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Fifteen Years Later

"Dad! Please, can I use the car? I have cheerleading practice after school and then we're playing a prank on coach," Kyra whined. "Please?" She jutted out her lip pathetically and sidled up to me.

"Kyra, that is pitiful," I snorted.

"Don't make me break out the crocodile tears, Dad," she said, batting her lashes.

"Fine. But, you know your curfew, principessa," I said as I handed her the keys to my old Volvo SUV. "If you are a minute late, then you will not be going to the football game this weekend, regardless of the phone calls of your coaches. Got it?"

"Yes, Daddy," she squealed as she kissed my cheek. "I love you!"

"Love you, too," I said as I turned back to the computer.

"FREEZE, YOUNG LADY!" Bella bellowed. "You did not just go to your father to get permission to get the car did you?"

"Crap," Kyra spat.

"Hold up," I said sternly. "Your mom said no? And you didn't tell me?" I was disappointed in my oldest child who knew she got caught in a lie.

"Sorry, Dad," she muttered.

Bella was in my office, her arms crossed over her breasts, glaring at Kyra. "You know better, Kyra Marie Cullen."

"Mom! This is important," she stomped.

"Your schoolwork is important. Cheerleading isn't," Bella said sternly. "You can go to practice but either your father or I will pick you up from school afterward. And after the game Friday, you are grounded until next Friday. No friends, no Facebook, no phone. You'll fork it over after school today."

"This is so unfair!" Kyra screamed as she ran out of my office, throwing the keys onto the ground. Her door slammed shut and it caused Bella and I to jump.

I turned to my wife of nearly eighteen years. She still looked as beautiful as she did when I first met her online at the age of twenty-five. Now, at forty-four, her hair was shorter, just brushing over her shoulders but still a rich chestnut brown. Though, that brown now comes out of a bottle. Her eyes were the color of chocolate and her skin was the most alluring shade of alabaster. She didn't look forty-four. She still looked like she was in her twenties. Her body was as gorgeous as well. But then again, she'll always be beautiful in my eyes. Her curves are more pronounced and her body was softer, but she was slender and looked fantastic for a woman who gave birth to four children.

Yep, you heard right.


Kyra, was our oldest at seventeen, going on thirty. Owen was just shy of sixteen. Then, our twins, Masen and Mia, will be turning twelve in a few short weeks in September.

"Edward, stop ogling me!" Bella laughed. "Jesus, we've been married for eighteen years and been together for twenty and you're still ogling me!"

"Can I help it that my wife is fucking gorgeous?" I asked as I took off my reading glasses.

"Language, Edward," she chided as she walked over to me and sat on my lap. I held her to my chest and nuzzled her hair, inhaling her fresh, clean scent. "Are you horny?"

"Always for you, gorgeous," I purred. "Now, why can't Kyra have the car?"

"I got a phone call from her chemistry teacher yesterday regarding her grade," Bella answered. "She's getting a C. Mr. Brown is concerned that she won't pass the class if she doesn't buckle down. She needs to study."

"I'll work with her on her chemistry. I'm not that good at it, but can you handle balancing chemical equations or knowing how to figure out the mole of a chemical?"

"You lost me, Edward. You were speaking geek," she laughed. "Thank you, though."

"Can one of you stop mounting the other and drive me to school?" Kyra snapped, holding her messenger bag.

"Kyra, if you keep it up, I'll add another week to your grounding," Bella replied evenly. "We're still your parents and should be respected."

"Sorry," she sneered.

"I'll drive her," I said as I kissed Bella thoroughly. She got up and I walked toward my daughter. Arching a brow, I shouted for Owen. He stumbled out of his room, pushing up his glasses. Oh, he really is my son. "Come on, you two. Owen, you're in the back today."

