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The woman that saved Kathy just arrived in LA. She wasn't sure what time it was since it was pitched black. Her senses were going haywire which meant that it was a bunch of creepy crawlies near bye. She checked her watched and noticed that it was one o clock p.m. She sighed as she picked up a newspaper.

"Pretty thing like you shouldn't be wandering the streets alone", replied a guy. He was taller then her with reddish brown hair. He grabbed her hand gently.

She smiled at the guy dreamily. "I'm flattered really but I have to go", she stated snatching her hand away from the vampire.

He pulled on tighter and she gave him a look of amusement. "I'm not done with you", he sneered intent on making her his next meal.

The woman eyes flashed a deadly amber. "You really should have let me go", she whispered as she started to grin like a wild cat. The vampire barely had time to react because he was still stunned from her eyes before she punched him hard in the chest.

"Aw come on", she smiled sweetly. "Isn't this the part where you kill me", she asked teasingly.

The vampire leaped at her but she was out of sight in a blink of an eye. She appeared behind him and whispered in his ear. "Too bad I'm already dead", she whispered before ripping his head off with her hands.

She turned around to see more vampires approach her."Well isn't this a party", she stated with a slight accent. Within five minutes the fifteen vampires that were advancing against her were dust."Party's lame", she announced staking the last vamp.

Wesley went to remove Angel's family portrait and opened up the safe behind it. The gang was behind him watching him luck away Angel's soul, which was currently in a clear jar.

Fred shivered. "Seeing Angel's soul all floaty like that kind of makes me crazy", she said feeling uneasy about the situation.

Lorne was right there with her. He squeezed her hand reassurly. "Yeah, it's not forever, sugar plum. We're just borrowing it", he stated trying to block out the aura of darkness that was in the basement. More than anything he wanted to call the Slayer. It was kind of like going into a haunted house knowing that it was haunted and regretting that you did it anyway sort of thing.

"Angel is gone", Wesley turned to the group soberly.

"I can't believe...it's done", Cordy trailed off.

"Taking out Angel's soul. Putting it in a jar. I hope we know what we're doing", Gunn stated firmly because he had a bad feeling about this.

Wes agreed. He made a vow to protect the earth; he really hoped that this was for the greater good. "If Angelus knows how to destroy the Beast, it's all we've got. As long as we're very careful. Before Angelus was ensouled, his viciousness was mythic. You all know his history", he warned.

"Killing, maiming, torture..." Fred listed having recently read a view of Wesley's Watcher Dairies.

"Puppies nailed to walls. Thank you, Cordelia, for that lovely image. But, uh, I think that brings us up to speed", Lorne drawled clapping his hands together ready to get out of dodged.

"There's only one thing Angelus will be focused on: getting free so that he can slaughter us", the ex watcher informed them.

"We're Angel's only link to humanity. Angelus will hate us for that. He'll want to make us suffer", Cordy informed the others. She remembered the reason why Angelus hated Buffy and was trying to kill all her friends.

"Watch the monitor when I go down. Pay attention to everything he does, everything he says. He'll try to confuse you, to play on your emotions so you drop your guard. If he succeeds—even for an instant—we're all dead. I spent my life training for this, and I'm still not ready. He's smarter than I am, and a great deal more focused. He'll exploit everything Angel knows about me and go for the jugular".

Buffy stood watching as Giles brought another girl into the mansion. She grimaced while trying to figure out how to explain to Angel how they had so many house guests and that they were all slayers to be. That was if they even spoke.

She missed him terribly and now with this new vampire that they couldn't kill she really wanted him near. She skipped work today just to spend it with her kids. It wasn't like she could go anyway because of the big buries on her cheek that just started to heal up.

She was doing laundry when Giles came having already put the kids asleep. Buffy senses were doing a number on her. She became familiar with all the girls scent and how they kind of smelt familiar, almost like family. She then looked at the girls who was sitting watching a movie a minute ago but was now interested in the new girl. Movie was forgotten as they asked her a ton of questions. Buffy heard her name was eve but she was confused. The girl gave off no scent and her heart wasn't beating. The slayer eyes hardened.

