Okay, so here it is. The sequel for A Nerd Story of Love. I don't own any of this. The only thing I do own is the plot to the story and a very cool 'Geekward' mug. I'm planning on keeping the story lighthearted as can be, but there will be angsty moments. I will post warnings in the author's notes at the beginning of the chapters for fair warning.

So, without further ado, here is…

The Geek's Guide To Parenthood

Chapter One: Baby Cullen


"Edward?" Bella called. "Can you bring me up some ice cream?"

"What flavor, gorgeous?" I replied.

"Chunky Monkey," she chirped. "And some pickles, too."

I grimaced but gathered the requested items for my pregnant and horny wife. I put the ice cream into a bowl and some pickles onto a plate. I jogged up the stairs and found Bella sitting on our bed, wearing one of my t-shirts and a pair of panties. Her baby belly was jutting out in front of her and I bit back a moan.

We just had wild monkey sex. Well, as wild and monkey as the sex can be when your wife is six months pregnant. Down boy!

"Your request, madam," I said as put the bowls into her eager hands. Then she dipped the pickle into the ice cream.

There goes my boner…

"Thank you, baby," she said with her mouth full.

"That's thoroughly repulsive, Bella," I snickered.

"No, it's not," she said. "I'm hoping if I eat something gross enough, Squirt will be ornery enough to show us what's underneath his or her skirt. I want to know what color to paint the nursery."

"No, what color I'M going to paint the nursery," I said. "There is no way in hell you're going up on a ladder. You have a hard enough time walking without the belly."

"True. I'll just watch you paint. With your shirt off. So you can show off your new muscles, stud," she giggled. "You ready for another round?"

"Bella…no. Just, no," I said. "My poor cock is fucking raw. Besides, we need to be at the doctor's office in an hour and half. Eat your crap and we'll go. I need to have some meat or something so I can get the smell of pickles dipped in Chunky Monkey out of my nostrils. That's foul, love. And wrong."

"It's good," Bella said, arching her brow.

"Keep telling yourself that, gorgeous," I said dryly. "When we have Squirt, I'm going to make you a dish of Chunky Monkey with a side of pickles and you will see the grossness that is that."

Bella growled and tossed a pickle at me. I, surprisingly, caught it with my mouth before I left. I went downstairs to make myself some lunch before changing for Bella's doctor's appointment. As I ate my sandwich, I smiled at how much my life had changed in the year since I've met Bella. The love of my life.

Who would have thought that chatting in a music forum would have led me to where I am today? And it all started so innocently. We chatted online for a half hour and she emailed me this gorgeous picture. I replied with my own photo and we quickly became friend through emails, phone calls and video conferences. Our first date was on Phoenix and I knew as soon as I saw and felt her that I was in love. She felt so right in my arms. Bella was the perfect woman for me and I was so blessed to have the love of my existence be all of my firsts.

First relationship.

First kiss.

First love.

First and only person to make love to.

Now, my best friend and husband of my sister, called me a fucking moron for not 'sowing my wild oats.' I refused to be in a relationship or pursue something physical with anybody that I had zero feelings for. Making love is not something to be taken lightly. Was I horny? Yes. But I am more of a gentleman than that. Hell, I hadn't even masturbated before I met Bella. I never saw the point. But once I did, I was quite needy in that regard. I felt like a sex-crazed teenager. I never took so many showers in my life. The first time I jerked off, it was in my bed. And I forgot about the 'aftermath.' I wrinkled my nose as I cleaned my spooge of my belly. The shower quickly became my jack off location of choice.

It felt so right with her. Every step that we took was not rushed or forced. Our first kiss was in the botanic gardens in Phoenix after Bella called me her boyfriend. My heart soared when I heard that. I needed to…wanted to kiss her. I wanted to feel her lips against mine and I did. The kiss was sweet and chaste. Her taste was indescribable. She was so sweet and soft and so Bella. When our lips touched, I felt a million butterflies assault my stomach and I wanted to run away with her. Be with her in every way. However, she was better than that. She needed the romance. The love. The affection and I would gladly give it to her.

