The Demon and the Beauty
Naruto x Belle
Story Start

''Did you sleep well?'' he asked in a rather flat tone.

Belle was startled for a moment, still rather uncomfortable and fearful of the demon. She hesitantly nodded as the creature closed his eyes and began softly breathing. She watched with a silent gaze as he went quite.

''You may refer to me as Uzumaki-san from now on.'' the demon suddenly said again. ''I'm sure you've been considering how to escape this castle,'' he began as he looked up at her, his cold eyes sending a shiver through her soul. ''...I wouldn't recommend it. I have guard dogs trained to kill on sight. There is also the servants who once you leave the room keep the utmost watch on your every movement.'' he said as he watched a downcast look form on her face. ''If you have something you want to ask then do so now!''

''Will I simply just waste away? What am I suppose to do in my solitude?'' surely he wasn't going to have her stashed away like some trophy? Could a being who could have had her at his mercy the moment she became his prisoner be so cruel as to now enact his intentions?

''What do you like to do?'' he asked, surprising the woman quite a bit with the question. For a moment he watched her eyes drifted to the book under her arm. Either she was surprised that he could read or that the demon would have such things in his possession. ''It appears you have intellect to go along with that beauty. I don't care if you read," he said suddenly.

She gave him a startled expression."Y-You don't?"

He shook his head. "Your reading is of no concern to me. You can read all you want.''

Her heart leapt. "You…don't have a problem with a woman reading?" she asked hesitantly.

He looked like he might roll his eyes. "I care little about foolish gender stereotypes," he said evenly. ''No. Nor should anyone else. There is no sense to prohibiting a woman from reading," he spoke the fact like it was plainly obvious.

She was a bit relieved that she wouldn't be thought as an invalid like some of the villagers did. They thought her queer (1) for her interest in reading instead of child bearing.

''Then I'll have the servants bring you some books.'' he said before dismissing her back to her room. Sure enough a small collection of books soon filled the room. Many old, dust having collected on them with the binds have worn out through time. For the next two days Belle's time was filled with seclusion. When she wasn't reading she doodled, having found paper scraps and writing utensils.

'You're presence here hasn't been altogether disagreeable.'
that one night at dinner the sudden comment cut her off guard.

''Is why you keep...'' she couldn't even form the words. Fear forming at the pit of her stomach at the thought she was inviting the suggestion onto herself.

''Not explicitly...'' he answered, his voice softening for the first time since Belle had met the demon. ''Though your presence adds a little flavor to this dreary old place. I wasn't always in the form you currently see before you. Let's just say that omniscient beings have little patience or humors.'' he cryptically answered. ''A fair flower like yourself without a doubt has stir some talk in your village about your discussion.'' he spoke as a charming smile formed on his face.

Belle remained silent, unsure how to take his comment as a slight blush rose on her cheeks. ''Come...'' he beckoned, and Belle followed after some hesitation. She watched with curiosity as she watched various animals used their body parts to clean or arrange things in the castle. Two additional foxes, neither Belle recognized her setting up the table. The meal was nice, consisting of a weird soup like substance that Uzumaki referred to as Ramen. ''Lumus, he spoke to you about the situation, didn't he?'' he asked as Belle's wooden nearly dropped out of her hand, clanking against the side of the bowl. He saw the unease form on her face. ''I will be leaving for a few days on business. During that time my servants will tend to you.'' he as Belle looked up at him in surprise. ''There is no point sugar coating this are a prisoner, this castle is your prison, but I am not going to needlessly abuse you so to speak. All you need to know is you have a purpose here that hopefully you can fulfill. Once that purpose is fulfilled I'll consider letting you go...'' he said before bidding her goodnight.