"Hey Giles…hey Eve", Buffy stated coming closer to the group. Buffy then turned to the four girls. "Can you guys go clean up the mess you left in the kitchen?" She then smiled at the newcomer. "I want to show our friend a clean house', the slayer teased.

They huffed and said that it didn't take four girls to clean up the mess and that one could show the newbie where she was going to sleep tonight.

"That won't be necessary", the new girl replied.

The slayer stated narrowing her eyes. She really didn't want to do it in front of the girls but they gave her no chose. "She won't be staying here"', Buffy supplied.

They gasped and Xander and Will came from the training room to see what the big commotion was about.

Buffy smiled. It didn't know Buffy was half vamp. Buffy wanted that thing out of her house but did she really want to tell her secret? Buff realized that she couldn't very well let the First in her house. Near her kids and the kids she was told to protect. Therefore she had to get the First out of there.

"Buffsters what's going on", asked Xander.

The First gave her a weird look. "I thought you said she was nice", it turned to Giles.

The slayer stepped closer. "Step away Giles…it's the First and I want you to get the hell out of my house".

The girl cowered back in fear.

"You're crazy…I have no idea what you're talking about", it cried.

"I'm not stupid…you're not her…your nothing but a problem I haven't figured out yet". Buffy then threw a stake at the girls head but it went right through her.

The First laughed and morphed into Buffy. "I wonder how you figured it out", it stated clearly impressed. "I thought I had at least a week".

"Glad to disappoint".

"Oh my god…she's now the slayer…what's going on", asked one of the slayers in training.

Xander thought it was his duty to clue them in. "Buffy died a whole bunch of times that's why the First can take her form. "

"I wonder if they knew who was protecting them would they still feel save", it ranted.

"I won't harm them", the slayer vowed.

It shrugged uncaring. "But your husband might…the Scourge of Europe lives here girls…I wonder how many of them stands a chance once he's back".

The fear was tangible and the First smiled. "Aw…they know their history…all well maybe if their lucky my friend would kill them tonight and they wouldn't have to worry about that would they Mrs. Scourge". With that the First disappeared.

Everybody gasped. Their watches all told them about him; the deadliest vampire alive.

"What did it mean by that", asked one of the slayers in training.

Dawn waved it off. "Angel's harmless…grouchy but soft as a puppy", she smiled thinking of her big brother.

Buffy snorted. "I'll be sure to tell him", the older sister threatened. She laughed when Dawn face took on of pure horror. "No guys really…he's okay he has a soul…and he fights for our side".

Kennedy scoffed. "Fighting for the good side or not, he should be dust…you're the slayer…he killed three slayers…how can you just degrade our history like that".

Buffy swallowed hard. Everybody was staring at her. These were questions she asked herself a long time ago. "Because I love him", she stated giving a note that her love wasn't for discussion.

The slayers in training were in one of the guest rooms. They each had their own bunk, thanks to Xander coming up with bunk beds so they didn't have to utilize too many rooms and that nobody would be on their own. The girls were talking about what happened the night before.

"I can't believe the slayer married a vampire", the blonde girl whispered settling into her own vamp.

The others shivered. "Yea…I'm grossed out I mean that face and those golden eyes", a red head said shivering.

Another blonde rolled her eyes. "Weren't you commenting earlier on how her husband was smoking hot in their family pictures", Molly shot back. "She's trying to protect us…she's all we have. It's not like you can help who you fall in love with".

"its rubbish…I can't believe Giles stood for that".

Buffy and Giles where in the nursery. Buffy had Liam and Kathy sharing a room so she wouldn't have to have her kids in two separate rooms in case of emergencies. It was a good plan originally but now Buffy was beginning to see how her plan back fired.

She was rocking Liam up and down. "Why you wake your sister up Liam …what's wrong with mommy's big boy", she asked.