Bella was more versed in relationships than I was. However, her only long-term relationship prior to me was this asshat named Jacob. He didn't treat her like a queen. She was just a 'sexual object' to him. On his mind was sex, fucking, sex, sex, fucking and more sex. He was a mongoloid. Bella wanted to experience culture and beauty. Jacob didn't. Their demise was met when she asked him to take her to the Monet exhibit at the Phoenix art museum. He refused and she dumped his sorry ass. He disappeared for awhile but reemerged when Bella and I met up with Rose, Bella's best friend, and her boytoy.



Goofus? Hell, I don't remember his name, but whatever.

Jacob got incredibly jealous while Bella and I were dancing. He tried to convince her to go back with him but he was hurting her. I saw red. For the first time in my thirty-one years, I fought someone. I broke his nose, I think. He was completely hammered so that helped my cause as Jacob could have easily killed me. He did bruise my jaw, but I'd do it again to protect her.

That was the first night I spent with Bella in my arms. I knew then that I wanted to wake up with her for the rest of my life. But on the second date, that was a little too much. We also had a long way to go with our relationship. Each step was taken together and I couldn't be happier about it. We learned about each other. About our likes and dislikes. About our bodies. About our love.

Bella was patient about our physical relationship. She was more experienced but only slightly. We were each other's firsts and that made me so happy. I think it made Bella happy too. She held the same beliefs about sex and love that I did. That's what made us click.

Not everyone can say that they are married to their best friend, but I am lucky that I am.

"Edward? You ready?" Bella asked. Her hair was down and curled around her face. Her makeup was simple and pretty. She was wearing a purple dress with a jean jacket on top. "You looked like you were lost in thought."

"Just remembering how far we've come in a year, love," I smiled.

"Can you believe it? A year?" she said, her brown eyes glazing over in tears.

"Why are you crying?" I asked as I walked over to her, cradling her face. I leaned down and kissed her soft lips. "No crying. It's a good thing. You haven't threatened to kick my ass."

"Hormones, Edward. I'm an emotional mess because of the influx of hormones flowing through my system. I cry at the damn puppy commercial," she snorted.

"Which one?"

"All of them," she said, rolling her eyes. "Come on, angel. Let's go to the doctor's. Who's coming with us?"

"Johnny is," I said. I grimaced at the fact that we still needed our body guards.

While on the surface, it appeared that we had a fairy tale marriage and relationship, things were not all happy and perfect. My brother, Emmett, was on trial for a litany of charges ranging from assault to drug dealing to embezzlement. His trial had begun in the beginning of January and I was called to testify against him. We had to cut our honeymoon short because of the damn trial. Anyhow, after I testified, my father followed me. Which surprised me to no end? Emmett was my father's, Carlisle's, golden boy. Apparently he had had enough and agreed to testify. The prosecution had finished their questioning and Emmett, who was representing himself, requested a recess until the following day. It was granted.

Carlisle was beaten to death that night.

Emmett had done it.

And admitted it. In Carlisle's chest.

EMC did this. And I'm proud.

I hired the security firm the next day. We had three body guards. Initially. Ricky was assigned to me. Johnny was assigned to Bella. Kevin was a swing person but he went missing in late March. My thought was that he was found by Emmett and killed. Wouldn't put it past him.

I also began working with Ricky on self defense tactics. I was granted a concealed weapon registration. I hated the thought of having a gun in my possession. However, I kept one in my nightstand. One in my desk drawer at Whitlock Technologies and a third in my glove compartment. I also got Lasik to improve my vision. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't see the target when I trained with Charlie, Bella's birth father and the detective assigned to Emmett's case. Once my eyes had settled down, I was actually a really good shot. Charlie actually said I was better than most officers he worked with. I needed to be. I needed to protect my wife. My child. My family.