"Okay, Dad," he said in his deep voice. I remembered when he was a colicky baby. Now, he's a miniature man. I'm too old. Well, forty-eight is not that old, but still. I've got gray hair mixed in my unruly bronze mop and have to wear reading glasses. I'm still in pretty decent shape. I run nearly six miles a day and will continue doing it until my legs fall off. But two of my children are capable of driving. That's fucking scary.

We clambered into the car with Kyra in the front seat and Owen behind me, bouncing excitedly. God, he reminded me of Alice when he did that. "Dad, when can I start driving? I mean, I need to get my hours in for driver's education. Can I drive today to school?"

"Not today, buddy. Sorry," I frowned. "We'll get some practice after school when we pick up your sister."

"Dad, please don't have Owen drive when you pick me up. The girls will tease me," she whined.

"Kyra Marie Cullen, you know how I feel about you picking on Owen," I snapped. "That extra week your mother threatened? I'm adding it."

"I can't help it if he's a geek," Kyra bit out. Owen fell back in his seat and his eyes darted to the window.

"Three weeks, Kyra. And you owe your brother an apology," I growled. "None of this half-assed shit either."

"I'm sorry, Owen," Kyra sighed. "I'm just having a crappy day and I'm taking it out on you."

"No big deal," Owen muttered behind me. His voice sounding so much like mine when Emmett teased me.

"Owen, tell Kyra how you really feel," I said.

"I'm not a fucking geek, Kyra," Owen screamed. "Stop teasing me and grow up!"

"Language, Owen," I said, trying to hide my smile at his heart and passion to stand up to Kyra. They had been close all through their childhood but it all changed when Kyra was in eighth grade. She started to mix in with the more popular crowd and Owen was more of bookish type, like his old man. He really was a geek, but I love my son.

"I'm a senior, Owen. I am a grown up," she retorted. "I'm seventeen years old and I know it all!"

"Kyra, you don't," I said. "I'm forty-eight and I don't know it all. The fact that you said that you know it all indicates that you still have some growing up to do. And you will. In your three week grounding. School and you school commitments only. No phone. No computer. No life. And that includes Homecoming."

"DAD!" she wailed.

"You should have thought of that when you were acting like a brat," I said calmly.

"But, I already have my dress and Stephen has already asked me," she cried. "Can't I please go?" She tugged on my sleeve and begged me with her eyes. Hold strong, Cullen. She needs to learn her lesson. I pursed my lips and shook my head. She snarled and stared out the passenger side window for the rest of the drive to the high school. The car had barely stopped and Kyra was out of the door. Owen shook his head from the backseat.

"Are you okay, Owen?" I asked him, rolling down my window.

"I'm fine, Dad. Kyra has these bitchy moments before she gets her period. She's due any day now," Owen shrugged.

"It's weird that you know this," I chuckled.

"We share a bathroom and I've seen her birth control pills," Owen said, turning to walk into the school

"Hold up. Birth control?"

Owen held up his hands, indicating he didn't know and he continued to shuffle into school. I narrowed my eyes and drove back home. Bella was outside, chatting with Alice, who was picking up Masen and Mia for middle school. Her second adoptive child, a daughter, Gianna, from Russia, was the same age as the twins. They took turns driving them to school. Apparently it was Alice's week.

"Hey, Older," Alice chirped. Her hair was stylish and highlighted with many facets of brown, gold and red. Her hazel eyes twinkled as she sat in her Lexus SUV. "You look pissed."

"Rough morning with Kyra," I said as I got out of my parked car. "She was being a brat. Owen thinks it's because she's about to start her little friend."

"Little friend?" Masen asked from his spot in the backseat.

"Doesn't matter, Mase," I snorted. "But, Kyra was teasing Owen and I couldn't stand it. She has another two weeks of grounding plus the one you gave her, Bella. She also lost Homecoming." I looked at my wife and she nodded, backing me up. "Anyhow, you guys have a good day at school, okay?"

"Okay," they all chimed from the backseat.

"Love you, Daddy," Mia said with a wide grin. She was a mini-version of Bella and I smiled at her. At least one of my children love me today with no pretense.