Giles looked amazed. "I can't believe how big they've gotten", replied the watcher. He was stunned at the changes in them.

Buffy laughed. "That's what happens when you're not here", she bit out before she could stop herself.

"Yes...I see I deserve that. If we live through this I promise to visit more", he vowed.

Buffy smiled. "We'll like that…won't we my little Angels", she asked her children.

They cheered in delight.

"Story", asked Kathy pulling at Giles leg.

Giles looked at Buffy and then at Liam before finally turning to Kathy.

Buffy and her children gather on the day bed while Giles sat in the rocking chair reading the book. "Once upon a time there was a very braved woman", he started off. The kids were out in no time. The watcher assumed his slayer was out as well and got up to tuck them in.

Buffy grabbed his wrist. "Tell me how to hurt it", she begged looking into his eyes. "I need to hurt it", she vowed. "i need to make it pay for trying to harm my little Angel's".

"There is one avenue that we haven't tried yet", he trailed off.

Wesley sighed. He didn't know what he was thinking. He wanted Angelus to just blurt out the information but then that wouldn't be Angelus. Angelus reminded him of his toddler. He was complaining and pacing just waiting for someone to slip up so he could strike.

Angelus was not having a good day. He felt like a caged animal. He had never felt so much pain in his life. Somewhere throughout the night Lover Dearest thought it was a good idea to play the fucking sharing game.

He didn't know exactly what happened but he knew it broke her emotionally before he even felt anything physical. No that came later but was so daunting that could break a slayer, not just any slayer but his. Thinking like the demon he was he knew that only two things could break his slayer probably three but these two were the golden answer. Something happened to Kathy and or Liam .

That didn't sit well with him at all. They were his, which meant that their fate was his to decide what he wanted to do with it. He wanted answers. He wanted to know if they were found and if they were alive. He took a deep unneeded breath when the ex everything walked downstairs. He smiled; he needed somebody to lash out on.

"That slayer—she's a pistol", he joked remembering when he was real close to killing her. His Buffy was going to find a way to beat this.

Wesley hoped that mentioning the slayer would do something to egg on the vampire for giving up the information. He was wrong therefore he swiftly changed the subject. "I've imagined this moment many times. Years of study, research... I've read everything ever written about you..." he trailed off. This was all true. All watchers knew about him. When he First met the souled vampire he didn't believe it could be done.

Angelus laughed."Stop, I'm blushing", he raved but inwardly if he had not been plotting his escape route then he would have been truly honored. Hell he still was. But he needed to not get his soul back as well. If he told them that he also didn't know anything truthfully then they would put the soul back. He had no way of knowing if it was going to be the same fifty fifty thing and Angel punk ass wouldn't be able to function with the type of grief Buffy felt like sharing last night. No his guilt would make this situation ten times worse.

"To be one-on-one with the legendary Angelus", Wesley praised sitting in a chair not far from the cage. "As a former watcher, it's a high point."

Angelus had to resist the urge to role his eyes. Everybody knew of his ego. "Buttering me up. Getting me all relaxed, hm? Not the most innovative interrogation technique, but... OK, I'll play", he shrugged.

Wes narrowed his eyes. "Is it a game" he asked.

Angelus sighed. "Hey, open book. Anything you want to know. How sweet that virgin gypsy tasted. The special smell of a newborn's neck. My First nun—now that's a great story. Oh…an even better one…how I tamed a slayer. That's my favorite."

"We could start there", Wesley replied skillfully.

"Don't be coy, Wes. You're just dying to know about the big Beastie. Fire away" Angelus smiled.

"All right. Did you know the beast", asked the watcher getting straight to the point.

Angelus was amused at how the hell this man was even still alive. He knew that the man was smarter than this. "Well, now that's a question. Not a great question. Not even an insightful question. Not a Wyndam-Pryce-worthy question", replied the vampire.