Bella was also granted a FOID card as well. She could handle a revolver but nothing else. Any other gun provided too much kick back for her tiny arms. Her shooting style was not as sure as mine, but she could defend herself. I just prayed that she never had to.

But Emmett was out there. Hiding. Waiting. Calculating. He was going to come back and until he does, Ricky and Johnny are permanent fixtures in my household. We set up a wing of the house for their use. It was originally the spare room above the garage. It was unfinished but we managed to create a small apartment in there. It had all of the security cameras there in addition to two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchenette. Ricky usually went home at the end of the day. He was married and wanted to go home to his wife. Johnny stayed in the apartment. He was divorced and had no other home to get to.

"Mr. Edward? Miss Bella?" Johnny asked. "We're here."

"Oh, right," I said. I hopped out of the car and helped my wife out of the superbeast. We walked into the medical building on the campus of Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

"Edward, you are totally out of it today. Did my lunch of pickles and ice cream wreak havoc on your brain?" Bella giggled.

"No, Isabella," I said as I wrapped my arm around her waist. "Just reminiscing."

"What are you? 109?" Bella snorted.

I arched my brow and glared at my wife. She put her hands on hips and mimicked my stance. "Don't look at me in the tone of voice, Mrs. Cullen," I said as I brushed a wayward hair off her forehead. I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her lips. "Love you, baby."

"Love you, too," she said. "Oh, Squirt is having a field day on my bladder." I put my hand on her belly but didn't feel anything. "Sorry, Edward. Unless you can feel inside my body, you wouldn't be able to feel the kicking."

"Damn," I grumbled. "I would like to feel Squirt kick."

"Get pregnant," she snickered.

"Um, not possible, Bella. I am a boy. Boys don't have uteruses," I guffawed as I led her down the hall to Dr. Michelle Petkewicz's office. "I have a penis. It helped make you pregnant."

"Yeah. You are your supersperm in your supercock," Bella said dryly. She walked up to check in with the receptionist. I sat down and checked my email from my phone. I had taken a day off for Bella's appointment. I did every time she had an appointment. I didn't want to miss a minute of my baby's development. Bella sat down next to me. "How many pounds do you think I gained?"

"Hmmm, five?" I suggested.

"Are you wanting more sex?" she winked. "Thank you for stroking my ego. I'm surprised you actually still find me attractive with the small island that was my waist. God, I'm a house."

"Bella, you are beautiful. Radiant. Gorgeous," I said as I kissed her neck. "You are not huge. You're pregnant with our baby and that makes you even more beautiful."

"Will you still love me if I don't lose the belly?" Bella sniffled.

"I don't care if you're a million pounds, I'll still love you," I said as I kissed her lips. "How many pounds do you think you gained?"

"Twenty," she said.

"In three weeks?"


I rolled my eyes and put my head against the wall. I wanted to read more email, but I couldn't. I could see distances like a hawk, but reading without glasses gave me a killer headache. Bella leaned against my shoulder and played with my wedding band. She had removed her engagement ring as it was too tight on her finger. Pretty soon she'd have to remove her wedding band. Once I found out that she was pregnant, I ordered a matching platinum band to my promise ring in the next size larger. She'd still have a wedding band on her finger even when she was too bloated to wear her bling.

"Isabella Cullen," the nurse called. I got up and helped Bella up. She was having a hard time moving as her center of gravity was off. She waddled after the nurse and handed me her purse and jacket. She slipped off her shoes and stood on the scale. "You're up nearly twenty pounds, Bella."

"Told you!" Bella said. "He said that I only gained five pounds."

"Your husband is a smart man. Right, Mr. Cullen?" the nurse laughed.

"Definitely," I snorted. Bella smacked my chest and we walked into the examination room. The nurse asked Bella a few questions and then left. I sat down next to her spot on the table. "Do you think Squirt will behave?"

"I hope so. Like I said before, I refuse to paint the baby's room green or yellow," she said.

"We probably should also discuss names, my love," I said. "Do you have any ideas?"

