her that the new baby would have to have her own room, Lisa would have to share a room with Stephanie.

"I can't have a little sister sharing with me!" Stephanie whined in a little-girl way. "There isn't enough room."
"Stephanie, just deal with it." Marge said firmly. "I don't like it any more than anyone else does, but you'll have to deal with it, as will Lisa."

"Why can't she share with Bart?"

"Because you can't put a seven-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy in the same room."

Lisa wasn't as vocal about the subject, but it was clear she didn't like it any more than Stephanie. A notable example was when Stephanie found a piece of paper on Lisa's vanity, which was next to her own vanity.

"So what's this?" Stephanie asked maliciously. She had no real motive, except that she felt Lisa was taking up too much of her room.

"Give it back!" Lisa cried.

Stephanie giggled, reading it out loud. "I wish I had a pony, I wish I were eighteen.

I wish I had a dime for every kid who treats me mean.

They tease me cause I'm different from the rest.

When I'm down so low, if I cheered up I'd still be depressed.

The saxophone's my best friend-" she broke off and burst out laughing. "Your sax is your best friend?" she gasped. "Oh, that's a good one. Sis, you've gotta learn a couple of things. One; being smart means you don't have any friends. Two; don't leave depressing poems in my room."

"It's my room now too!" Lisa yelled.

"Well, don't leave your poem in my space!" Stephanie screamed back.

"It's not your space!" Lisa shrieked. "And it's a blues song, anyway, not a poem!"

"Girls!" The two girls turned to see Marge in the doorway. "Be quiet. I've got a headache, and stop arguing."

"But Mom, she took my song!" Lisa complained.

"Stephanie, leave your sister's things alone." Marge told her oldest daughter.

"Sorry, Mom." muttered Stephanie.

However, things perked up on January 22nd, at 10pm, when Margaret "Maggie" Simpson was born. Homer found motivation when he got his own job back in the form of his new baby daughter. Maggie's brother and sisters adored the quiet young child, and after Marge recovered from her fourth child's birth, the family was soon a whole happy group.

So that's the six Simpsons. Homer and Marge were both thirty-three. Stephanie turned thirteen, Bart turned ten, Lisa turned eight, and Maggie turned one, and over the summer, the three oldest went into second, fourth and seventh grade.

And this is the story of the Simpson family, from the point of view of their oldest daughter, Stephanie Simpson.

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