Buffy was sitting at her desk, talking on the phone and using her computer. "Yeah, well, I already called a dozen times", she said tiredly. Then a thought came to her. "Wait, you know, hold on, I'm gonna try something", she informed. They were discussing Angel's MIA status and how to reach him. Buffy leaving and going to LA was out of the question but the way she was feeling; the girls were about to take a field trip.

She decided to type in 'vampires' and was frustrated to come up with nearly a million options. She hung up the phone to concentrate more. She needed to narrow this list down. She was about to type in the word 'mates' when she felt someone behind her and typed in the word 'movie' instead.

"Vampires, the principal read. Then he saw what else she was typing and had to hold back a laugh. "Movies…. vampire movies….you're searching for vampire movies", he asked teasingly.

"Uh, I know it's not the all-time most kosher use of my office hours, um, but, you know, looking at some down time. And what can I say; I just love those evil, vampire movies. Like well uh I didn't really favor the Dracula one to well...but I'm all about chances".

"Hmm. As opposed to Rob Schneider's Oeuvre."

Buffy twisted her face up. "Different kind of evil."

"Yeah. Buffy, you know, I'm not that big a fan of scary movies, even the hooky ones. Sometimes they go to a place that I think kids could stand to avoid", the principal confessed sitting down in the chair in front of her desk.

"Well, it's not for the kids…I would never want my kids to see anything like that", she confessed.

The principal nodded knowing all too well the horrors of knowing about vampires. "Yeah, yeah, I'm only saying that once you see true evil, it can have some serious after burn, and then you can't unseen what you saw. Ever. That's just one opinion. I better get back to work." He stood up and was heading for the door.

Buffy couldn't put her finger on it but she felt something was off with the man. "What kind of movies do you like", she asked intrigued to know more about him.

"Oh, me? Mysteries. I love finding out what's underneath it all at the very end", he grinned leaving behind a very complex slayer.

The gang was watching the monitor in the basement as a precaution with Angelus. The things he said was disturbing. He couldn't have been more different than Angel than night and day.

"Come on, Wes. Not like your schoolgirl crush is a secret", they heard him rant.

"Charles, remember, we can't believe anything Angelus says", Fred whispered.

Gunn folded his arms and frowned. So far everything Angelus said was truthful enough. "How 'bout the stuff that's true? Can we believe that", he bit out sarcastically.

"He distorts everything. He lies with the truth. Its part of what makes him so dangerous", Cordy replied.

Gunn gave her a calculating look. "Which is why you wanted Groo no where next to him right. You don't want him to hear the distorted truths he has on you right Princess", he snapped.

"You want to waste my time, you can rot down here", Wesley told the vampire that was having too much fun at his expense. He turned away about to go back upstairs.

"Nice stamina, Wes. No wonder Fred's not interested", the vampire bit out.

Wesley froze but didn't turn around. "Whatever your connection to the Beast, clearly you don't know anything that can help us", the ex-watcher stated sadly before walking up the stairs.

Angelus thought that he resembled a lost puppy. "Is this the part where I'm supposed to get defensive, start talking to prove you wrong? What else you got", he asked walking to the back of the cell wall and lent against it.

"You must hate it that Angel fights evil", the ex-watcher lashed out. He wanted to cause Angelus pain. Wesley was done with being laughed at.

Angelus shrugged. "Eats you up inside, doesn't it. Seeing all those idiots flock around him, calling him a champion. Anyone ever calls you a champion", he asked with his accent sipping back in naturally.

Wes turned to face the demon. "I do my part."

"Right. Like letting Lilah suck Lorne's brain. Or, here's an oldie but a goodie: Faith. Good job being her watcher. She turned out to be a peach", Angelus smirked.

Wesley walked back over to Angelus. "And you managed to get your soul back, not once, but twice, saving the world several times in the process. Nobody's perfect."

"Then there's kidnapping the fruits of my loins. Smooth", the vamp stated.

"They survived." Wes supplied.

"I guess you just can't understand that special bond between dad and his children, given that your own father's ashamed of you".