"Edward or Edwina," Bella quipped.

"Funny. We are not naming our child Edwina and my name is not all that great. Besides me, how many Edwards do you know?"

"Um, that hot vampire in those movies," Bella said, her brown eyes sparkling.

"Oh lord," I said as shook my head. "Seriously, Bella. Names?"

"We could do Anthony for a boy or Masen," Bella suggested.

"Hmmm, eh," I shrugged.

"Okay, Mr. Smarty-pants. Give me some of your ideas," Bella said.

"Matthew Phillip," I offered. "Or Justin Michael."

"Not bad, Cullen," she smirked. "Anything else?"

"Declan was my great grandfather's name on my mom's side."

"How girl's names?" Bella asked. "We could squash our mother's names together. Reneesme?"

"Do you want our child to be tormented?" I snorted.

"Hmm, no. Good point. What's Esme's middle name?" Bella asked.

"Kyra," I replied. "What about Renee?"

"Same as me, Marie," Bella smiled. "It was my grandmother's name."

"How about Kyra Marie?" I said, arching my brow.

Bella couldn't answer as Michelle breezed into room. She asked Bella a million and one questions. How was her sleeping? Strange cravings? I nearly fell out of the chair with that one. Bella pinched my bicep. Hard. I grimaced at her strength and glared at her, wishing I had my glasses on to give her a menacing stare. It was much more effective when I looked over my frames. However, that was now moot.

"Okay, kids. Let's check to see if Squirt will let us their gender," Michelle said. She rubbed her hands together, grinning impishly. "I have feeling that we'll know. Come on. Let's go to the ultrasound room."

We walked to the room and Bella lay down on the table with her dress hiked up under her ample breasts. Michelle placed a sheet over her legs to provide some privacy. However, I'd seen it all. There was no part of my wife's body that I was not intimately acquainted with.

No. Part.

If you catch my drift…

"Okay, cold gel," Michelle said. Bella squeaked as Michelle put the gel on her belly. She put the transducer on her skin. We listened to Squirt's heartbeat and each time I heard that my mind reeled at what I was listening to. My baby. Our child. Half me and half Bella.

Michelle pointed out some new parts of Squirt and said that development was on par for a baby that was six months along in the womb. Then she squealed. "So, do you want to know?"

"Squirt is behaving?" I asked, my eyes widening. Michelle nodded excitedly. Bella bit her lip and looked into my eyes. "Yes, we want to know. My wife hates yellow and green. Are we painting the nursery blue or pink?"

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. You're having a girl!" Michelle said.

"A girl!" Bella breathed. "Oh my word. A baby girl. Our baby girl. Our little Kyra."

"Kyra?" Michelle asked.

Bella caught my eyes and blushed furiously. "Yes, Kyra Marie," I replied. I kissed my wife's forehead and smiled against her soft skin.

Michelle printed off the pictures and handed them to me. I slipped them into my jacket pocket and helped Bella out to the car. Johnny was waiting for us at the entrance after I had texted him. Bella squealed our news and Johnny was ecstatic for us. He drove us home and we celebrated the news about our daughter. We made love slowly and reverently in our bedroom. Each caress, each touch, each kiss was pure joy. Filled with love.


xx TGGTP xx

"So, which color pink, Bella?" I asked as I stood in the empty nursery. I had painted three different shades of pink on the wall. She was sitting on a bean bag, biting her lip.

"You're going to hate me, Edward," she said.

"Doubtful, gorgeous."

"I want a chair rail and a light beige on top and shade of pink on the bottom. There's also this adorable border that goes with the bedding I chose," Bella said. My head dropped to my chest and I groaned. "You hate me."

"Bella, stop," I said as I sat down in front of her. "I'm just not that handy. Yet. Thank goodness Johnny and Ricky have an idea of how to fix things or else I'd be so lost."

"You sure? You don't hate me?"

"No, love. I just want to get this done before we reveal our news to our families," I snickered. "I'll be up all night trying to get the chair rail in and painting the walls."

