The Demon and the Beauty
Naruto x Belle

Author's Note

Another Kyuubi16 spin on another Disney classic.
Story Start

She had came from a small and simple peasant town. Spending her entire life there and to this day she never felt like she belonged. She was the odd one out, yet, the topic of discussion of wondering eyes and hushed whispers.

She was the odd girl, the one that liked to read and think. She was the one most people wondered why she wasn't getting married and barring children. A few days ago the young woman's father went off to the fair, hoping that his newest invention would get patented and they would be able to move up in life. Reading, was the young woman's joy and escaped as she dreamed about being more then the limited role the small home town tried to push on her. More then the meadevil mid-set of the village's most beloved member Gaston. He who was nothing more then an assortment of muscles with little less then nothing in his head besides dreams of grandeur and self-satisfaction.

Becoming Madam Gaston was not what the young woman had in mind. So when her father's horse Phillipe returned, frightened out of his mind and without her father the young woman got dressed, sattle up the horse, and went on her way to find him. Whatever happened had frightened the poor horse as the young woman never had so much trouble convincing the horse to do anything before.

She questioned on the way to where the horse took her and why the fair location's would take a traveler through such dark and dank looking woods? The trees looked like some sort of nightmarish caricature that only demons out of stories that children were often told to be scared into proper behavior could hope to match. In fact there were rumors of some sort of demon...a monstrous creature so threatening and frightening that people told stories about how the creature even manage to kill the previous monster of the woods which itself was only known as a Beast. Even a beast was just a creature of this world while a demon was a hellish monster that invaded the depths of the human mind and dragged their sinful souls to hell for eternal torment.

Though the young woman was not superstitious so these old fairy tales meant little to the young woman as she explored the foggy forest for her father. Her worry for him growing more and more as her throat had long since grown dry for calling for him. Even if it wasn't she wouldn't dare call in this dark forest where any matter of creature like wolves could hear her and mistake her for dinner.

Finally after what felt like hours of going through a circle the young woman finally came across a large castle, a menacing dark structure basked in the mist and a feeling of dread that would leave most breathless. ''Papa!" the young woman's voice echoed as she left the forest outside, inside the gates as she explored the castle. The doors were unlocked so the young woman didn't think it would hurt. Maybe the owner of the castle had seen her father and could tell her if he had come around.

The ominous light of the moan glowed through the stained glass windows and lit her path. Alcoves and stairways were further lighten by flaming torches which meant someone had been around to tend to the castle, but that would say otherwise due to all the cobwebs she had to go through. Webs had clung to her common dressings, a white shirt underneath a blue dress with, a white apron and black shoes. She had long flowing brown hair that reached to her lower back not to mention she had fair skin and was all around a beautiful young woman. ''Papa!'' her voiced continued to echo through the castle, finding herself impressed, gazing around the domain. The hallways were quite and it unnerved her; a castle of this size surely she should have run into a servant, a maid that might have heard her voice but no one.

Finally the faint echo of a voice followed by coughing drawn the young woman down a long expanse of stairs to a dark cellar of sorts. No, the bars were in fact that of a dungeon.

"Belle!" the portly old man with white hair gasped in surprised as he went into another fit of coughs.

''Papa!'' the young woman, Belle gasped as she went over to him where he was locked in a small cell in the far corner of the room.

"Belle! What are you doing here? You must leave! Now! " he tried to warn her as a chilled breath cloud echoed from his mouth. He was cold and tired.

"You're freezing," she whispered. "I have to get you out of here. Who did this to you!" she demanded as she helplessly tried to pry on the rod of the cell to no avail. A loud slam caused her to jump into surprise along with the echoing slam of brute force that opened the door.

''Who are you? And why are you in this castle?'' the voice was dark, inhuman and angry as the faint outline of a figure that couldn't be made out.

"I-I came to find my father. He was gone for so long, I feared the worst and…you have to let him go! Why are you doing this? Please! Release, release him," she begged she clutched her father's hand tightly.

''Your father trespassed into this property and is now my prisoner. He ignored the warnings and now he pays the price.''

"Who are you?" Belle asked, trying to get a glimpse at the figure's face only for him to move.

"The man who inherited the castle, it's master, and you don't belong here! Leave now before I decide to imprison you as well.''

"But sir, please, he is old and sick, he can't stay here, he'll die," she pleaded with utter desperation. Her father was sick and not the most fit of men making him becoming ill all the more serious.

''That is not my concern! Go now before I change my mind!'' the person said as he turned to move.