"And Buffy's hates you. Given time your kids will hunt things like you, just like their mother. The universe's way of maintaining order, I guess. Must be horrible having a mate that can't stand your guts"."

Angelus laughed. "Never been the bright one has you. My slayer will kill you before she kills me".

"In Cordelia's vision, you and the Beast were standing on a field"; Wesley said going back to the Beast.

"Oh, God, yeah", Angelus cheered walking back up to the bars. "Let's talk about Cordy, shall we? Now, there's a rack to write home about. Too bad about the personality, though. "Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap! Oh, God. Oh, Angel. Angel, we can't but I'm going to walk around the office like a whore. I don't care that you'll never love me I just want you. Are you sure you want to marry her…I love you, but you were so bad. You ate babies so now I'm with Groo but he's so good to me he's pathetic. Chicks. I bet you he's not good in the sac", he scoffed.

Dawn watched as her sister brought in yet another potential slayer. "Another one", she groaned quite ignored.

Willow nodded sadly. "Well, the more the better, I figure. We need all the help we can get", the Wicca admitted.

"Help. Sure that's cool, but", Dawn hesitated.

Will was worried and urged Dawn to say what she wanted to say originally. "What", she asked.

"I'm just not sure more scared Slayer wannabes translates as help. We need to find my brother in law", she whispered.

Fred and Gunn walked down the stairs with blood for Angelus. Gunn was carrying a crossbow keeping his eyes on the monster.

"Othello and Desdemona. My favorite couple. Oh, wait, Desdemona wasn't in love with the other guy. So much for stand by your man", Angelus smirked. "Then again, you probably like her on her knees."

Gunn wanted to kill this demon. "Keep talking. I'll sweep out the cage when I'm done."

"Oh. Provocative. Get me all riled up. You think that's what your boss would want", he asked.

"You killed my boss", Gunn sneered.

Angelus raised his eyes in humor. "You might want to tell Wesley that. Ah, Fred. You look all fresh and sweet, but I hear you at night in your room with Gunn. The things you say. I'm lying there, listening, hands under the covers... I can't help myself. It's so... gripping. Sometimes if Buff was home I would wake her up and she was none the wiser as went on for hours".

"You're sick…have you forgotten you're married", Gunn spat.

Fred shivered as she pushed the cart with the blood closer to the vampire. "You're a pig", she screamed.

Angelus took his chance and knocked over the cart. As soon as she was close enough he grabbed her by the throat.

"No…I also haven't forgotten how you wanted to bang my wife. Did he tell you Fred? He probably thinks of her when he's in you. Just look at him…he's all hard just thinking about her…no matter I'll show you just like I showed Riley…you remember that guy with no face right." Angelus smelt the fear. "Good now be a good boy and let me out and I won't kill your unfaithful whore", he ordered.

"Charles...give him the keys", she pleaded frantically losing air as he tightened his hold on her.

Gunn dropped his crossbow and tried to get him away from her. "Get off her", he shouted.

"Come on, Charles, save her! Come on! Save, her Charles! Save her from the monsters", he mocked.

Angelus suddenly lost his grip as something hit him .He was down for the count in seconds thanks to the second shot. Fred ran to chorales and wept.

"It's not your fault. Angelus is unpredictable. He'll take any opening, no matter how small. It's understandable, but you played right into his hands. Never drop your weapon", Wes informed them unable to see them together like that.

Buffy opened the doors to the great room. "I call this my personal candy store ladies and Giles ", the slayer stated as she gestured everyone inside. "It's built for a slayer", she grinned.

The girls were in awe of the room. There was everything a slayer needed to practice with.

The girls ran to what interested them.

Buffy looked proud. "No weapons…stick to the dummies…sparring by hand and punching bags", the slayer commanded.

A lot of groans were followed. Giles came up behind her. "Impressive…I take it the room has grown while I was gone as well", he smirked.

Buffy laughed. "Angel knocked out a room we didn't need and wa-la", she sang as she waved her arms around the room. "Here I'm not a mother, I'm just me", she stated. "I love my kids but I needed a place were", she trailed off. "I love my kids", she repeated.