I kissed Alice on the cheek and as the car pulled away, I wrapped my arms around Bella's waist. We walked into the house and I sat down at the island in our newest home in Wheaton. Glenview was nice, but we wanted to be centrally located to the foundation locations and the office. We sold the house in Glenview when the twins were seven and we moved here.

"Bella, what's this that Kyra's on birth control?" I asked. "Is she sexually active?" My heart stammered. My baby girl having a baby. Fuck, I'm locking her up until she's fifty.

"No, she's not sexually active, Edward," she said quietly, making some breakfast for us. "I was on birth control once I turned seventeen. I had wonky periods all throughout adolescence and being on the pill regulated them. During college is when I started the shot. And well, you know when I stopped that."

"Right," I coughed out. "So, she's still our innocent, little girl?"

"As far as I know," Bella said dryly as she put down an egg white omelet and toast. I wrinkled my nose. "Stop that, Edward. Your doctor said that your cholesterol is too high. Egg whites are yummy."

"This shit is nasty," I grumbled, poking at the white, gooey egg mess. "I want bacon and real eggs. And CHEESE."

"You're a cheese," she snorted, bopping my forehead with her fingers. "Be grateful that you are getting egg whites. I could have converted our entire menu to be vegan. No eggs, no meat, no dairy."

"Shoot me now," I grouched as I shoveled some food into my mouth. As good as a cook that Bella was, she couldn't salvage these. Tasted like ass.

"Are you going into the office?" she asked.

"I'm going to stay here. Do some work from home," I shrugged.

Whitlock Technologies was thriving. We had three distinct divisions now. Jasper was the head of the software division. I headed up the hardware division. Charlie, Bella's birth father, headed up the law enforcement division. There was a great deal of demand for the 'spy technology' I'd created, starting with the mini microphone that busted Emmett. We had several government contracts and worked closely with the FBI, CIA, ATF and all of the major police forces in the country.

Charlie joined the team when he couldn't be a cop anymore. About five years after Owen was born, Charlie was shot in the leg on the job and he was forced into early retirement due to the injury. He was unbearable to be around and his wife, Sue, all but begged us to help out. About year after his injury, I was giving him a tour of the law enforcement division, which I was heading up with the assistance of Demetri, and he seemed excited about it. The light in his eyes came back and he was amazed at the new technology we were creating. He even had some unique ideas that, with my assistance, we put into motion. We spoke at length and I hired him on the spot. He had to learn the ropes first, but a year after that, he was one of the vice presidents of Whitlock Technologies. Underneath Charlie was Matthew, one of our bodyguards from the Emmett ordeal.

"If you're working from home, I'm going to head in to the office to do some publicity for the foundation. We've got three more locations opening. Two in Florida and one in Washington state and I want to make sure that the media coverage is adequate," Bella said as she nibbled on her breakfast.

"Can't you do that here?" I pouted.

"God, stop it, Edward. The lip…no wonder Kyra learned the lip. It's from you!" she giggled. "If I do that here, it won't be getting done. We'd end up in bed."

"And this is a bad thing because…" I prompted, winking at my fuckhot wife.

"Jesus, Edward. You are still such a hornball," Bella snorted. "You're two years away from fifty! Shouldn't you be slowing down?"

"For you? NEVER," I bellowed as I hopped up from spot and went to chase her. Bella squealed and took off. She was smaller than me but I was still faster. I caught up with her and threw her over my shoulder, smacking her gorgeous ass. Carrying her to the living room, I put her on the couch and covered her body with mine. I was definitely hard and wanting my wife. Desperately. No need for Viagra here. Bella's a natural at making my cock stand at attention. Come to daddy!

"You're going to hurt yourself, Edward," she said breathily as she twined her fingers into my hair.

"Do you care about me hurting myself right now or are you just talking?" I chuckled as I swiveled my hips, pressing my cock against her heat.

