Chapter 39-

They were all leaving. Lars already packed himself, and he was heading off, to another year at home, with a much changed Montague.

Lars and his friends reached the Hogwarts Express. Montauge and Severus entered the train about a minute later. Lars, and Montague didn't look at each other, but Severus and James did.

"Don't even start!" Severus begged James. "Please!"

"Now it's too late!" James smirked. "You like yourself too much," James raised his wand at Severus, but Lily disarmed it.

"You know, they could get you in trouble!" Lily laughed, as the Hogwarts Express moved. "You're out of school now!" Severus laughed at James stunned reaction, and ran off.

Lars talked to Remus and Sirius for a while. James was quiet, after that incident, but as the Express pulled off a letter came into the express, addressed to everyone of the train.

"What is that!" Sirius yelled, as two papers hit him and James. "Why the sudden moment" But quickly the smile faded off of both James and Sirius.

"According to this!" Lars yelled. "An old student from Hogwarts died!" Then James took over.

"He was killed in a battle against an old enemy. Someone who recently taught at Hogwarts!" Remus and Sirius finished the rest.

"Professor Gerity!" Remus and Sirius yelled to see Peter panic, and jump back.

"Don't worry Peter!" James laughed. "As long as were around, nobody can hurt us!" Peter still seemed reassured, as finally the Hogwarts Express was nearly to the station.

With one final goodbye, as the train pulled up, Lars waved goodbye to his friends and waited for his parents to come back to pick him, and Montague up. Everyone was onto year two.