Giles smiled and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I understand". Buffy looked behind her shoulder grateful.

Angelus was trying to pull apart the bars. He had to get out of there. He wanted to get to Sunnydale without jeopardizing his reputation. He growled as he tried to pull apart the bars. They wouldn't move and it was too narrowed to simply go through it. He suddenly stopped when the smell of fresh dried up human blood reached his nose.

In came Lilah looking dirty and wet and like the pathetic little slimy lawyer she was. He was happy he couldn't breathe but unfortunately for him he could still smell it strongly.

"The great Angelus", she praised limping closer with a crossbow in her hand. .

"Oh, come on. You can do better than that. Try playing up the awe and the reverence a bit. 'The great Angelus'", he stated grinning like a wild cat.

Lilah frowned at him. "Great—being locked in a cage", she sneered.

"Yet managing to display better grooming habits than you. Look at yourself, Lilah. All these years wanting to meet me. Couldn't run a comb through your hair, maybe slap on a little lipstick. Evil doesn't have to mean sloppy."

"Stop it", she stated calming. She was having a really bad week. The Beast killed everything she ever known. She may not have liked everybody at the office but it was a way of life and they did bring her back from the dead.

"Ooh. Feeling touchy, are we", he teased.

Lilah rolled his eyes. "The Beast. I want you to stop it", she clarified.

She went on to tell him that the beast killed everybody and she was the only one left. She was desperate He knew it. She knew it.

He grinned. "Maybe... we can work something out".

Buffy hoped she was doing the right thing. She left Giles and Anya at the house and locked them in the basement with the children. There was sewer assessed and the basement could only be opened with the key that she left with Giles. She hoped that those bringers and the First vampires would chase her and the girls.

They ran for a good while before starting to the slayers-in-training, Dawn, Andrew, Willow, Xander and Buffy are running up the street, away from Buffy's house. They stopped to talk when she thought it was safe. Everybody was out of breath except for the slayer.

Xander looked over his shoulder looking for any sign of trouble. "OK, no Bringers following. I guess they'll save us for old snaggletooth", he joked. Nobody got the humor.

Will was confused. "Where is the Turk-Han", she asked.

Buffy groaned. "Right behind us. Time to split up", she stated.

Molly panicked. "Split up? We're splitting' up? Is that wise", she asked. In all the horror movies every time they split up somebody died.

Buffy took a deep breath. "Willow, take everyone and find a safe location", the slayer ordered.

"I know a place", Xander announced. He led them to this construction site that was open ground. It wasn't the best hiding spot in the world but it would do for what he had in mind.

All the potentials hoped that the thing was chasing after the slayer but soon they saw the Turk-Han in front of them. They gasped in horror holding their weapons in their trembling hands.

Buffy stood staring at them all with a sober expression. The lights turned on and soon everybody saw her. Kennedy was ready to face the Turk-Han wanting to prove her worth but Willow waved her off.

"Just watch. Watch the show", the Wicca stated in awe leading them out of the way.

Buffy stepped closer to the vampire. "Looks good, doesn't it? They're trapped in here. Terrified. Meat for the beast, and there's nothing they can do but wait", she stated. She did somersaults down into the area to be face to face with the thing. "That's all they've been doing for days. Waiting to be picked off. Having nightmares about monsters that can't be killed", she said. She squinted up her face in distaste and shrugged. "But I don't believe in that. I always find a way. I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about. And right now, you and me are gonna show 'em why. It's time. Welcome to Thunderdome" the slayer announced.

Andrew was hanging from the bars like he was on a jungle gym waiting for a playground fight to start. "Two men enter. One man leaves", he whispered in awe at the tiny person.

The Turk-Han came for Buffy. For a moment they were neck and neck but soon the vampire got the upper hand.

From above the one looker watched in dread as the slayer bite off more than she could chew. They were watching a slayer who was about to day. The girls wished they could be like Buffy. She didn't even look afraid as the thing beat her for every inch of her life.