"Just talking," she said as she pulled me down to kiss me deeply. Our tongues tangled with each other and Bella was going to lift my shirt when her cell phone rang from the kitchen. She groaned and pushed me off her.

"No, I need you, baby," I said as I wrapped myself around her.

"You are such a wuss, Cullen," Bella snorted as she pinched my sides, earning a girlish shriek from me. I fell onto the ground, laughing hysterically since she had tickled me and pissed off since I was hard as a rock. "Interesting look, Edward. I never knew that you could laugh and scowl at the same time."

"You're so mean, Cullen," I pouted as I fell back onto the ground.

She chuckled as she stepped over me. "I promise not to leave you with a major boner, Edward. I can see it tenting your jeans." With a little ass wiggle, she left the me in the living room. Her phone had long stopped ringing but she still wanted to attend to the message. "Damn it! Another hang up!"

"Everything okay, gorgeous?" I asked as I got up from the floor. She was scowling at her phone in the kitchen. "Has this happened often?"

"Only for past month or so," Bella said. "It's an unknown caller."

I picked up her phone and fussed with the settings to see if I can get the phone number to display. No dice. "Can I put a trace onto the phone? Perhaps we can use some the technology at Whitlock to figure out who's calling you," I said.

"Yeah," she sighed.

"Looks like I'm going into the office after all," I muttered, pulling Bella into my arms. I kissed her forehead and held her tightly. "You take my phone and I'll get this figured out, okay?"

"Okay, angel," she murmured, cuddling closer to me. "It's probably nothing but still it's obnoxious."

"I can imagine," I said, chuckling lightly. "I'll be home by five. Kyra needs to be picked up and I promised Owen that he could drive to get some practice in. I'll take your car since he's more comfortable driving mine."

"Thank you, Edward," she said as she pulled away, kissing me on the lips. "I love you, baby. Tonight, you…me…bed…boinking…."

"It's a date, Mrs. Cullen," I smirked. I kissed her one more time before heading up to change into something more appropriate for the office. I still kept it casual, dressing in a pair of khakis and a button down shirt. I paired it with a jacket and I was out the door, kissing Bella one final time before leaving. In light of the change of plans, she decided to do her work from the house while I did the driving.

At Whitlock Technologies, I was greeted by Matthew. "Hey, isn't your office up a floor?" I teased.

"It is," he chuckled. "I'm waiting for Christina. We're going out for lunch." Christina was Matthew's wife. Together, they had two little boys that they adopted. Bella and I were godparents to little Edward, the youngest of the two. "It's our wedding anniversary and since the boys have baseball tonight, we have to celebrate during the day."

"Why don't you take the rest of the day off?" I suggested. "Get some real celebration in." I waggled my brows suggestively, earning a chuckle from Matthew.

"I can't. I'm meeting with the new distributor for the microphone prototype," he frowned. "He had to reschedule and today is the only day he's free. Charlie is adamant that I meet with him since he's up to his eyeballs with schematics for the new taser he's working on."

"I'm sorry, Matthew," I said sympathetically. He shrugged and crossed his legs at the ankles, waiting anxiously for his wife. I turned on my heel and headed to my office. Eric, my steadfast and loyal assistant, was working tirelessly at his desk. Even though he was classified as my assistant, he made a lot of decisions for me and I considered him to be something more. Not like that! Just more than an assistant. Trust me when I say that he doesn't get paid like an assistant. Eric makes easily six figures a year and is well taken care of.

Eric and Johnny tried to make their relationship work but unfortunately, it didn't. Johnny was too far 'in the closet' and Eric wanted to shout their love from the rooftops. So, two years after they got together, they broke up in a fiery tirade at the Whitlock Technologies Christmas party. As far as I knew, Johnny moved home and was trying to make a relationship with a woman pan out but based off of Eric's cyber-stalking, it wasn't boding well.

