Well, here's a 100-point BBRae drabble series. Here's the first half; I'll probably post the second half, pending reader reactions.

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1. Introduction
When he first met her, he knew that she was different. She didn't smell like anything of this earth. He just never knew how different.

2. Light
As ironic as it sounds, Raven was his single ray of light in the darkness that Terra had left in his heart.

3. Seeking Solace
Beast Boy could literally smell the pain and hurt rolling off of Raven after Malchior's betrayal. He knew that she'd pretend to say that she didn't need help, but he knew that she was calling for it. And Beast Boy never failed to deliver.

4. Break Away
"I'm sorry, Robin, I just can't stay any longer. I've already said my goodbyes to Cy and Star, so you're all that's left"
"But what about-"
"Don't say her name. We already had our goodbyes a week ago"
"A week? Are you serious? What happen-"
"It's not important. I'm leaving, and that's all you need to know."

5. Innocence
The first time that Raven felt Beast Boy's mind, she knew that it felt... odd. It was only years later that she discovered that his innocence had been lost for a long, long time.

6. Drive
Every Titan had their reasons for being a hero, their drive – for Beast Boy, it was honouring the memory of his parents. For her, it was doing good before she was killed as the portal. After that... clenching a small piece of copper tightly, she realised that she had a new reason.

7. Memory
How could merely thinking of that... insufferable green changeling provoke such feeling in her?

8. Insanity
Many people would argue someone's sanity if they admitted to voices in their head. As Raven shouted down a certain purple robed emotion, she realised that she may not be quite sane.

9. Misfortune
Just her luck – how was it that she had the bad luck to fall in love with the one person who managed to irritate her beyond belief?

10. Questioning
Beast Boy suppressed the urge to laugh at the woman in front of him. How could she ask him how he could love a demon? Didn't she know that she wasn't a demon to him, but merely Rae?

11. Blood
Beast Boy would never admit it, but he loved licking Raven's blood off of her body after they made love.

12. Rainbow
Beast Boy used to love the color blue, but after seeing Raven's eyes for the first time, he knew his favourite colour in the rainbow.

13. Gray
As Gar ran his fingers up his mate's side, he couldn't help but smile. How could she think that her skin tone was off-putting? Didn't she know that he was colorblind himself half of the time?

14. Fortitude
After she found out the pain that every shift caused him, even Raven was impressed with her green teammate's resistance to pain.

15. Mother Nature
She knew that he heard the call of the nature a great deal more than the average human. So she never denied him when he told her that he needed to get out of the Tower for a while, to be in the wild.

16. Trouble Lurking
When Beast Boy went into the city to see if the girl who looked like Terra was actually Terra, Raven hid in the shadows. As she rejected him, she had to catch herself from holding him close.

17. Sorrow
...She could feel it pouring off of him in waves every year on the anniversary of his parent's death, but could never summon the courage to break her uncaring facade and comfort him, no matter how much she wanted to.

18. Happiness
Beast Boy was relieved when he entered Raven's mind all those years ago – there he learnt that no matter what she said, a part of Raven would always find his jokes amusing.

19. Flowers
The first time Beast Boy brought her flowers, she rolled her eyes and threw them out the window.

20. Stars
Raven never understood the attraction of sitting back and looking at the stars until the night where she found Beast Boy sitting on the roof, looking at the stars. As he started telling her the stories behind the constellations, she became enthralled.

21. Precious Treasure
Raven's most valued possessions she kept in a box under her bed. Included in them were a stuffed chicken, her mirror and a half-melted copper coin.

22. Rated
"That's right, baby, I'm rated S for Sexy. Want to go out sometime?"
"B Boy, give it a break, man. Rae ain't gonna fall for that. Please, don't even try. I don't wanna have to replace the commons window again."
"But Cy! Come on! 'There is no try, only do or do not'."
"I don't care green you are, you are not Yoda, my man"

23. Standing Still
Raven's world seemed to freeze for an instant as Beast Boy dove in front of the bullet meant for her.

24. Two Roads
Raven couldn't describe her sadness at seeing the Beast roaming the wild savannah. Why couldn't you come to me for help, Beast Boy? Why did you lose yourself to this... animal?

25. Family
They were worried that they couldn't have one, until Cyborg announced the news that if there was anybody on earth who could impregnate her, it'd be her green changeling.

26. Childhood
Watching Beast Boy's antics, one could easily imagine that he had a perfectly carefree childhood. When Raven learned the truth, and discovered his nearly backbreaking guilt, she wept for him inside as he wept as he told her.

