~Pirate's Slave Toy~

Kagome, a young girl looking for adventure and true love, is kidnapped with a few other girls by a band of pirates whose leader is called Inuyasha. Inuyasha is a handsome, sexy, powerful half-demon who captures Kagome's heart. He wasn't planning on looking for true love or a possible future mate, but his inner demon and heart have another idea. Will this sexy pirate give Kagome what she has been searching for or will her fiancé, Hojo, come rescue her from him and his inner demon that both crave the beauty that seems to be unattainable and has a secret that escapes both of them.

There is a lemon (my first one) in this story. You have been warned ahead of time! Please enjoy this one shot; it is hopefully one of many ahead in the near future. .

[I do not own these characters, even though I wish, the great honor goes to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi. The plot is all mine, I made it up, and I hope people like it a lot! X3]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Story begins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The winds blew calmly against the shore, allowing the sea to glisten beneath the sun's bright rays. Beside the beautiful sea was a small village called Konica. The village consisted of demons, half demons, and humans living together in harmony. The town had small little cabins that were made of wood that had chimneys made of stone on top, a big church that had a giant wooden cross at the top with small little angels where gargoyles would have been, a market place with lots of small cabins that were filled with fruit, meat, fur, jewelry, rugs, clothes and many other things from far away like antique pottery, foreign clothing and pretty bags made from leather and fur. In the middle of the town was a pole with a flag waving against the wind at the top, bearing a moon surrounded by sakura blossoms.

A little two-tailed cat ran across the shore til it reached a young girl sitting by the waves, who was close to the edge of the shore. It circled around her til the long raven haired, blue eyed girl picked her up. The young girl rubbed its head as it meowed out of enjoyment. The girl smiled, "Hello there. Did Sango ask you go look for me again, Kirara?"

Her smile grew when Kirara replied by licking her cheek. The raven laughed as she continued to rub Kirara's head gently.

"There you are Kagome!" a young girl said out of breath relieved. The girl with long brown hair, pulled back into a tight ponytail, wearing a pale blouse with a long brown skirt. Kirara leaped from Kagome's arms than ran to Sango and jumped on her shoulder. Kirara rubbed against Sango's cheek, showing the love she had for her owner. "I've been looking everywhere for you."

Kagome stood up and wiped off any sand that had gotten on her clothes, which consisted of a blue blouse with a knee-length gown. Kagome smiled at her best friend, "I was here by the shore, just dreaming about being out on the sea."

Kagome walked over to Sango, who shook her head giggling. Sango patted her shoulder gently, "Of course, your dream. To travel the wide, open sea. Kagome you are a true dreamer but don't get your hopes up."

"My dream will come true." Kagome smiled determinedly. "I can feel it, soon it will. My chance to travel is coming around." Sango shook her head than smiled at her big dreamer friend, as they walked off the shore to the village.

"Alright, if you think it is than I won't argue with you. I won't bring you down."

"Thanks, Sango."

Kagome stopped than turned toward the sea smiling and thought, 'My dream will come true. Don't worry I'll join you soon.' She continued to watch the sea rock against the shore for a few more seconds as she turned back to and ran off to catch up before she got scolded again.

They walked through the village, continuing with their chores that they had stopped to take a break from, saying 'hello' to the other villagers that passed by them. They were in the market, getting food for dinner tonight, when they saw their friend Ayame running over to them. She wore a knee-length sky blue gown that went well with her blue eyes and brown hair.

They hugged and spent that time getting the food and talking amongst them like they always do. They have been friends since they were five and have never been separated. Since then, they have grown up together and have all been getting ready searching for a husband. Ayame was a wolf demon as Sango and Kagome were human. When they were little they use to pretend they were lady pirates, traveling the sea and gathering treasure.

Now they were sixteen and it was appropriate to have a husband at that age, the oldest age to get married was eighteen or twenty. Women were to be married by then and the men could marry only if they were seventeen. If they were pass that age and they had fallen for a girl around that age, they had to wait til she was sixteen than the marriage would continue. They each wanted to fall in love with the man of their dreams.

Kagome had a crush on a boy named Hojo, who was the village's courageous man. He took after his father who was the chief of the village, and he was going to be the next chief when his father felt it was his time to lead. It had been discovered that Hojo had fallen in love with Kagome and had asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes, of course, and they have been together since they were thirteen. They were due to be married as soon as he turned seventeen. Which would be in two days, she couldn't wait for the day. Her and her friends couldn't wait til the wedding, they were excited as well.

When they finished gathering food for supper they walked back to the big cabin in the middle of the village. A couple of years ago, the village had been ransacked by pirates who took the women and used them as concubines. The pirates were demons and humans taking the women for their pleasure. The men of the village decided to build the cabin for the younger women of the village. If a woman was married she was to live with her husband and he would protect her, as every husband would in the village.

As the girls walked in they were greeted by the other younger women in the cabin. The cabin was filled with women from the ages of five to sixteen. When a girl is born they are allowed to stay with their families until the girl turned five, she will then be brought to the cabin to live in. The other girls helped them put away the food so that they would be fresh when it came time to use them. During that time, Hojo came by and entered the cabin.

With his light brown hair and brown eyes, he smiled when he saw Kagome. "Kagome, I was looking for you."

Kagome blushed as he walked over to her and grabbed her hand to kiss it gently, "Hi Hojo. What brings you here?" She tried not to look straight in his eyes, 'Why does he always make my heart beat for him.'

Ayame smiled, "Yeah, what brings the chief's son here to a cabin full of women." All of the girls giggled as he too laughed at the joke.

All the girls knew that Hojo was a caring, funny, nice, sweet boy. He would never cheat on Kagome because he was a true man who would never do such a disgrace. He wasn't like most guys; you could hardly find any other guy like him. The village was full of guys like Hojo so the girls were blessed with that.

"It's not what it looks like really ladies. I just came by to visit my soon to be wife." He looked Kagome straight in the eye than grabbed her into a tight hug, "I missed you."

Kagome blushed hugging him back, "I missed you too."

Sango pulled them apart smiling jokingly, "Alright you two, break it up. Hojo how about you help us with the food?"

Hojo laughed, "Yes, yes I will help you all out."

For the next two hours they spent that time putting away the food and began cooking dinner for tonight. Hojo was very helpful with putting the food away but when it came to cooking…..…let's just say out of everything else he was good at, cooking wasn't one of them. The sun was setting beyond the horizon. The sky turned from a light blue to orange than a pinkish color. It made the sky look beautiful especially against the sea, as the colors reflected against the water. The sea looked as if it was filled with colorful, little crystals glistening against the sun's setting rays.

The girls were setting the silverware and putting the food on the table. The door opened with a giant slam against the wall as Hojo's father came in with a frightened face.

"Girl's run to your rooms, quickly! Hojo protect the cabin at all costs and get the other villagers to help too!" the chief said anxiously. The girl's froze in place, when the chief spoke they looked at him afraid of the reason why. Running up to his father, Hojo nodded with a worried expression than hesitated.

Father, why must we do this?" he asked a concerned. "Is something wrong?"

The chief laid his eyes on his only son than at the girls that surrounded him. He spoke with concern and authority, "Hide in your rooms, lock all the doors and windows. Do not come out until I come for you. Pirates are coming to the village!"