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Takashi ate quietly as the others talked and joked about different subjects. His head was still a bit fuzzy from the rum he drank earlier, but it was clearing slowly.

As the girls picked up the dishes, Saya asked Kohta with a smile, "Would you like more tea, Kohta-kun?"

"Yes thank you," he replied as she took his cup.

Turning to Takashi she took his cup and stated, "More coffee for you."

Kohta snickered as he watched her walk away causing Takashi's face to turn red. "I guess Saya thinks you need more coffee, whether you want it or not huh?"

Takashi nodded as he noticed the other three women with their heads together whispering while Saya made the drinks.

"Get ready, Kohta; the gossip frenzy is about to start," Takashi said while nodding his head towards the women.

"Hmm," Kohta said. "Well I knew it would happen I guess. We kind of got surprised when we came out of the bath this morning to find Rei and Saeko standing there looking at us."

Takashi snickered as Saya walked back to the table with their cups. She had just set them down when Shizuka walked up behind her.

"Saya-chan, I need to see you upstairs for a bit," Shizuka said as she put her hands on Kohta and Saya's shoulders.

"Eh…now?" Saya asked, her face turning red.

"Yes, dear; better to get this over and done with now," Shizuka replied. She looked down at Kohta's red face and winked at him as she led Saya away, "Kohta? You and Takashi watch Alice-chan please, until we return."

Kohta sighed and picked up his tea cup, "Come on, Takashi, let's sit on the back porch and drink this."

The other boy nodded and followed him out the back of the house. Alice was in the yard throwing a ball for Zeke to chase after and she ran over when they sat down.

"Kohta-kun, I want to show you the koi!" she said as she sat down beside them laying her head on his unhurt shoulder.

"Okay munchkin, but let Takashi and I finish our cups first and talk for a minute, then I will give you my undivided attention," Kohta told her.

"Okay!" she replied as she raced off again with Zeke behind her.

Takashi smiled as he watched while sipping the strong coffee. He felt Kohta watching him out of the corner of his eye. "What?" he asked.

"Hit the bottle this morning did you?" Kohta asked with a smirk on his face.

"Eh," Takashi said as he shrugged. "You try bursting into a room, where you think two of your friends have turned into undead, only to find them having sex. Kind of tripped me out for a bit there."

Kohta chuckled, "You should have seen it from my point of view. I'm concentrating on Saya and suddenly this crazy madman rushes in with a baseball bat over his head about to bash our brains out. You're fucking scary from that angle. I'm glad you pulled up when you did."

"Saya," Takashi said as Kohta chuckled again. "When she turned and looked at me it froze me to the floor. I couldn't have taken another step if I had wanted to with that look in her eyes."

Kohta laughed out loud, "And Saeko, damn, the look on her face was priceless! Saya and I almost smothered each other trying to keep you from hearing us laughing after the door closed."

Takashi laughed, "Yeah, Saeko almost busted a gut trying to keep from laughing out loud herself. Then Rei came out of their room and they took off to get all girly while leaving me alone standing in the middle of the hall. That's when I decided I needed a drink…or ten."

Kohta chuckled again and then paused, "So…what were you and Saeko doing up that time of the morning?"

Takashi blushed and ducked his head, "Making out by the fire…"

Kohta choked on his tea as Takashi said this. "Oh really!" Kohta exclaimed as he laughed. "And does Rei know about this?"

Takashi shook his head, "No! And please don't say anything!"

Kohta shook his head, "Oh no! Don't you worry about that, brother. I've already got one wildcat to deal with; I don't even want to get into that."

Takashi ducked his head and asked, "So…how was…it?"

Kohta blushed and said, "Wonderful, but that's all I can tell you."

Takashi looked at him, "Under orders not to talk, huh?"

Kohta shook his head, "Oh no! She knows we're going to talk, just like the girls are now. I just can't give you a reference. You know the old saying 'you got to try it'? Well, it was the first time for both of us and all I can say is, wonderful." His eyes got a dreamy look to them as he saw her in his mind lying beside him.

"So how did this come about?" Takashi asked while sipping from his coffee cup.

"I'm not really sure," Kohta said with a puzzled look on his face. "I'd been having weird dreams while I had the fever, I thought for a minute there I was dead. I woke up and thought she was an angel that had come to take me to heaven."

"Really? Why?" Takashi wanted to know.

"She was all glowing with the moonlight behind her. Well, that and I just couldn't comprehend her being in the bed with me. I told her so and she got pissed! First she threatens to beat me. Next thing I know she is confessing all this stuff to me, and then we were, like, making out and it quickly progressed from there," he said with a chuckle.

