Sequel to Missing?

AN: Hello My lovely readers! I would like to start off by saying thank you to all who supported this story! Secondly I wanted to explain my reason for ending it the way I did. I just felt that that part of the story was over since she was saved… and that anything I have for it should be put into a sequel which I am happy to announce that there will be one, and that I will be writing the summary as soon as I am done with this very long note… also I will be giving info for when I will be updating my other stories.

Surrender of the heart

-For those of you who are reading my story surrender of the heart, a mix of you want jealous Elena, and the others don't… so what I am thinking and I will need your feedback asap so I can write the chapter sooner than later is that maybe I could write that part of the story in Elenas POV to show that while she feels a little jealous, she is happy for her friend-so what do you think yes or no?

Battered hearts

-For those of you reading that story, I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on the last chapter I posted, idk if you guys just didn't like it or the story so I will not update till I know…once I know that u guys read it or if you don't like it I will either update or remove it… idk yet so let me know!

Wedding bells and airplane rides

-I am happy to know you like this one and Damons and Bonnies POV I will do Elena's or Stefan's ASAP =) most likely I will write it tonight…

And now for the summery for my sequel idk what to name it yet but if you have suggestions after reading the summery than fill free to leave them in a review or PM … so here goes.

Bonnie is struggling to adjust to being a vampire-witch hybrid, her new power is overwhelming and hard to control… when a new evil comes to town and is out for Bonnies blood, how will the gang handle it? And will new friends be able to help?

Okay so let me know what you think of all of the things in this lol well love you guys