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What if Chrome failed to protect Enma and was pushed into a purple vortex? Walking up into the past before the fatal incident, can Chrome find her way back into the future she remembered or had she changed it?

Chapter one: Blast to the Past!

At the Island, During the Battle between Sawada Tsunayoshi/Kozato Enma with Daemon Spade.

Chrome closes her eye tightly, clutching her trident closely. It doesn't feel right. She was falling much too fast. Vaguely, she remembers Boss's horrified expression before the purple vortex swallows her whole. No! She couldn't die yet! Chanting the mantra all over again, struggling to hold her sanity together and the vortex tries to rip her inside out. Her name is Chrome Dokuro. She's one of the Vongola Mist Guardian. She will not die!

In an undisclosed house somewhere near Namimori

Soft. That was the first thing that came into her mind. Chrome sighed softly as she burrowed deeper into the soft bed. When did she have slept in a real bed? Not since she moved into Koku… she abruptly opened her eyes and stared at the white ceiling. Where is she? Warily she climbed out the huge bed, frowning as she pushes away the long strands of her hair from her face. She stopped, staring at the purple hair strand she was holding.

Wait. What?

Chrome stared at the room once again. For some reasons, the bedroom felt…familiar. She stared at the ebony vanity chest, the lone white cat plushie on the desk, the lacy violet curtains.


That's impossible.

Unsteadily, Chrome climbed out the bed, and slowly walked in front of the floor-length mirror behind the door.

And stared.


That's impossible.

Instead staring at a forlorn eye-patched mist illusionist, a young violet-eyed girl with long purple hair wearing a simple white gown was staring back at her.

No. she didn't even notice she was screaming at the reflection until a beautiful woman burst into the room, quickly followed by her husband, staring at her daughter.

"Nagi, what's wrong?"

Chrome stared wildly at the woman and her husband before collapsed. He did it; she weakly thought as she fell onto the soft tiled floor, he actually did it.

Daemon Spade had sent her into the past.

Chrome Dokuro of Vongola 10th Mist guardian, no, Nagi fainted.

Italy, Vongola Mansion

"Nono!" Timoteo, 9th Vongola Boss looked up from his paperwork to see his lightning guardian, Ganauche III entering his office, looking frantic. "Nono, the Mist ring… the Vongola mist ring had disappeared!"

At the Sawada Residence

"Ciaossu. I'm Reborn, the home tutor." Tsuna stared in disbelieve at the baby in front of him. "My real job is to turn you into a mafia boss."

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