Takashi smiled, "Well good. I think you two go together well. I know she can be a pain, but she really does care about you. We really thought she was going to break there for a bit. You know she gave you blood right?"

Kohta looked at his friend with surprise on his face, "What? Blood? How?"

"Marikawa-sensei did a transfusion with some of her instruments; she took some of Saya's blood and put it in you. She was the only one with the right blood type. With that and the new meds we got…well that seems to be what did the trick in making you better," Takashi told him.

Kohta hung his head thinking about what he had just heard. He reached to feel the bandage on the inside of his left elbow, looking as if he was seeing it for the first time.

Takashi put his hand on his friends shoulder, "Kohta? You ok?"

Kohta cleared his throat and said in a husky voice, "Wow, I guess we are more a part of each other now than I thought."

Takashi smiled and stood up, "Well I guess that is true." He picked up the cups and started into the house, "Go let Alice show you the koi while I put these up."

Kohta got up and stretched before walking to where Alice and Zeke were sitting by the pond.


A few minutes earlier upstairs…

"Girls, wait here please while Saya and I talk for a minute," Shizuka said. Rei and Saeko stood in the hall as she led Saya into her room.

She turned to a red faced Saya and gathered her into a hug and held her for a bit. "Big night?" she asked.

Saya nodded, "Y…yeah I guess you could say that."

Shizuka smiled and gave her a kiss on the forehead, "Hmm, I remember my first time fondly and you should too. Now I am your doctor as well as your friend and I need to ask a few questions. How do you feel?"

Saya shrugged her shoulders, "Ok I guess, maybe a little sore?"

"That's to be expected. Was there any blood?" Shizuka asked.

"No, not that I know of," Saya said. "Should there have been?"

"Not always. Sometimes there is. Ok I need you to take off your bottoms and lay on the bed for me. I want to give you just a quick exam and we'll be through," Shizuka said as she guided Saya to the bed.

A minute later they were done and Shizuka let the other girls into the room as Saya pulled her shorts back on.

The four piled up on the bed and sat in a circle. Saya sat red faced as the other two students smirked at her. Suddenly they dove on her poking and tickling while crying out things like, "Oh Saya-chan! Tell us of your womanly ways!" "I'm jealous! I wanted you to myself!"

"WAAAA!" Saya cried out as she was buried under the two girls.

This went on for a minute while Shizuka cackled with laugher and tried not to fall off the bed. Finally they all ended up in a pile of arms and legs grasping for breath with Saya whining, "You people are nuts! Watch out or I'll tell my boyfriend you molested me!"

This brought on another round of giggles before they all calmed down.

"Saya? Did you enjoy it?" Rei asked quietly as she played with Shizuka's hair.

Saya blushed, "Yes."

Saeko looked up at her from where she lay with her head in Saya's lap, "Was he sweet to you?"

Saya smiled, "Yes he was. He asked me a couple of times if I was sure I wanted to do it." She giggled a little, "I think he was so surprised to find me in the bed with him he thought I was an angel that had come to take him away."

"Awwww how sweet!" the other three exclaimed as Saya turned redder than ever.

"What happened after that?" Shizuka asked.

Saya gave an evil grin, "I jumped his bones and ravished him!"

The girls descended into laughter again as Shizuka got up. "Speaking of Romeo, I'm going to call him up and look at his arm. I need to change the bandage and check the stitches."

She walked out to the railing where she could look down into the living area. Seeing Takashi sitting by the firepit she called out, "Takashi! Please tell Kohta I need him to come up so I can change his bandage."

Takashi waved and stepped to the back of the house, to relay the message.

A minute later Kohta stepped to the door of Shizuka's room and said, "Here I am, Sensei."

He froze as the three girls on the bed locked their eyes on him with smirks on their faces. He blushed red and rubbed the back of his neck, as the nurse motioned for him to go across the hall to his and Saya's room.

"Feel like I'm a bug under a micro-scope," he muttered as he turned away from the door. Behind him he heard a flurry of giggling as Saya hissed, "HUSH!" to the other two.

Kohta crossed the hall and sat on the bed in their bedroom. Shizuka started clipping away the bandage as Saya walked up behind her to watch.

"Is it hurting much, Kohta-kun?" the nurse asked as she ran her fingers along the stitches. She leaned close to look where the skin was knitting back together. She also leaned over and sniffed the wound several times.

"Eh…a little. I did bang it last night and that hurt but mostly it seems stiff and itches," he replied.

"Why did you just sniff it?" Saya asked, puzzled at the nurses action.

"Checking for gangrene," Shizuka replied. "It would smell like rotting meat or putrid, stinky cheese."