In my office, I logged into the computer and checked some emails. I answered some queries about a smaller version of our tablet, something similar to a Star Trek tricorder. It was still in the prototype phases, but the scanning technology was getting more and more advanced. I was certain that by the time I was fifty, I could get this puppy marketed to hospitals and doctor's offices. And retire. I want to focus my attention on the foundation.

But, I wasn't going to worry about that now. On my mind was the issue of the unknown caller to Bella's phone. I hooked it up to my computer and placed a trace on it, allowing me to see all incoming and outgoing calls. Most of them were to me. A handful of them were to and from Owen and Kyra. Then, the mystery caller. It was still unknown. Typing a few codes, I began a search of the number. It would take some time but hopefully, I'll have a number before I left today. While the computer did its work, I completed the upgrades for the tablet that I had wanted to finish today.

Around two in the afternoon, Demetri came in and was smirking at my door. "So it's true! Boss man decided to come in today," he joked.

"Hush," I chided.

"I'm just giving you shit," he laughed as he came into my office. He plopped down and smiled at me. "What brings you in today, Edward?"

"Someone is calling Bella and hanging up. So, I brought in her phone to run a trace on it," I said, blushing slightly. "But while the trace is working, I finished the tablet upgrades."

"Relax, Edward," Demetri snorted. "Jesus, when was the last time you had sex. You're awfully uptight."

"Bite me, Demetria," I spat, laughing quietly. I was supposed to have sex today but this bastard calling my wife put the kibosh on that. Damn. It. "Is there a reason for your visit, other than to irritate me?"

"Nope, just to irritate you," Demetri smirked.

"You know, I can just crash the financial servers and then you're screwed," I said as my fingers hovered over my mouse, ready to do just that.

"Edward Anthony, you wouldn't dare," Demetri snarled. "I just implemented a new protocol and I don't want all of my hard work to be for naught."

I moved my hand away and smiled at my brother. "How's Alex?"

"A royal pain in my ass. But, I love him," Demetri said fondly. "He and Justin are constantly on my case about eating meat. Well, excuse me you crazy vegan herbivores, I will not change my lifestyle because you have decided to shun beef, pork products and chicken embryos."

Justin was Alex and Demetri's son. After trying, unsuccessfully to get a newborn, Demetri and Alex tried a different route. They opened up their home for foster children. They proved to be very loving and capable foster parents. Department of Children and Family Services sent them troubled children and the turnaround was phenomenal. Boys and girls who had been drug addicts and troublemakers in school were getting A's and B's and managed to drop the habit. It wasn't until they got Justin, a boy who was sexually abused by his mother, that they realized that wanted something more permanent.

Justin was probably their toughest case to date but the most rewarding. Justin was nine when he was placed in their care and he was a hellion. Broke things, smarted back, hit, bit and did everything to make Alex and Demetri hate him. But, they didn't. Regardless of his actions, they still said that they loved him and cared for him with respect and joy. After a year, Justin's hard shell began to crack. Instead of being bitter, he fell into himself and finally realized that his mother was wrong in touching him inappropriately. It was only after he had the worst tantrum that he realized that his mom never truly loved him and just used him for her own perverse pleasure. Alex, who had taken on the motherly role, held him as he sobbed for his lost innocence and promised to never hurt him.

A year after that, Justin was officially a part of their family and he finally understood what it was like to be loved by his parents, regardless of their sexual orientation. Justin is now a freshman in college, a pre-law major, at Northwestern University. And obviously, a herbivore.

"I feel for you, Dem. At my last doctor's appointment, I was informed that my cholesterol was too high. I'm eating rabbit food, too. At least, I'm able to enjoy meat. Just no chicken embryos. Just whites. Nasty ass foul shit," I grumbled.

"I'm healthy as a horse. I'm just being teased and taunted by my husband and child," Demetri snorted.

As he spoke the computer beeped and the trace was complete on the phone. I had a number. The area code was 602. "Excuse me, Dem. I need to make a phone call."

"I'm going to stay right here," Demetri said. "Ring side seat for drama."

