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Hermione slammed her book down on the table in the library. She was in a bad mood. Actually, she'd been in a bad mood since Snape sent her from his office. She was furious because he now appeared to be completely avoiding her. Not that they'd been spending time together before the incident, but now he would turn away if he saw her coming. It made her feel like she had the plague.

She knew he wanted her. That had been obvious. What could she possibly do to convince him that his reservations were unfounded? Hermione couldn't believe that she would regret anything. It's not like she would be giving him her virginity. That had been gone for a while now. It's not like she wanted to marry him or have his baby. She just wanted to fuck him. And she knew he wanted to fuck her.

The door to the library opened, and Snape walked in. Hermione knew he hadn't seen her since he didn't immediately turn around and leave. Quickly, she grabbed her bag and dove between the massive shelves to hide from him. He walked toward the Restricted Section. She watched as he perused the shelves searching for a specific title. Apparently it was a book he'd borrowed many times because he found it immediately. Once he had it in hand, he leaned against the wall and began flipping through the pages.

From her vantage point, Hermione could see that he had no alternate way out. He was leaning against the wall at the end of an aisle. The Restricted Section was not designed to make it easy for people to get in and out. A plan began to formulate in Hermione's mind. She was going to make him face his desire for her once and for all. And, if she was lucky, Snape would fuck her until she couldn't remember her own name.

Snape glanced up at the slight noise in front of him. His eyebrows drew together when he realized who it was. He attempted to scowl at her, and he was disappointed when it had no effect whatsoever. Hermione took a few tentative steps toward him. A smile played about her lips. Snape's scowl deepened as he looked at her. She looked like she was up to something.

"Ms. Granger, what are you up to?"

She swallowed nervously before responding. "Well, you see…I have a, well, a proposition for you."

"What proposition?" Snape looked around quickly for an escape route, but found none. The only way out was past Hermione.

"It is quite simple. I want to fuck you. Or rather, I want you to fuck me."

His eyebrows rose. "Is that so?"

"Yes. I want you, Severus. Nothing more. I just want to be your lover." Hermione took another step toward him.

Snape crossed his arms over his chest. "You know my reservations on that subject."

"Of course I do. I am fully prepared to seduce you if necessary." Severus didn't respond, but his eyebrows rose even higher. "Don't you want me, Severus?" Hermione asked with a slight pout in her voice and on her full lips.

Shaking his head slightly, Snape opened his mouth to refute her. Unfortunately, at that moment Hermione's eyes slid down to the front of his trousers. His desire for her was obvious. Hermione smirked. "You can, of course, try to deny it, but I won't believe you when the evidence is so, so blatant. I want you. So what is the problem? I am willing, even eager to become your lover."

"I have no intention of...becoming your lover. You know that."

"Why not?" she asked simply.

Snape held up a hand. Counting his reason on his fingers he stated, "You are too young. I am twice your age. You are my student. I wouldn't want you to get pregnant. Is that enough?"

Hermione shook her head. Mimicking his counting, she responded to each statement. "I am not too young. You are not too old. Wizards live longer than Muggles. While the age seems a lot now, when we are both above 100, it won't seem like much. I will only be your student for a few months more. I should be graduated by now anyway. The war simply postponed my plans. And, finally, as you well know, there are plenty of contraceptive potions, one of which I have been on for the last two years." Her smile seemed to challenge him. "Any more objections?"

His gaze sharpened as Hermione slipped off her robes. Reaching up, she began to unbutton her blouse. When each button was undone, she slid the shirt off her shoulders and stood before him in nothing more than a simple, pale blue bra that did little to hide her erect nipples from his view. As he watched, she undid the clasp on her skirt and stepped out. Her pale blue knickers matched the bra, and did just as little to hide the dark curls at the apex of her thighs.

Her body was perfect. Slender, but strong and supple. Her flesh was lightly tanned with a smattering of light freckles on her chest. Desire flashed in his eyes, and Hermione was encouraged that her seduction was going well.

"Hermione, stop, right now!" Severus commanded in a husky voice. She ignored him. Instead, she reached up and began to unbutton the long line of buttons that ran the length of his vest. "Damn it, Hermione!"