"I can help," Bella said. "The lower part. I know that you are hesitant with me on a ladder."

"Yes, Bella. I'm very hesitant. Even if you weren't pregnant," I said as I put my hands on her belly. I gently lifted her maternity shirt and kissed the top of her bump. "Daddy doesn't want mommy to fall on her ass. She does that enough without your help, Squirt."

"God help our daughter. Pray she doesn't get my clumsiness," Bella sighed.

"Or my vision," I said with a wink.

"I miss your glasses," Bella moaned as she caressed my scruffy cheeks.

"I wear them when I'm reading, you goof," I replied.

"Not the same," she pouted.

"But, I thought you liked my eyes," I said as put my head in her lap. She smiled and ran her fingers through my hair. "Now you can gaze into them unencumbered."

"There's something sexy about you in glasses, Edward. Perhaps it's my Clark Kent fantasy," Bella said as she tweaked my nose. "You are my personal super hero."

"Super Geek to the rescue," I chortled. "Okay, if I stay here, I'll fall asleep. I need to buy some molding for the chair rail and the beige and pink paint. Do you have a swatch of the baby bedding?"

"In our closet," she said. I got up and held out my hands for Bella to grab. She groaned loudly as I helped her up. She scuttled to the closet and handed me a pillow. I kissed her sweetly before darting off to the hardware store with Ricky. We picked up a white chair rail and the paint that matched the baby's bedding. Ricky said that he'd stay and assist in hanging the chair rail. I promised him overtime and a bonus. He chuckled and said that it wasn't needed. I mentally decided to slip him some extra cash in his next paycheck. Johnny too. They both were so invaluable in the preparation of the nursery as I had no clue what the hell I was doing.

Bella and I ate some dinner along with the guys before we began our home improvement project. We finished and tackled the chair rail first. Johnny had dabbled in construction. I was almost tempted in calling Tim as he could probably have the chair rail installed in like an hour but this was something that I needed to do. At least I wasn't going in blind.

An hour into our project, we had half of the room done with the chair rail. Johnny taped it off and Bella began painting the bottom half of the wall. In the corner, we had some music playing off our sound dock. We worked for a few more hours before Bella started yawning. I had finished off the chair rail with Ricky and Johnny and was working on painting the top part of the room opposite of Bella. She tried to keep her eyes open, but was failing miserably. She actually fell asleep with the roller in her hand. I chuckled and went to pick her up.

Yes, she had gained weight. But so had I. In muscle. Shockingly enough. I easily hefted her into arms and carried her to our bedroom. I removed her shoes and pants before tucking her into the bed. I kissed her forehead and went back to the nursery. Ricky, Johnny and I worked well into the middle of the night to finish painting the walls. I think I crawled into bed by three in the morning. I wrapped my arms around my wife's waist and gently kissed her fragrant hair.

Just as my eyes were starting to droop, I felt some pressure against my hand. Then a hard jab. Squirt was kicking. I smiled as rubbed the spot on Bella's tummy where Squirt, Kyra, had kicked. I had finally felt it and I was positively giddy with excitement. Hearing her heartbeat and seeing her on the ultrasound screen was amazing. But actually feeling her move inside Bella was something I never imagined.

"I love you my Bella," I cooed in her ear. Kyra kicked my hand again. "I love you, too, my daughter."

"Love you, angel. But shut up and go to sleep," Bella croaked.

"Yes, love," I snickered as I closed my eyes.

As soon as I fell asleep, I dreamt about my wife and my daughter. Our lives and how happy they would be. Kyra would be totally spoiled and loved by Bella and me. She would be decked out in the most adorable close from Auntie Alice and Auntie Rose. She would be brilliant and cultured. She would be beautiful and locked in a tower until she turned thirty.