"Oh for the love," I snorted.

I dialed the number from Bella's phone. It rang a few times before a deep male voice picked up. "Bella? You're calling me back? Oh, thank GOD!"

"Not Bella," I answered gruffly. "Who is this? Why are you calling my wife?"

"What? This is Bella's phone number," the voice sputtered out. "Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter who I am. All that does matter is that you stop calling my wife, you ass," I snarled.

"But…but…I love her," the man said brokenly. With a sob, he hung up and I frowned at the phone.

"That was fucking weird, Edward," Demetri said seriously. "Who is this asshat and why is he calling Bella, proclaiming his love for her?"

"I don't know," I said as I turned to the computer. I punched in the number into the search function of the trace program. I wrinkled my nose when I saw that it was pre-paid cell phone. Using my hacking skills, I found out where the phone was bought and…and…BINGO! Who bought it. Moron didn't use cash. He used his credit card. "Fuck me," I growled.

"Edward, I love you. As a brother," Demetri said dryly. "I'm not fucking you. That's what Alex is for."

"You're an idiot, you know that?" I teased as I tossed a piece of paper at him. Demetri chuckled and batted the paper away.

"Who bought the phone?" Demetri asked, arching a brow.

I couldn't believe it as I stared at the name on the credit card slip. Talk about a blast from the past. "Jacob Black," I replied. Demetri indicated with his hands for me to continue. He didn't really know Bella's past with Jacob. "This guy was Bella's ex-boyfriend. I met him when I was in Phoenix the first time I met Bella. He was an asshole and tried to take Bella by force. She had these horrible bruises on her arms. I punched him in the face and that was the first night that Bella and I slept together."

"You had sex?"

"Not then, Dem. We slept and cuddled together. She was afraid to go back to her apartment and I didn't want her to leave me. So, she spent the night in my hotel room, sleeping in one of my shirts," I remembered. "Anyhow, he showed up at her door when she was moving out of the apartment and it was an amicable split. He wished her luck."

"Now, twenty years later, he's proclaiming his love for her?" Demetri asked, rubbing his temples. "That seems odd."

"It does, but then again, Bella is the face of the foundation. She's done so many interviews and appearances for it that he could have seen her on the television, remembering his feelings for her?" I suggested. "Should I hire extra security?"

"Probably not while you're at home, but if Bella has to do an appearance, hire the security team then," Demetri suggested. "If he's as infatuated as you suggest, she may need some extra help." I nodded, biting my lip, a habit I picked up from Bella. "Go home, Edwina. Be with your wife and children."

"Okay," I said. Demetri patted my shoulder as he left my office. I quickly shut down the computer after I blocked the phone number that I found on Bella's phone. I prayed that Jacob was not stupid enough to try and call again but I knew he would obtain a new phone. I shook my head and drove home to Wheaton, wanting to spend time with my wife and children. It was just before six when I pulled into our driveway.

When I walked into the house, I heard loud sobbing and things being thrown. Owen, Mia and Masen were sitting in the family room. Owen was working on some homework listening to his iPod while Mia was watching television and Masen was toying with his laptop. "You are all too calm. Why does it sound like World War III upstairs?"

"Kyra is having a tantrum," Owen snickered. "She was being nasty to me when I picked her up from school with Mom and Mom called her out on it. She has another two weeks added to her punishment. Kyra is not happy about it."

"Stay nice and sweet, you three. I don't think I can handle this from all of you. I'll go bald," I griped, running my hand through my hair. Thankfully, I still had all of my hair. It just had gray mixed in with the bronze. "Owen, do you think you can start some dinner?"

"Mom has some chili on the stove. I'll start the pasta at 6:30," Owen said as he put his ear buds back in. "Love you, Dad."

"You too, buddy. I love you, also, Mia and Masen." They both smiled and went back to their activities as I jogged up to Kyra's bedroom.

