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I know I said I would do a sequel to my other story but I couldn't get this one out of my head. Set after I will remember you and it is slightly off cannon but I hope you guys enjoy.


"Willow I'm telling you something is not right", Buffy shouted frantically while they made their way across campus trying not to be late for psyche class.

"Well Buffy, give it some time, this always happen when Angel's involved but at least you're not alone. You got me and the rest of the Scoobies and you have an amazing boyfriend. He even has one up on Angel….at least he's breathing and sun filled picnics is also a wow factor these days", rambled Willow trying to make Buffy feel better.

She missed when Buffy winced and went as pale as a sheet at the 'breathing and sun' parts of the rant.

"I figure if your human tastes buds couldn't fathom the taste…"

Buffy hid it quickly and shrugged. "I guess your right", she said distracted. Where in the hell did that come from, she pondered.

"Ms. Summers do you plan on taking your seat any time soon", Professor Walsh asked.

Buffy couldn't even remember when they got into the building let alone the class room. She glanced around and realized everyone was staring at her.

"Ms. Summers", the professor tried again.

Buffy promptly sat down with a tall tale sign of being embarrass with her red cheeks.

The rest of the class was uneventful. Buffy mind was in LA on a certain tall, dark and handsome creature of the night ex.

"Hey Buffy, thanks for waiting on me", smiled Riley. He came up towards her offering to carry her books.

Once again Buffy blinked out of her stupor. She didn't have the heart to tell him it had nothing to do with him. Therefore she smiled and turned to him. "Yup that's me the faithful, caring girlfriend", she replied. 'Especially since the hubs is trying to forget me', she said in her head. "Shall we go", she asked sweetly.

Riley just nodded. Ever since her ex came scrolling into town two weeks ago Buffy just seemed off. She was distinct and moody. He wished that hostile never came into town because things were going just fine.

He was still flabbergasted on how the slayer could knowingly date a vampire. He wasn't about to say it was love; that was just disgusting. He vowed that if this so called Angel ever stepped on his turf again he would be ready for him.

"Is there something on my face? You have a something face, what's wrong", inquired the ever observant Buffy. The dumb blonde was a cover because dumbness equal's dying and Buffy loved the whole living concept too much.

Riley looked like he wanted to kill something, and she could probably guess who. She knew they been kind of rocky for the last two weeks because of Angel. She wasn't expecting them to be great friends. Hell, she wasn't expecting them to meet at all, but they really didn't need to go all cavemen on her.

She needed to do something to get back on Riley's good side. She needed Riley to forget about Angel so she can sleep without worrying about the Initiative tracking down her Angel.

"Nothing, let's go out tonight, you know after patrol. I was just thinking you and me… nice restaurant since the hostiles have been low", he covered not wanting to talk about Angel. Riley also missed the wince when he said 'hostiles'.

"Um, Riley I don't know what to say".

"Say yes", he prompted.

"Okay, 9 o clock then", she asked.

"Nine o clock it is Hun", he said and left her at her door.

Buffy let loose the breath she had been holding and entered the room. She was happy that Willow wasn't there, she loved her best friend but right now she just wanted to be alone.

Crawling onto her bed with tear filled eyes; she picked up Mr. Gordo and promptly fell asleep.

"Man I am so sick of this, she's here for five minutes and he enters full brood mode, this just means they cut deeper than usual", sneered Cordiela as she and Doyle spied on Angel. Who of which appeared to be reading, the only thing that gave it away was the fact that he was on the same page for 30 minutes.

"Maybe I should go talk to the lad", explained Doyle.

Cordy looked amused. "And say what, I'm sorry that the love of your undead life wants to forget your existence", she said bluntly.

"No I was thinking something a little we nicer", he said. "Hey where did the big man go", he asked.

Cordiela turned back to the room only to find that her boss was nowhere in sight. 'How was that possible when they were standing by the only exit?'

"Vampires", mumbled Doyle shaking his head.

"Omg, do you think he heard us talking about hurricane Buffy", she asked in confusion.

"Probably, he looks so lost and his eyes, man their cold lately", pondered Doyle. He thought back to his boss appearance for the last two weeks and frowned.

"God let's hope not. That's cheating they didn't get groiny so hurricane Angelus should be on lockdown", she screamed scared as hell. "There is no way I'm sticking around for that shit".

"What is up with you and hurricanes?"

Angel sat down in a chair facing his bed and just stared at it while memories of him and his beloved in that same bed came rolling back. It was so hard doing the right thing, but if it meant Buffy being alive a little longer then he knew it was the right one. The way she looked at Saint Monica would forever be engraved in his head.

He came downstairs to tune out his nosey co workers but he could still hear them as clear as day. He couldn't wait to be alone so he could get some peace.

*Now you know that will never happen*, Angelus argued laughing his ass off.

'Go away', mumbled Angel rubbing his temples. He had been in a constant argument with his demonic half since Buffy left.

*Dust me*, it taunted.

'You're like a two year old; please act like you lived two centuries.'

*Why would I do that, you're not doing me any favors Soul Boy. You should have at least asked her to give you some neck to help you forget faster. Bitch would have brought that garbage*, he sang.

Angel looked appalled. 'More reason to stay away', he reasoned back.

*It doesn't matter how far away you go. I will still find away to get out and I will go right back to her. Kill and torture all her annoying fake friends. Starting with Xander of course and then I'm a kill her mother for feeding your dumb ass that shit about growing old and picnics. Last but not least I will find my slayer and fuck her into insanity and have her begging for eternity. Then me and mine will rule the earth as Mr. and Mrs. Scourge of the World.*

'Dream on Angelus', sneered Angel.

*This is no dream, it's going to happen because you see we're not that different and lines separating us are growing fainter*

'What are you talking about', he yelled in his head but was met with silence.

The night was as close to perfect as she was ever going to get. He took her to a nice seafood restaurant and they wined and dined on the Initiative's dime. He escorted her home like the perfect gentlemen and Buffy decided it was now or never.

She needed to keep this illusion of a normal life. When Riley pulled away to go back home she held on tighter and deepened the kiss. She pulled off his jacket and started walking toward the bed. She didn't want to be alone.

"Are you sure", he asked pulling apart to get some air.

His hot breath sent the wrong type of fire on her skin; in her opinion it made him look weak. She winced at his choice of words. That's what he said to her on that rainy day so many years ago. "As I'll ever be", she whispered back honestly.

He seemed to accept this and started to kiss her neck only to have Buffy turn away from him.

"What is it", he asked softly.

"Slayer instincts… I just don't like anyone coming near my neck" she lied not wanting him to see or touch Angel's scar. It was his mark; only he could touch it. "Riley" she moaned. "Help me forget", she pleaded and thinking that she was talking about slaying he obliged.

The next morning Buffy awoke with two arms encircling her waist. Angel, she thought tiredly smiling at the thought. "So this is what it feels like" she said out loud. She turned around and instead of two chocolate eyes greeting her they were blue. She felt as if she just cheated and had an epiphany that maybe this was not the right thing to do.

He moved her hair out of her face and smiled down on her. "I love you", he said breathlessly.

She froze. Her stomach felt funny and in a knee jerk reaction she ran out the bed and into the bathroom slamming the door and falling into the toilet head first to throw up.

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