I woke with a start as my dreams drifted to where I was walking Kyra down the aisle. I noticed that the bed was empty and Bella's side was cold. I squinted at the clock and noticed it was after nine. My mom and her fiancée, Alice and Jasper, Rose and Tim, Demetri and Alex, and Charlie were coming over for brunch at noon. I sniffed and smelled Bella's breakfast casserole along with cinnamon rolls. I rolled out of bed and down to the kitchen.

Bella was mixing some batter and she was covered in flour. When she saw me, her eyes brightened and I was greeted with a radiant smile. "Morning, angel," she said.

"Morning, gorgeous," I said. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I kissed her neck softly, gently licking at her pulse point. "You smell good. Like cinnamon and vanilla."

"You smell like paint," Bella giggled.

"I showered last night," I said.

"I have super nostrils because of Squirt," Bella said as she elbowed my ribs. "What time did you get to bed?"

"Three?" I answered. "I wanted to make sure that the walls were dry before our family came over. Also, if I needed to some touch ups I could do them this morning. So, I'm going to check the room and shower. Again."

"Save some time for some loving," Bella purred.

"Insatiable, you are," I laughed.

"Okay, Yoda. Oh, nice shirt yesterday. Storm Trooper?" Bella said flatly.

"Once a geek. Always a geek, love," I shrugged. I turned and went to check the nursery. It still looked pretty good. I inspected the walls and touched up some smudged spots before heading to the bathroom. I noticed that Bella was already in the shower. I quickly stripped my sleep pants off my legs and slipped in behind her. I flipped her hair over her shoulder and ran my tongue along her tattoo along her neck. It was crown with my family's crest on the top.

"Edward," she moaned as her head fell forward. I love hearing my name on her lips like this.

"What do you want, my love?" I asked in her ear, my breath caressing her wet skin.

"You. Only you," she whispered as she guided one of my hands to her breasts and the other to her core. My fingers dipped into her warmth and I was so surprised at how wet she already was. I growled and worked my fingers into her body. "Fuck, Edward. I need you."

I pulled away and sat down on the bench in the shower. I turned Bella around and settled her on my lap, quickly sheathing myself into her heat. I'd rather look into my wife's eyes as made love to her. However, her belly made it difficult to do so. Especially in the shower. So, she sat on my lap with her back against my chest as she swiveled her hips. Bella turned her face and kissed me passionately as she took me as deep as she could into her tight pussy. I bucked my hips along with her movements and I loved being inside her. Her slick walls hugging my cock, pulling pleasure from every vein in my body. "God, Bella. You feel so good," I moaned. "So fucking tight."

"Harder, Edward. Fuck me," she growled. My hips pistoned in her body and I felt her quiver. While she was pregnant, she had the most intense orgasms. Like she'd lose bodily control as she came. "Fuck. So close. So fucking close. Make me come, Edward."

"My pleasure, gorgeous," I snarled as I bit down on her ear. Bella screamed and arched against my chest. Her body clenched around my cock, sucking every ounce of me into her. Her hands latched in my hair and she undulated in pure pleasure. Seeing her so excited caused me to lose my load and I came after her with a grunt. Bella slumped against me and she breathed heavily. I kissed her temple and ran my hands over her belly and breasts. "Do you know how fucking sexy you are?"

"Sure, Edward," she giggled. "This is the epitome of hot." She placed her hands on her baby belly.

"Bella, I'm not sure if you understand what I see when I see your belly," I said as traced circles on it. "Do I miss your flat tummy? Sure. However, you have our baby. Our child. Our daughter in here. Your body is providing safety, protection, love, warmth and everything that she needs before she comes out into the world. I love your belly and will always love you. I love our daughter and I'm anxiously waiting to meet her."

Bella turned around and looked at me. Tears were glistening in her eyes. "I love you, Edward."

"I love you, too," I said. I kissed her and slid out of her body. We finished our shower and got ready for our brunch. I set the table while Bella put out the food. Promptly at noon, the doorbell rang. Johnny opened the door after checking the security camera near the door. It was Esme and Marcus along with Charlie. We hugged and kissed. I led them into the music room while we waited for the rest of our guests.