"This is so fucking UNFAIR!" Kyra screamed. "You and Dad are so tyrannical that you can't understand what this means to my life! I've been nominated as Homecoming Queen. I HAVE to go to the dance!"

"Kyra, you are not going to the dance. You are not going anywhere but school and then home if your attitude doesn't improve, young lady," Bella said sternly. "And this teasing your brother is a load of shit. You need to start treating him respectfully or you will have big time issues with me and your father. Your senior year will be spent in this room."

"Maybe I'll run away," Kyra snarled.

"Like hell you will," I growled. "Kyra, your language, tone and attitude need a serious adjustment. Why are you acting like this? I've never seen you behave like this before."

"I agree with your father, Kyra. You were always respectful and sweet but this past few weeks has been troublesome. You're lying, fighting with your siblings, Owen especially, and your grades are slipping. Start talking or you will be in a world of trouble, even more so than what you've been dealt currently," Bella said coldly.

"I'm tired of being perfect Kyra Cullen," she sneered. "I want a boyfriend. I want to have freedoms. I want be able to go out when I want!"

"Those are things that you have to earn, Kyra," I said. "And we've never stopped you from having a boyfriend."

"We'd just like to meet him first," Bella said, arching a brow.

"That's why I can't have a boyfriend. No one wants to meet the parents," Kyra said as she sat down on her bed. "I'm seventeen and I've never been kissed. But, I could have been. If you would let me go to Homecoming, but no, I'm fucking grounded."

"Kyra, life does not revolve around boys and popularity," Bella explained.

"Oh, I know," Kyra said. "You two were the biggest geeks ever." Bella bristled and glared at our daughter. I was shocked at her behavior.

"Kyra, I'm ashamed of you right now," I said, trying to keep the hurt from my voice. "We've raised with love and compassion. Yet, you throw that back in our faces. It's one thing to taunt and tease your siblings, but to say these harsh words to your parents…it's disrespectful and downright rude. Your mother and I may have been 'geeks' when we were younger, but we are still your parents. As far as I'm concerned, you've lost all privileges until at least Christmas." I walked over to Kyra's nightstand and took her cell phone, iPod, and hand-held gaming device. I handed them to Bella and walked to Kyra's entertainment center, unplugging the television and pulling it from the center. Kyra watched in shock as I slowly dismantled all of the luxuries in her room. When I was done, all that was left were her school books and several novels. "You need to grow up, Kyra. You're seventeen years old and you don't act like it. I miss the sweet girl who loved her brothers and sister. I miss the daughter that was loving and kind. Until we get her back, you are not going to have any extras in your life. Your mother and I will discuss your extracurriculars that you have already committed to, but until we've made a decision, you'll not attend them."

"Do you hate me?" she whimpered.

"We could never hate you, Kyra," Bella said softly. "We're your parents and we love you. But, right now, we're both hurt and very disappointed in you."

"Daddy?" she cried.

"I still love you Kyra, but like I said before, I'm ashamed," I said, my heart breaking as I spoke. I turned and left her room. I needed to calm down before I spoke with her again. Bella closed the door and helped me move the technology into my office. I locked it up and we headed downstairs. Kyra was crying in her room, but not sobbing like before. These tears sounded more genuine. Hopefully we got through to her.

Dinner was quiet. Kyra never made it down to eat with us but I was okay with that. Bella appeared to be okay with it, too. Owen told us about his school day and how he was announced as concert master for the school's orchestra. Mia said that she made it on the girl's volleyball team and Masen was elected president of the choir. We finished our chili and the twins did the dishes. Owen went up to his room to finish working on homework while Bella and I were in the family room, watching some television.

At nine, a majority of our children were ready for bed. Kyra's door was shut and her lights were off. Bella checked on her to see how she was doing and Kyra was sleeping fitfully, clutching her favorite toy when she was a little girl. Owen was the only one still up because he was stressing over his trig homework. I looked it over and it appeared to be correct. Owen was incredibly anal about his school work and would check it over at least two more times before going to bed.