The slayer was giving it her all. All her training and all her past demons had been preparing her for this. The slayer once again started to be on the offence, blocking punches left and right. She started to hit some of her own making sure that she was just as relentless as he was.

Dawn smiled as she watched her sister fight. She knew no matter how bloody her sister was that her sister was going to win. She turned to Willow in amazement."This", she trailed off trying to find the words. "You planned this. Letting the barrier fail, bringing us here, you and Buffy", the sister whispered.

Willow eyes never left the fight.

Flash Back.

The slayers-in-training were sitting around the dining room table. Buffy was standing at the head of the table. Willow was sitting at the other end.

"Honestly, you staked that thing, and it didn't die", Molly cried.

"No, but that doesn't", dawn relented trying to calm the girl down'

Vi was so sick of it all. She just wished that it hurried up and killed them. "Maybe it can't be killed", she stated the words nobody wanted to hear.

Buffy stared at Will letting the girls argue. Before Angel left they've been practicing speaking in each other heads. Now she wanted to see if she could speak to Willow. She was so tired of smelling their fear. There doubts were giving her a headache. "Willow, can you hear me", the slayer asked without moving her lips.

To the observer she looked like she was thinking about what the girls were saying and falling into her own self doubt.

Willow looked. She was startled at First but she caught on quick. "Yeah", the Wicca replied back in the same manner.

"We're losing them. We can't let that happen. I have an idea. Grab Xander", commanded the slayer walking into the kitchen.

Willow followed Buffy and told Xander to come into the kitchen.

Xander jumped. "What", he asked out loud wondering when his friends started talking without their mouths.

Kennedy huffed and rolled her eyes. "I said..."

He chuckled. "I just thought it bared repeating", he responded smoothly and left after Willow.

The girls were still arguing while the grownups communicated with their mind in the kitchen. "I gotta slay the NeanderVamp but I need those girls to see me do it", the slayer told them.

"I know just the place", Xander grinned.

End of flashback.

The slayer was still fighting. The thing sent her back a good thirty feet and started chasing after her. Buffy quickly grabbed Kennedy's crossbow and aimed for it. Once it made connect with the thing's heart the vamp stopped before continuing to run after her.

Buffy didn't have time to question it. She knew she didn't miss. The demon was closing in on her. Therefore she grabbed a really bind metal pipe She used up all of her strength but she missed and the vamp used that to get h. The group watched as Buffy was once again beat to death.

Rona had enough. "It's killing her", she cried silently begging to go help the blonde woman that was suppose to help them.

Molly agreed. "we have to do something", she stated to the others.

Willow rolled her eyes. "Wait", she commanded.

Buffy suddenly reached down and grabbed the arrow in the Turk-Han's chest. She pulled it out and stabbed him in the eye with it. It let out as deafening roar and dropped her in pain. Buffy smirked and started to double her attacks. She kept punching and kicking him. She finally had the thing on its ass in the ground. It fell on a lot of metal things.

It started to attack her again but it was weakened. The slayer hid a smirk as she grabbed his head and hit it against this metal pipe. Always resourceful the slayer grabbed the barbed wire that was on the ground and pulled it around the vamps throat. She tugged hard enough to cut off his head. The thing was dust instantly.

Buffy let the wire fall and dusted off her hands. She turned and faced the group. "See? Dust. Just like the rest of 'em. I don't know what's coming next, but I do know it's gonna be just like this. Hard. Painful. But in the end its gonna be us. If we all do our parts, believe it, we'll be the ones left standing. Here ends the lesson", she told them walking off.

Needles to say, everyone was impressed. They thought for sure that they were going to die but now they had faith. Well, there was one person or thing that was not impressed. The First, morphed as Buffy stood watching the fight. It hated that slayer and was willing to use every trick in the book to kill her.

"You have a visitor said the prison guard to Faith. She walked to the glass door and saw a blonde with sun glasses on doing her best to blend in.