Before we sat down, Charlie pulled me aside. "Edward, I have news about Kevin."

"What about him?" I asked, my brows shooting to my hairline.

"His body was found in Duluth, Minnesota. Apparently he was last seen speaking with a large man with blonde hair in a café. They had some heated words before Kevin left. The blonde man followed and that was last time Kevin was seen alive," Charlie explained.

"Do you know who the blonde guy is?" I asked.

"No. And no one knew who he was either," Charlie said. "However, Kevin was murdered, Edward. He was shot between the eyes at close range."

"Shit," I said as ran my hands through my bronze hair. "Do you think it could be Emmett?"

"I can't say definitively but my gut is saying yes," Charlie said. "I want to take you and Bella out to the shooting range this week. I'm confident with your skills but not with hers. What day works for you?"

"I have several big meetings this week. The day that's best for me Friday," I said. "I'll have to check with Bella. I know that she has a business trip coming up."

"Let me know, Edward," Charlie said as he rubbed his mustache. I nodded and went to check on Bella. However, I was stopped by the doorbell. I checked the camera and saw my sister, Jasper, Rose, Demetri, Alex and Tim. I pulled open the door and smiled.

"Hey guys," I said.

"How are you doing, Edward?' Demetri asked as he hugged me.

"Good. Did you all carpool or something?"

"No, we just ran into each other in the parking lot. Also known as your driveway," Rose snickered. I leaned over a kissed her cheek. "Nice hickey, Edward."

"What?" I squeaked. Rose patted the spot behind my ear and I furrowed my brow. "Bella!"

"It wasn't me. It was my horny, evil, twin sister," Bella guffawed.

"I don't mind the marks as long as I can cover them, love," I whined.

"Oh, relax, SGB. It's tiny," Rose said as she dragged me to the mirror. She pointed out the hickey and it was small. "Get your panties out of your ass."

"I'm not wearing panties, Rosalie," I said, arching my brow at her. "Commando, baby."

"Shit, you've come so far since I've first met you, Sexy Geek Boy. So cocky. I like it," Rose sniggered as she smacked my ass.

"Rose, stop manhandling my husband. I could have sworn I told you the EXACT same thing when he was my boyfriend. Love your own man," Bella said, putting her hands on her hips. She looked so fierce and sexy in her purple and pink dress. I was coordinated with her in a purple shirt and similarly colored tie.

"You're no fun, Bella," Rose pouted.

"How would like if I smacked Tim's ass?" Bella countered.

"You already have, Bella," Tim said with a wry grin.

"Shut it or you won't get a cinnamon roll," Bella said.

"You smacked Tim's ass?" I squeaked. "I'm hurt." I feigned sadness and skulked over to the music room.

"Edward, I'm sorry. It was in the eighth grade and it was completely innocent," Bella sniffled. "I didn't even realize…"

"Relax, love," I laughed. "I'm kidding."

"Oh. Tim, you're a jackass," Bella growled. "No cinnamon roll for you."

"Aw, Bella!" he whined.

"I'll work on her," I winked. Tim held out a fist and I bumped it.

"So, Edward, when am I having your baby shower?" Alice asked from Jasper's lap.

"Ask the wife," I said.

"NEVER!" Bella called from the kitchen. "I hate being the center of attention. There's a reason why we had such a tiny wedding."

"Bella!" Alice whined. "I have so many ideas. I'm just waiting to find out if I need to buy blue or pink for my niece or nephew. It's not like you're having triplets or anything. I want to spoil my niece or nephew."

"You can do it without a baby shower," Bella said.

"Alice, we'll plan something and just spring it on her," Rose whispered conspiratorially. "Edward will help, right?"

"Oh, no. I value my manhood. And my wife plus pregnant plus angry equals an Edward that is a eunuch," I said. "I want more than one child. I'll make sure she's there, but I will not help plan."

