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I'm Stephanie Simpson, I'm thirteen, and my family is nuts. That's what I always say about myself whent someone asks me who I am. But then, there are some things that are OK. Just because my family is nuts doesn't make them too uncool, even if they embarrass me beyond words when they're at their worst.

Mom is hopelessly lame, of course, but I love her. She's...well, she's Mom. If she's not with us, the Simpson family falls apart. Trust me, I've seen it.

Dad...well, he's embarrassing, mostly. But he's got a heart underneath all that blubber. And of course, he's hilariously funny to watch when he embarrasses himself at times, like when the one of us pesters him long enough, he'll give in – like buying a pool, taking us to Mt Splashmore, and going to the sushi restaurant. I think the only time he didn't give in was the time Bart wanted a hundred bucks for some comic book.

Speaking of Bart, he's annoying. It's humiliating, knowing that he can actually overpower me when he's younger. I can't stand him when he's playing pranks or whatever – on me, at least. But if he lets me in on it, I can like him. Last time he played that trick on Dad with Lisa's diary that shocks unauthorised users, I laughed so hard.

Lisa...well, she's still a nerd. I've come to accept that she'll never be anything else. But she's my little sister, and if she stopped showing off her smarts and correcting people, she could almost be cool. Well, maybe with that hippie T-shirt and ragged jeans she wore on holiday one time. But regardless, she's my sister, and I'm stuck with her, so I have to look on the bright side. She's not a monster sister.

Maggie is just sweet. If I have anything to do with it, she'll grow up like me. I mean, already she can be sarcastic and face-palm. I love her a lot, I'll admit.

I guess that this is where I finish my reel of examples. If you really want to see them again, go back through the chapters. Or just find the TV show recordings of us reenacting it (well, I refused, but everyone else did it, even Lisa).

But then, the story's not over yet. Recently, I've been having the weirdest dreams. Nightmares, I guess. They're practically Krueger dreams, except that they actually are dreams, not reality when I fall asleep. Sometimes I dream about normal stuff, but I'm usually pretty young. Once I was only about four. Once, I remember being pushed on stage as a ten-year-old and pushed to sing something – I think it was actually from Wicked – I'm Not That Girl, I think it was. But most of the dreams have me at fourteen, or at the oldest, seventeen. I'm always in a cream-coloured bedroom, with a shelf below the window, which is kitty-corner to the bed. And there's always this guy there, who looks kind of creepy, but kind of hot too. He always scares me, though I don't know why. But the thing is, I'm not Stephanie Taylor Simpson in my dreams. I'm some other girl – I'm not sure. I think she's a blonde. I don't know who she is, but whenever I have these dreams, I'm always in her body. The dreams feel like memories...but they can't really be. I was never this girl! I've never even met her!

It can't be memories, right? Right?

Oh, what the hell, who cares what the fudge I dream about? You know, I'm just gonna shut up before any more embarrassing stuff comes out onto my laptop.

I am Stephanie Taylor Simpson, I'm thirteen years old, I love to paint, and my family is still nuts.

Well, that's it! But don't worry, you haven't seen the last of Stephanie. Firstly, I advise you to check out Sideshow Cellophane 26's fanfictions. Her story "Someone's Island" includes Stephanie, and it's awesome! If you liked Stephanie here, you'll like her in that fanfic too!

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Summary: Whenever Stephanie falls asleep, she dreams that she is in the body of a shy quiet girl who seems to live for the cute teenage boy she's always with. Who is the girl? How is she connected to Stephanie? And why does she seem to both fear and love the boy?

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