"Well I'll be damned B", she stated picking up the phone. She couldn't believe that Buffy was paying her a visit. "Came here to gloat…did Angel bribe you", Faith asked curious and getting frustrated when the blonde wouldn't talk.

"I thought after all these years this would be easy", the woman stated.

Faith frowned Buffy sounded funny. "B", she sighed worriedly.

"No…I'm not her…no point in lying…either of us. The world is in turmoil and yet you sit here and hide…you're not safe just an easy target" the woman sneered.

Faith almost broke the phone with her blind anger. "Don't act like you know me than…if you're not Buffy then who the hell are you".

The woman smirked. "Someone trying to change my fate", the woman replied. "You need to get to Sunnydale, your sister slayer needs you."

Faith scoffed. "I don't know who you are kid but B doesn't want me anywhere near her and besides she has Angel."

"Right…since when does being the slayer gives you choices that you wanted and besides Angel's gone".

Faith stared at the girl in shock. "What…how", she asked but the girl already hung up the phone and stood up.

Faith rolled her eyes as she hung the phone up and leaped head First threw the glass. She managed to knock the guard down and grab on to the woman and leaped out of the window.

She stumbled a bit and noticed that the woman landed gracefully on her feet; like a cat.

"You okay", asked the woman smiling walking them towards a nice shiny convertible.

"I'm five by five", the slayer proclaimed.

"Good because you're driving", the woman told her tossing the keys.

They got into the car and sped off. "Kid you gonna tell me your name…least you can do after breaking me out of prison", the slayer teased.

The girl looked thoughtful. "I have many names…when you get to Sunnydale go straight to the mansion, when Buffy ask why you're here tell her Angel sent you…in a way you won't be lying".

Faith snickered. "Angel huh", she asked.

The blonde shrugged. "Angela…people call me AJ".

Faith shifted gears as they got to the freeway. "Okay AJ…now what's the real story…one lie and I'll beat your ass", the slayer warned.

"Do you happen to know what day it is Angelus", asked a harsh sounding Wesley.

Angelus stopped whistling long enough to stare at the man. "Well gee seeing as I don't have a calendar or a window…why don't you tell me jackass", he bit out.

"Today's Liam's birthday", replied Wes.

Angelus head shot up but his face told the man nothing. "You've been here for a week, why don't you tell us what we need to know and you can have your soul back in time for cake and ice cream".

Cordiela came down the stairs at that exact moment. "Buffy called again. I'm running out of things to tell her", she informed Wesley.

Angelus grinned. "Tell Lover I said hi and that I'm chained up at the moment so I won't make it to the little's wimp boy's party. I'm sure that would go over well.

Cordelia looked annoyed at Angelus but the cordless phone started ringing again. "Look Buff….Oh my god", she paled.

Angelus grinned loving the fear coming through the phone. Wes turned alarmed. "Cordelia", he asked.

Cord ignored them both. "Wait…are you sure that the woman was blonde…okay and super strong…no I will call you when I see them trust me…okay bye". Cordy heart was pacing as she tried to figure out what was going on. "Buffy just broke Faith out of jail", she replied.

Wesley was confused. "Why would Buffy do that", he wondered.

"Here's a thought, who gives a fuck, I personally wanna see them kill each other…sexy as hell even knowing the outcome" the vamp whistled. Inside he dying to know as well.

Cordelia scoffed. "Well I'm going to go call my honey and tell him to watch out for a crazy person" she told them.

Angelus smiled. "Yes go tell Mr. Need a Hand…I can show him a few tricks", he laughed. Cordy stormed up the stairs and Wesley wasn't far behind.

AJ raced to the Hotel as if her life depended on it. The First came to her today and taunted her. She knew she was too late instantly. She rushed into the hotel and into Angel's office. She lifted up the photo and pushed it aside. AJ then unlocked the code that she knew by heart and opened the door and gasped.

It was gone. Angel's soul was gone.

"A you…what are you doing", a man shouted at her.


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