27. Breaking the Rules
Raven didn't care about Robin's rules for not dating teammates. If her and Gar wanted to pursue an intimate relationship, who was he to tell them otherwise? If he continued to interfere, they would simply leave the Titans. She knew that her Gar would follow her anywhere.

28. Sport
Raven never found out the inspiration for Cyborg and Beast Boy to invent Stankball, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to. But it didn't mean that she wasn't above creating an obscure rule or two to help Beast Boy win when he was feeling down.

29. Tower
When Beast Boy saw the newly completed Titans Tower for the first time, he knew that good things were going to happen in it.

30. Waiting
I promised to wait for you, Rae. It's been three years, and everybody told me to move on. But you said that you'd be back, and you've never let me down.

31. Sacrifice
Beast Boy would never tell Robin, but he was a coward. He wouldn't make the ultimate sacrifice to save someone's life. Except for Raven. Although it could be argued that that was still cowardly, as he couldn't face the day without her in it.

32. Rejection
Raven would never admit it to herself, but some of her Emotions were secretly pleased when Terra rejected Beast Boy and the Titans, because that meant that they had a chance at him.

33. Magic
Every now and then, Raven still couldn't believe the feeling s that Beast Boy brought to the surface.

34. Do Not Disturb
...Were the words she posted on her door when she wanted Beast Boy to cheer her up, even if she wouldn't admit it to herself.

35. Traps
He was always amazed at her ability to make him eat his own words seemingly at will.

36. 67%
"Hey Rae, did you know that 67% of all statistics are made up?"
"Did you know that I enjoy your presence 87% of the time?"
"Really? Awesome Rae... wait a minute, that's not funny!"
As Beast By stomped off, he missed seeing Raven's secret smile and her whisper 'That one was the other 33%...'

37. Obsession
Beast Boy couldn't help it. Her smell just seemed to draw him in, a mixture of lavender, yellowed parchment and natural odours with a hint of blood. She never caught hi smelling her, though – he had never thanked his mutation before, but he thanked it now for his enhanced senses that let him enjoy her bouquet from across the room.

38. Are You Challenging Me?
...Were the words she spoke to him when he joked that he could beat her in a game of chess. It never occurred to her, as he played, that he only did it to be close to her.

39. Broken Pieces
After Terra, Raven was the only one to notice that Beast Boy wasn't holding up nearly as well as he presented. It was only after a terse conversation that he let her pick up the shattered pieces of his heart.

40. Starvation
The one week where there was no tofu in the Tower was the week that Beast Boy hardly ate: it had started out as a prank by Cyborg, until everyone realised that taking away his tofu was going one step too far. Raven eventually managed to coax him out of his room with an invitation to the new vegetarian place down on third ("Not a date, though" she specified)

41. Words
"You think that you're alone, Raven... but you're not" They were the exact words that Raven needed t hear at that moment in time, and she surprised no-one more than herself when she reached across for Beast By and drew him in for a hug.

42. Heal
Beast Boy described Raven's healing as a cooling, soothing effect – much different from the first time he experienced one of her teleports. Brrrrrrrr.

43. Food
Although Raven would never tell Beast Boy, she actually liked the smell of frying tofu in the morning. It soothed her stomach much more than the smell of Cyborg searing his meat.

44. Through the Fire
Beast Boy had sworn that he'd go through hell for her – when the time came to rescue their daughter from Trigon, he did that and more.

45. Triangle
The first time that Raven ventured into Beast Boy's mind, she was surprised to see three entities watching her – Beast Boy, a carefree green changeling; Garfield Logan, a saddened blonde with piercing emerald eyes; and a form of the Beast: a towering, werewolf-esque creature.

46. Drowning
Just as Raven's vision was fading to black after their successful destruction of Brother Blood's fortress, she saw an immense green shape heading towards her and she relaxed. He's got me now... he won't let me down.

47. Give Up
No matter how many times Raven would scare Beast Boy off, try to make him leave her alone, he always bounced right back with a smile.

48. In the Storm
"You ready for this?"
"What do you think, Rae?"
"You're not. But you know we have to deal with this sometime, and better now than later"
Raven squeezed his hand as she led them out onto the podium to announce their courtship to Jump City.

49. Safety First
Beast Boy had a personal pledge – Always make sure that your heart is safe. And people still always wondered why he made sure Raven got out before him, every time.

50. Relaxation
...Lying down, reading one of her thick leather bound tomes on the couch in the early morning with Beast Boy shifted into a weasel around her neck... if this wasn't relaxation, what was?

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