She laughed softly, "You can try to scare me all you want, but I intend to have my way with you. Right here in this library against the wall. Do you really want to resist me? I know you want me."

Hermione finally reached the clasp on his trousers. She undid it, and his erection sprang free. She curved her fingers lightly around his flesh and began to stroke. Her fingers slid down his shaft and caressed the swollen sac beneath and then moved up to caress the head once more.

Severus sucked in a breath at her boldness. He had underestimated her. She was not some shy virgin. This woman before him was a seductress. Hermione knew exactly how to touch him so that all reason was driven from his mind. His hands fell to his sides and clenched spasmodically. Snape's jaw tightened as he fought for control. He couldn't let her seduce him. He had to keep her from doing this. First, however, he had to get enough strength to stop her.

Hermione continued to caress him, making his flesh throb with heat. Suddenly, she sank to her knees and pressed her lips to his straining cock. Severus gave a strangled groan as she slid her tongue over the head. When she closed her lips over him, a blaze raced through his body and destroyed the small amount of resistance he had maintained. With a shuddering sigh, Severus threaded his hands in her caramel curls and gave in to the turgid images in his mind. He could almost feel his shaft gliding smoothly in and out of her wet heat.

He pulled free only when he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back any longer. He pulled Hermione up from her knees and seized her mouth in a hot, hungry kiss. She strained against him, rubbing her body against his. Sexy whimpers broke from the back of her throat as Snape reached around her and unclasped her bra. He slid the straps down her arms and broke the kiss long enough to completely remove it. His palms glided over her firm breasts until her small nipples pebbled against his hands.

Leaning down, Severus took one stiff nipple in his mouth while his hands reached down to push her knickers down her thighs. Hermione was barely able to breathe, let alone concentrate. Somewhere in the haze of desire, she realized he needed her help and she stepped out of the knickers and kicked them off to the side. Once she was bare before him, he raised his head to gaze heatedly on her skin.

Hermione looked like a fantasy. Her caramel curls spilled around her shoulders. Her breasts were high and firm. Her waist was narrow and flowed into her perfectly curving hips. The dark curls at the joining of her thighs beckoned him to taste, but Severus couldn't wait. That pleasure would have to wait until a later time. He placed his hands on the back of her thighs and lifted her with little effort. Hermione locked her legs around his waist. She shuddered as she felt his shaft press against her body. She started to close her eyes.

"Look at me! I want to see your eyes as I enter you," Snape commanded. For once, Hermione did as she was told without question. Her gaze locked with his as he gave one powerful thrust and entered her body. Hermione's head fell back and a moan of sheer pleasure burst from her. Severus responded with a moan of his own, and stilled to give Hermione a chance to adjust. Hermione would have none of it.

"Fuck me, Severus. Please! Just, just fuck me!" she pleaded. Snape was powerless. He turned them so Hermione's back was against the wall and he pounded into her. As he felt himself getting close to the brink, he reached between their bodies and stroked her. He felt her inner walls begin to clench and pull at him. Suddenly, Hermione's body stiffened, and she let out a yell. "Severus, gods yes! Yes! Come with me, Severus!" she ordered. For once, Snape did as he was told without question. He let go and the release that washed over him was almost enough to bring him to his knees.

They stayed in that position for a few moments to catch their breath. Once Severus felt like his knees would hold him, he leaned away from the wall and let Hermione down. Her knees almost buckled, so he placed his arms around her and held her to his chest.

"You know, I am trying to figure out how many house points should be deducted for seducing your professor in the library," he whispered in her ear.

Hermione leaned back just enough to glare at him. "Who was seducing anybody? I was merely giving you a Christmas present!"

Snape chuckled. "Well, then, I suppose I should express my thanks. I have a present for you as well. Of course," he said with a smirk, "It is in my chambers. If you are so inclined, we could go retrieve it now." Hermione nodded in agreement. The put their clothes back on and wandered toward his rooms.

Once there, Severus stopped. Hermione followed him into the room. She glanced around. "You said you had a present for me? Where is it?" she asked curiously.

"Right here," Snape responded and pushed her gently down on the bed. He slid her skirt up, following the path with his lips. As he removed her knickers and pressed his lips and tongue to her wetness, Hermione sighed.

Maybe this wouldn't be such a depressing holiday break after all.