The nurse stuck a thermometer in his mouth and put some antiseptic on the wound. After rewrapping his arm she took the thermometer and looked at it closely. "Hmm…37.5 c, good! Hopefully we are past the worst of it. Now, I want you to stretch and flex your arm but don't overdo it. I don't want you to tear the wound, but I am worried about you losing mobility."

"Yes, Sensei, I'll be careful." Kohta promised.

Shizuka prepared a shot of antibiotic and gave it to him. "Now I didn't give you as much as I did yesterday. If you start to feel sleepy, lay down for a while. I think if everything goes well we might be able to take the stitches out in four or five days." She took out two aspirin and had him take those, before she reached into her bag and set a box on the bedside table.

Shizuka patted Kohta on the cheek as she turned and left the room. Saya watched her close the door before looking to see what was left on the table. Her eyebrows rose as she read, 'Condoms, one box of 24'.

Saya spun to him as he got up from the bed, "Don't you get any ideas that…" She stopped with a stunned look on her face as his shorts dropped to the floor around his ankles.

"UWAH!" He cried out as he scrambled to pull them back up. He closed one eye and flinched as he waited for the blow from the sharp little fist.

Instead she walked over and took hold of the waist band. "Didn't these fit just a few days ago?" she asked.

"Well they were getting a little loose, but not this bad…" He stopped and looked around at his battered school uniform. "Um Saya, these were smaller than my uniform…"

She pursed her lips, "Hmm, you better try that on now."

A minute later Kohta stood before her as she pulled and pinched at the uniform pants.

"Well there is no doubt about it; you have lost quite a bit of weight!" she said with a smile.

Kohta snorted, "Great, it only took the end of the world for me to get in shape."

Saya smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She then picked up the shorts and handed them to him. "Put these back on. They have belt loops and you can use a piece of rope. I'll get with the others and see if we can figure out what to do about the pants. One thing is for sure, we have to go shopping!"


Saeko had followed Saya to the bedroom and watched from the door as Shizuka worked on Kohta. Satisfied he was ok, she turned to go downstairs to do some wash and other chores.

As she turned, she noticed Rei standing at the balcony rail looking down into the living area.

She looks so sad. Saeko thought as she walked over to the ginger-haired girl. Saeko noticed Rei was looking at Takashi as she stepped beside her and asked, "Rei-san? Are you okay?"

The teenager jumped a little as she turned to face Saeko. Rei looked into her eyes as she asked, "Are you going to take him away from me, Saeko?"

Saeko's mouth fell open as Rei's words hit her, "Rei I…"

Rei's eyes narrowed as she leaned forward, "Tell me the truth, Busujima-san; you want him for yourself don't you? That's what you were doing up last night weren't you? Seeing him?"

Saeko cast her eyes down as she fought not to lash back at the other girl, "Rei, I am not going to deny I have deep feelings for him, but I do not want to hurt your feelings over this either."

"Oh really?" Rei hissed. "He is the last thing I have left of my life…"

Saeko looked her in the eyes, "He loves you, Rei. Did he not come for you first when everything went to hell? Did not you say yourself that the reason Hisashi-san went with you is because he did not know where Komuro-san was dragging you off to? Saya was there in your class, Kohta too, but he came for you, Miyamoto Rei. The one he loved."

Rei looked stunned as Saeko leaned in closer to her, "You went to him at the mansion right? You went to confess to him and what have you done since? I spent one night with him at the shrine. Did anything happen? A kiss, a single kiss to remind me I was human and a woman. A kiss that brought me back from the brink when I had given up and all I wanted to do was walk out into that horde and die taking as many of them with me as I could."

She straightened up and looked down at Takashi, "Who could not love him? He, who we picked to lead us through the wasteland of the end of the world, a boy that stood and became a man for those he loves."

Saeko turned back to face her with her hands shaking, "You need to make some decisions, Rei. I love him and yes, I want him, but I will make this promise to you. I will protect you and the others to the best of my ability…for him."

Saeko turned and started to the stairs. Stopping she looked back at Rei, "One more thing, battle sister; I am willing to share the best man in the world, are you?"

Rei stood stunned as Saeko went down the stairs. As the swordswoman went past Takashi, she told him she was going outside to meditate and would he see that she was not disturbed for a while. He nodded as he watched her walk out the back of the house.

Shizuka listened from behind her closed door, as Rei walked down the hall and went into her room, closing the door behind her. She had heard the whole confrontation and it worried her. She slipped out of her room and down the hall to Rei's door. As she raised her fist to knock, she heard Rei sobbing on the other side. Her eyes narrowed as she pressed her fist to her mouth instead and thought, Oh Rika! I wish you were here, you know how to handle things like this so much better than I do!

Later, she thought, I'll talk to her later when she has had time to calm down some. With that thought she went downstairs to check on Alice.

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