"Come and get it," Bella said. We all sat around the table and ate the brunch that Bella had prepared. Esme had also brought some of her famous blueberry muffins. Marcus asked Jasper about some things about Whitlock Technologies. Jasper happily spoke about our company. We had made a mutual decision to split the company into two different divisions. I was the head of the new hardware part of Whitlock and Jasper kept his hand in the software aspect. This decision came after I had received abundant praise for the mini microphone and the tablet that we had launched right before Christmas. The mini microphone was a gadget that I invented in college and we used it to bring down Emmett. Charlie had requested it for the Chicago Police Department and now we have nearly seventy five cities asking for them. I was currently working on an upgrade for the tablet and a tiny camera that could be hidden in a button.

Alex explained that he was hired by the foundation permanently as the head of psychology. The foundation was the Cullen Children's Foundation. It was a safe haven for children who were taunted, bullied and teased. We had opened up a location in Chicago and we're looking to open a location in the suburbs. Demetri also told us that he had received a promotion at his stock brokerage firm. We broke out the champagne for those announcements, in addition to Rose's latest novel making the New York Times best seller list.

After the news from our family, Bella and I looked at each other. I blushed but smiled at my glowing wife. God, I love her. "We have some news, too," I said.

"You're expecting triplets?" Alice chirped.

"No, Alice," Bella sighed. "We found out the gender of the baby. Finally."

"And?" they all asked.

"Why don't you come and see the nursery for the answer," I smiled. I led my family up the stairs to the nursery. It was around the corner from our bedroom and used to be a guest bedroom. I stood in front of the closed door and bounced on my toes, vibrating with excitement.

"Come on, Edward!" Alice griped.

Bella and I looked at each other and opened the door together, stepping inside the newly painted room. A collective gasp came from our family and the women squealed. "You're having a girl?" Esme gushed.

"Yes, we are," Bella said as she wrapped her arms around my waist. "And we have a name, too."

"Mary Alice has a nice ring to it," Alice joked.

"So does Rosalie Lillian," Rose teased.

"Alexandra is pretty sweet," Alex said as he winked at us.

"You could always go with Jasmine," Jasper snickered. "If you want your daughter to be a stripper."

"Jasmine, you're an asshole," I snapped. "My daughter is not going to be a stripper. Over my dead, rotting corpse."

"Get a shot gun now, Edward," Charlie laughed.

"That's what I said at the wedding, remember?" Rose said, arching a brow. "I can only imagine your daughter. A little bronze haired beauty with her mother's eyes and father's brains. I can smell Ivy League."

"Do you want to know the name?' Bella chirped.

"Yes, Bella," Esme said as she hugged her. "What is my granddaughter's name?"

Bella licked her lips and grinned widely. "Kyra Marie Cullen."

"Oh, Bella," Esme sniffled. "That is beautiful."

"We wanted to name her after her grandmothers," Bella said. "Kyra for you and Marie for Renee. It also happens to be my middle name. Plus it was my grandmother's first name."

"Congratulations beautiful Bella," Demetri said as he hugged her. He then turned and hugged me, kissing my cheek. "I'm so proud of you big brother."

"Thanks, Dem," I smiled.

"I'm so happy. Now I have an idea of what colors I need to get. Bella, please say I can decorate the room?" Alice squeaked.

"I've already got the furnishings and bedding," Bella frowned. "We would have had it up but I waited to the last minute to choose the paint colors."


"How about this, Alice? You can plan a baby shower and I won't complain," Bella smiled. "My daughter deserves to be spoiled by Auntie Alice and Auntie Rose."

"Really?" Alice shrieked.

"Yes, Alice," Bella nodded.

"ROSE! Let's go plan. We have a niece to spoil," Alice said as she grabbed Rose's hand. The rest of the family left our nursery and we stood in the large room.

"What have I done?"

"Made a deal with the devil, Bella."

"Fuck my life," she grumbled as she buried her head against my chest. I hugged her and kissed her hair, but chuckled silently as I listened to my sister and Rose squeal like banshees in the house.

My child is going to be so spoiled…

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