"Wait!" she called out to him as the man paused. "Take me instead,"it came out almost as a whisper as she tried one last tactic.

''You would exchange your life for his?''

"Belle! No! Don't do this! I am an old man, I've lived my life. Yours is only starting, don't throw it away for me, I won't let you!" her father protested desperately. "Belle, my darling, please, I love you, I beg of you, do not do this."

''You are a foolish girl! Have you no idea what you're subjecting yourself too? I am a demon. I am cursed with uncontrollable desires. The desire to kill, to feed, and you really want to submit yourself to that? Risk what I could do to you?'' all the time his slitted, menacing red eyes had focused on her. ''Can you bare to be around this?'' he stepped into the light revealing himself. He was some sort of creature akin to a fox, bipedal with large sharp teeth, his entire body covered in orange fur with hints of white fur sticking out of his pale blue button up shirt. A large black cloaking enshrouded most of his form with the exception of several tails that laid to the side of his legs.

Belle took one last look before her frail father who was coughing up a storm before less out a choked, ''Yes.'' realizing that her life was as good as over. Now she was the prisoner of this thing...this demon.

''Come here girl!'' the way he said it could not be taken in anyway then a command.

''Belle no!'' her father weakly called out to her.

The creature walked forward until he was a few inches in front of Belle who was doing her best not to tremble in front of the creature. She had read that many wild animals could sense fear and would attack to protect themselves, but how do you not offend or set off a demon? His eyes focused on her as he seemed to study her face, poking about as his snout nearly brushed against her skin. She had to suppress a shutter as he sniffed her. He went about inspecting her up and down, trailing around her as he inspected her form.

With his hand clutched her face Belle almost gasped. His fur itched her chin and his claws threaten to cut her face. He forcibly turned her face to the left and right before he left her face go and took up her hand, inspecting it. ''You're a bit of a dainty one! Though you lack the smell of countless nauseating perfumes and lotions.'' the creature let out a growl. ''Very well...your life is mine now. Once I free your father there is no going back!'' the demon said as he took out a ring out keys. He then unlocked the door.

Belle nodded sadly as the demon released her father from his steel confines. Her father stood abruptly, moving towards her as he embraced her, tears in his eyes.
''You have 60 seconds...make it count.''

60 seconds...that was all she was given and it was hardly enough time to say good bye. In fact the minute passed by in a moment as her father was dragged away from her. When the full validity of the situation set in Belle dropped to her knees and sobbed. She wasn't sure how much time had passed as grief wracked her body. However long it passed the demon only returned when the tears stopped falling.

''Your name is Belle is it not?'' the demon asked as the frightened young woman nodded. ''I'm not a native of this land. I learned this language in doesn't matter.'' he hastily changed the subject.

'' means Beauty.'' she said as she used her thumb to wipe the tears from her cheeks. ''W-What about you? Do you have a name?''

The question seemed to left the creature momentarily awestruck.'' you and the rest I am nothing more then a story...a demon. I became what everyone assured as a child I would be. I am simply the Kyuubi. Now come girl; I'll show you where you will be staying and explain what I expect. You will do well to listen and not much else.''

''I'm not a child you know!'' Belle challenged, unlike most of the young girls in her village, especially the blonde trio who hardly had a thought in their head she had a bit of fire. Though this bit of courage soon turned out not to be her ally at time.

The demon spun and lashed out, Belle fell to the ground and clutched her cheek in pain as tears threaten to fall from her still puffy eyes once more. Three cuts were on her cheek as small droplets of blood fell from the demon's claws onto the ground.

''Fool! Don't challenge a demon! I warned you before about my moods! If you boil my blood I could kill you before I regain my sense of self. Now get up before I decide to leave you in here. NOW!''

Belle jumped in response to the ill-tempered demon's command. Her stomach felt uneasy, she felt she was going to loose her stomach contents but somehow managed to will herself not to in fear the demon, the Kyuubi would end her life. Belle wordlessly followed the Kyuubi as her fingers came a rest on her cheek. She then began to wonder how she was going to survive her imprisonment by the demon.

Chapter End

As you all know Kyuubi16 is about three things. Smut, Humor, and Darkness. Take a pick how much of which will be in this fic. While Naruto will be darker then Beast was at times he will have his moments of lighter as he developed a relationship with Belle in a more intimate and longer developed relationship with Belle. Any before anyone asks yes many of Naruto's friends will be objects and animals so don't ask. And yes there will be minor connections to Naruto manga as well.