Hey, guys. Here's a Bruce/Violet future one-shot for fictionlover94's contest, staring their child, who I made up (which is kinda weird since Violet is Dynamite Girl's OC!). Also, Bruce's last name is Farley in my universe 'cause I had a cat recently, whose name was Farley, but I named him Bruce, so yeah. Anyway, here we go.

It was around two o'clock as a bus parked in front of the Farley household. A young cat girl with blonde hair, a black sweater, blue jeans, black shoes, and brown cat ears and a tail stepped off with tears in her eyes as children aboard the bus laughed at her. The 5-year-old cat girl immediately ran into her house and slammed the front door.

"Hey, Lilac! How was your first day of kindergarten?" her mother, Violet Farley approached and asked.

"It was terrible! All those mean kids made fun of me! Why did I have to be born a half-cat freak?" she yelled as she began sobbing. Her catlike abilities were obviously inherited from her mom.

Violet bent down and placed an arm on her daughter's shoulder. "It's okay, Honey. I know how it feels. I was made fun of, too."

"Why did you have to make a deal with that demon?" she yelled in anger.

Violet sighed. "Listen, Lil. You shouldn't listen to what those other kids say. You should be happy about your powers. They make you unique and special. And if people make fun of you, they're just jealous that they don't have your powers. But I'm sure, in the future, you'll show them all what good your powers can bring!...As long as it isn't darkly, that is. I mean, for the greater good!"

Her daughter smiled. "You mean like how you used your powers to help defeat the evil King Malladus, or how you and Aunt Scarlet fought the evil Negatar?"

"Exactly! And as long as you believe in yourself, no bullies can get to you!"

At this, she smiled more and hugged her mom.

"Hey, there's my little kitten!" Bruce exclaimed, walking in.

"Daddy!" Lilac exclaimed, running over to hug him.

"Go get ready, Kitten! We're having guests over for dinner!"

"Yeah! Your Aunt Scarlet and Uncle Yang are coming over to visit!" Violet followed.

"YAY! I can't wait to play with my cousin, Berry!" With that, she ran off.

"She sure is something, isn't she?" Violet asked.

"Yep! Just like her freak of a mother!" Bruce joked.

"I was nowhere near freaky as your Delightful forms!" With that, the two began laughing.

Well, there you have it. Another OC, who is the child of someone else's OC! Well, school started for me…it hurts.