Bella and I went into our bedroom, closing the door. We were both pretty quiet. Kyra's words obviously hurting us more than either of us wanted to acknowledge. Plus, I was hesitant to tell Bella about her mystery caller. Bella changed into a pair of silky pajamas and pulled her brown hair into a high ponytail. I stripped off my dress clothes and put on a pair of flannel plaid pajamas but left my shirt off. Bella ogled my chest, staring at my ribs that held each of my children's names tattooed on my pale skin. "Bella, you're staring," I teased.

"Can I help it that my husband is hot?" she quipped, throwing my words back at me. Then, her face fell. "Were we too harsh with Kyra?"

"No. We've been lucky with her behavior. She was destined to have her 'teenage' moment. But, I didn't expect it to be so dramatic," I sighed. "Or for her to be so cruel. We had been nothing but loving and caring to all of our children. Her actions were very similar to Emmett's with her words."

"But, she's at least showing some remorse," Bella said with a frown.

"This is true," I said. "Emmett never felt any remorse when he teased and tormented me. But, this isn't about Emmett. This is about our baby girl. Our formerly sweet baby girl. How can we get her back?"

"I don't know, but we'll have to work together, Edward. We have to have a united front," Bella said strongly. I nodded and pulled her to my chest. She put her head above my heart and sighed quietly. I kissed her forehead, swaying my wife slightly in my arms.

"Bella, we are a team. We'll be able to reach Kyra," I murmured against her hair. I squeezed her before we crawled into bed, curling up with each other. "So, I was able to identify your mystery caller."

"Who was it?" Bella asked, running her fingers along my chest. "Some telemarketer?"

"No, it wasn't," I said as I slid my fingers under her top, idly tracing patterns on her back. "It was Jacob."

"Jacob? As in Jacob Black?" Bella squeaked.

"Yeah. He picked up when I called him back and was begging for you. He said that he loved you," I snorted. "It was pretty pathetic."

"Jacob Black," Bella said quietly. "Wow, I wonder what made him try to contact me?"

"I don't care why he wanted contact you. I just hope he doesn't do it again," I said as I tightened my hold around her. "I took the liberty to block the number. Also, when you have any appearances where I'm not going to be there, I'm going to arrange for some extra security."

"Aren't you overreacting, Edward?"

"Probably, but I'd rather be overly cautious," I said. "I don't want to lose you. I love our children but you're my life, Bella. I don't know how I'd survive without you."

"I'm not going anywhere, Edward," she soothed. "I promise you." She kissed me softly and soon our kisses increased in heat and passion. Clothing soon flew off our bodies and we made love slowly. It was passionate, loving, perfect and just us. We fell asleep, tangled into each, not knowing where one began and the other ended.

The next morning, we woke up to our alarm and got dressed to take our children to school. Owen was putting finishing touches on his trig homework while Kyra sedately went through the motions of the morning. She didn't speak to anyone and she looked tired, sad and in pain. Mia was chatting with Bella about going to the sporting goods store to get the necessary equipment for her volleyball career. Masen was noodling on the piano.

Despite the drama of yesterday, I was happy with my life. I had a beautiful wife whom I loved more than I could ever imagine. I had four beautiful children. I had a wonderful family in my mom, Esme and stepfather, Marcus, my own twin, Alice and my best friend, Jasper. I can't forget Demetri, my brother from another mother, or his husband and my gay boyfriend, Alex, and their son, Justin. Finally, strong friendships in Rose and Tim, Matthew and Christina and many others.

But, I couldn't help but wonder about Kyra. Is it going to get better or worse with her 'teenagery' ways? I just pray that it gets better or I swear on all things holy, I'm sending her to a nunnery.

"Geek Charming!" Bella called. "We've got to go!"

"Oh, Bella, twenty years and you haven't learned," I chuckled. "I love you, though, gorgeous."

"I love you, too, Sexy Geeky Daddy."